feathered peacock

A folio from a Gita Govinda Series: Krishna and Radha exchange clothing. Circa 1840

She wears his peacock feather,
he dons her lovely, delicate crown;
She sports his yellow garment,
he wraps himself in her beautiful sari
How charming the very sight of it…
The daughter of Vrsabhanu [Radha] turns [into] Nanda’s son [Krishna],
and Nanda’s son, Vrsabhanu’s girl.

(Srivasta Goswami, trans. The Divine Consort, 87)]

‘The old gods are dead’ they tell you.

You smile and nod and wipe out another glass. Your eyes dart to the old man in the corner booth. You never see him come, but you always see him leave. Each night a new young lover on his arm.

You pretend not to see his wife watching with jealousy blazing in her eyes and peacock feathers printed on her dress. Her sharpened nails tap, tap, tapping a beat you can hear over the din.

'If they were still around, where are they?’ They continue with a wild wave of their arm. The man next to them looks up and grins and raises his glass at you in a toast and buys them another round. It’s only after he’s turned away you realize his teeth were too sharp and that the glint in his eye was something more than delight.

On the stage a young man sings. He’s there every night with his golden guitar and his golden skin and his golden hair. He sings of love and loss and boys who fly too high, only to fall. You know the song, he plays it almost every night.

His sister stands in the corner, watching, on edge. You keep half an eye on her. She seems constantly in motion yet when you focus, she is still. Last week she broke a man’s arm. You never saw her move.

'The old gods are dead.’ They say with finality.

You look around the room and meet old and tired eyes in hungry faces.

'Maybe,’ you begin and pause as the room seems to go quiet, holding its breath. 'Maybe you aren’t looking hard enough.’

-gods never die

jojo jokes are incredibly bewildering to me, i’ll be scrolling past an ordinary joke and there’ll be a comment added to it like “BEHOLD THE TRUE POWER OF FANTASTIC CHAMELEON” being shouted by a man with an outfit made entirely out of peacock feathers and i just don’t know what to make of any of it

anonymous asked:

Hello, do you know any interesting facts about Oscar Wilde? Thank you!

that’s a rhetorical question, right?

  • he strongly advocated for socialism
  • he liked to decorate using flowers and blue china. the drawing room of his home with constance and the kids had dragons painted on the ceiling and peacock feathers laid into the plaster on the walls
  • his favorite flower was the sunflower 🌻
  • his tomb in paris is covered in lipstick kisses, and even though you are now required to pay a hefty fine if you get caught in the act, people today still kiss his grave in secret anyway (a life goal honestly)
  • he had three middle names, no musical talent, and little ability to make a good first impression. he was so self-conscious about his teeth that he often talked with a hand in front of his mouth
  • he was once involved in a love triangle with dracula author bram stoker
  • he had a steamy, gay one night stand with walt whitman
  • his favorite drinks were brandy and absinthe, and if he liked you upon meeting you he’d more likely than not gift you with a cigarette case