Aces & Eights: A NCISLA FanFic Relay Chapter One

Aces & Eights: A #NCISLA FanFic Relay Chapter 1 by @imahistorian

Edit by Sweet Lu Deeks and Kensi join Nell and Eric on a trip to Las Vegas. They go for fun and gaming, but all does not turn out as planned and unexpected danger lurks under the bright lights of the Luxor.   A wikiDees Exclusive: A Fan Fic Relay in 12 Chapters by seven of your favorite fanfic writers: Sweet Lu, Jericho Steele, peanutbutterer, Kadiedid, imahistorian, Tess DiCorsi, and phillydi.…

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More Relationship Advice
  1. Seek God first, and all shall be added onto you.
  2. Maturity is determined by faith in God.
  3. An educated man/woman will push you to be better.
  4. Masturbation/ pornography will take away from your marriage sex life.
  5. If you like someone, don’t lust for them, pray for them.
  6. Looks aren’t enough, ever.
  7. If you need validation for a relationship, seek counsel, not likes.
  8. Forgiveness and prayer solve all misunderstanding.
  9. Enjoy your youth and stop dating around.
  10. Short-lived compliments are just that- short-lived.
  11. Don’t pursue someone who treats you with no respect or regard.
  12. Intimacy is more important than sex. Remember that.
  13. Don’t sweat the petty stuff.
  14. Be with someone who makes you a better Christian and human being.
  15. Grudges weigh down relationships. Avoid them.
  16. Don’t gossip about your partner.
  17. Date, Court, and Marry intentionally.
  18. Friendship is the best foundation for a good marriage.
  19. Talk it out, always.
  20. Flattery doesn’t make up for real communication. 

Part one is here.

anonymous asked:

You do realize that the bible is very archaic and probably the worst enemy of women? There women are evaluated by their sexual history, they are seen as lower beings, it is said countless of times that women can't do this and they can't do that. We have enough jerks making fun of us and telling us to go back to the kitchen and so on. It was too much for me to begin with. I don't want to hate the fact that i'm a woman.

it does, it really does.

so God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. genesis 1:27, niv.

if we go back, way, way, back to the Beginning Of Everything, we get a dude. his name is adam. and adam’s doing pretty…ok…in eden. he’s got his animals, his plants.

but God doesn’t like the fact that adam is…alone. no, not one bit. so he waits until adam falls asleep, then takes his rib and makes him a companion.

her name is eve, and she is the First Woman.

and adam and eve are pretty great together, for a blissfully short time, they are lovers, partners, and equals.

then eve Royally Screws Up, after being tempted by You Know Who [you know, satan] by eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge and life which God told the two of them Specifically Not to Do. and then, she convinces adam to Royally Screw Up also.

and, in accordance to their deed, the First Sin, God punishes them [and satan too, because it was his fault that all this mess started in the first place]. God addresses adam with the curse of difficult, lifelong toil, and death.

but God gives eve a separate curse.

to the woman He said, “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children. your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.genesis 3:16, niv.

and this is the beginning of the World’s Largest Power Struggle.

this is a curse.

a curse.

[def. a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something.]

this means that God never wanted man and woman to be unequal. it was not His original design, and it was not his intention to have this imbalance.

so, with that basis, anon, it is not accurate to say that the Bible, God’s Word, is an enemy of women. God created women to be different, but completely equal to men.

it is us, we, as humans, who have kept women down.

despite this, many times in the Bible, we see God using women in miraculous ways. 

sarah, a woman in her nineties, gave birth to a son that would become the nation of israel, by the power of God.

rahab, a prostitute, was the one who aided the israelites in the capture of jericho, helping the israelites reach their promised land.

deborah was a prophetess, judge and warrior in early israel.

esther was a common girl who became a queen and saved her entire nation from genocide from the persians.

and mary, a virgin, betrothed woman, was the one who gave birth to Jesus Christ.

women were never meant to be inferior beings, and nor does God wish to see it that way. 

that doesn’t mean that we aren’t unequal in society, because we are. and some of these biggest offenders, anon, are, in fact, churches and christian culture.

in fact, one of the things that irritates me about christian culture is the fact that women have a very high expectation to be pure, virginal, and non sexual.







but the first time i was aware of this, i didn’t accept the fact that i was a sexual being.

i was ashamed, because Good Christian Girls aren’t supposed to want sex like boys do, no, that doesn’t make you pure anymore, that doesn’t make you virginal anymore.

this is Wrong. but God never said that women could have a sex drive, no, people created that complex.

God wants women and men to coexist despite our curse, but it’s not in our nature. we need His help.

not to mention, proverbs 31, the basis of this entire blog, is a big fat guideline for Godly women to pursue their lives. it’s written in the context of a woman who is a wife and mother, but there is no doubt that it is applicable to any woman who reads it.

if God, the author of the Word was our enemy, why would He even bother telling us how to live a holy life?

think about it.

- 31Women (Adwoa)

I love God, and I am truly unashamed of my love for Him. I love God because God loves me and shows mercy and grace towards me daily. On top of that, God rewards my obedience and dedication to him by blessing me. This past week has been transformative in my life. It was the best week after one of the worst weeks. I told God, begged him rather, to change my life, change my ways, to consume me, to take the reigns on what seemed to be a dangerous and emotionally tiring life. The moment I dedicated my thoughts, my dreams, my goals, my daily activities, my problems to him, I felt an instant peace- a peace that transcends understanding, a peace that has carried me up until this moment. Since then, I have had revelation after revelation. I want to share some of my revelations with you. Shall we begin?

  • God above everything, even myself.
  • God does not need me to fulfill the plan of salvation, but I need him to get salvation.
  • I don’t need fake people or people who have negative energy in my life.
  • Your education and job don’t take care of you, God does.
  • You really don’t need that many friends.
  • Don’t confuse your ambition with God’s plans for you. 
  • God is really practical and even more forgiving.
  • No one outside of your circle needs to know your business.
  • If you care about being validated by people, you’ve got an identity crisis.
  • Take everything to God in prayer, but do not be idle.
  • Humility brings you closer to God. Pride pushes you away from God.
  • Jesus is the Word of God.
  • God’s power, grace, love, and mercy is far greater than your sin.
  • God doesn’t put you in trials of pain to vindicate his glory. He’s already glorious.
  • God can use what was once evil and make it good. 
  • God’s will > Everything else
  • What you put into your mind and heart will be reaped later on.
  • You cannot be of the world and claim God’s name.
  • Never pass up an opportunity to fellowship with other Christians.

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