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It’s that time of the year! 

We all know f/f doesn’t get enough love. Whether it’s because of a lack of canon content, or fandom’s interests lying elsewhere, it usually gets the short end of the stick. Thankfully, February is here to rectify that - and hopefully, one day, we won’t even need the reminder!

So what is Femslash February? It started as open challenge calling on all members of fandom to create at least two fanworks of any sort (fanfic, fanart, fan vids, graphics, fanmixes, etc.) featuring a f/f ship in the month of February. I don’t know if people still follow that rule today, but to me, Femslash February is THE month to celebrate your love for the ladies. And ladies loving ladies. Not that you can’t do that every day of the year, but if you needed a good reason, here’s one!

Since the Dragon Age franchise has, let’s be honest, a whole bunch of badass ladies, and since this blog, and yours truly, have dedicated  themselves to the task of reblogging them all in all their glory, I’m hoping you guys will fill up their tags with new posts, so that I can queue a LOT of content, and provide you with even more lady love! 

Now go forth, and spread the love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・☆ ✧.

anonymous asked:

I love your drawings but some of your characters aren't very accurate. Especially with Lin you should pay more attention to his features.

oh no i cant believe ive been subjecting you all to low quality lins this entire time 

from now on my blog will be only the most accurate high quality lins dont you worry

thatidomagirl  asked:

Hello! I wanted to ask if you know any popular asian-american musician. I realized the only popular artists are bruno mars, hayley kiyoko, and asian american youtubers. Do you know any? (Also, I love your blog! 😊😊😊)

You know I was thinking about posting a question like this on my way to school today because I wish I knew more Asian artists. Especially since our #Music tag is getting redundant.

Run River North recently just performed at SXSW, they’re a AA band that is currently on tour with Rooney. 

US the Duo are a couple that got their rise to fame from Vine and recently had their single ‘No Matter Where You Are’ featured in the film ‘The Book of Life’! They’re also headlining Identity LA - a FREE AAPI music festival in LA produced by Wong Fu Productions & Far East Movement next month 

Dia Frampton is one artist I’ve followed for years. I used to be obsessed with her band Meg & Dia growing up. She came in second place on the first season of The Voice and recently released a new album called ‘Bruises’. She’s been very vocal about age-ism in the music industry and has also recently broken into acting.

Anderson .Paak is an artist I really wanna see live soon. I loved his performance on Ellen earlier this year (his son makes an appearance and it’s very adorable). He’s also in apart of the duo NxWorries. 

Kina Grannis is an artist I’ve been listening to since the 7th grade. She posts a lot of covers on Youtube but you may have heard her songs here and there in ads (most specifically her single ‘Valentine’).

Also tumblr won’t let me post anymore videos but a few other AA artists I know of are Mitski, Hailee Steinfeld, Vanessa Hudgens, AJ Rafael, Black Eyed Peas, Jessica Sanchez, TRACE, Dumbfounded, Jhene Aiko, and Sophia Black.

Some other Asian artists who aren’t AA that I like are DEAN, Yuna, Swet Shop Boys, Jane Zhang, Jay Park, Naomi Scott, M.I.A., Zayn, and Charli XCX

Please leave suggestions of Asian artists we should check out and post!

I’m not sure what I expected when I told people they could tag me if they wanted a reblog, but it wasn’t the absolute chaos that ensued today lmao. I still can’t believe I got featured on ToR. (to those of you looking at my blog because of that, hi, hope you like chaos, learning about chronic illness, baking, and vampire porn 👌)

Thank you to everyone who took part and who wanted to share their joy with me and everyone else. It was a truly amazing thing to see all your faces, and I know you might not believe me but I love each and every one of you. You are a treasure and the stars shine brighter for your existence. You make my world a better place.

I’m afraid I will have to leave it there as I have run out of both time and energy, but if you do happen to keep tagging me I will try to like as many as possible 💖.

