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“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.” ✨
Fun Viking facts!
1. Viking women could inherit property 😉
2. Vikings were some of the most hygienic people of their time. 👍
3. William the Conqueror was a descendent of Vikings. 🇬🇧
(Photographer: @taylordlanier Hair and makeup: @tiffanynicoleperea 💕🙌🌿)

My Viking photo shoot featuring runes by lykosleather ( lykosleather.com and on etsy)

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  • People who know me in real life finding my tumblr: Wow Kelly sure has strong opinions about this cartoon shooting game featuring a talking gorilla.
Arashi’s other miracle man~ (Spoilers for ItteQ 08.10.2017)

└ So it’s a first-ever overseas location shoot involving rice planting for our youngest.

And we start with pre-competition practice.

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Some quick LGBT+ badges I whipped up. Check the captions for the sexuality/gender. I apologize if I’m missing some or if some of the above colors are wrong. If there’s a mistake, just shoot me an ask and I’ll fix. Also if you want a gender/sexuality that isn’t featured, you can shoot me an ask as well!

Hope you like and feel free to use with credit! ^^

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AU in nyc where even gets hired for a levi’s campaign and meets isak on set. he’s not sure about the photographer’s vision but rolls with it, spending the day with isak trying his best to put the story into the style. they’re both very professional and work through each shot, giving each other feedback behind the monitor and taking pics on their phones of the ones they like the best. at the end of the day they exchange numbers but then go their separate ways.

a week later isak texts even to join him and his friends at a club. he’s been raving about this hot guy to his friends but admits he’s been too shy to ask him out, so they give him the perfect excuse. even can’t make it though, and promises a rain check.

they go back and forth like this for a few more weeks, texting about work related things and trying to fit into each other’s schedules. they get proofs from the photographer and negotiate who gets to instagram which shots. slowly they invade each other’s social media, in constant contact digitally but still not able to meet up again. still, they survive on daily updates, from mundane pictures of their breakfasts to flirty selfies in bed.

and then a publicist from levi’s emails them, requesting that they attend the billboard campaign reveal and do a small amount of press. they would need to arrive early for hair & make-up, and levi’s would give them the outfits featured in the shoot. isak is excited about the extended promotion and potential for more work, but also because he’ll finally see even.

even is excited too, because he’s been wanting to do this for a while. not the whole campaign, it’s pretty standard for him at this point, but the chance to wear his favorite jacket again. the chance to walk down the street toward isak and wrap his arms around him again. the chance to kiss him again, for all the world to see. the chance for their story.


Josh Harris, ‘Quiet: We Live In Public’, 1999-2000

'Quiet: We Live in Public’ is an Orwellian, Big Brother type art project developed in the late '90s which placed more than 100 volunteers in a human terrarium under New York City, with many webcams following and capturing every move they made.

Running over the turn of the Millennium, the performance ran for over a month, during which an ad-hoc community of human subjects lived in pods in a six-storey Broadway warehouse (financed by Harris himself), each pod wired up and effectively functioning as a TV channel, streamed live to the web via Harris’s online TV portal at Pseudo.com. It was 1,000 times more vital and acute than the still-nascent Big Brother. “Don’t bring your money,” Harris said. “Everything here is free”.

Quiet’ featured a shooting range you could hear from the street, a banquet hall, theatre, temple, club, giant game of Risk, and a public shower area, all covered by cameras. But more than anything, it offered its residents complete freedom. There were drugs and public sex – at one point, Harris, in the guise of a clown called 'Luvvy’, attempted to coordinate simultaneous orgasms between three couples.  There were 110 surveillance cameras through the space, and every “resident” had their own channel through which to watch each other. Anyone in the central control booth of the bunker could watch anyone else as they ate, slept, made art, fought, and had sex.

The bunker was raided by the NYPD on the morning of Jan. 1, 2000. It had descended into chaos, and everyone was evicted. 

This event has been dubbed one of the best performance art pieces of all time. 

A documentary was also made by Ondi Timoner about Harris and this piece, winning several awards. It can be watched in full here.


