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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈

i kept this in my inbox for a month hoping i would come up with something but that still hasn’t happened yet, so im going to write 5 things i like about you because that’s easier ♡

1 you accept the name ‘mama duck’

2 you’re a meigeni who also loves suho 

3 you like cool things (wings and feathers and stones and jewels like wow are you secretly an earth goddess)

4 you’re somehow crushing life 7:0 every day (even though sometimes you don’t know it, but  i promise you are ♡)

Ostara and The Spring Equinox

March 10th 2016

     Ostara is coming up! It is on March 20th 2016 this year. Spring is a time of rebirth, regrowth, and renewal. Ostara was essentially named after the German spring Goddess, Eostre. Ostara is a time of fertility and and sowing seeds.   

Ways to celebrate:

  • Take a walk through a local park.
  • Lay in the grass.
  • Press some flowers. (Note: Be mindful, take only what you need.)
  • Take some pictures of spring. Make a collage with them or place some pictures on your Altar.
  • Plant a tree, Give back to nature.
  • Go for a walk and bask in nature.
  • Collect stones, feathers, leaves.
  • Celebrate in you coven. (If you have one.)  
  • Decorate your altar according to Ostara.
  • If you are a solitary witch do your own ritual.
  • Send a prayer to thank nature.
  • Pray to the Spring/Nature God or Goddess. 
  • Pay attention to the birds, the blooming flowers, the leaves growing on trees.
  • Stare up at the sky.
  • Meditate in Nature.
  • Paint Ostara eggs in bright spring colours.


  • Jasmine
  • Rose
  • Frankincense
  • Myrrh
  • Sage


  • Rabbits
  • Eggs
  • Spring flowers (Snowdrops, Crocuses)
  • Butterflies


  • Pale Green
  • Yellow
  • Light Pink
  • White
  • Light Blue

Ostara Deities

  • Persephone
  • Blodeuwedd
  • Eostre
  • Aphrodite
  • Athena
  • Cybele
  • Gaia
  • Hera
  • Isis
  • Ishtar
  • Minerva
  • Venus
  • the Green Man
  • Cernunnos
  • The Dagda
  • Attis
  • The Great Horned God
  • Mithras
  • Odin
  • Thoth
  • Osiris
  • Pan
  • Artemis

Plants and Herbs:

  • crocus flowers
  • daffodils
  • jasmine
  • Irish moss
  • snowdrops
  • ginger

Sources: thewhitegoddess.co.uk, 13 moons.com, paganwiccan.about.com.

Have a Happy Ostara!

==Moonlight Academy== 

Thirteen Goals of a Witch

1. Know yourself.

2.Know your craft.

3. Learn and grow.

4. Apply your knowledge with wisdom and no ill intent to harm

5.Achieve Balance

6. Keep your words in good order

7. Keep your thoughts in good order

8. Celebrate life.

9. Attune with the cycles of the earth

10. Breathe and eat correctly

11. Exercise your mind and body regularly


13. Honor your God and Goddess

Source: Scott Cunningham's Book of Shadows

Everyday Witchcraft

1. Meditate - still the mind, the breath, the heartbeat, open a channel through which the spirits can communicate if they wish to, listen.

2. Walk - honour the genii loci, notice the changing seasons, observe signs and omens, traverse the kingdoms of humanity, flora and fauna, give aid where it is needed.

3. Divine - build relationships with divinatory tools, sharpen skills, train intuition, ask questions, receive answers.

4. Invoke - the presence of spirits to assist in tasks, to protect on journeys, to grant guidance, maintain connections and uphold contracts.

5. Craft - use the hands to create, to construct, imbue each creation with spirit and purpose, a meal, a potion, a carving, a weaving, enchant the mundane and material.

6. Sing - the old songs, the power songs, the prayers, the chants, to heal, to awaken, to enforce, to ward, sing the sun to sleep and the moon to rising, sing in the bath, at the hearth, in the heart.

7. Read - widely and deeply, old and new, academic and popular, across boundaries and taboos, slowly and with full attention, take notes, research, reflect.

8. Write - record experiences, practices, thoughts. keep journals and grimoires, spellbooks and scripts, remember, elucidate, illuminate.

9. Draw - sigils and runes, symbols and signs. Carve, paint, scratch, blacken, redden, scrawl, in the sand, with salt, in the air, with chalk, ink, blood, charcoal, the mind.

10. Collect - herbs, woods, stones, feathers, bones, teeth, soil, the raw materials of natural magic, fill jars, boxes, bags, gather, forage, wildcraft, thrift, take that which is discarded, value the found over the bought.

11. Observe - the cycles of moon, sun, planets, stars, take heed with the eyes as well as the almanac, feel the sap rise, the birds migrate, the bulbs awaken, the leaves wither.