Also thank you to all the people who came and hung out in the chatroom, it’s always a pleasure getting to talk to you and I hope some of the new people will come back, even without 12 solid hours of Carrie Fisher streaming non stop. (If you would like links to any of the things shown today feel free to PM me)

Take care, family, May the Fourth be with you, and Space Mom too. I’m off to go rub my face on ETD and make sure he gets a healthy dose of glitter :p

Love to you all  ✨💖✨💖 

Ask blogs I tried to replicate @askbongtan @ask-chimchim @ask-bts-stuff @ask-jungcoco @ask-student-joonie

A little commentary I suppose? lol

askbongtan: their art style is quite relaxing to draw in? It’s simplistic and all of the palettes that they use are so nice to look at so it’s nice to recreate that. So much respect to them for using MS Paint I could not replicate the pixeliness for my life.
ask-chimchim: their style is so soft and cute ahh! I cried a lil when I noticed the lines in the hair bc hair? who’s she idk her. I really liked their lineart bc it’s with a soft brush and a darkish brown colour (at least for this one), and I realised that the lineart on its own looked off bc of how the shading finishes the piece which I thought was cool.
ask-bts-stuff: I really don’t know how all their characters look so expressive, it’s really something… I kinda took their chim wings idea and applied it to this guy, I hope that’s ok! ^^’ I also really like how their style is so quick to produce? So cool…
ask-jungcoco: All of their character designs are so unique and individual for the person, that I really needed to look through their blog to see what they’d already done ^^’ Their lineart is really angular, they colour their lines, and their shading is so simplistic; all of these features add so much charm to their blog, and I frankly can’t believe that they don’t have more notes and followers
ask-student-joonie: Their art is surprisingly hard to replicate? The sparkles and blushes are more difficult to place than you’d think! I feel like yours is the one I did worst on, which is such a shame since it’s so unique and refreshing and most of all, cute!

The muse is an OC I made a year and a bit ago and only redrew today ^^’ I don’t have much about him other than he’s grumpy 24/7 but somehow always cute? And that he’s an angsty teen cervitaur. Any suggestions for a name would be awesome!

Hi hello, quick thing before I leave today : If I want to try out a romantic relationship between our muses, I’LL let you know. Please don’t push for / pressure me ( the mun ) to respond to such a demand or desire, especially when I do not know you, your characters, or your blog. I’m chill enough that I won’t be bothered by multiple or even desperate attempts, but keep in mind that they will be ignored, aaaaaand deleted.

These things are ok:

  • Flirting with Bendy, in or out of character
  • Creating shippy content featuring Bendy, in or out of character
  • Stating your affections towards Bendy, in or out of character.

These things will be ignored:

  • Ria can we ship our muses
  • Ria can we ship our muses
  • Ria can we ship our muses
  • Ria can we ship our muses
  • Ria can we ship our muses

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• 100 Days of Productivity - Day 38/100 •

// guide to getting through finals week //

Today I got to make a guide to finals week per the request of one of my followers! I decided to switch it up and write it out by hand instead of typing up a boring post.
Let me know if you all enjoy this! I definitely did! Message me with post ideas, and you’ll be featured 🌻

Blog of the day: @discorded-psychicemotions, who suggested/asked for this post 💗

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As a part of Spread the Love Day, I want to highlight those that I stalk the most. These people bring me LIFE on this website. Seriously. Let me tell you a little about each of them. 

@saucynewf - I am pretty sure that Pam is determined to remain #1 on my list. She supplies me with as much Dean Porn as a girl could hope. I never know what I’m going to get, and it makes following her that much MORE exciting. If you would like to get your Dean fix on, head on over to Pam’s blog and FOLLOW HER. 

@blacktithe7 - I LOVE Erin. She knows how to write Jensen and SUCK ME IN. I recently re-read her Rockstar! Jensen AU Silk and Rough Velvet. If you, like me, have a thing for Jensen singing, you need to give this series a try. It is SUCH a roller coaster that you won’t regret. Then you need to read her NEWEST Jensen series Forward. It has been absolutely delightful. I’m enjoying every damn second of it. Follow Erin RIGHT NOW. 

