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Prompt alert: Lucifer getting used to flying again and ends up taking Chloe for a flight

“Wait,” Ella says. “Are you serious? He has wings? Wingy-wings?”

“Yeah.” Chloe rubs the bridge of her nose. “I know I sound a little cracked, but… I kind of figured that you were the only person I could talk to who might get it.”

“Aw, man. That is so sweet. But.” Ella is not going to be distracted. “He has, you know – ” She does an improvised Funky Chicken in the middle of the forensics lab. “Can he fly? Because I’m sorry, that would be awesome.”

Chloe eyes her narrowly. “You’re taking this surprisingly well.”

“Why not?” Ella shrugs. “I’ve always known there was something different about him. Weird. I mean, not weird – well, yes, weird, a lot weird, but more than just that. Him being an angel, I can’t say I’m all that shocked, you know? It’s not like it’s something that I think can’t happen. I believe in a book where it happens a lot. Hey, has he announced anything? Like the two of you are meant to be and having a miracle baby?”

Chloe’s look turns cold. “No.”

“Darn.” Ella sighs. “Anyway. Wow. I have so many questions. I’m not gonna ask them, because  he’ll do that thing where he spooks and runs away like a startled turtle. If turtles ran, but you know what I mean. Is he here?”

“Yeah. In the break room.” At the other woman’s look of barely restrained curiosity, Chloe sighs and decides that since the cat, or rather the angel, is out of the bag, they might as well at least allow Ella a chance to peek. Not that Lucifer is going to be strutting around the station with his wings (or any other part of him, hopefully) hanging out, but still. “Fine. Come on.”

They leave Ella’s lab and start down the corridor to the break room. Just before they enter, however, they hear a familiar voice complaining, “Lucifer, did you eat my pudding again?”

“I did not.”

“It was right there!” Trust Dan’s dessert-related tribulations to be ongoing. “Look, I might not mind letting you have it if you asked, but you can’t just grab it and – ”

“Fine, if it’s that big of a deal, I’ll just fly down to the corner store and act as your personal messenger angel, shall I? More of Gabby’s gig than mine, but if you insist – ”

“Lucifer, can you not say crazy shit for two seconds and just – how’d you fly, anyway – ”

“Oh for goodness’ sake, Daniel! WITH THESE!”

There is a rush of air, a whoosh, a sudden light that does not come from the dismal fluorescents, and papers swirl off down the hall in a miniature cyclone. Chloe stops, stares, and then rushes forward, Ella on her heels, to wrench the door open and find Dan flattened across the far wall looking as if he is about to have a heart attack. This is understandable, due to the fact that Lucifer is standing with wings unfolded, bursting from the back of his usual smart suit jacket, tips almost touching the workplace safety poster on one wall and the coffee machine on the other. At the sight of her, he folds them tidily against his shoulders and smiles brightly. “Ah! Detective!”

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Lucifer & Submissive

This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all enjoy this! <3 <3

Word Count: 240

Warnings: none

(gif belongs to charlie-bradcherry)

You had a fistful of Lucifer’s feathers in each hand.  You could tell he was trying his best not to make a single sound.  He was used to having all the control.  He didn’t want you to have any.  You knew he would break eventually.  No angel could resist the pleasure that stemmed from someone touching their wings.

“You’re not going to win Lucifer,” you purred, hovering your lips over his ear.  You could feel him shudder under your breath.  “We both know it.”  You knew just how to get to Lucifer.

Lucifer hated how you were torturing him.  You knew how sensitive his wings were, yet here you were, your hands tangled in his feathers.  “[Y/N] don’t,” Lucifer practically begged.  “You win, I’ll do anything you want.”

“Good,” you smirked, releasing his feathers from your hands.  “Now how about you brush my hair.  Maybe you’ll think twice about pulling on my hair in the shower.”

“I’m sorry [Y/N],” Lucifer apologized as he brushed your hair.  “It won’t happen again.”

“It better not,” you muttered, handing him your hair product.  “Don’t use too much, otherwise it won’t be soft.”

“Of course,” Lucifer murmured, paying attention to your directions.  He admittedly felt a little irritated by how demanding you were, but he’d let you have your fun for now.

