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The Melon Pig

Native to the Eastern territories of Zaltera. They are fairly common, though their numbers have been dwindling in recent years. Melon pigs are hardy animals that typically live in small “patches” of other melon pigs.

Females tend to have more ornate vines to attract male melon pigs. Mating involves the male melon pig “kissing” the female, which is actually a means of transferring small black seeds to the other. When ingested, female melon pigs fertilize the seeds in a special stomach pocket before they are transferred to the vines on the tail for incubation like so:

Melon Piglets will grow for about a month, attached to the mother melon pig until they become heavy enough or strong enough to break off. Melon pigs reach physical maturity when their viney tails are able to curl at least once over.


These puppers are called Anubi. They are Intelligent and capable of planning but not capable of abstract thought. They hunt at night in tight family units. They are fiercely loyal to their pack.

They are native to Zaltera’s desert region. Many view them either as a harbinger of doom or bad omen due to their shadowy appearance and their ability to seemingly phase out of sight. They are active only at night. It is theorized that direct sunlight harms them in some way, or perhaps it simply makes them tired.

If you can get past their glassy stare and gain their trust, they can be kept as pets. They make excellent night sentinels.

Suuuuuuper tentative WIP colors for the new Creature Feature Vol 1 wraparound cover (I say ‘tentative’ because this is the only non-garbage color test I’ve gotten from picking at this the last two days)

I’ve never colored this way before (a mix of greyscale shading, gradient overlays and multiply layers after my regular methods failed-thank FUCK for layer masks) so this is taking a lot longer then I’m used to. Still have quite a bit of rendering before this might be acceptable :(