Sunday Selfie! :) Sorry for the awful quality, but I love this photo.

Being near the sea brought back so many wonderful memories. This was my best day since moving to Ireland. Lately, I have been feeling down and needing a lot of alone time [way more than normal]. I know that it’s partially missing home, but another part of it is the huge change in my routine. I’m struggling hard to not fall into negative routines that have gotten me into trouble in the past, and yoga is definitely helping me. The routine of preparing my meals is also something that keeps me on track, and I feel as though this past week was so completely far from my routine that I just got lost. I turned into someone I thought I had left behind: I was moody, negative, emotional, hungry [metaphorically and literally] and I felt the need to fill a void.

The hike up and across the Cliffs of Moher brought clarity. I feel as though this trip abroad will definitely help me overcome a lot of issues I thought I was over, but obviously still need to deal with over time and with patience.

Change doesn’t come overnight. It comes with work and perseverance. These are the things I need to remember.