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Requiring vehicles to have certain features?
Limiting which vehicles people are allowed to own?
Prohibiting vehicles in some places?
Limiting how a vehicle is allowed to be used?


Cadillac Introduces Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications

Cadillac introduces Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications this month in the CTS performance sedan, beginning with 2017 cars in production now. V2V-equipped vehicles share information that can be used to alert drivers to upcoming potential hazards, laying the groundwork for a connected future.

Cadillac’s V2V solution uses Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) and GPS and can handle 1,000 messages per second from vehicles up to nearly 1,000 feet away. For example, when a car approaches an urban intersection, the technology scans the vicinity for other vehicles and tracks their positions, directions and speeds, warning the driver of potential hazards that might otherwise be invisible.

V2V-enabled data alerts drivers of potentially hazardous situations ahead, giving them additional time to react. Common hazardous scenarios that prompt alerts are hard braking, slippery conditions and disabled vehicles. Through the next-generation Cadillac infotainment system, drivers can customize alerts to show in the instrument cluster and available head-up display.

Only vehicles equipped with compatible V2V systems communicate with one another. Multiple V2V-equipped vehicles create an ad hoc wireless network that allows for the transfer of information without relying on sight lines, good weather conditions or cellular coverage.


What a difference 38 years make (visions of 2068 special) Alternating views of SPV (Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle), 1967 and Rhino TRU (Tactical Response Unit), 2005. Both Captain Scarlet iterations featured heavy-duty attack vehicles which featured five pairs of wheels and were capable of high speed with the help of twin ram air booster jets


Pinacate Volcanic Field 

Located in far northwest Sonora, Mexico, the Pinacate volcanic field comprises a 1,500 km2 area of Pleistocene lava flows with over 400 cinder cones and 8 maars. The volcanoes in the Pinacate are monogenetic—meaning they erupt only once and each have a unique magmatic signature. The field today is part of El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The eastern portion of the field—which is accessible by a vehicle tour route—contains the youngest cones and is mantled by an extensive tephra deposit.  One of the most impressive features on the vehicle route is a large maar caldera, Crater Elegante, formed 32 thousand years ago in an explosive eruption when groundwater interacted with magma. The caldera measures nearly a mile in diameter and is the largest maar in the field. 

The cinder cones are accompanied by extensive basaltic lava flows, some of which form spiky stiff peaks. Due to the arid, desert setting of the field, most of the cones have experienced very little erosion and retain a relatively youthful morphology. Extensive dune fields surround the volcanic complex, providing a stark visual contrast to the dark basalt rocks.

Top image from Dan Lynch, all other images by author

First Look: The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 AEV Concept 

Chevrolet is expanding the performance envelope of the segment-redefining Colorado with the Colorado ZR2 AEV concept.

Revealed at the SEMA Show, the truck demonstrates the capability of Colorado and its off-road performance variant, the Colorado ZR2.

The Colorado ZR2 AEV concept, created in collaboration with legendary off-road manufacturer American Expedition Vehicles and featuring the available 2.8L Duramax turbo-diesel engine, elevates the already capable ZR2.  

The ZR2 AEV concept features a Chevrolet Performance development suspension that includes:

  • Front and rear jounce shocks, plunging front half-shafts, high-angle upper ball joint and increased stiffness high-angle tie rods
  • Long-travel rear leaf spring suspension
  • Specially tuned Multimatic DSSVTM Shocks

The concept’s unique content includes:

  • AEV front and rear off-road bumpers, complete underbody skid protection, expedition bed rack, high clearance fender flares and high-rise snorkel
  • AEV DualSport beadlock wheels
  • 35-inch BF Goodrich KM2 Mud-Terrain tires
  • Front and rear high output LED auxiliary lighting
  • ARB refrigerator/freezer, Equipt aluminum storage cases, NATO-style fuel cans and James Baroud USA awning in the bed
  • Recovery shackles, Hi-Lift jack, Warn 9.5xp-s winch and MAXTRAX

No information was given about the likelihood of a production version.

Sophie Turner to star in Girl Who Fell From the Sky

Turner will star in the film and produce it, and the intention is for it to be her next feature vehicle. Stan Brooks will direct the film, and has adapted the script from the book by Juliane Koepcke & Beate Rygiert.

Turner will play Koepcke, a high school senior and the sole survivor of the December 24, 1971 crash of LANSA Flight 508 in the Peruvian rain forest. The 17-year-old was on a Christmas Eve flight with her mother, to join her father for Christmas, when the Lockheed L-188A Electra en route from Lima to Pucallpa flew directly into a thunderstorm and was struck by lightning. The plane was incinerated; Koepcke was ejected, still belted to her seat. She fell 10,000 feet— almost two miles through the air, before the canopy of the Amazon rain forest broke her fall and miraculously saved her life. From there, the teenager struggled to survive an 11-day ordeal, navigating through the treacherous jungles to be rescued.

