I know this isn’t like, anything new and we’re all aware but I’m still just SO CONFUSED by Padme’s pregnancy and the way it was handled in the canon and by the writers like

Just the fact that she evidently carried twins almost to term and yet she never even got that big???? Like she didn’t look like she was at term with one baby, let alone TWO, and Luke and Leia did not appear premature when they were born they were big babies like WHAT

And then that truly bizarre metal thing over her legs when she was actually giving birth and???? She didn’t look to be in a position even remotely conducive to birthing two babies???? Like her legs were barely bent or spread at all and ALSO I can’t even imagine how I’d feel if I were giving birth and I was trapped in that metal thing with limited mobility like WHAT???? Also correct me if I’m wrong but is lying flat on your back really the best position for giving birth??? I know it can vary but I thought it was standard to usually be semi-upright??? I don’t know I’ve never given birth but that entire thing just struck me as extremely odd

And then there’s the very obvious fact that Padme, who is an educated and informed woman, has clearly not been receiving any prenatal care at all. Like, she doesn’t know she’s having twins, and her husband is TERRIFIED that she’d die in childbirth and yet there’s never any talk of “there’s no reason to worry, the doctors haven’t found any problems, etc” and no assurance that she was seeing an expert or ANYTHING. Like if my Jedi husband were terrified that I was going to die giving birth, I would definitely make sure things were ok and go see a doctor but the film seems to indicate that she never does.

It’s not like she can hide the fact that she’s pregnant so she might as well see a physician. It’s not like having an ultrasound would reveal that Anakin was the father if that was the concern

I don’t know I just can’t watch ROTS without wondering what the heck was going on there. It just seemed like no one involved–within the film itself and also in the making of the film–had any idea how babies and pregnancy and birth worked.

Not to mention that with modern medicine it’s not at all likely to die giving birth, and in Star Wars their medicine is even more advanced, that it just strikes me as even weirder that the pregnancy was handled as it was.

Anyone wanna weigh in on this???


Rajni waited until the right time to approach Honey. She didn’t want to, of course; she knew how stubborn Honey could be, especially when it came to secrets, but she truly did believe it was the right thing to do. Akira had to know.

She found Honey eating lunch in the kitchen. She had a day off work and had just put Elijah down for a nap, Akira was at work, and Cole was at school. They were alone. When Rajni marched into the kitchen Honey immediately knew there was an unpleasant discussion coming - after all, she’d seen that look countless times in her childhood, mostly after she’d broken something or drawn on the walls. She swallowed with difficulty. “Something wrong, nani?” she asked, trying to keep her tone light.

“There is, actually, beta.” Rajni sat opposite her with an expression of stone. “When I was called to this job I did not expect to find you. I thought you’d gone for good, you know, and so did everybody else. But now I found out that you came here, met Akira, and settled down to live the life I had always hoped for you.”

Honey eyed her suspiciously. Where on earth was this conversation going? “I’m happy here.”

“Oh, I know you are. I can see it in your eyes. But beta, you are hiding something. You are hiding what happened from your husband, though why I am not quite sure. You must tell him, Honey, this is a secret you will not be able to keep.”

Straightening her back, Honey gave Rajni a smile that did not reach her eyes. “It doesn’t matter, does it?” she asked in a tone that was as stiff as it was light. “What’s passed is passed.”

Rajni shook her head. “No, Honey. You must tell him. I can not say that I believe your marriage will last if you don’t.”

Honey’s body flushed with coldness. She couldn’t help but recall the words of the Romance Guru back at the festival all those years ago; she was careful not to let it show, though, and she only nodded. Rajni, sensing no reply, excused herself to go and check on Elijah, leaving Honey alone in the kitchen.

The silence was stifling. After staring blindly down at her plate for a few moments, Honey vaulted to her feet and tried to shake the icky feeling that had taken hold of her. She scrubbed vigorously at the dishes in the sink, trying to work her anxiety out of her bones. I couldn’t, she thought to herself. I couldn’t just… tell him! But still… maybe she should tell him.

Dropping the plate, Honey stared down into the suds and sighed.

going on the voltron tag and 

yea i’m dissappointed w/ how Hunk got treated too w/ him being just goofy comedy and fat guy jokes for the most part, but i also dsiagree w/ people saying he should show more enthusiasm (like Pidge) about the tech stuff ‘cause

like Hunk is smart, like good at engineering and probs is the only paladin even close to Pidge’s (otherwordly) level but imo what he’s good at intellectually doesn’t translate to me as being something he’s incredibly interested in. Pidge loves tech and math and all that and that’s why she’s so wholeheartedly invested in that stuff (esp as we see in season 2). 

Hunk … is not. He’s good at it, like no question, and we get to see that a little bit here and there (I wish it was more but y’know). But just ‘cause he’s good at something doesn’t mean he’s interested in it?? He knows the engineering stuff and he’s great at the mechanics side of things and that’s amazing! But honestly i don’t see that as a source of joy for him. He’s not elated (as far as I can tell & you can refute it if you’d like) to be fixing things, doesn’t jump at the chance the same way we’ve seen from pidge. All of what I can recall of his sciency/”intellectual” side is a very toned down, matter-of-fact, glad-to-be-helping-but-not-much-more attitude.

The place where we see hunk spending all his free time around tho? The kitchen. Like his passion is/seems to be cooking. idk how good at it he is because all we’ve seen is him struggling w/ Altean ingredients/dishes, but boy if he doesn’t love it. And yeah, he’s the fat guy in the group and his love of food is made a joke a lot but

I honestly just love that he loves cooking and it’s his go to task to clear his mind. and I just wish more people accepted that i guess?? He’s smart, but just because he is doesn’t mean his character can’t love something else instead (and yea his interest is food and that’s stereotypical, but it’s also not really a masculine thing??? Which I love?? Like tell me when you think of a kitchen and baking you don’t think of a girl/woman - at least at the level of Hunk’s skill and the very kinda domestic setting we’re presented in w/ the castle). 


Let Hunk love cooking pls