@deansdirtylittlesecretsblog - Mimi is absolute fanfic ROYALTY. Just saying. I love pretty much every bloody thing she writes. Let me just lay it down for you. An Unassuming Life Series is a Mechanic! Dean x Reader AU in which you will absolutely lose yourself. Then she writes THE BEST Dean x Donna pairing EVER. It’s my drug, and she is my supplier. I swear. I CAN NOT get enough. Then there is The Arrangement. A Mechanic! Dean x Reader series in which you will LOSE YOUR SHIT. It is so damn good. So, why are you still looking at me, go follow her and read all the things. 

@ravengirl94 - Let’s talk about Emily, shall we? I discovered her blog just a week ago and all I can think is, “Where the HELL has this been all my life?!” Holy Toledo, Batman. This girl CAN WRITE. The first thing I read was her Billionaire! Dean x Reader AU The Arrangement. I’m so in love with it I can hardly function. It brings me life and makes me smile and feel all kinds of things. THIS is like a book. It’s so well written and sucks you in. And it’s way different than almost anything out there. Then the way she writes Jensen is utterly AMAZING. Check out her I Want Crazy Series. It will not disappoint. Then while you’re at it, just FOLLOW HER ALREADY. 

@justjensenanddean - My supplier for EVERYTHING Jensen and Dean. Whether it’s Jensen singing or being an AMAZING father or Dean in all is beautiful glory, this blog makes sure I never go without these two men. Bless you, my friend. Thank you for always creating and reblogging THE BEST stuff. Ugh, go follow this blog, you fools!

@torn-and-frayed - You made the list again, Steph! :p I can not say enough about this woman. She has a masterfully executed Series Rewrite in which she has inserted the reader into now up to FIVE SEASONS of Supernatural. I don’t know how in the hell she does it, dudes. Then there is Daddy’s Little Lovebug. I LOVE It so hard. And we can’t forget her Send the Pain Below Series. It’s a Jensen x Reader, and it hurts so good. She is basically the queen of angst and making your heart HURT. Go follow her. She is bloody brilliant. 

@impala-dreamer - Let me count the ways that Bekah drives me wild. Let’s start with ALL THE SMUT. She sure knows how to drive my Dean fantasies WILD. Enchanted Encounter is a completely wonderful example of that. The reader gets cursed and all kinds of wonderfullness ensues. Goodmorning, Princess and Goodnight, Princess are both PERFECT examples of how I want to wake up and go to sleep EVERY DAMN DAY. Then there was the time that Bekah made me HATE HER with The End of Time. I’m telling you, get some tissues. I was so damn pissed at the end of this one, I cried for a while, then lashed out. Everything Bekah does is GOLD. She also writes Sam, blah blah, and it’s not so bad either. *rolls eyes* Go follow her talented ass. NOW!

@jacklesonmymind - Constantly reblogging ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Jensen and Dean. Bless her for making sure I don’t go anytime without seeing his beautiful face on my dash. I don’t know what I’d do without some of these wonderful trashy rebloggers. They bring me LIFE. You are AMAZING. 

@misswhizzy - Liz, Liz, Liz… You make sure that if I missed it the first time around from someone, that I’m going to see it once you reblog or post it. I feel like there are so many wonderful gifsets that I would have missed out on if it weren’t for you and your wonderful eye for beauty. You have a wonderfully run blog and it fills my dash with joy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

There are SO MANY MORE great blogs out there, but today these are the wonderful souls I am featuring. What are you doing still reading this!? Go Follow their wonderful asses!

It’s July 2nd, and so it is time for a new theme for our PWS - Sunday Special

But we still have a couple of last month’s “water” photos left. We don’t want to call them “the rest”. Because they more than that. We will call them “the encores”. And there are still for Sundays in July left.

So today we will show you some more water and will be starting the new theme for July next Sunday. And the new theme is “Mirror Mirror”.

Please don’t limit yourself to photos of reflections. All is possible that shows the same in a different way. In one photo or even in a set.

