idontevenknowhowtolifeanymore  asked:

The last ask you posted, is it "Sense of Right" on ff(.)net?

Sense Of Right (chapter wip | 58,431 | NC-17)

Stiles moved away from Beacon Hills when he worked out he wasn’t wanted. He has a new Pack, a new family, he finally belongs. So why is it that returning to Beacon Hills again after nine years just messes with everything he had thought he’d set in stone?

thank you and lilredsbigbadwolf

idontevenheichou  asked:

I absolutely love your blog, and have read so many recs because of you. I hate to ask, but I need help finding a fic I've been looking for for weeks with no results. It's a 'Stiles leaves Beacon Hills' fic, where he comes back a werewolf. There's a scene in the beginning where he's talking to a member of his new pack on the phone while driving into Beacon Hills. Any help would be appreciated.