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DCEU AU: After Clark dies, Kara decides it’s time for her to step up, come out of the shadows and be a hero. Trouble is, without any resources, it’s a harder job than it looks. When Bruce and Diana go searching for others with special abilities, Diana hears rumors about a girl of steel. After tracking her down, Diana takes the mourning girl under her wing and urges her to become a member of the Justice League. [Featuring; protective dad, Bruce Wayne - who still holds some of the guilt of her cousin’s death]

Gale says there was no Mad Max role

Model Megan Gale says her role in Mad Max: Fury Road wasn’t in the original script and was written in so George Miller could honour his word to one day work with her.

She said Miller, who created the first three Mad Max movies, specifically wrote the role of The Valkyrie in the Fury Road instalment for her.

The acclaimed director in 2007 had cast Gale as Wonder Woman for the feature film Justice League, but the movie never eventuated.

Miller, Gale said, made a promise to one day work together and he has delivered.

“When Justice League didn’t happen, he was very apologetic…. He swore to me, ‘I do want work with you. I will work with you one day. I promise you that’,” Gale said on the Ten Network show The Project.

“He was true to his word. He wrote that role (in Mad Max: Fury Road) for me.

“It didn’t exist in the original script.”

Mad Max: Fury Road has been No.1 at the Australian box office for the past two weekends.


Featured artist of the week is the kick-ass Batman aficionado Vhyrel

I took it upon myself to follow this very talented woman. She has been constructing and posting funny trinity themed panels that show you the humor between the big three of DC. 

And that’s just a taste! Please follow her in Tumblr at: http://vhyrel.tumblr.com/



Writer - Steve Orlando

Artists - Joe Prado / Ivan Reis

Spinning directly out of the events of the Awesome Justice League Vs Suicide Squad. Batman has assembled a new justice League, featuring Black Canary, Killer Frost, the Ray, Vixen, the Atom, and Lobo! Pick this up! 

Superman/Wonder Woman #29: Super League cover Featuring Supergirl by Karl Kerschl

I feel like a lot of people call bullshit on Ash vs. Tobias in the Sinnoh League. And yeah, it is bullshit that Tobias has a team of legendaries. But like, honestly, I feel as though that was the best way for Ash to go down at the time. The reality was that he still wasn’t ready to win a league. Why? Because the next two generations were both going to feature leagues. From a writing standpoint, it’d be weird to have Ash win a league, and then go on to lose the next two. So they at least had Ash go out with a bang. He was able to defeat TWO legendary Pokemon, even though he lost. As such, his loss, in some ways, felt justified because he was still shown as being an incredibly strong trainer. The person who Tobias faced in the finals wasn’t even able to defeat his Darkrai, but Ash did.

But this stuff with Alain? It’s complete and utter bullshit. Ash has lost to Alain THREE times now. Why? What’s the point? For the sake of some stupid Team Flare plot point? Ash’s entire dream since the beginning has been to win the Pokemon League, and guess what? Now he doesn’t have that chance anymore. Alola isn’t going to have gyms, thus it isn’t going to have a League for Ash to compete in. I have the strong hunch that Pokemon games following Sun and Moon are also going to try to implement something similar (the removal of gyms for a different task) in order to keep the games interesting and fresh. So what does that mean for Ash? This was his last shot to actually win a league, and the writers took that away from him.

Call bullshit in Tobias’ Darkrai all you want, but to me, this is the biggest bullshit of all.

fly-both-ways  asked:

Quick Question, in honor of the end of The 100's latest season, and in honor of the new Game of Thrones season, how do you say "What is Dead may never Die" in Dothraki, Valyrian, and Trigedasleng?

Ha! This is a good one. You’d say Chit ste daun nou na wan op nowe. I like that. Dang. The Grounder clans need mottos! They have insigniae, so why not house mottos? And banners. And uniforms. And sports leagues!

Listen, I want to create a new, future-Earth sport, and I want to create a sports league featuring all the Grounder clans, and I want to create their team logos, names, and uniforms. WHY CAN’T I DO THIS?!