lianaisnotallama  asked:

Okay...what would Mark be like as a boyfriend? :))

Shooting me in the leg is less painful than this *cries* 

GOT7′s Mark as your Boyfriend:

  • Mark as your boyfriend would be filled with fluff and laughter :D
  • Being in a relationship with him means being bestfriends with him.
  • He would want to approach you comfortably and just be himself around you, so having a strong bond of camaraderie with Mark is a must.
  • Okay, but Papa Tuan tweeting you non stop like
  • Dinner with the family, yes?
  • If Mark is annoying you, just tell me.
  • Ah, How did Mark get so lucky to have you?
  • *insert picture of engagement ring* I bought this already so you don’t have to ;) @ mtuan93
  • The members would tease him because he gets all snuggly and adorable when you’re around
  • But the members would tease him even more because he sometimes acts tough and sexy around you.
  • Loves to hold your hand and kiss it for a long time
  • Gains strength from that and calls it “charging”
  • Makes you wear his shirt, only to laugh at you because it’s too big on you.
  • Random spouts of english like
  • Yeah, I like that on you
  • Cute
  • Come here~
  • Let’s stay in bed for a few more minutes
  • Good night *winks*
  • Speaking of winks, I don’t know if you’ll ever survive because he’ll wink at you whenever he gets the chance
  • Followed by biting his lower lip, because he enjoys torturing you like that :D
  • But can we talk about his nickname Little Cock
  • Because Mark would be like, “That’s exactly the opposite ;) ;) ;)”
  • But Jackson would butt in like, “You mean, Big Hen??”
  • And totally ruins the “mood” Mark set up for you, so he has to kick Jackson out of the dorm.
  • But seriously, definitely not little ;) ;) ;)
  • The type to play songs like “Grind on Me” or “Sexy back” just to mess around with you and dance to it.
  • Okay, but since he loves seeing you in jeans, he would buy 10 pairs for you like all the time
  • “Mark, why is there a pile of jeans on my bed?”
  • and he would be like “:D :D :D”
  • “Mark… you already bought me some last month..”
  • “But this time it’s from Mango :D”
  • So you just let him be because he loves seeing you in them and you got to admit, he picked some hella nice jeans for you~
  • Dates with Mark would be eating in every meat restaurant ever.
  • Also, he would always bring his skateboard along just in case you get tired from walking.
  • Okay but, Mark would wear statement pieces or monochromatic outfits and you just nod along because he wants to feel like Kanye West
  • Likes to put his snapbacks on you
  • SInce Mark gets distracted easily he would go from looking into your eyes from looking into your lips and then kissing your lips in a matter of minutes.
  • Does aegyo to get what he wants
  • Does aegyo to annoy you
  • Does aegyo to apologize to you
  • But seriously, it’s so easy for him to get distracted by you, because he wants to look at every feature you have~
  • Randomly picks you up and puts you on his lap because he wants some cuddles
  • Also the type to buy matching footwear because it’s cool and he saw Kim K and Kanye West wearing them.
  • Having Mark as your boyfriend means having Jackson as your closest brother-in-law
  • But often times Jackson would steal you away from Mark because he knows it ruffles his feathers
  • and you’re just “??? I don’t get it???? What’s fun about making Mark irritated???”
  • and Jackson would basically have a long rant about that time Mark emptied his toothpaste and never replaced it and you just roll your eyes.
  • But you have to thank Jackson afterwards because jealous Mark means some rough sexy time ;) ;) ;)
  • You know those cool tumblr couples who are basically living their lives and having fun photoshoots of their matching varsity jackets and snapback? 
  • Yep, that’s gonna be you and Mark
  • Loves to kiss your lips 24/7
  • Since Mark is a go-getting guy, he would love to go to adventures with you like, trekking, camping, roadtrips, going to festivals and traveling in general.
  • Being with Mark is quite inspiring, because you get to have such a positive energy beside you and it makes you want to achieve your goals and dreams even more :D
  • Also, being with Mark means having the time of your life and enjoying each other’s company~
  • You are Mark’s home away from home :)

The gravedigger creeps into the crypt then strips the bed
To find agendas that are hidden like pigeon eggs
Instead he finds nothing, only ink dipped feathers
And a sense perhaps the homie’s homing instincts been severed
The coupes been fled to recoup on these boots of lead
Can’t hear the primal screams or see through the red
I represent the late bloomers with great rumors to spread
Our brain is like an inflated tumor in the head