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The way you did yuri's hair and feather for the inktober is so fucking beautiful!!!!

Thanks so much!!! OuO
and that wing almost killed my pen XD
Glad my inktobers are looking good ^w^

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How would the guys react if they made a surprise visit to their crushes place and when they told them they were just like "no I look ugly" because they'd taken off their makeup and gotten comfy after a long day??


  •  he’s all chill, unsuspicious and casual-like when all of a sudden…
  • BAM! The most abominable statement in the history of the words makes itself known
  • and it just left his crush’s lips
  • dead-ass picks breaks the lock on the window to get in and tell them that statement is FALSE
  • assures 100000000 times that they are definitely not ugly
  • points out the several things that make them so aesthetically pleasing
  • he doesn’t realize he’s totally giving away the fact that he’s studied them long enough to find every single perfection
  • leaves them blushing and confused
  • #twinsies, cuz he realizes he’s blushing a lot too
  • the conversation ends with a really long and awkward lull, and then finally his crush accepts the compliment with a tiny ‘thanks’

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  • this kid.
  •  he freakin pushes past his crush into the apartment like they’re made of feathers
  • and then he just stares at his crush for what seems like an eternity
  • doesn’t say anything
  • just stares
  • eventually his crush notices and starts getting super weirded out
  • like five minutes go by, this turtle doesn’t move his eyes away ONCE
  • his crush actually tries to smack him away and divert his attention
  • #unsuccessful
  • eventually he pipes up and says ‘if I can stare at you that long without getting bored ONCE, how could you possibly be ugly?’
  • turns to turn on the TV like he didn’t just say the most fluffy romantic thing ever to his crush

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  • the dude actually gets a little frustrated, cuz like he’s all Donnie-like at first, insisting that they’re beautiful, telling them all these sweet things 
  • but they won’t TAKE THE FREAKING COMPLIMENT. They keep denying it like a beautiful ass punk
  • fools them into letting him in cuz he fake-complains he’s freezing his shell off
  • at that point, he drags them over to the bathroom mirror
  • holds them in place and forces them to stare at themselves in the mirror for awhile, saying nothing for a bit
  • eventually he says, ‘okay, now tell me what you see’
  • and the crush, they list all the imperfections: their acne, their slightly too-far-apart eyes, the curves and skinniness in all the wrong places
  • but then Donnie starts pointing out all that HE sees - beautiful eyes, sharp jawline, a perfectly proportioned body, small hands, loving smile
  • he walks out, leaving them to stare at their reflection and wonder which list to believe

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  • ummmmmm….. NO
  • cannot - WILL NOT - accept that the love of his life thinks they’re ugly
  • starts making a fuss outside their window, screaming that song that repeats “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL” for all of NYC to hear
  • his crush eventually has to let him in
  • otherwise he finna get his ass discovered
  • their crush is shushing the hell out of him but will he listen? No.
  • he won’t. shut. up.
  • crush is eventually forced to take the compliment so the neighbors won’t start to complain

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Sing me a lullaby!

He sings to you in soft voice

With blackened feathers
and darkest rage
the hollow bird
tore from her cage

Her wings spread wide
Against the Night
She raised her voice
and sang of her plight

The song rang loud
across the land
Of how she suffered
At the dark King’s hand

Enraged was the King
when he heard the song
He hexed the sky
and cursed the dawn

His mightiest spells
he did cast
But still she slipped
out of his grasp 

And still she flies
singing her song
To remind all who hear
to resist and say strong

Rainbow Words

Red umbrellas

Striped candy


Maple trees

Ruby slippers

Rose hips

Shiny apples

Puckered lips


Clockwork orange

Tiger lilies

Goldfish scales

Autumn leaves

Tiger monarch



Pumpkin vines


Rubber ducky

Yellow canary

Sticky honey

Bumble bee


Banana cream

Albino snake

Sunflower seeds


Emerald gemstone

Evergreen trees

Four leaf clover


Prickly pear

Praying mantis

Granny Smith



Splendid fairywren

A blue moon

Ulysses butterfly

Planet Neptune

A swollen sea

Poison dart frog

Robin eggs



Amethyst quartz

Purple haze

French lavender

Champagne grapes

Pink grapefruit

Cherry blossom tree

Flamingo feathers

And cotton candy

Sometimes the riskier flight

is when you’re at your lowest

the choices are tempting—

and the bones in your wings

and the dreams on your feathers

and the wind beneath—

will make one for you. push you up through it.



Here we have two special soaps and one… ‘special’ soap

The  Sandy Shores, seaspray scented beach soap, complete with sweet little seashells and shimmering white glitter in the water

The Neon Flight, a pile of honey scented pink hearts encased in the sparkliest pink cherry scented soap, and fanned with pink, purple and blue NEON(ish) feathers

And… a pile of mashed potatoes with gravy and peas for my mum :| Because my mum is a special wee turnip

I’m still waiting on a few potential responses before I can open commissions, but stuff like this would be an IDEA of commissioned soap. I can do my usual bars and crystals, or I can do more ‘personalised’ stuff based on blogs or a love of potatoes and peas

Sandy Shores belongs to @theamishpirate and Neon Flight belongs to @kajeaynart

(these also count as EXTREMELY LATE BIRTHDAY GIFTS so… happy late birthday guys ^^;)


The first of the first of the very first extreme birds
flying across 
a sky of flesh, raw, red,
and infinitely cursed

