feathers hat


Okay hear me out, BH shapeshifting himself a really big set of feathery black wings, perfect for dat #aesthetic and intimidation

(And also for holding a scared n crying Flug before ripping the person responsible for hurting the soft boi into mince meat :3c )

SNEAK PEEK - The Adventures of Charls the Veretian Cloth Merchant

Exclusive excerpt from the upcoming short story

His mind whirling, Charls tried to focus on practical matters: He told Guilliame not to fret. He explained the change of wagons. He checked the stock, and was pleased to find it in meticulous order. He met the six soldiers, though he did not recognise any of those men he faintly remembered from the Prince’s Guard, Jazar or Dord.

But there was one happily familiar face, as a man stepped out from the last of the the wagons, unfolding himself as he emerged from a space that was meant for much smaller men.

“Lamen!” said Charls.

The first time Charls had met Lamen, he had been pretending to be a merchant from Patras, not very successfully. Charls had noticed the holes in Lamen’s knowledge of silk right away. Now, Charls thought fondly, it was obvious why: Lamen was not a merchant. He was merely a merchant’s assistant.

“I see you are once again assisting—” Charls leaned in conspiratorially, “cousin Charls on his travels.”

“Cousin Charls wants to keep his identity hidden. I hope you understand. The Veretian Council think he’s hunting at Acquitart.”

“I am the soul of discretion,” said Charls. “Although I wonder, that is, if I might ask …”

Across the inn courtyard, Cousin Charls’s bobbing hat feather was visible as he haggled with the innsman over the cost of a wagon-train’s lodging. There was one thought troubling him.

“Is not the Ascension in five weeks?” said Charls.

“Four weeks,” said Lamen.

He said it with a steady expression, standing in front of a very orange wagon.

“It’s lucky King Damianos is at Delpha,” said Charls, uncertainly. “There’s no need to worry that the Prince is away so close to the Ascension.”

“Yes, this would be a terrible idea otherwise,” said Lamen.

Guillard Soeurs 

Woman’s Hat, c. 1910

Plain and basket weave straw, ostrich feathers, silk lace, and cotton flowers and leaves

“This hat is particularly impressive as it features two different straw weaving techniques. The body of the hat is made of fine plain-weave straw, while the brim is lined with a coarser basket-weave straw. Delicate cotton flowers and silk lace embellish the crown, along with a massive ostrich plume.”

Degas, Impressionism, and the Paris Millinery Trade

St. Louis Art Museum

everyone, my third viewing of BatB and I have gathered details on Stanley to ensure my son is in safe hands

- Stanley?? Helped Lefou onto a table?? He held his hand ???
- Stanley has a big hat with a feather in it - he hat too big for he gotdamn head
- Stanley did not laugh at Maurice when he showed up ranting about the beast
- Stanley is very trigger happy aka sword happy; anything happens and his hand is on that sword hilt
- Stanley would have come to Lefou defense when Maurice went all Angry Pops™ on Gaston and Lefou - cue the seizing of the sword hilt
- Stanley loved dueling with Gaston and shook his hand a little longer than necessary
- Stanley realized Lefou was having trouble spelling Gaston and looked up pointedly at Gaston’s name on the ceiling
- Stanley is an excellent dancer, work it boi, and the fact he ended up dancing with Lefou means he was dancing in all of the women’s places too as they rotated around the room
- Stanley and Lefou