12. Renew - old spells, old wards, protections, and boundaries. Clean what is obscured, recast what has weakened, maintain what is working, replace what is lost. Tie up loose ends.

13. Communicate - with everything, stones, trees, spirits, the dead, that which grows in the garden and that which visits it, other practitioners, mentors, students, seekers, the younger self, the higher self, the wyrd. 

🌘- Low energy witch tips - 🌒

As someone who is often low on energy, I know the difficulties that can come with trying to maintain your craft. Especially if, like me, you’re hard on yourself about such things. So here are some low energy ideas you can use in your craft day to day:

🌕 - Pay a little more attention to the seasonings you put on your food or what you drink, you might be doing a bit of accidental magic already! Feeling like you need a little protection? Maybe use a bit of basil and a pinch of salt on your next meal if appropriate. There are tons of simple herbs and blended teas, smoothies ect. out there that can really help boost your day if you need them.

🌕 - Talk to your Deities or spirits casually. If they don’t mind it, that is, do be careful not to offend. Though it can’t be said for all deities or spirits, there are many that will appreciate being regarded even just with casual talk. Discuss things with them, talk about how your day went, things you are concerned over, whatever you please. They might even help with issues if they decide to do so or if they are capable and even if they don’t, most of them are at least pleased to be regarded, especially if you don’t have the energy to do much more than that on a daily basis.

🌕 - Sigils. Sigil everything. Though they cannot solve all problems, I have found that sigils are an effective way to combat a lot of the smaller issues in my life. They don’t require too much energy and there are plenty out there if you look for them, so you don’t even have to design your own. 

🌕 - Time spent researching is not time wasted. If you’re too tired to actually do any craft but want to do something involving it, perhaps try sitting down and doing some research. Read books, look on various websites, research things you’d never looked into before and you never know, you just might find something new that calls to you.

🌕 - Incense/fragrance magic. If you’re able to burn incense or scented candles then take advantage of it, find correspondences for the scents you have and light any that might help you in areas of your life you feel need to improve. If you can’t use those then perhaps you can find scented things for a bath/shower and relax with the scents those provide. 

🌕 - Commune using music. You’d be surprised how many deities and spirits enjoy music. Relax with some you feel will be appropriate, even if it’s not at all traditional and you just might find yourself surprised about what they can enjoy. 

🌕 - If you have to go out, look out for items that might help bring your closer to your craft. Going to the supermarket? Perhaps take a brief look in the herb section. If you have a patron deity that enjoys a certain food item then perhaps see if you can get some. It doesn’t even have to cost money if you’re lucky, sometimes you might simply find something on your travels (a feather, a certain stone that looks perfect, a pinecone) and it may work in some way towards your craft. 

 Divorce Hearing 2011

                         I wear blue

                                          and think of a snorkeling trip

                                          so I can go


                                               the paperwork

                                               and find beauty in

                                                                          the murky devastation.

                        I dive down –

                                                knowing I can

                                               come back up

                                               and breathe

                                                                       on the surface,


                                                           shake hands,

                                                                       sign my name.

                        Atlantis is

                                      down there,

                                                 a legend of a glorious place,

                                                 built by words, deeds and time.

                       Earthquakes sunk

                                                  this place many

                                                           now know because 

                      it’s lost

                       and everyone 


                       the loss of dreams

                       or they are not


                       So, I leave the courthouse,

                             and finally slip into

                             my turquoise pool

                       of disfigured, barnacled 

                            love gods and their temples

                                               and swim



Themed Witchy Grab Bags

So I’m having to use the money for my student loan payment to take the kitties to the vet Friday (poor Luca has ear mites), so I put together a bunch of grab bags. But instead of just random things, I put together themed witch bags! I have 2 fairy witch bags, 2 sea witch bags, 2 green witch bags, 2 hedge witch bags, 2 storm witch bags, 2 urban witch bags, and 2 cosmic witch bags. They’re all only $10, and include anything from candles, crystals, herbs, feathers, oils, powders, etc. Message me if you want one!


The most famous trait of the bowerbird is, of course, its elaborate courtship rituals.  The male bowerbird constructs an elaborate nuptial den, or bower, to attract the female.  These bowers fall under two types; one is the “avenue” type (first image), consisting of two walls of twigs or dry grass forming a short path, and the other is the “maypole” type (last image), in which sticks are placed around a central sapling, sometimes including a roof.  In both types, the central structure is surrounded by arrangements of colourful objects, including but not limited to feathers, plastic, berries, stones, pieces of glass, marbles, shells, bullets, coins, leaves, and more.  These objects can be scavenged from local settlements, found, or even stolen from rival males.  The birds will spend hours carefully arranging these decorations, sometimes in accordance with colour (satin bowerbirds in particular seem to love the colour blue) or size, sometimes seemingly to the bird’s own tastes.  


