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Little brother Oliver (who watches all these Scooby episodes with me) needed to go shopping in preparation for an ugly Christmas sweater contest.

I went along to help him out.

In the end… I found more than just reindeer sweaters.

I found way more than I bargained for.

Name: Terrifying Wizard Clown Doll

Distinguishing features: Mysterious yellow foot stains, “I’m so hungover” expression, feeling unusually heavy like it’s filled with wet sand

Perfect gift for: A kid you don’t like

Name: Broken Dog-On-Book Lamp

Distinguishing features: Damage like it’s been through a wheat thresher, soulless black eyes, random uncovered lightbulb sticking out the side

Perfect gift for: Grandma, she’ll prolly still like it

Name: The Twin Abominations

Distinguishing features: Look like eyeless ducks made of resin with no limbs, uncomfortably-flaky sides, having no conceivable use or purpose

Perfect gift for: Someone you want to give nightmares to

Name: Bacon Wave™

Distinguishing features: Hilarious premise, extreme overpricing at $2, allegedly being featured on TV

Perfect gift for: Someone who agrees that quotation marks exist for emphasizing, and should be put on the phrase “in your microwave.”

Name: Terrifying Hand-Painted Clown Chair

Distinguishing features: Just look at it, seriously

Perfect gift for: Anyone, at any time, for any occasion

your mother
did not sow you from her own skin
and bleed you into being
so that you could find fault
in the features born to you
they are your first inheritance
know them as this
treat them as you would
any other gift
—  pardis alia.

My new and updated “Coolest Things I Own” collection, feat. crystals growing out of a paper wasp nest!

From Hell It Came will be released on Blu-ray on April 25 as part of the Warner Archive Collection. The 1957 sci-fi/horror film has been newly remastered in high-definition.

Directed by Dan Milner (The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues), the infamously bad creature feature stars Tod Andrews, Tina Carver, Linda Watkins, and John McNamara.

No special features are included, but you can find the synopsis below.

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Happy Holidays, Richonners!

This year was good to our favorite warrior lovers. We witnessed them going canon, and was gifted with multiple scenes showing the depth of their love for each other. As a thank you to you all, we put together a Holiday gift package featuring some wonderful Christmas themed fics, photography and a video from some of the very talented members of our community. We hope these offerings put you in the yuletide mood.

Weekly FanFic Feature - Christmas Edition

Richonne Christmas Reunion by @rubducked
Many Times, Many Ways by @blacklitchick
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus  by @birdnmouse

To Be Alone with You (richonne fanvid) by @haveyourmints

Merry Richonne Christmas - (Richonone photography) by @forevermichonne

anonymous asked:

In light of recent news (YAAAAAAAS JIN❤❤) can I suggest an OT7 drabble featuring each member gifting Jin something they think he'll need in the jungle?

“Guys, do we really have to do this?” Jin whines, backpack slung over his shoulder as his members line up in front of him.

“We want to make sure you have everything you need to survive in the jungle,” Jimin tells him arranging them all in the proper order.

“Did anybody vet these gifts? ” Yoongi asks, concerned, and Hoseok just shakes his head. 

“Uh, we do not need to be vetted, we are adults,” Jimin bristles haughtily. “Tae, go ahead.”

“I want you to have this,” Taehyung says solemnly extending his hands towards Jin. “I want you to take it with you.”

Jin makes a slightly disgusted face. “Tae, I don’t want or need a lock of your hair.”

“Take the hair Jin.”

Jin just bites his tongue and accepts the tiny plastic baggie, moving down the line. 

Jungkook unceremoniously slaps a small bottle into Jin’s hand. “Mattifying creme. Because you’re gross and shiny in the mornings.”

“Excuse you,” Jin draws away in offense, but after a knowing look from Jungkook, he grudgingly accepts it. 

“Open this later,” Jimin tells him quietly, suspiciously, with a wink. “For the long, cold nights.”

Jin rolls his eyes and tears into the envelope, ignoring Jimin’s flailing hands and cries of protest. He sighs heavily. “Where did you get this photo of Yoongi?”

“This WHAT?” Yoongi cries from the end of the line. 

“It’s from when he got drunk on his birthday,” Jimin shrugs.

“What am I doing to that poor eggplant?” Yoongi marvels.

“Hurry up guys. He’s gonna miss his flight,” Hoseok reminds them. “Here, take this. It’s a shovel. It’s for shitting in the wilderness,” Hoseok adds, and Jin cringes a little. 

“Why would he shit on a shovel?” Jimin asks, looking revolted. Taehyung shrugs.

Namjoon steps forward and hands Jin a thin book-shaped package. “Since nature has a tendency to make humans introspective, I got you this book on the link between the anarchist movement in Spain and 20th century surrealism. I think it’s a good partner piece to that book on French existentialism I gave you for Christmas.” He pauses to cackle at the disgusted look on Jin’s face. “I’m just shitting you. It’s porn.” 

Yoongi is last, and everyone looks at him expectantly. He silently presses a small, neat case into Jin’s hands. 

“What’s this?”

Yoongi tucks his head and mumbles, “You know. Minor first aid, flint, emergency blanket, vitamins, water filter, and some spices…. because, you know, you can’t eat bland food.”

A fond, gentle smile spreads across Jin’s face as he tucks the little case into his bag. “Thanks, Yoongi.”

“Just… Come back safe, okay?” Yoongi murmurs, face aflame, and Jin reaches out to squeeze his hand reassuringly. 

It’s quiet for a few moments before Hoseok breaks the silence. “You guys are fuckin’ gross.”


etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: your boss | 12.13.16

idea two: for the boss that LOVES tea - more gift ideas
featuring: winter earl seasonal tea with cloves + vanilla by newmoonteaco

Hey again Pokemon players!  There’s actually two distribution events live right now!

First up is the December Meloetta Event, as part of the 20th Anniversary year celebration.  To get your very own Meloetta, just start up your copy of Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS and use the Mystery Gift feature.  Choose to get your gift from the Internet and Meloetta is all yours!

For Arceus, choose to get your gift with the following code: ARCEUS20

Enjoy your mythical Pokemon!  Also, friendly reminder that the Pokemon Sun/Moon Magearna event will be starting this month as well and running through March 2017.  You need to have finished the main campaign quest and have access to the QR System to make use of this event.


“He’s great. He didn’t let on that he was vulnerable for one second about anything. I mean, the man never broke a sweat, ever, the whole time. It was the most amiable, jolly set that I’ve been on in ages. It really was…. He knows that relaxation is actually #1 [to get the best out of actors] and that sort of made everything easier….There was good banter on this one.”

–  Rebecca Hall on working for Joel Edgerton as he directed his first feature film, ‘The Gift'