Olli Wiegner (b. 1993) is a contemporary landscape photographer currently living in Bielefeld, Germany. Presently, he is studying Photography & Media at the FH Bielefeld Faculty of Art and Design. Olli’s projects mostly focus on the interaction of humankind with the landscape and how this relationship changes over time.

Entropy Definition No. 2: This project focuses on how suffering arises in a person and traces its roots into memories of childhood and youth. The photographs are intentionally vague and open to allow the viewer to search for their own interpretation or relate to certain emotions. They provoke questions without certain answers to emphasize how memories fade and warp over time. This fallible construct is the base for our feelings and perception of the world around us which thus is in constant change — potentially leading to feelings of tension and ambiguity. We never truly are, but merely exist in an approximation in between our past experiences and those still to come.

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I have a 2 page feature of me in the first edition of the new Schri Magazine. http://www.schri.org/magazine
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Studio Ghibli Pixel Dailies
by AlbertoV

I’ve been meaning to showcase Alberto’s Pixel Dailies for a long time now, which is how I eventually ended scrounging his DeviantArt to create my last Artist Feature. I decided to focus on his older works and save the Dailies for a separate feature. 

Well, I was going to do that now, but I’m giving you an even more speacial treat. Last week the Pixel Dailies were Studio Ghibli based each day and as AlbertoV continues to attack every theme given to him, he ended up with an amazing series that is homage to everything Miyazaki.

Definitely follow AlbertoV on Twitter and DeviantArt.

‘When I woke up and saw the mist shrouding the castle I knew there was something special afoot and set out to capture a unique image. I had seen images of the castle in the mist before, but nothing that incorporated the street that runs through the centre of Najac. The street itself is beautiful, with incredible architecture and the leading lines of the road. I also love the blue Citroen car at the bottom of the street. I wanted to create a fairy tale feeling with this image, immerse the viewer and make them feel as though they are there, looking down this street onto Najac’s majestic castle.

Armed with a little more knowledge I decided to revisit this image, I think it’s an improvement over my last attempt.’
Photo by @aaronjenkinphotography
Location: Najac, France.

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