Responding to queries with unhelpful NPC stock phrases is a Sprite Meme mostly perpetuated by Davesprite and Hal to be annoying, although Nanna sometimes participates because you can never be too old for a good prank. Jade usually acts above it all, but one time Karkat interrupts her while she’s working on something and without turning around she says, “You have to be at least level 12 to talk to me” and the room explodes. 

Day 6: Your favorite song (part 2)

Savior of the Dreaming Dead, Upward Movement (Dave Owns) [pretty much any and all instances of this theme]

Giving credit where due (because they are AWESOME) to Malcolm Brown, George Buzinkai, Toby ‘Radiation’ Fox, and Robert Blaker for their respective work on these pieces.  They are so gorgeous I can’t even believe my ears sometimes ;w;

This is pretty specific to recent updates, especially the Dave on the bottom.  I gotta fess up and say that I was REALLY inspired by cloudymew’s picture of Dave with the crows that you might be aware of (if not, WHY. GO LOOK AT IT.) but I tried to not like be a total ripoff sob sob sob

I always talk too much ;w; tl;dr: I like Dave (and Davesprite) a lot.

a huge version might end up on my deviantart

So I recently saw some mildly tasty discourse the other day regarding our ghostly, big feather dad, Ugin, and whether or not he is an unlikable dick. Having nothing to add at the time I just kind of rolled my eyes at the ability of the trio I have come to affectionately call “Sorin’s Angels” to drum up discourse with their very existence but now I actually have something to add.

Of course Ugin is a cold, detached dickhead. All dragons are cold, detached dickheads. It’s like, the first line in the Being a Fucking Dragon contract. Now this sounds really dismissive, like how “all the guilds are bad” has been used to try and quell that juicy Ravnica Guild Discourse, but let me explain.

Imagine you are a huge creature with godly powers- at least, godly when compared to your average, little, fleshy biped- and a disgustingly long lifespan and maybe you’ve realized you’re a little smarter than everyone else. Humans and other creatures like them aren’t going to matter that much outside being a food source or maybe some reliable servants to do stuff your hulking dragon hands are just too big for.

Now give something like that a Spark. Give something like that a Spark PREMENDING, where becoming a planeswalker made you almost omnipotent. If you were honestly predisposed to not give a fuck before, well now you can do pretty much everything you ever wanted with all your dragon power in your long, long dragon lifespan and if shit goes south somewhere well now you can just peace out. So long as there’s somewhere else to go, fuck, those simple creatures who literally have nothing to do with you will just have to handle themselves.

Ugin is a big, feathery asshole. Every Dragon is an asshole. You are never going to find a dragon who you can like because of their upstanding moral code. It all comes down to what flavor of asshole you like, if you prefer them at all. So if you like Ugin, good for you, you like that character archetype. It may seem really tempting to try and defend Ugin’s actions and try and paint him as a really nice guy when someone is out there calling him a douche. But what Ugin fans, and overall fans of dragon characters need to accept is: they’re douche bags.

And they’re fucking awesome.

(But if somebody is spinning an argument that nobody should like xyz Dragon Character, and liking these imaginary, fantasy beings makes you as bad as them that’s a different story.)


Some WIP doodles of the feathery asshole, for those of you that are curious on the progress
The last page there is the most recent.

I’m kinda trying to figure out also how he’d wear any kind of armor of some sort? Like obviously he’s gotta wear light armor so he can still make some use of his flight. But like what could a bird even comfortably wear?

