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THIS IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTANDING THIS COMIC: this is part of a serious autobio series I started months back to document my gender transition. These took place months ago. I’d only been on hormones for 5 months.

July 3rd, 2016. Hoo boy, nearly skipped this one for fear of backlash. I was feeling impatient, still had intense dysphoria and self-hatred. Honestly, I was further along in my transition at the time than I realized. I wrongly viewed my stronger features as mannish. Using makeup to soften my features eased my mind, but became a crutch. I hid from my face as much as possible. I had such intense fears that others would wrongly interpret my gender-expression.

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bts reaction to seeing you without makeup for the first time ^w^

Seokjin: Jin would be pleasantly surprised, he didn’t mind you wearing makeup but he always thought you looked your best when you weren’t wearing any. He would stare at you for a good 30 seconds before going back to what he was doing. 

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Yoongi: Suga never really cared whether or not you wore makeup, so when you did go all natural one day he would just casually give you a glance and not make a big deal out of it. 

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Hoseok: J-hope would probably smother you when you went without makeup, telling you how beautiful you were and that you didn’t need to wear makeup. He would be complimenting you all day, even though you already knew that he thought you were beautiful no matter what. 

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Namjoon: I think Namjoon would cherish the moment you didn’t wear makeup, really taking in your features, without all your makeup on. He would come up to you and back hug you telling you that you look gorgeous.

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Jimin: I think Jimin would be really surprised, but in a good way. I think he’s the type to want their gf to not wear a lot of makeup, and really encourage her to be comfortable not wearing it. 

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Taehyung: He would just stare at you in awe. He always thought you looked pretty, but when you wore no makeup you looked even better to him.  He would want to cuddle you all day and shower you with kisses. 

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Jungkook: Honestly it might take him a while to even notice you’re not wearing any. And he’s pretty shy about sharing his feelings, but he would eventually squeeze out a “you look gorgeous”, before burying his blushing face in your back. 

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No Makeup

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Featuring: Jay Park

Genre: Fluffy/Slightly Comedic 

Request:  Anonymous sent: Hi! Can we have a Jay Park scenario where you sleep at his house with him for the 1st time and your worried he see you without makeup ^^? #something really fluff#

A/N: I changed it slightly. Extremely sorry on how late this request is  (╥﹏╥)

You were regretting coming on this overnight trip with your boyfriend. No nothing was wrong, in fact everything was perfect. Your boyfriend had thought about every single detail and made this the best get away trip. With that being said you couldn’t help but feeling silly about yourself. You were in the bathroom, you had washed up after a long day out but you just couldn’t bring yourself to step out of the bathroom.  Even though you and Jay had been dating for several months, you still hadn’t come around to show him your bare face. For some, this might seem ridiculous but for you it was such a big step, you hadn’t exactly noticed when your makeup had become so embedded to your persona; it was as if it  was now part of your identity. You felt a different type of confidence all doll-up, it was like mask you felt you needed  to face the world. Without it you felt an odd sense of vulnerability, almost as if you were exposed.

Wrapped in your white bathrobe, you rummaged through your bag. Maybe a bit of tinted moisturizer, would be ok; it wouldn’t be too obvious, would it? Or filling in your eyebrows a little bit. Suddenly you found yourself picking out item after item out of your makeup bag. ‘This is ridiculous.’ You thought to yourself as you took a cotton pad and wiped your eyebrows clean.        

“Hey babe, you ok in there?” Jay inquired from the other side of the door.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Almost done.”  

“Okay just wondering if you need anything, just ask.”  

You had realized you had spent too much time in the bathroom, you had to come out eventually. Jay had to see your bare face at some point. You took a deep breath, ‘let’s just it over with.’ you reminded yourself.  You took hold of the doorknob and slowly  pushed the door open and walked out.

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