Like Gravity did with Sandra Bullock, most of this movie focuses solely on Turner, who has come of age as an actress on Game of Thrones and who reprises the role of Jean Grey in the upcoming Simon Kinberg-directed X-Men: Dark Phoenix.


Vector R completes first test launch en route to easier smallsat access to space.

Vector Space Systems, a private spaceflight company based out of Tuscon, successfully completed their first test launch May 3. An engineering version of the rocket lifted off from a makeshift launch pad in the Mojave desert shortly after 3pm EDT. The vehicle featured smaller propellant tanks and a single 5,000 lbf engine keeping with the company’s desire to incrementally test the vehicle. 

In order to forgo a lengthy process for an FAA-issued commercial launch licence, the company only utilised a single, 5,000lbf engine on the first stage, instead focussing testing on the vehicle’s avionics and computer systems,

Vector CEO Jim Cantrell expects around five flights of the vehicle before an orbital test flight completes the testing phase. The rocket is expected to place six satellites and up to 132 pounds in Low Earth Orbit.

Vector-R aims to provide a launch vehicle for the microsatellites and cubesats, book-sized payloads often flown piggyback atop larger rockets. Since these usually fly as secondary payloads to larger satellites, their access to space is out of the control of their parent companies.

By having a dedicated launch service such as Vector R and Rocket Lab’s Electron, cubesats would launch at a more rapid pace and much cheaper than the current paradigm.

The rocket is expected to place six satellites and up to 132 pounds in Low Earth Orbit. Vector-R is a two-stage, liquid fuelled rocket with three first stage engines and a single upper stage engine. Up to six satellites can fit into the rocket’s nosecone.

Of the three major companies currently breaking into the smallsat market - Vector, Rocket Lab, and Virgin Orbit - Vector is the first to actually test flight hardware. The company hopes to offer launch services for as little as 1.5 million dollars with a weekly launch cadence. Currently, smallsat launches piggybacking on larger vehicles must wait months in between launches.

P/C: Vector Space Systems


Kubinka Tank Museum Part 3

1 & 2) Object 268: A Russian prototype assault gun, Object 268 was concieved in the summer of 1952 at the Kirov Plan in Leningrad. The vehicle was based off of the T-10 chassis. A prototype was produced in 1956 and successfully underwent trials but the vehicle never saw mass production. The vehicle featured a 152 mm M-64 main armament; which fired a shell weighing 43.5 kg. 

3) Object 277: The Object 277 was a further prototype development of the T-10 series, developed between 1957 and 1960. Similar in appearance to T-10 but larger, the Object 277 was built on a special base, using IS-7 and T-10 components. The tank featured a new 130mm M-65 gun with a stabilizer system and a new M-850 V-12 diesel engine developing 1000hp. The prototype was field trialed was not developed further.

4 & 5) Object 279: Russian prototype heavy tank developed in 1956 and produced by 1959. This special purpose tank was intended to fight on cross country terrain, inaccessible to conventional tanks, acting as a heavy breakthrough tank, and if necessary withstanding even the shockwave of a nuclear explosion.

6) Object 770: The Object 770 was developed in 1957. The tank was armed with a 130mm gun with dual axis stabilization and an autoloader system. The tank resembled the Object 277 but featured several major design characteristics including a modified hull, a new suspension system with six large road wheels per side, a hydro-mechanical transmission system and was powered by a newly developed V-10 diesel engine developing 1000hp. The Object 770 was field trialed but did not enter service with the Soviet Army.

7) Object 416: Also known as SU-100M. The Object 416 was developed in 1951 at the KhPZ plant in Kharkov. The idea was for a SPG with all the crew in the turret under protection. The SU-100M is unusual in its rear-mounted, fully rotating turret, harking back to it origins as a light-tank replacement for the A-44.

8 & 9) SU-100P: The SU-100P is a self-propelled gun based on a new design of chassis. It mounts a 100mm weapon in a small square superstructure at center of the hull, with an open crew compartment behind.

10) SU-152P: Similar to the SU-100P in concept, but mounting a more potent 152 mm gun. It was based on an elongated chassis shared with the Object 112 and SU-152G


The T92 Howitzer Motor Carriage.

When it became apparent that the 240mm Howitzer M1 was difficult to use due to it’s weight and size, designers looked to the M12 GMC (seen below) for a solution. After suggesting use the Heavy Tank T26E3 chassis (which was formally named “Heavy Tank M26 Pershing” in March 1945) in a similar configuration of the M12 GMC, the outcome was the T92 HMC. 