Sometimes it felt nice to be the one in control.  You would enjoy it for as long as it lasted.

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The Littlest Angel, part 3


Part 2



You looked up, finding Chuck standing next to you. “Hello, Father.”

Chuck sat on the bench next to you, staring out over the pond. “How are things?”


“I see you’ve found my favorite spot.”

You turned, a small wave of fear washing over you. “Am… should I not be here?”

“No, no,” Chuck said, giving you a reassuring smile. “Please. Relax.”

You watched as Chuck pulled a bag of birdseed from his jacket, grabbing a small handful and scattering it in front of him. A few of the ducks noticed and waddled their way out of the pond.

“How are your brothers treating you?” Chuck asked, eyes still on the feathered fowl.

“My brothers?”

“I know how the eldest tend to… poke fun when they shouldn’t.”

You bit your lip. Should you tattle on your brothers? “You’re… talking about Lucifer and Gabriel.”

“Well, yes, those two were on my mind.”

You shifted on the bench. “They… can be irritating at times. But there’s never been anything more than a pulled feather or shove off a cloud.”

Chuck laughed slightly. “Of course. I never could control those two.” He tossed another handful of seed towards the birds, drawing a larger crowd. “What about Castiel?”

You smiled. “He always sticks up for me, chastises them when they get too rough. Even when he doesn’t want to.”

“Castiel has always been the responsible one,” Chuck said with a smile. “And while he would never admit it, I think he has a soft spot for you.”


“Well… you’re the youngest. Often looked down upon by the other angels. Ever since Castiel started working with the Winchesters, the other angels have kind of… pushed him aside. He recognizes the similarity between the two of you.”

You nodded. You felt a slight thrill at your Father thinking you and Castiel were similar. He was, after all, your favorite brother.

Not that you’d ever tell Gabriel or Lucifer… your feathers twitched in fear of being plucked.

Lucifer’s 2x18 Ending - Sanoiro’s Theory & Speculation


This time I’ll begin this a bit differently.

First, if you want to know where I believe Lucifer is then, check this post . Be warned that I’ll not repeat what is written in that post aside from a minor detail.

Second… What makes a mystery? Let’s take this like any other mystery that has ever been written. When there is a crime, there are three characters you should check out. The Suspects, The Detective and the Witnesses.

Scene 1

The Suspects:

We have plenty and everywhere I go I always hear about Lucifer’s siblings. As I have already told you the next episodes do not credit any kind of angel. We get to have an Assistant, a woman who will appear in the first three episodes at least but that’s it. If she is Azrael… Again though I doubt it. You have to realise that just because we got Uriel and Mum in one season it doesn’t mean we get to have a new celestial being in the mix so soon. I mean season three is not a holiday resort for feathered siblings!

Therefore instead of speculating about an unknown villain I would say keep your eyes in the room and not who might or might not be behind the door!

The Detective: Is of no consequence here… I mean both Detectives as clueless as you can get them to be.

The Witnesses: As far as we know there was none or was that the case?

Scene 2

Every mystery has:

A problem that needs to be solved: Lucifer has wings

An event that cannot be explained: Lucifer founds himself in a desert

A secret: Who has did it?

Something that is lost or missing: Obviously his clothes but not really…

Scene 3

Two things can be found in a mystery:

The Clues and the Red Herring. The first helps you solve the mystery while the second misleads you. The Red Herrings most often that not are false clues… And so far my dear readers you all have been hoodwinked. You are in a wild goose chase without a goose.

The answer to this mystery for me is simple and although I might be wrong I believe that I have all the right clues to support it without being fooled by the false ones. So you may ask who is the one behind Lucifer’s kidnapping? If you don’t want to know please stop and go back to your headcanon because this will be a crazy ride.

Let’s start from the first clue… While Lucifer is talking to the phone we can see a person walking behind him aside from the 2 paramedics and 1 nurse who have left the scene. Now when I say see, I mean on the ceiling.

At first, you believe it’s the nurse that has just passed Lucifer but the direction and the pace are totally different. Of course, I might be mistaken and it might be indeed the extra who played the nurse. Still, I’m just going to leave this here as it is the most harmless “clue”.

