feathertailed glider


Feathertail Glider Possum or Pygmy Glider (Acrobates Pygmaeus)- 

About the size of a mouse, this glider can soar for just over 80 feet.  The gliding membrane, or patagium is relatively narrow compared to others in its family.  It is connected between its front and hind feet are connected at the elbows and the knees.  This piece of skin is thicker than most other gliders.

Its flattened tail is not fully prehensile and is covered in thick feather-like rows of fur on each side of it.  These furs help it to steer and buffer in the air.  Some studies of its gliding muscles and tail suggest that this possum evolved its gliding adaptation in a separate and unique way than other gliders.  

They are only found in Australia.  They sometimes nest in suburbs and artificial boxes, so knowledge on them was easy to obtain.  Preemptive measures have been taken to protect theirs and other species’ habitats before they become vulnerable.

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