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There was one part where we jump on a wire, and Chris fell one time and dropped out of frame somewhere, and I didn’t know where he went. There’s that scene where we blast through the two doors, and at one point, we couldn’t even get through them, and I was like, ‘Oh, here’s America’s hope! We can’t even break through a door.’

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Hey! I love your blog so much and Phoebe. I was just wondering how come you use the Beautorigine name? What it means and why not like, a phoebe tonkin daily sort of URL. Just out of curiosity. (':

hi there 👋 beautorigine is actually from one of phoebe’s magazine shoot. the feature’s titles was beaut origine and i thought it was very fitting for phoebe! phoebe is the most stunning & perfect person i ever laid my eyes on so i thought it was very appropriate! it can mean beauty or origin of beauty etc ✨✨ no one asked me this before so thanks for asking and let me attach a gif of phoebe’s flawless face just to prove my point!

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