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*me, on grindr*: im just gonna look for a normal human who might wish to fornicate with me
*47 year old man with a profile picture of a windows xp desktop background featuring a forest and sunset*: hello 👀


I decided to use Gunner to test out #Procreate on my new iPad and it is a very impressive app. A lot more responsive to my Wacom Stylus, very very cool features almost comparable to desktop art program, and I also like that it records as you work. I wish it had the ability to do clipping masks and few features from MediBang that would make it a very good addition for your phone, but this is still a very nice app for artists. It isn’t free I will say that, but for $5.99, it’s definitely a good buy #art #draw #drawing #processvideo #procreateart #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #cute #kawaii #digitalart #digitaldrawing

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Today, I fucked up... by getting banned from a lecture for laughing

So this FU happened this morning. University resumed this week after winter break and I started a new course together with a friend.

In this course we were going to use Matlab to calculate some economic stuff, so the first lecture was an introduction to Matlab for those that had not yet worked with it. My friend and I had used Matlab before, so we weren’t really paying attention, as it was still very basic stuff being explained.

So my friend was arranging Matlab and Excel in a way that he could both see the data and Matlab or easily switch between the two. In order to do this he googled the multiple desktop feature for W10. So he was busy for a few minutes and when he finished I looked over to see his final arrangement. While I checked out his screen setup he turns to me and went like this. I didn’t expect that so i burst out laughing and kinda tried to play it off as a cough while burying my face in my hands. After I calmed myself down I looked up, face red and tears still in my eyes.

At this point the prof asked me if something was funny. I responded by saying no and apologizing. He didn’t want any of that though, because his next sentence was: “Get out, I don’t want to see you in my class again.” After he said that he left the room for a brief moment while I shut down my Computer. He returned and repeated, that my friend and I should leave. So we packed our things and left the room while he gave us a grumpy glare.

I don’t know why he was so harsh, maybe he thought we were laughing at him, because of his thick accent or he just didn’t like that we didn’t pay any attention to his Matlab introduction. Anyway, I guess we have Wednesday morning off now…

TL;DR: Friend approved of his new desktop setup - professor didn’t though.

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1, 2, Sunshine!

Hello there my beautiful people! Here is my new 1080p Desktop Wallpaper featuring the Aqours girls from their Winter Uniform artwork! 

If you Reblog with some cute tags or a message I’ll be so grateful to know what you think about this new wallpaper! Doki Doki Sunshine~

New desktop background featuring this guy. Meet Silver. He is my boyfriend. He is a grand boyfriend. Sort of a spell-sword/battlemage class type.


Mod note 1: Part 1 of ? (First story arc)

Rye: “I will have to do that, once I finish my business with Princess Luna in the Castle. For now, farewell, I will drop by for a visit, when  I have the time.“

Artwork done by: ask-professor-ponyarity

Mod Note 2: This is Technically the first part of the first story arc as Rye is heading to the castle to represent his kind. But so being I have been following  askopalescentpearl blog for such a long time, I wanted to feature that blog’s character as a way of “tipping my hat” to that MOD of that blog.  She fits well in the script I had laid out. Hope ya like it!

Mod Note 3: There will still be regular “random” comics in between story updates, depending on the artists schedules, just so you all know.  I added a “story/post only” button on the side of the page if you view it on a desktop/laptop.

Featured Characters…

“Rye” who belongs to me.

“Pearl” who belongs to askopalescentpearl