feathers and colts


third batch!!

[these adoptables are all pay-what-you want, meaning that you can decide the price! the minimum price is a dollar, though, and i can only get payments through paypal. please send me a message if you want one. also, their genders are not set in stone, so you can make them whatever you like, with a couple exceptions, which i’ll mention when they come up.]

Kindle Berry–i really like her design for some reason?? i think she looks like an adorable hippie

Nekoberry–i honestly don’t know what combination of parents spawned a leopard-pony and i haven’t the slightest idea of what her cutie mark means. she is a mystery to me but i still think her design is cute

Rice Paper–a kelpie! her land and aquatic forms are shown here. makes sushi.

Watermelon–pudgy filly with a sweet mohawk

Jingle Jangle–genderless robot reindeer (gender can’t be changed)

Feather Crash–colt that can’t fly very well

Snowshimmer–look at this guy i love him. he could be an old prince that never married, or something. or he could be 25 and just never shaves

Thunderclap—plays the cymbals. really loudly.

i will cross characters out when they are bought!