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Ceratopsian Month #18 – Centrosaurus apertus

Centrosaurus (“pointy lizard”) lends its name to the entire centrosaur group of ceratopsids – and also to a major branch within the centrosaur evolutionary tree, the Centrosaurini.

Known from Alberta, Cananda, around 76-75 million years ago, it grew up to about 6m long (19′8″) and is known from a huge number of fossils from thousands of individuals in gigantic bonebeds. These seem to represent enormous herds, making Centrosaurus one of of the most common dinosaurs in the region at the time.

It had a single large horn on its nose, which started off pointing backwards as a juvenile and changed shape as it grew, gradually hooking forwards. Two especially long spikes at the top of its frill curved strongly downwards, while its brow horns were reduced to small points.

Skin impressions are also known from one specimen, preserving a region around the right hip and upper leg, showing a pattern of small polygonal scales interspersed with larger rounded scales.


playing around with Emily’s black sparrow masquerade costume from The Corroded Man, which she then based her outfit on in Dishonored 2. 

(The book said her mask had a short beak, but given that that’s a stupid decision I’ve elected to ignore it. I want her to have a plaguedoctor-esque vibe to her outfit)

- With Frends

@hernyart ,@ mightyworld and I  are starting a Lets Play channel. Where we play bad video games and make funnee screams.  Grab your bargingos and have a boy it’s time to slime. 

Disclaimer: This is actually a really terrible idea it would honestly just be me and Herny talking about cartoon boobs while Mighty yells at me and calls us fa**ots. If you actually believe that this would happen you need to seek help.