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Half Moon Bay, California

by IROMO | Instagram: @iromo_

Holy crap, guys!!! We’ve been featured on the Tumblr Radar, I’m so shocked and honoured, you guys are the best!!!! Here’s another one for you gems as a thank you for all the lovely comments and support! Stay tuned for lots of more Gem wedding pics!

A Smile and A Song Cosplay (on Instagram and FB only) as Pearl, myself as Lapis. From our Gem Harvest inspired Wedding shoot. Photography by KeighleyK on Instagram. 

moffat, his writers, actors, and directors: work for years, building on the efforts of RTD’s team before them, to get a foot in through the doors of representation toe by toe, making mistakes often but trying harder to correct them and make up for them, getting slowly better and acknowledging past faults, fighting hard to get the BBC to hire more women, more poc, to get crap past the radar, to feature diverse sexuality, to show nuanced concepts of gender fluidity, to canonise that Time Lords are genderfluid, to show the BBC that a main character changing from male to female can be wildly successful, to prove that they can show two women kissing before watershed, giving us neurodivergent Amy, bisexual Clara, black lesbian Bill

a vocal and frustrating portion of dw fans: Moffat did NOTHING

I’m blessed to live near one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

San Francisco, California

by IROMO | Instagram: @iromo_

I’ll take the harder route.

Livermore, California

IROMO | Instagram: @iromo_


Hello to new followers from Tumblr Radar! You’ve all been so kind! I look forward to sharing more work with you all!

This is my third time getting featured on Radar, but this is the featured piece I’m most proud of. (Also, I love Yuuri. Congrats to you too, bb.)

(also thank you to @blearyfaced for the screencap of Yuuri on the log in screen!)