If one of your photos does fit the subject, and you want us to consider it to be featured on a Sunday in July, you can either post it to your blog and use “pws special” as one of the first five tags, or submit it to our blog and check the “pws special” checkbox.
When submitting please don’t forget to add your Tumblr URL in the caption field

PWS - Photos Worth Seeing

The July Sunday Special on our sister-blog @pwsfineartnudes is themed “silhouette” btw. With a collection of fine art nude photography

You & I

Originally posted by koreanxrap

Featuring: Jaewon

Genre: Fluff/One-shot

Word Count: 1,359

Request:  Anonymous sent: Hi there! Happened to come across your blog today and I absolutely love it already. ^^ :D I was wondering if you could write a scenario for Jaewon (One). Angst or fluffy or both, up to you. He wrecked my bias list so hard and I hate him for that. T_T

You didn’t know if you were dreaming or just going insane… Why were you hearing Jaewon’s voice calling your name? You must be missing him like crazy to be hearing his voice like this whispering your name in your ear. You snuggled into your bed covers, if this was a dream you didn’t want to wake up from it just yet.
“Jagi~” How could his voice sound so perfectly clear in your dream? You felt a shadow cast over your face, the sunshine that peaked through your window was longer on your face. Your eyes shot open, only to find Jaewon’s face leaning over yours smiling. You quickly ducked under your covers surprised and you were sure your hair looked like a complete mess. You lowered the blanket only to reveal your eyes, “How? When, when did you get here?”
He lightly brushed his fingers through your hair, “Hm just a couple minutes ago. It sounded like you were having a good dream…”
“Because you said my name.” He had a cheeky little smirk on his face. You weren’t sure if to believe him or not.
“No, I didn’t.”
“Yes, you did.”
He leaned in closer to you, “How would you know if you were sleeping?” Well he got you there.
“Why aren’t you at the dorm?” You quickly changed the subject.
“Because I have a “dentist” appointment today and coincidentally I have a “doctor's” appointment today.” he air quoted implying there was more to what he just said. “But that’s not important right now. Hurry up and shower, I have somewhere I want to take you. Just You & I forgot about everything else.” he continued on as he proceeded to pull down your blanket and help you up to your feet.

You showered and got yourself all ready to go out after eating breakfast with Jaewon; and catching up on his training with YG.
You were slipping on a pair of wedged boots but Jaewon was quick to disapprove of your choice, “I don’t think those are the best choice for today.”
You pointed to a pair of cute flats, he nodded his head in disagreement. He picked out a pair of sneakers, “You’ll be needing these today.”
You both headed downstairs. “So are we walking somewhere? Or taking the bus or train today?” You wondered.
Jaewon slipped his hand into yours and interlocked fingers, “Nope.” You gave him a puzzled look. He walked you over to a car parked in front of your apartment complex and gave you the cutest smile and nodded his head towards the car.
“How did you get this?”
“I borrowed it from a company hyung.”
“Just how much lying did you do today?”
He chuckled and slightly nodded his head left and right and looked down at you, “Just enough to get by and make it believable. But don’t worry I’ll repent by the end of the day.”

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The Story So Far ...

How would Marianne and Bog’s relationship have developed if Marianne had been the one love-dusted and captured? 

How would Sunny and Dawn’s relationship have happened without Dawn getting caught in a spell and breaking it with a love epiphany? 

And what happens between the Fairy Kingdom and Dark Forest after that wild night? 

Today I’ll be reblogging the first 25 chapters of Taking The Feisty One in reverse order. I set it up with the Queue feature, so they’ll be spaced apart but all up by 9:30-ish tonight. 

Because this is a series of reblogs, they won’t appear in the Strange Magic tag as a whole, so consider this is your notification. Chapters are posting in reverse order so that, once complete, they will appear in chronological order on my blog. 

(It’s also on AO3 and FFnet under the same name, and on Tumblr already, if you’re impatient - check the ‘My Fanfiction’ page on my blog.) 

Edit: All 25 chapters are now up!

