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Harry Styles Tells His Dunkirk Film Crew That One Direction WILL Reunite

We hate to say that we told you so but Harry Styles has reportedly confirmed that One Direction will be reuniting in the not-so-distant future and the band are very much still together.

We bloomin’ knew it.

The star is currently filming his Hollywood movie debut in Christopher Nolan war epic ‘Dunkirk’, and sources say that he has been talking to the crew about One Direction’s future.

Speaking to HollywoodLife, the insider explained: “Occasionally people ask him about his singing and every time One Direction was brought up he talked about the guys very fondly.

"He talks as if they are still a thing.”

The source also gushed about what a great guy Harry is, revealing that he is one of the most popular people on set.

They added: “Harry is a great, great guy and Christopher Nolan and everyone on set love his drive and hard work. He really has been doing an unbelievable job and he should definitely keep acting.

"He asks questions and wants to do the best he can and he doesn’t take the job lightly. He is not a primadonna, and really wants to be one of the guys.”

His co-star Cillian Murphy had previously said that Harry will do “fantastically” in the acting world.

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Harry previously sparked rumours that he had no interest in returning to band life after signing a reported three-album, $80million contract with Columbia Records in June, with Liam Payne signing his own solo record contract just one month later.

However, Liam was keen to insist that he was simply going solo during the band’s break and that he had every intention to return.

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Harry, Liam, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan also proved that One Direction was never far from their minds when they each took to Twitter on the band’s sixth anniversary last month to tweet their love for one another and 1D.

So basically, we are definitely going to be keeping our fingers crossed that this is definitely not the end of One Direction.