@blackbride1998 “After confirming the moment was real, I heard the words… "Will you marry me?” I said yes while Darius gently grabbed my hand, leaving behind a beautiful yellow diamond that dressed up my finger like sunshine.“- An excerpt from Angelina in her "Old Hollywood Love in Downtown Atlanta” engagement shoot feature on our website today!
Congratulations Angelina and Darius! 💙

Beautifully captured by @tangiereneephotography
#BlackBride #BlackBride1998

Apichatpong Weerasethakul to Shoot Next Feature in Colombia (Exclusive)
“I’ve been wanting to know about all the violence that happened here, and the history of colonization — in a way, to reflect on my country,” he says.

“Thailand’s military junta overthrew the country’s democratically elected government in May 2014. Apichatpong says the country’s censorship system was tough on filmmakers before the coup, but at least the government had a fairly clear stance on what issues were deemed sensitive. ‘We couldn’t touch religion, monarchy and military authority,’ he said. But since the takeover, the lines have blurred, making the creation of art all the more perilous.

‘There is this issue about not being able to present reality, because we are still under the control of the government, which views film as propaganda,’ he said. ‘Sometimes you do something and they just charge you. For example, two theater performers were in prison for two years, because they did something the government deemed an insult to the monarchy — it’s all about interpretation. It’s really like 1984.’

The renowned filmmaker’s latest outlet, then, is researching the histories of countries other than his own — such as Colombia. ‘I’ve been wanting to know about all the violence that happened here, and the history of colonization — in a way, to reflect on my country,’ said Apichatpong. ‘At the same time, I imagine it’s impossible to make a film that’s authentically local. So I don’t believe I can present that — it will be about these foreign eyes, looking.’”

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Hey Mama, is it okay if I request some HC's for Demigod!Kuroo? How would he tell his Human!SO about him being a Demigod? And how would he introduce them to his mom especially when they are a fan of Athena because she's a badass heavenly being. (Athena is my favorite goddess period and having Kuroo as her son is 💯‼️) Please and thank you. P.S Lana is the goddess of writing smut. 😏

The Demigod AU will always be my favourite AU. Hopefully you enjoy these headcanons. :) But I like bing the Goddess of Smut, this title suits me well. I’ve taken several quizzes which all points to Zeus being my Godly parent. I think that’s about right and considering that he enjoys sexual pleasures, he’d be proud of having a daughter that is the Goddess of Smut. ;)

-Admin Lana

How He Tells You He’s a Demigod

  • Honestly, Kuroo hadn’t really planned out on how he would break the news that he was a demigod. He figured it’d come out sooner or later, which it did. Except not in the way he would have liked.
  • He had planned on taking you out on a quiet date to a lake with a promise to treat you to a wonderful picnic lunch he created by himself. Unfortunately for you, you didn’t get the chance to even open the basket before disaster struck.
  • Neither of you noticed the unusual ripples in the water, figuring it was simply the marine life that lived in it. It gradually grew larger and larger until the creature made itself known. Just as luck would have it, it was a damn Cetus.
  • You let out an ear-shattering scream, scrambling to run as you tugged Kuroo’s arm in an effort to escape. But he didn’t seem to budge as an expression of fierce determination morphed on his features. Maybe this was all a weird dream, but you were pretty sure that the creature charging at you was very real. 
  • And so was Kuroo’s sword as he struck off an arm. You were in shock at this point. Nothing made sense anymore. A creature out of Greek Mythology had quite literally appeared on your date, and your lover was now wielding a sword.
  • He screams at you to run and you did just that, hiding in the distance as you watched the battle unfold. It was strange, Kuroo moved with lithe and precision as if this wasn’t the first time he’s battled such a creature. If anything this was a part of his daily routine. It didn’t take too long before he defeated the monster, leaving with hardly a scratch. There were so many questions running through your mind, Kuroo could tell. But first he had to get you out of here and to a safer place.
  • It isn’t until you’re in his apartment where ehe sits you down with a steaming mug of jasmine tea, allowing you to ask anything that comes to mind and he’ll answer as truthfully as possible. 
  • “What the hell was that, and what the hell are you? There’s no way any human being could have even had a chance of doing what you did?”
  • He was silent for a moment as if debating something, but he knew his mother would scold him if he lied now. You knew too much as it was. Time to come clean lest he want to put you in more danger. “I guess it’s time you know the truth. I’m not quite human, but rather a demigod.”
  • Laughter was the first response that bubbled from your throat which quickly died out when he remained with a serious expression. Kuroo was not joking. Naturally you asked whom he was the child to, excitement and curiosity rising within you. If this all turned out to be true, that means that Greek Mythology was true, not made up stories. You always loved learning about the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Your lover knew too about your interest in myths, more specifically in Athena. You were going to have a field day when he told you.
  • “My mother happens to be the Goddess of Wisdom. I take it you know her?” He was teasing you with that smirk, but you could hardly register anything past the sentence he just uttered. The Goddess you most admired was your boyfriend’s mother? Well this changes everything.

