The Reverse Side

The reverse side also has a reverse side. 
—a Japanese proverb 

It’s why when we speak a truth
some of us instantly feel foolish 
as if a deck inside us has been shuffled 
and there it is—the opposite 
of what we said. 

And perhaps why as we fall in love 
we’re already falling out of it. 
It’s why the terrified and the simple latch onto one story, 
just one version of the great mystery. 

Image & afterimage, oh even 
the open-minded yearn for a fiction 
to rein things in— 
the snapshot, the lie of a frame. 

How do we not go crazy, 
we who have found ourselves compelled 
to live with the circle, the ellipsis, the word not yet written.

Stephen Dunn

Lucy Glendinning ‘Feather Child’

Feather Child 4

Will we be able to resist it?
Of coursed not, I say.
The endless opportunity
to better our future,
to improve the human race,
and solve the endless
problems of more.

Will we be able to resist it?
Once we have cured the sick,
to improve the well,
what fun we’ll have
making useful modifications
improvements and special vocations.

Will we be able to resist it?
A decoration applied with
a gene, not a needle.
To breath under water
Wouldn’t that be useful,
or to fly who could resist that.
To be special we all want it,
once we are no longer a child.

Will we be able to resist it?
Is evolution ours now?
Will it be like most,
money will buy the prize?
You will need to be
something like a Rothschild
to be able to fly.
Or to glow in the dark
a Geldof or a Spark.
Is it about to change,
are we to be in charge?