The Style Line is extremely happy to present the much anticipated interview with Cally Rieman founder and creative chief of emerging brand KAL RIEMAN. Now I know what you may be thinking, why debut a F/W 2012 collection  in the dead of summer? I like to think of it as taking a vacation via the internet and going to a place where luscious leathers and cuddly autumnal tones are welcomed alike. But to give you the best of both worlds, along with debuting some of Cally’s F/W 2012 pieces, Cally discusses her S/S 2012 collection, along with her endeavors, hopes and dreams.

Tell us a bit about your artistic endeavors.

Running a business is one, big artistic endeavor.  Besides the design process, it take much creative effort to build a brand, execute photo shoots, present the brand to buyers and customers, create a website, and take care of all the business matters associated with it.

All of my energy goes into this process.  It is a bit overwhelming at times, but nonetheless exciting.

How did your experiences contribute to the birth of KAL RIEMAN?

By chance, I wound up working in men’s wear for the first 5 years of my career in fashion.  It taught me a great deal about tailoring and wardrobe building, because those are the foundations of men’s wear.  I realized that those principals could apply to a women’s collection and make it more sound, viable, and long-lasting.  

How would you describe KAL RIEMAN as a brand? 

KAL RIEMAN, Inc. creates ready-to-wear, women’s clothing, designed and tailored for successful, cultured women. The collection of styles is sold in high-end retail establishments and directly to private clients, focusing on women ages 30 to 50 who are  seeking unique and original  wardrobe essentials grounded in classics.

The company distinguishes itself from  competitors with foundational, tailored, suit separates and designs that are at once timeless and fashion forward.  KAL RIEMAN is committed to creating beautiful, structured garments that will be staples of our clients’ wardrobes for  many years.

Tell us a bit about your design process. 

It starts with a feeling or a gesture–an attitude, if you will.  That is often provoked from an image found in art, music, an old photograph.  

For Spring 2012, that image was a photograph of Jean-Michel Basquait by Nicholas Taylor 

From there we begin to look at fabrics with this idea in mind and start building a board of fabrics for the collection.  Simultaneously, we research the color palette and typically go through at least 30 colors before we decide what works.  Our inspiration board changes on a daily basis, but is always in front of us.  We put things on the board and within a week, we know if they “work” or not.  It is a really fun and exciting evolution of a feeling.

What do you consider the brand’s great accomplishment thus far?

KR’s greatest accomplishment so far has been are connection with our clients.  It is a very personal relationship and we have developed very strong relationships with our stores and our private customers.  By holding trunk shows, I have had the opportunity to get to know these women, find out about their lives, hear what they like or “need” or what they are looking for, and to watch them react to the collection.  It is amazing to watch each one of them adapt the collection to their own style; to select the pieces that fit their personality and lifestyle.  It has been a great lesson and a heart-warming experience.  

Would you say your personal style influences KAL RIEMAN?

Absolutely.  The Tomgirl that I am runs through this collection at all times.  That and my Libra self.  A continued effort to find the balance between masculine and feminine, between structured and unstructured, between art and wearability.

Who is the KAL RIEMAN woman?

The Kal Rieman woman is confident, assertive, and direct.  She is cool without being cold, forthright without being in your face, and smart without being a know it all.  She knows how to enter a room and her effortless grace is noticed by all.


Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Socialism: A Closer Look

A Closer Look | Ariana & Emma

Damn, man. I didn’t actually expect Mr. Looker to go and pull that kinda shit.”

“Purr purr…” Mimi walked briskly just behind Emma, her eyes watching the girl’s face rather than where she was going. As usual, her primary sentiment was concern. But given the circumstances, Mimi wasn’t sure if she was supposed to be pessimistic or optimistic.

The funny thing about that was, neither was Emma. Yeah, she was definitely pissed that she’d been swindled or whatever, but really that was her fault. Everything was happening so fast, it was kind of too much to digest all at once, let alone come to a decision about. 

“I mean, that’s kinda a lot to toss on a girl in one day!” An evil group, losing Essentia or becoming a pawn, being spied on by her own dad, a girlfriend, a sister… “What the fuck, man?”

Emma was good with directions at least. That meant she was making it to Ariana’s office while her mind was completely somewhere else. She didn’t have any fucking clue what she was gonna say to this lady. Mr. Looker probably just wanted her to say “yeah I wanna leave, I wanna leave right now.”

But Emma was thinking further than that. The hell was she gonna do if she left? She’d have no dad, and no suit, and without any of those she had no money. And then what?

Well, she could smell what happened next. She’d be back where she started, which was a much more bitter thought now that she had a clue what she would be missing out on.

This fucking sucked. She was fucking pissed. Why was she even knocking on this fucking door right now? Emma had no fucking clue.

“Yo, uh… Ms. Ariana… lady…? I’m here.”