ACUBIEN says Happy Independence Day Barbados with Our Special “Desire” Issue featuring the gorgeous and talented, former Miss Barbados, Lia Gajadhar. LOOK OUT for this Special Issue on Wed, 2 Dec 2015. #acubiendesire

Model; Lia Gajadhar @gajadz
Photo Credit; @visionrequired

#HBD #Barbados #specialissue #desire #acubien #featues #people #legacy #prideandindustry #caribbean #diaspora #islands #246 #acubientravels #acubienlifestyle #acubienpeople (at London, United Kingdom)

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G4 : Full comparison

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G4 : Full comparison

Samsung announced its latest Galaxy Note series member, named Galaxy Note 5 phablet. On the other side, LG has unveiled its latest flagship G4 smartphone in May month. Here in this article. I am going to compare Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and LG G4 to know how they stack up. Let’s have a look at Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G4.

External image

Build and Design

Samsung and LG both the company build their latest…

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Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead (2010)

The hottest man of the Apocalypse! So I’m told. Hottest probably because he wears denim and leather or maybe because of all that hair in his face. All kidding aside, Daryl is a loyal and caring man, dumb, but caring. He can adorn you with a necklace of severed ears and treat you to a meal of squirrels and earthworms. He’s resourceful and to me, is his hottest featue.

4x6. Pen, pencil, and marker. SOLD

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anonymous asked:

do u have any obianidala sin fics to rec

TBH I’m read every fic on the AO3 tag Padme/Obi-Wan/Anakin

For some good Sith AU, see A Darker Image of the Galaxy The Second story features the sin

You like Ahsoka and awkward “I caught my Master/his master/his wife is compromising situations? See The Five Times Ahsoka Accidentally Ruined the Mood and the One Time They Didn’t Even Notice Her   

Light bondage and praise kink? See Praise

The What I wish was what happened, featuing pre-OT3 fantasies, see Implications   

Do you have a few hours of free time to jump into a massive AU that will break your heart and brain? See the series Ouroboros, The Queens Gambit features the sin

Happy, slice of life with Anidala being the swinger rulers of the galaxy and inviting Obi-Wan to be theirs, see Homecoming

Drunk threesome that will turn into something more, see Comfort in Wartime.

-Mod T

(Edit by mod rainy) 

Seconded for the Ouroboros verse and Comfort in Wartime!  And though the physical aspects of obianidala only begin in the second story, Queens Gambit, let me assure you that the poly feels are still very strong in the first story and that Padme and Obi-wan frantically searching the galaxy for Anakin is the worst kind of dramatic irony and it will make you want to weep.  

To add to Mod T’s list, I’d like to recommend: 

you knock me out, i fall apart by @sekhmct (wip)

This is full of happy obianidala skywalker family nonsense.  Happy, so happy.  Almost too happy.  I cry bc this isn’t canon.  The obianidala is so good and so pure.  

build a heart made of armour by darthrevaan (wip)

A soulmate au of the “first words on your wrist” kind where jedi renegade obi-wan kenobi discovers he’s soulmates with the Empire’s scariest power couple - Lord and Lady Vader

Unconventional by TheFreakWithWings

a/b/o fic, which isn’t my usual cup of tea but this one features alpha!padme being super protective of omega!anakin and I am weak. 

the comfort of this house  by FoxGlade

more smoopy domestic obianidala goodness featuring the twins and ahsoka sue me

who cares about your lonely heart by @elenothar

this fic smashed through all previously held standards for ot3 fic the first time i read it oh my gosh WING FIC and ace!obi-wan and happy ending au and !!!!!! my jam, so very much my jam.  

And like, if you really like Sin TM: 

Crack Open by Salmon_Pink

anakin sandwich, involves rough play and pegging and smirky padme and obi-wan and all that kind of filthy goodness.  

If any of you guys have recs to add on to this please don’t hesitate to do so!

-Mod Rainy

Huawei Honor 4C affordable smartphone full specifications

Huawei Honor 4C affordable smartphone full specifications

Huawei has launched the another affordable smartphone in the Indian market that is Honor 4C along with Honor Bee cheapest smartphone. The smartphone was first announced in China and India is the second country to get it. The Honor 4C looks similar to the Honor 4X smartphone. Let’s have a look on specs, features of the Honor 4C.

External image

The build quality of the phone is very good, as I mentioned already…

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Elf Tales part 14:

Faye: Sierra you’re ready, now it’s time for me. Wait next to the pool ok?

Sierra: Ok.. But you’re an alien why would you need camouflage?

Faye: *grins* Don’t ask me. You’ll see.

A few minutes later..

Faye: What do you think Sierra?

Sierra: Faye?! Is that you? You look… Cute.

Faye: *laughs* Thank you.

Sierra: Why is your crystal visible?

Faye: Don’t call it crystal. It’s a Soul Diamond. I can’t hide it but it gives me some features.

Sierra: What kind of featu..

Faye: I’ll explain later. Now I have a gift for you. 

<Faye gives Sierra a strange thing>

Sierra: What is this?

Faye: Keep it in your pocket, it will disable your GPS for a while.

Sierra: Wow! That’s awesome!

Faye: *grins* W should go now. It’s better to discover at night.

me:  Minimalism describes movements in various forms of art and design, especially visual art and music, where the work is set out to expose the essence, essentials or identity of a subject through eliminating all non-essential forms, featu

me: ok he might not wear any underwear but can we admit OPM Sonic’s outfits are actually really cute 


Cardistry Commercial | Zach Mueller

Cool cardistry commercial featuing Zach Mueller

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Forteto: Donzelli affonda, Bambagioni risponde.

Forteto: Donzelli affonda, Bambagioni risponde.

External image

Alberti: «La chiave è la Procura di Genova». A meno di 10 giorni dal processo in secondo grado a Firenze, quando si saprà se le precedenti condanne saranno riconfermate in toto o si prenderanno altre strade, scoppia la polemica, l’ennesima, sul caso Forteto. A lanciare il sasso, senza nascondere la mano, è stato due giorni fa il consigliere regionale (FdI), e membro della commissione d’inchiesta…

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