2017 Character Portfolio! Part 1

I designed what I thought the characters from the Dr. Dolittle story would look like. Im still updating on this daily.

Dr. Dolittle is a doctor turned vet by accident. His pet parrot teaches him how to communicate with animals and from there he learns of mistreatment of animals going on in an African village. Him and his animal companions travel to the African village of Jolly Jinky to solve this dilemma and to rescue not only the animals of the area but also the people.
He is passionate about helping those around him, a bit of a goofball, but leads with his heart which can get him into danger quick. Believes there is good in everyone.

Polynesia is Dr. Dolittle’s main sidekick, she teaches him how to speak animalese, the language used to communicate with animals. She is mature, bossy, and is a planner for their adventures in Africa. She thinks with her head and has to get Dr. Dolittle and Che Che the monkey sidekick, out of danger by coming up with plans.

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