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Historic San Antonio

One of the greatest pleasures of traveling is coming across unexpected sights like these.

  1. The historic Menger Hotel is such an imposing majestic beauty that greeted me as I was trying to find The Alamo.
  2. Colors were everywhere because of the Fiesta.
  3. I particularly love to see public spaces that host the everyday lives of local people such as this gazebo.

Solo walk to the Historic Downtown San Antonio, Texas  before the bf joined me on this trip.

April 22, 2017

“Cape Arkona Lighthouses”

The smaller one, which has a height of 19,3 metres and which was taken into service in 1828 is called the “Schinkel Tower” (Schinkelturm) because it was built after plans of Karl Friedrich Schinkel who was a Prussian architect and painter. The larger one which has a height of 35 metres is simply called the “New Tower” and it was taken into service on the 1st April in 1905 while the old one was taken out of service the day before.
Cape Arkona is located at the coast of the Baltic Sea on the Ruegen island in the East of Germany. 

Kurt Rappaport House, Scott Mitchell Studio                


The fact that director (and fashion designer) Tom Ford originally studied architecture will come as no surprise to anyone who has seen 2009’s A SINGLE MAN. His background is in evidence again in this equally design-conscious (though visually very different) film. (Image from AD)