Pretty sure he doesn’t carry weapons though. He’s got some pretty boss ice magic.
Mebbe some metal claws on his front grabby hands in case someone gets too close.

okay, as i was rereading a certain part of hs to find evidence for another post i was going to make, i came across this and i don’t feeling like the fandom really talks about this?? like it seems like nothing significant but let me explain.

you see this?? this has got to be the worst possible things a person could ever do. ever.

i’m going to be blunt with you. my dad died a little over two months ago. three days and two months ago from today. i was the same age as john when he lost his dad (age 14, unless john was still 13 at the time.) i say john and i lost our dads in the same way. we didn’t know where they were, being positive that they were alive, and we found him (or rather the police for me) dead. john and i reacted to our dads’ deaths in the same way. i cried and was upset when i first found out, but then continued on my merry way, trying to be as positive and strong about it as possible, having the occasional cry at two in the morning.

now, i’ve had a friend pull a prank on me like this before. granted, it was about my ex girlfriend and not my dad, but it was still horrible and i cried, mostly being angry about it, much like john. i felt numb the entire day and i could not stop shaking.

now when i was rereading this part, i started crying. and the worst part of it all? davesprite decided to pull this little prank on the two year anniversary of his dad’s death.

read that last part long and hard. davesprite knew it was on the anniversary and he probably knew how shitty he was being by doing that, but he still pulled the prank anyway.

now another thing that angers me about this was that jade just sort of tried to dismiss it? she got that is wasn’t a good joke, but when john got angry and went to go find davesprite to, for a lack of better words, kick his ass, jade just sort of acted annoyed?

i get that she could possibly still be a little ehh from her breakup with davesprite, but still.

i honestly forgot where i was going with this, but my main point is that davesprite is a HUGE douche. i love that feathery asshole but this is something really unforgivable.

happy bday @drgnsmile !! here’s an orange feathery asshole

anonymous asked:

Can I ask why you love Anders? I made the mistake of googling the end of DA2 before I played it so I already knew about him blowing up the Chantry before my Hawke had even arrived in Kirkwall. Because of that, I was totally biased against him the whole way through and didn't take a moment to get to know his character. If anything, I actively avoided him. Was that a mistake?

yeah i would say you’re missing out a lot on anders as a character if you actively avoid him. but i’ll compile a list of reasons why i love this feathery asshole in beautiful bullet point format.

  • he’s pretty snarky. i can always appreciate a snarky character.
  • he loves cats and names them shit like “mr. wiggums” and “ser-pounce-a-lot”
  • you appreciate him a lot more if you play awakening and then go into DA2, i think. he starts off much like a purple!hawke–quite sarcastic and lighthearted, but once you get to DA2 the poor guy has become so weighed down by everything. it’s rather heartbreaking to see, but it also gives you a larger scope for why he acts the way he does. 
  • says shit like “suck on my fireballs” during battle
  • openly queer character (representation is so important)
  • openly challenges the player to really think about the injustices against mages
  • hes incredibly dynamic and imo perhaps the most dynamic character in DA2. granted, his writer flopped quite a bit with a lot of inconsistencies, but nevertheless i think he’s a character you can appreciate a great deal.
  • he’s your party healer. he’s saved my ass more times than i can count honestly. 
  • he’s well known at a brothel in thedas as “the mage who does the electricity thing”
  • managed to escape the circle seven times, which is pretty impressive considering most people don’t even make it out once
  • he is a spirit healer, which is pretty rare among mages and it’s pretty impressive. according to recent information released from bioware’s writers, spirit healing requires damn near surgical precision, and he has to communicate with fade spirits (which is something not every mage can handle) so you know anders is really fucking talented.
  • he ran a free health clinic in the shittiest part of kirkwall (the chantry, according to an npc’s banter, doesn’t do shit to help the sick or the poor so that tells you anders is basically powering through all this alone)
  • he also offers his services for sexual diseases
  • he helps smuggle mages to freedom using the mage underground
  • actively has saved a lot of mages with the underground
  • has peacefully petitioned for mage rights for years and even though no one listened he still kept trying, and tbh i really don’t blame the guy for getting frustrated with elthina’s “neutral” stance because she literally had all the power to stop mages from being oppressed and didn’t do shit about it. i always find it odd how the fact that he peacefully protested for years gets overlooked by the fandom.
  • his romance with hawke (especially a mage m!hawke) is really sweet and i think it ties together rather nicely if you decide to do a pro-mage playthrough. i’m all for the runaway fugitive apostate lovers freeing mages across thedas.
  • speaking of the romance “want a sandwich?” is the equivalent of “i love you” between anders and a purple hawke. it’s both hilarious and heartwarming. 
  • if you play a friendmanced pro-mage hawke, you get to see anders genuinely happy and hopeful for the future of the mages, and that in itself is a reward.
  • bonus: there are a lot of great anders blogs with beautiful art/meta/etc about the character that are worth following if you like the character. 

i’m sure there are more, anon. but i really think you ought to give him a chance.