It is possible to identify the bird by its feathers
and how easy they are to pluck

To navigate the landscape of trauma
one must be completely ready to die
all the while desperately trying to not

One must adopt cats, children, books, etc
One must invent new stories brighter 
One must reclaim the body from the father

Whatever the other choice is, it must be taken
In the darkness of trauma, one must learn
to go with hands where eyes fail

Be quick, large, skilled
Hide the small creature of pain

It is one thing to witness
and quite another to play the role
of an observer:
   who     are
       all b


The teacher asks a question.
You know the answer, you suspect
you are the only one in the classroom
who knows the answer, because the person
in question is yourself, and on that
you are the greatest living authority,
but you don’t raise your hand.
You raise the top of your desk
and take out an apple.
You look out the window.
You don’t raise your hand and there is
some essential beauty in your fingers,
which aren’t even drumming, but lie
flat and peaceful.
The teacher repeats the question.
Outside the window, on an overhanging branch,
a robin is ruffling its feathers
and spring is in the air.


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Okay...what would Mark be like as a boyfriend? :))

Shooting me in the leg is less painful than this *cries* 

GOT7′s Mark as your Boyfriend:

  • Mark as your boyfriend would be filled with fluff and laughter :D
  • Being in a relationship with him means being bestfriends with him.
  • He would want to approach you comfortably and just be himself around you, so having a strong bond of camaraderie with Mark is a must.
  • Okay, but Papa Tuan tweeting you non stop like
  • Dinner with the family, yes?
  • If Mark is annoying you, just tell me.
  • Ah, How did Mark get so lucky to have you?
  • *insert picture of engagement ring* I bought this already so you don’t have to ;) @ mtuan93
  • The members would tease him because he gets all snuggly and adorable when you’re around
  • But the members would tease him even more because he sometimes acts tough and sexy around you.
  • Loves to hold your hand and kiss it for a long time
  • Gains strength from that and calls it “charging”
  • Makes you wear his shirt, only to laugh at you because it’s too big on you.
  • Random spouts of english like
  • Yeah, I like that on you
  • Cute
  • Come here~
  • Let’s stay in bed for a few more minutes
  • Good night *winks*
  • Speaking of winks, I don’t know if you’ll ever survive because he’ll wink at you whenever he gets the chance
  • Followed by biting his lower lip, because he enjoys torturing you like that :D
  • But can we talk about his nickname Little Cock
  • Because Mark would be like, “That’s exactly the opposite ;) ;) ;)”
  • But Jackson would butt in like, “You mean, Big Hen??”
  • And totally ruins the “mood” Mark set up for you, so he has to kick Jackson out of the dorm.
  • But seriously, definitely not little ;) ;) ;)
  • The type to play songs like “Grind on Me” or “Sexy back” just to mess around with you and dance to it.
  • Okay, but since he loves seeing you in jeans, he would buy 10 pairs for you like all the time
  • “Mark, why is there a pile of jeans on my bed?”
  • and he would be like “:D :D :D”
  • “Mark… you already bought me some last month..”
  • “But this time it’s from Mango :D”
  • So you just let him be because he loves seeing you in them and you got to admit, he picked some hella nice jeans for you~
  • Dates with Mark would be eating in every meat restaurant ever.
  • Also, he would always bring his skateboard along just in case you get tired from walking.
  • Okay but, Mark would wear statement pieces or monochromatic outfits and you just nod along because he wants to feel like Kanye West
  • Likes to put his snapbacks on you
  • SInce Mark gets distracted easily he would go from looking into your eyes from looking into your lips and then kissing your lips in a matter of minutes.
  • Does aegyo to get what he wants
  • Does aegyo to annoy you
  • Does aegyo to apologize to you
  • But seriously, it’s so easy for him to get distracted by you, because he wants to look at every feature you have~
  • Randomly picks you up and puts you on his lap because he wants some cuddles
  • Also the type to buy matching footwear because it’s cool and he saw Kim K and Kanye West wearing them.
  • Having Mark as your boyfriend means having Jackson as your closest brother-in-law
  • But often times Jackson would steal you away from Mark because he knows it ruffles his feathers
  • and you’re just “??? I don’t get it???? What’s fun about making Mark irritated???”
  • and Jackson would basically have a long rant about that time Mark emptied his toothpaste and never replaced it and you just roll your eyes.
  • But you have to thank Jackson afterwards because jealous Mark means some rough sexy time ;) ;) ;)
  • You know those cool tumblr couples who are basically living their lives and having fun photoshoots of their matching varsity jackets and snapback? 
  • Yep, that’s gonna be you and Mark
  • Loves to kiss your lips 24/7
  • Since Mark is a go-getting guy, he would love to go to adventures with you like, trekking, camping, roadtrips, going to festivals and traveling in general.
  • Being with Mark is quite inspiring, because you get to have such a positive energy beside you and it makes you want to achieve your goals and dreams even more :D
  • Also, being with Mark means having the time of your life and enjoying each other’s company~
  • You are Mark’s home away from home :)

The gravedigger creeps into the crypt then strips the bed
To find agendas that are hidden like pigeon eggs
Instead he finds nothing, only ink dipped feathers
And a sense perhaps the homie’s homing instincts been severed
The coupes been fled to recoup on these boots of lead
Can’t hear the primal screams or see through the red
I represent the late bloomers with great rumors to spread
Our brain is like an inflated tumor in the head