After a small amount of modification to the T26E3 chassis, including the chassis needed to be lengthened with addition of an extra road wheel, to give seven each, while the drive sprocket being moved to the front. The vehicle featured torsion bar suspension, a Ford GAF 8 cylinder engine delivering 470 horsepower. The vehicle was protected by 25mm of front armor and had a top speed of 15 mph. With a fire rate of one round a minute, it was rather slow but powerful impact due to the size of the gun. Each vehicle was to be served by eight crew members including a commander, a driver, a co-driver, and five gun crew. It was given the designation T29 in March of 1945. 

With the T92′s armament being the 240mm Howitzer M1, another design (Designated T93) was built and used the 8-inch gun M1 (203mm). Other than the armament, there was little to no difference between the T92 and T93. 

The trials of the T92 and T93 showed that they would be useful in Operation Downfall, the planned invasion of the Japanese mainland. Due to combat experiences, special fuses for the shells were developed so they could be used against concrete. The T92s and T93s were being readied for sending to the Pacific War but the Japanese surrender occurred on 14 August 1945.

A limited production run (“limited procurement”) of four pilot vehicles was ordered in March 1945, and the first was finished in July of that year, only five would be built in total. Two T93 were completed by September. All contracts were terminated with the end of the hostilities.

As an added bonus, here is an example of how large the 240mm Howitzer M1 was:

The 2018 Honda Civic Type R Hits the US Market

After a blazing but abbreviated first model year, the Civic Type R accelerates into 2018 today following the June launch of the limited production run 2017 model. The first Civic Type R Honda ever sold in America, this hottest of hot hatchbacks has been widely praised for its dynamic poise and track prowess. The Civic Type R returns for 2018 with a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price of $34,100 (excluding $890 destination and other charges).

With a peak output of 306 hp and 295 lb.-ft. of torque from its 2.0-liter DOHC direct-injected VTEC Turbo engine, the Civic Type R is the most powerful Honda ever sold in America. As before, the 2018 Type R is available in one fully equipped trim with a short-throw 6-speed manual transmission, limited slip differential, Adaptive Damper System and an ingenious dual-axis strut front suspension design that virtually eliminates torque steer.

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TRY ME (Part 12)

Notes: This one is SHORT, but the next one is going to be epic guys, cant wait to share it with you. Smut involved in this one. 

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Lada Niva, 1977 (AKA VAZ-2121). The Niva was the first mass produced off-road vehicle to feature a unibody construction and as such is the predecessor of a whole new generation of compact SUVs. The design brief was for a a “Renault 5 put on a Land Rover chassis.” It was VAZ’s first non-Fiat based model though it used the 1.6 litre engine from the the earlier Fiat 124-based Lada models. It is still in production  


Global Unveiling of Jaguar Land Rover Bond Cars

Recently, Jaguar Land Rover celebrated their vehicles appearing in the upcoming Bond adventure, Spectre. Cars, including the Jaguar C-X75, Range Rover Sport SVR and the iconic Land Rover Defender, stole the show as they were unveiled publicly for the first time in Frankfurt.

Naomie Harris (Moneypenny) and David Bautista (Hinx) were guests of honor at the glamorous event showcasing special stunt vehicles used in the latest installment of the James Bond series. 

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Disneyland Submarine Voyage (complete ride with original narration)

The attraction, which featured ride vehicles designed to look like Navy nuclear submarines, opened on June 14, 1959 as the Submarine Voyage (one of the first rides to require an E ticket). The attraction was originally planned to feature glass-bottom boats. It closed on September 9, 1998.

On Location in 2007, Part 1/3

In May 2017 me and @7-percent, accompanied by @anyawen, had the privilege of doing some location research together – on site In the London suburb of Bromley in Bethlem Royal Hospital, which is the main stage of the “On Pins and Needles” prequel “2007″.  

This series of photographs were taken by yours truly, and they have been divided into 3 posts according to their relevance in the course of the story.
Since the hospital is very much a working one, care has been taken to avoid patients, staff members or identifying features of individual vehicles being visible in the photos.

The closest train station is Eden Park. It takes about 30 minutes to get there from central London.

From the station the hospital can be reached by bus, by taxi or by foot (the latter takes about 15 minutes).

Main entrance gates along Monks Orchard Road.

That’s SevenPercent doing some pointing. 

The hospital’s extensive grounds are well-maintained.

