It was an epic sunset as a positive omen marking the beginning of an even more epic week at the #Woodfordfolkfestival.
Earlier today when Dreaming Gypsy and I arrived we were shown to our booked stall sight and were really stoked to be next to Alex Lev from #FairyflossByronBay and the #FeatherLady Miranda Denner . Unfortunately though our spot marked for us to set up in was but a small wedge of cheese compared to the 3x6 we booked :-(
In full OMG / Look at our luck / full appreciation way , we have been upgraded to a 6x3 frontage and unlimited back space for camping, right next to the Common Ground restaurant at the big top!
Thanks to the awesome market organisers Pauline and Robyn we have now got possibly the best position in the entire festival sight!
It is the perfect spot to show off our brand new Gold plated double tricked out mega Marquees we just invested in from @extrememarqees complete with banners, flags and a disco umbrella!
Our set up will be something only our dreams have been made of until now and nothing like anyone has seen before (it’s really that good)
I’d say if you are at the festival come and find us but basically you won’t be able to miss us at all. :-D
With excitement we give big thanks and gratitude to all that have helped this to happen, especially Deb Love and Barry Lathwell for the car, carpet and camping gear, you are such generous people, thank you :-) Brinley Richards for the amazing tandem cage trailer that we packed tight!
Alice Phoebe Star and Marty Richards for sharing their homes with us whilst we have been getting in our feet here in Australia
and of course to my mum, Annette Monaghan just because I always think of her when I’m this happy. :-)
Loving life right now and keen to share more of it all with you.
Thanks everyone, watch this space for more of the exciting evolution that your are all a part of :-) (at Woodford Folk Festival)