Strait Talk With The Curvy Girls

Today, my blog will be sorta book review like. I have read a lot of books about people with scoliosis, and one of them is Strait Talk With The Curvy Girls. This book features eight girls who have gone through surgery, or wearing a brace, or both. The girls are original Curvy Girls members, and give a lot of info on what you need to know about handling your social life, and personal life, while wearing a brace.Though I haven’t finished the book, I am way into it. I really think some of the girls represent me, and what I feel about wearing my hunk of plastic. If you feel insecure wearing your brace, or feel upset with the general idea of wearing it, this book helps. I felt those things and still do but, Strait Talk With The Curvy Girls really helped me minimize those feelings, because I can relate to the girls in the book. Here Is a picture of the book I got off google:

Like I said this book helps me soooo much emotionally. A girl named Leah actually started the group, and she is the first girl mentioned. She was a scoliosis patient herself. I have a saying, Don’t judge a girl by her curve. If someone also came up with that, oops. Anyway have a great day, and be happy with yourself.

anonymous asked:

Can I have maybe Noyas smol bean GF surprising him at a game? :D she's also an athlete and often travels for events?? I love the blog, it's my life💖💖💖

He had always been quite envious of athletes who had a significant other to cheer them on, but he knew well enough that you desired the same thing. You often traveled for events for your own sport which is why you were never able to watch the ‘Rolling Thunder’ in action. 

“Aye, Noya! Is your girlfriend coming this time?” Tanaka grinned, elbowing the smaller male in the side.

The libber shook his head, slight disappointment etched into his features. “No, she has a game of her own today so she won’t make it.”

“That’s too bad. Neither one of you have been to a game. You aren’t upset?” And he knows he shouldn’t be, but he can’t help button want to hear your voice standing out among the hundreds of fans in the audience.

“Not really, I’m sure she feels the same way.” He sighed, rolling his shoulders a few times over before moving out towards the court.

Nishinoya wouldn’t have believed it was you peeking out from the stands if it weren’t for your small form and shrill voice. He was confused for a moment seeing as how he had kissed you good luck for your own match a few hours ago. There’s no way you would leave your team to fend on their own.

“Noya! Can you see me?” You called out, waving your arms dramatically to catch your boyfriend’s attention. He jogged over to you with an expression akin to that of an excited puppy.

“What are you doing here? I though you had a game!” 

You laughed, leaning forward across the railing as if you were telling a secret that only his ears could know. “The other team happened to forfeit because of bad weather so what better way to spend my free time than cheering my boyfriend on?” The flirtatious wink sent his way was more than enough to send a fire burning in his loins.

“God, I love you so much. I’m going to play at my best so that I can win for you.” Nishinoya beamed, flashing you his signature thumbs up.

“You better, but I’ll be proud of you no matter what happens.” Your reassurance in him no matter what happens was a huge confidence booster. He could do it as long as you were cheering at his side.

anonymous asked:

I want to get into lindy hop but there aren't any classes I could go to and any events are too far away. Any tips on how to learn on my own?

All right son. Sit down and let me tell you a thing. *cracks knuckles* 

First off, I am so in support of learning Lindy Hop, whether you have to learn it yourself or if you learn directly from the ghost of Frankie Manning. So,

Now, the next thing I have to say is that Lindy Hop is a partnered dance, so learning with at least one other person is definitely going to help. So find someone who wants to learn it with you. Hell, find a group of people to learn with. The more people who want to learn, the better off you’ll be. Start a club, if you can. If you can’t, just get a group together at your house/apartment. Learn it together. Most of the pro Lindy Hoppers learned not just from the old-timers (Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, Steven Mitchell, etc. [More on these people later]), but also by just getting together and watching videos and trying things out and collaboratively learning to dance. This is not to say that you can’t learn by yourself or that you have to learn with a group, but rather to say that you will have more fun and learn more quickly if you can do it with a group. 

So now, how do you actually go about learning the steps? Luckily, you’re better off than the people who learned before the Internet (just for some perspective, some of them would have to fly to New York for a showing of one of the old documentaries or videos, try and remember as much as they could, fly back, and work on it. Needless to say, that was expensive, and took a very long time.)

