Day 6: Your favorite song (part 2)

Savior of the Dreaming Dead, Upward Movement (Dave Owns) [pretty much any and all instances of this theme]

Giving credit where due (because they are AWESOME) to Malcolm Brown, George Buzinkai, Toby ‘Radiation’ Fox, and Robert Blaker for their respective work on these pieces.  They are so gorgeous I can’t even believe my ears sometimes ;w;

This is pretty specific to recent updates, especially the Dave on the bottom.  I gotta fess up and say that I was REALLY inspired by cloudymew’s picture of Dave with the crows that you might be aware of (if not, WHY. GO LOOK AT IT.) but I tried to not like be a total ripoff sob sob sob

I always talk too much ;w; tl;dr: I like Dave (and Davesprite) a lot.

a huge version might end up on my deviantart


i think they treat me fine

john is a pansy as usual but he says hes not scared of me anymore
but i call bullshit.. cause hes a pansy.. heh

jade is jade, her and her weird ass uranium-or-some-shit self, but hey she pretty fun to talk to although.. she does think im busy all the time..
who am kidding i don’t do much

and we can’t forget cat girl..l or plant girl.. whatever she is. she always uses me as a messenger pigeon but whatev its not like i have anything better to do than look hella fucking rad