He lit candles
in my heart and
set it over the
oceans free;
he set it sail
with the wavelengths
of harmonicas hugging
his lips.
The candles always
pulled me with the current.
Back to the sounds
of our parallel heart beats.
Back to the sounds
of your pacific breaths.


Got some awesome stuff from Target! 
Mini binder: $3.00
70 count tube of aqua paper clips: $1.00
Aqua pen cup: $1.00

The binder came with nothing in it, but since I’m in the habit of making my own papers and stuff, I made some pages and add-ins for it last night. (Everything shown inside the book is stuff / made from stuff that I already had.) I printed some lined pages in different colors, cut some plastic pocket sheets down to fit, so now I can keep my stickies and a pen or two inside the notebook itself. I’ll probably put some of the paperclips in the pockets too. Added champagne sparkle tab dividers too. Oh, and the giant rubber band came from a scrapbook set I have.