Aerial photograph from the hospital’s museum. The below image can be used as a legend. Significant locations, story-wise, are: the main entrance gates and a tree just inside them (photo to follow in part 2), the main (administrative) building (photos below; in the aerial photo it’s in the middle of the lower half, just above a round shape that’s a water fountain), Gresham House (photo below), Fitzmary House (photos in part 2) and the walled vegetable garden (in the aerial photo it’s just below the windmill-shaped building; photos to follow in part 3).

Gresham House is the location of several acute crisis wards, which are the first stop of many patients after being admitted.

The hospital’s main building, which now houses (among other things), the Bethlem Museum of The Mind (photos in part 2), an art gallery and administrative offices (some interior photos to follow in part 2).

A deeply flawed analogy, as we do regulate alcohol sales and vehicle safety features quite a bit. I don’t want all guns gone, just some sensible regulation. The NRA opposes EVERY form of regulation. I think the latter position is far more unreasonable.

But let’s be real. Neither of us is going to convince the other. But please feel free to keep sending me pictures if it makes you feel better.

I want to hear my name from your lips


Pairing : Kihyun x OC 

Warning : explicit content.

Word count : 2177

Summery : Min Ah knows how to rile up her man.


Originally posted by kihyunh

Min Ah was on the other side of the room talking with the guy serving the champagne, he was smiling at her eying her up and down, taking her in, his eyes lingering on each curve of her body. She was smiling at him and laughing at something he had said, he leaned forward resting his elbows on the counter his head slightly tilted to the side and a small smile playing on his lips. Kihyun was watching the interaction was slowly losing it, the man was obviously flirting with her, yet she staid and giggled along with him, she gave him all her attention. The man had an obvious wandering eye, he seemed unable to look at her in the eyes, his focus often drifting to her cleavage or the curve of her waist. His jaw was clenched, his lips pursed and he didn’t register what Changkyun was saying because he lost all control when he saw the man grab Min Ah’s wrist, running his fingers on the inside of it and over the bracelet he had given her. She shied away pulling her wrist away. Just seconds after, she felt her fiancé’s hand on her waist and his lips on her cheek.

-       Hey babe, he said glaring at the man in front of them as he kissed a fading mark on her neck. It’s getting late we should go home.

She could hear the possessiveness in his tone, the low tone of it was proof of his control. His hold tightened on her waist as he suggested they left.

-       Goodbye Jimin, it was nice chatting with you, she said to the barman and turned to her man.

Kihyun lead her away and towards the others to the others to bid their goodbye, but before reaching them she turned to Kihyun and pouted.

-       But I promised Minhyuk a dance, she said.

-       He can wait until next time, we’re going home.

-       But babe, I promised.

He looked down at her pouting lips and sighed, it took everything he had in him not to go all caveman and throw her over his shoulder. His jaw clenched once more, he looked at her a serious look.

-       Fine! He let out through gritted teeth.

She smiled and kissed him on the cheek before striding towards the others and grabbing his wrist telling him they didn’t have long because Kihyun wanted to leave. Minhyuk smiled at her and sent a wink her way as he wrapped his hand around her wrist and pulled her excitedly to the dance floor. He placed his hands lightly on her hips and they started dancing, bodies swaying to the beat of the music. He pulled her a little closer so their bodies were barely touching and it wasn’t long before he leaned into her ear.

-       In three, two, …

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dark-demon-s-tears: thank you!! Well it's all about a dream that I had >\\\\< Subaru had a crush with a girl two-three years older than him since he was little. And she always teased him that maybe when he grew older. Time passed and they don't speak each other that much (I mean he is Subaru. He is flustered even when she looked at him). So she thinks he has lost interest. (That's when I woke up... Shame on me) Until he "demonstrate" he is still into her (maybe kiss her I don't know surprise me? XD

(Woahhh~ this is a long one! I suppose I should warn you folks now, huh? This scenario has a lot of words and tons of angst featuring our well-loved vehicle. Hope you guys like it!)


A young boy of seven felt lonely. He was wandering in the quiet woods near his manor. He had no one to talk to and nothing to do. His feeling of inadequacy angered him so he decided to have a stroll to soothe himself.

   He simply admired the tall trees and curious flowers that were blooming all around him. He felt happy here. In the woods, there was only beauty. In the woods, there was no one there to call you a monster and look down on you.

   The boy stopped near a small creak. The water was flowing rhythmically and it calmed his racing mind. He decided to stay here for a while.

   Laying down on the grassy and moist ground, he sighed. The rustling of the leaves and the chirping of the birds rang in his ears. He preferred it that way. It was much better than someone shouting at you. It was his escape from the insecurities and self-hating thoughts that always swam in his head.

   “Oi,” he cringed. His serene reveries were cut off by someone’s loud call. The disembodied voice said to him, “lying down there is dangerous, you know! My mama told me nasty bugs and dirt will go inside your ears!” 

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