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This World is Yours

Half Moon Bay, California

by IROMO | Instagram: @iromo_

Holy crap, guys!!! We’ve been featured on the Tumblr Radar, I’m so shocked and honoured, you guys are the best!!!! Here’s another one for you gems as a thank you for all the lovely comments and support! Stay tuned for lots of more Gem wedding pics!

A Smile and A Song Cosplay (on Instagram and FB only) as Pearl, myself as Lapis. From our Gem Harvest inspired Wedding shoot. Photography by KeighleyK on Instagram. 

I’ll take the harder route.

Livermore, California

IROMO | Instagram: @iromo_


Reinventing the wheel: Part 7 Ford FX Atmos Concept, 1954. A futuristic prototype which borrowed many features from aeronautics, including a panoramic cabin and ailerons at the rear. The central driving position utilised dual handgrips instead of a steering wheel and featured a dash-mounted “Roadarscope” radar screen providing highway information

A little fun mid-way through the week of Kylo Ren with a tribute to the SNL skit featuring Matt, the radar technician, which was Kylo Ren as an undercover boss. I can’t imagine any of you have not already seen this, but if not, it’s classic!

Artwork by Ryan Allen

798 Days until Episode IX

435 Days until the Han Solo Movie









Hill Tribe

Half Moon Bay, California

by IROMO | Instagram: @iromo_