Meeting His Mother

  • You were nervous, actually beyond that. You were terrified. It wasn’t an everyday experience where you get to meet your boyfriend’s mother who happens to be Athena? Athena for Olympia’s sake! No amount of research nor reading “How to Get a Goddess to Like You” wiki articles could prepare  you for this moment.
  • Kuroo laughed at how flustered you were, but it was understandable. To make matters less intimidating he managed to get his mother into the human realm for a while, knowing full well that if any of the other Gods/Goddesses were present, you’d faint.
  • “What if she doesn’t approve of me?” was the main question that left your mouth in the time spent waiting for her arrival, but Kuroo constantly reassured you that she’d love you. Besides, you were quite dedicated to her.
  • A knock resounded at the door and you wanted nothing more than to scream and cry. This was not real life, this was not happ- A powerful firm voice rang through the air as Kuroo opened the door, greeting the visitor with a hug and kiss to the cheek. This WAS happening!
  • Kuroo sent you a wink as he entered the living room, a tall figure following behind him. A feeling of awe filled every inch of your body as your eyes settled on the literal Goddess in front of you. She was tall and beautiful, radiating intelligence and authority like no other. You weren’t sure whether to bow or shake her hand, but she answered your question as she opened up her arms for an embrace.
  • You wanted to melt into her arms, burning this memory into your mind for a lifetime. You were in the arms of such an amazing being, it was almost ethereal.
  • “You must be ______, I presume. Kuroo speaks so highly of you, it’s a pleasure to meet the woman he’s so smitten with.” Athena spoke, a gentle smile withered into her features, Kuroo shooting her a sheepish glare. It was so strange to be having a normal conversation with her, but you felt comfortable with how down-to-earth she was. 
  • You wanted to ask several questions like what were the other Gods/Goddesses like, what was Olympus like, etc, but you didn’t want to bombard her with questions. You had to keep it cool. So of course the first thing to come out of your mouth was, “What was Kuroo like as a child? He never shows me any pictures.”
  • Athena took an instant liking to you, more than delighted to show you childhood pictures and embarrass her son a little bit. It may not have been too fun for the demigod, but it was lovely seeing his two most beloved women in his life getting along so well.

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re-read that "sorcereress's apprentice" and have a few questions! first- is that bit with Scrooge talking about scaling stormy mountains and making wonderful mistakes in the beginning foreshadowing? and second- that list of things that Gladstone says he's summoned, I recognise the tidal wave and the tornado, but did he really summon a meteor in the comics?

hehe! thanks for noticing that foreshadowing, it was definitely on purpose, and yes! he actually causes a meteor to fall in more than one story (there’s one where he’s conned by Donald into buying land that has no gemstones, and a meteor made of diamonds falls right onto his patch), and there’s this Carl Barks classic where he’s got to boil a pint of water in as short a time as possible;

there’s a couple of stories featuring him and shooting stars/meteors, which I guess figures, what with the whole wishing thing