Capital A

And yet another coda to 12x01 (there is never enough of them, I guess).

“You’ve introduced me with a full name.”

Dean blinked, then pressed his lips tight, then opened his mouth again as if he was about to start speaking. But no sound followed, so Castiel went on.

“I can’t remember last time that happened. Perhaps, it’s some bad memory trick, but I’m positively sure you haven’t referenced my name like that for a long time, Dean.”

Dean frowned, his glance rushed desperately to Castiel and started its way around, only pausing a short while on his face without meeting the eyes. Uneasiness in Dean’s whole body was almost feasible, with the way his back was stiffened and fists clenched. He felt uncertain and awkward—both were very rare things about him—and under any other circumstances it would have made him furious in less than a minute. But now he was surprisingly silent.

“You’ve also mentioned my wings—“ in spite of himself, Castiel cut off for a second, “—and harp which I obviously never owned. Presumably that was to complement the canonical image of an angel portrayed in a human culture. Although there is an outstanding variety of paintings and sculptures created over the last millennia, the key features remain the same. Recognizable but not very accurate.”

Dean shifted and made a slight movement ahead. There was just a short distance between them, they were standing so close that Dean’s outstretched arm could easily touch Castiel. Yet it didn’t, it kept hanging loose on the side in a falsely relaxed position.

“Cas— “

“Let me finish, please.” Dean’s shoulders dropped helplessly, and Castiel felt a sudden urge to grip them tight as he already had done once. More than once. “What I was saying is this introduction of me that you’ve made to your mother was— “

“I know,” Dean interrupted, “I know, yeah, it was kinda stupid and that’s not what I really meant to say, and— “

“No, Dean, it wasn’t. Not with the capital ‘A’.”

Dean startled and looked up, squinting, small wrinkles running apart from the corners of his eyes.

“What’s wrong with the capital ‘A’?”

“Nothing. Absolutely and definitely nothing is wrong.” Dean was still gazing at him, so Castiel added with a little smile, “It was the most honorable and flattering introduction I’ve ever experienced. The way you’ve put it, mentioning the capital letter to describe my entity … sounded like something special. It was much more than I could have expected.”

Dean’s expression changed in no time. Overwhelmed with relief and joy and probably even something else that Castiel couldn’t immediately recognize, Dean was literally shining. He eagerly smiled back.

“’Cause it’s you, Cas,” he said, “’cause you are very special. To me, you are … You can’t imagine how special you are. You always have been.” There was another smile then, more of a usual Dean’s smile—a bit crooked, with just a corner of his mouth—fading to a grin, “By the way you’d started, I thought I pissed you off.”

“I know.”

Dean shot him a quick glance. “You know? So you’ve … Dammit, Cas, you’ve been mocking at me?”

Castiel nodded. “A little.”

“Oh you feathery asshole, you freaking bastard, you …” Dean didn’t make it to the end of the list as he started laughing. His face turned red, and tears were running down his freckled cheeks. After the last few bursts of laughter ceased, he took a deep breath and opened his arms. “That,” he declared, “deserves a really good hug. Come here.”

Castiel obeyed without a word. Hugs were way too serious to be mocking at them.

And neither was he going to waste any time out of his well-deserved hug.

bluh, some random shitty doodle cause it looks to messy… okay maybe not a doodle… 

some hunter werewolf jade, going after a large feathery asshole crow dave, maybe an au where all the kids are some animal, based in homestuck, where john could be a rabbit and rose is a cat, or some kind of large feline