The most important thing to remember when working with anything preternatural is Trust Your Gut. Magic is a science of instinct and association. Your eyes and ears are rarely used, navigate by what feels right.


1 - The older something is the more attuned it is. For example if a mage has a choice between working with a three year old tarot deck and a thirty year old deck, the older one will always produce better results.

2 - Natural materials are the best mediums for energy. Found wood, stone, feathers, twine. The less people who have touched it the better. I have generally found fallen Elkhorn to be the best readily available material. No human Ivory. You know why.

3 - You work in terms of sunrises. A sunrise is powerful unraveling force, most lesser enchantments will only last one or two sunrises before they have to be rebuilt. This can be designed around but requires extra time and energy.


Your eraser is running water. Running water grounds most energies. Always have a bucket nearby.

If you are trying to talk to something, cover your face and be polite. Never say your full name.

Silver for the curses, lead for the spectral, iron for the fae, fire for anything that burns, faith for the demonic (a cross only works for a Christian, a star of david for a Jew, etc)

Magic is a study of balance. All comes at a price.

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Daisy headcanon! She is a hoarder cat - shiny stones, feathers, cool leaves. The lot. Did it in the barn, does it in the camp. The nursery is filled with little play things for the kits bc she's always Snatching what she sees. Brightheart joins in, as does Ferncloud, and the three ladies often go in expeditions into the woods for nice things and too gossip. It really helps Daisy feel at home in the clan, and make new friends!!

OH MAN THAT’S SO CUTE!!!!!  I can totally see that and she makes the nursery all nice and warm and cozy with all her treasures and awwww i love their little club!!!!

Crusch Karsten’s Wind Indication Charm & Glamour

Originally posted by tsugumi

[Image: GIF of Crusch Karsten from Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu. She has donned her armor and brandishes her sword while delivering a speech. Felix Argyle and Wilhelm Van Astrea stand at her side in a large castle chamber.]

In the anime Re:Zero, the supporting character Crusch Karsten is gifted with the ability of Wind Indication. This allows her to read even the most subtle of winds to detect otherwise invisible things, including others’ dishonesty and other veiled emotions. Such a gift makes her a force to be reckoned with at the negotiations table.

This spell seeks to mimic her power, as well as channel Karsten’s commanding yet enthralling personality. It aids its caster in decrypting others’ speech and body language, especially when vague; discerning between truth and lies; and being assertive and persuasive in one’s own words and actions.  


  • sachet or materials for similar pouch; spell container
  • Queen of Swords card from a Tarot deck / OR queen chess piece; archetypal representation
  • fake feathers; symbol of air element
  • sodalite; for speech, perception, & aid in conflict
  • carnelian; for confidence, social situations, & willpower
  • hematite; for focus, logic, & trust
  • head of a dandelion with seeds; symbol of air element
  • (optional) paper & writing utensil
  • (optional) your voice


1. On a day with a light breeze, go outdoors and establish a workspace, laying out your materials. Take care with the dandelion; it’s important that it has most of its seeds still attached.

2. Arrange the fake feathers and stones around the Tarot card or chess piece as you see fit. I suggest placing the hematite on the top of the card to resemble a raised sword.

3. Take some time to observe the wind around you. Listen to the whispers it lures out of tree leaves. Be the audience to the dance it leads with the flowers. Pay keen attention to the scents it whisks under your nose. Feel the tickle that comes as it tugs at your skin. See if you can’t predict where the gale will pick up next.

4. As you increase your sensitivity to the wind, think on any circumstances that may have led you to needing this spell. You can lay your hands on the Tarot card or chess piece if this helps you to focus. Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • Whose words slip out of your grasp and leave you confused? 
  • Who blurs truth and lie with a tone drenched in sarcasm? 
  • Who needs convincing? 
  • Why do you need to amplify your voice like this?

5. When you feel ready, recite the following chant. You may do this mentally, verbally, or in writing.

Let me correct you on one thing.
I can tell if you throw a feint.
The wind breaks your facade,
It tells if you’re a fraud,
And aids me in reading between each line.

Let me correct you on one thing.
There’s truth in my speech and doings.
The wind shows my resolve,
It clears away all qualms,
And leaves no room for misunderstanding.

Let me correct you on one thing.
I am the victor of this Game.

6. Once you’re done with the chant, focus on your goal(s) and send the dandelion seeds off on the breeze. You can dislodge them however you see fit. 

7. Gather the feathers and stones – and any stray dandelion seeds that may’ve stuck around – and put them in the sachet. If you used the chess piece, you can add that as well. 

8. Carry the sachet on your person for it to take effect. If you must recharge it, tie it up securely somewhere on a windy day for the breeze to empower it.