Day 6: Your favorite song (part 2)

Savior of the Dreaming Dead, Upward Movement (Dave Owns) [pretty much any and all instances of this theme]

Giving credit where due (because they are AWESOME) to Malcolm Brown, George Buzinkai, Toby ‘Radiation’ Fox, and Robert Blaker for their respective work on these pieces.  They are so gorgeous I can’t even believe my ears sometimes ;w;

This is pretty specific to recent updates, especially the Dave on the bottom.  I gotta fess up and say that I was REALLY inspired by cloudymew’s picture of Dave with the crows that you might be aware of (if not, WHY. GO LOOK AT IT.) but I tried to not like be a total ripoff sob sob sob

I always talk too much ;w; tl;dr: I like Dave (and Davesprite) a lot.

a huge version might end up on my deviantart


i think they treat me fine

john is a pansy as usual but he says hes not scared of me anymore
but i call bullshit.. cause hes a pansy.. heh

jade is jade, her and her weird ass uranium-or-some-shit self, but hey she pretty fun to talk to although.. she does think im busy all the time..
who am kidding i don’t do much

and we can’t forget cat girl..l or plant girl.. whatever she is. she always uses me as a messenger pigeon but whatev its not like i have anything better to do than look hella fucking rad

small bby davesprite

Caw Caw

I sing my praise, Rambunctious Crow, to thee.
Although your life was brief and you were small,
You’ve proved yourself undoubtedly to be
The most important character of all.
With clever machinations, you ensured
That Jade would get the disks to start her quest.
You made the Davesprite strong; and your reward?
A shitty sword was launched into your chest.
They just don’t understand you, little friend.
Though feathery, you’re not an asshole; no.
Your sacrifice was vital in the end.
I thank you for your gift, Rambunctious Crow.
You saved the day, and though you were run through,
You are the star, my precious crow. Its you.