You have the luxury of having tons of material online. So here are some of those resources:

LindyHopMoves : This is a totally free resource! They have collected tons of videos, some of them lesson recaps, some of them are actual short lessons. All of them are awesome. 

iDance : If you’ve got some money, many of the international instructors produce videos for iDance, many of them in series. I can strongly recommend Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg’s “Intro to Lindy Hop” series as a great place for beginners to start. 

LindyLibrary : This is a YouTube channel that posts videos from a lot of the major events: Jack & Jills, Showcases, Instructor Demos, etc. While I don’t think there are any lesson recaps, these videos are still great to watch for inspiration and new moves to try out. And also, just hot damn check out the dancing. 

Swungover : Bobby White’s Lindy Hop blog. He talks a lot about dance culture, floorcraft, P90X, the old timers, and many of the modern dancers who are doing cool things today. 

SavoyStyle : While I only recently learned about this website, and I don’t think it’s been updated recently, it’s still got some pretty good resources, specifically clips from the old movies and documentaries which feature Lindy Hop. 

This video : This one is solo jazz. It’s tons of fun, and really spices up your partnered dancing. But the great thing about solo jazz is that you don’t need anyone to practice with. See image.

The next tip: practice in front of a mirror, and video tape yourself. It’s stressful, but taping yourself is a good way to A) track your progress and B) see what you look like and compare it to what you want it to look like. 

When learning, it’s also a good idea to learn both roles. My dancing got way better after I started learning to follow. It allows you to feel what the other person should be doing/is doing, and makes correcting your own dancing so much easier. 

Also, listen to swing music. Constantly. The dance goes to the music, after all. My blog is a pretty solid collection of swing music, but there are others. Yehoodi Radio is wonderful. I don’t use Spotify, but I know there are several people who have put together really good playlists on there. 

Now, some names to google. 

Old Timers: Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, Steven Mitchell, Al Minns, Shorty George, Leon James, Irene Thomas, any other names that you come across while reading about/watching them. These are the patron saints, the founders of our dance. They are the ones that we are all striving to look like. So watch them dance, and try to look like them. 

Modern Dancers: Kevin St. Laurent, Jo Hoffberg, Michael Jagger, Evita Arce, Michael Faltesek, Casey Schneider, Bobby White, Kate Hedin, Sharon Davis, Andy Reid, Kelly Arsenault, Nina Gilkenson, Laura Glaess, Todd Yannacone, Dax Hock, Laura Keat, Nathan Bugh, Sarah Breck, Jeremy Otth, Mike Roberts, Mickey Fortanasce, Mikey Pedroza. These are many of the national/international instructors that are teaching the dance today. Watch them dance, and try to look like them too. 

I know you said that many of the events are too far away, but try and make it out to one or two of them. I don’t know where you live, but Lindy Focus, The Snowball, and Herrang are all excellent events that draw people from all over the world, so if you can manage to go to one of them, that would be fantastic. They’re all large enough events that if you only go to one event a year, those are the ones you should go to. 

Some offline resources:

Frankie Manning’s autobiography is a must-read. As is Norma Miller’s memoirs. And this book is pretty good too. 

And you should follow the tumblr hoppers. 

su-z-qeffyeahlindyhoppers, lindyhopproblems, lindyfox, swingtanzerin, swingdancing, lindseyhop, there are a bunch more, but these are the ones I could think of. 

Last but not least, the most important thing. Have fun! This dance is all about having fun and expressing joy! So get out there and dance as much as you can! Go do the thing! 

First Aid: Jason Todd x Reader

I kind of wanted to do something to celebrate passing 600 followers so I figured I’d write an extra fic today (featuring Jason because he’s by far the character requested most on this blog and everyone seems to love him.)

Your name: submit What is this?

“Y/N, hold still,” said Jason, rolling his eyes. “So, how was patrol?” 

You winced as he kept cleaning out the scrapes on your back and shrugged stiffly. “Not great. You should’ve seen the other guys, though.” Jason barked a short laugh and prodded at a deep cut on your left arm.

“Ow,” you protested weakly and tried to lean away. Jason pulled you back towards him, still focused on the cut, and gently kissed your temple.

Keep reading