This is a 3D mixed media piece I created for an art show a month ago.

This beautiful tentacled creature has her mascara-ed eyelash and lipstick on just for you while she burlesques her way into your heart (or into your pants? …. Or your skull…?). I lovingly call her “Peep Show.”

She consists of glass, wood, plastic, paint, feathers, and slate. There are 30+ eyes, 30+ feathers, a slate base, and a (facsimile) diseased human skull. All eyes are hand-painted. She is 30" tall, 30" long, 9" wide.

She is for sale and if you’re interested, I can list her on Etsy. I am bringing her to The Boneyard Market next week so speak now! PM me.

@sixpenceee - art for the season