Now In order to proceed, you need to know who I’m suspecting. Who I believe has the motive, the ability and of course the reason to knock out Lucifer and even manage to give him his wings back.

How does this pic do it for you?

No? You don’t see anything else aside a bunch of paintings, Lucifer, Linda and Maze. Okay, now how about this?

Scene 4

Let’s take things from the very beginning. In the show, Maze cuts Lucifer’s wings and after he burns them in 1x07 she tells him 

“I cleaned up your mess at the beach”. 

Maze knew exactly where she had disposed the wings and from 1x13 she also knew the power they held. How could she ever heal Amenadiel if she didn’t a have an inkling of what they were capable of?

Now according to the comics as I have mentioned before the wings can regenerate themselves to their former glory. No.Matter.What. This means that wherever the wings were they slowly healed on their own. Also if you didn’t notice in 1x07 the flesh on the wings was still fresh. The wings in a way healed and waited patiently for when their owner would reattach them So the wings can be reattached easily, the detachment was bloody painful and for a good reason. 

-They have remembered their former state. The Form and Substance that they had before his Fall. 

-They have healed themselves.

At this point let me speculate something. In the comics, Lucifer’s wings were bat-like. All leathery etc. It never made sense why Lucifer’s wings were white and Amenadiel’s fell off. Now my theory on this is simple:

Maze and Lucifer come to Earth and Lucifer has the Hellish wings if you like. Or the bat wings as I call them. When Maze cuts them off, the wings as a piece of divinity get back to their original angelic form, in short they heal themselves. That is why perhaps Maze used them on Amenadiel. Okay so far so good… But that creates the issue for Lucifer in season 3.

If the wings were restored to their original form after Maze cut them then what that means for Lucifer to have back his wings all feathered and oozing divinity? As Henderson has said season 3 is all about identity. Is Lucifer [still] the Devil, is he [now] an Angel?

Now in my opinion Maze wanted.. wait this is part of the next question…

But many may ask… Why would Maze do that? It doesn’t make sense and yet it does. 

Maze has started to experience feelings. Feelings she never knew that existed before and the most troublesome part is that she is finally rebelling. But feelings are a scary thing as we have seen from Lucifer himself.  We saw previously in season 2 that Maze still has issues with admitting she has human feelings, no instead she is awesome and that she has become more human than most of the humans Linda knows. 

With that knowledge, we can speculate 2 things. First, that Maze now knows that Lucifer used her. As the showrunners have hinted Maze will try to turn against to Lucifer in order to claim her independence. With her first adult friend badly injured because of Lucifer, remember that Maze wanted Mum back to Hell since day one, we can say that she would do anything to come to Linda’s aid. That would also mean a foolish hope that perhaps another feather had made it from the fire. 

Now plenty to speculate that a simple cig could not have burned the wings. I partly agree but mostly because: a) Lucifer is the Lightbringer and wouldn’t that be oxymoron and b) because as I have said according to the comics they heal themselves. 

My speculation here is that Maze tried to find a feather and found the wings intact. 

Scene 5

But why would she attach them to Lucifer?

As Lucifer said Maze cares for certain humans and Chloe is one of them. When she realises what happened to Linda can happen to Chloe because Lucifer suddenly wanted the Detective to know a very hasty plan is formulated. Maze failed to protect Linda but she can protect Chloe and Trixie, also she has not forgiven Lucifer neither for his manipulation in season 2 but nor for the fact that by showing Linda his Devil form, her friendship with the Doctor almost ended. Maze has come close to losing many friends and people she cares about because of Lucifer and this time she rebels very much like Lucifer did to his Dad. 

So she decides to get the wings and then what you will ask. Again let’s go back to 1x07. 

Lucifer says to Amenadiel:

“I mean, you were willing to let a human die and unleash the wings upon the world just to remind me who I was.

To fool me into desiring the wings and the hellish throne they accompany.

Severing the wings was a half measure. I did leave myself an out. A ripcord back to the life that dear old Dad chose for me.But I don’t need it now, because, in case I haven’t made myself abundantly clear, I’m never going back to Hell.

As we know the wings were not just part of his angel form. Oh no, they weren’t. Shocked? Well, you see what we learned from season 1 and what Maze knows, the wings are a ticket back to Hell. A ticket that can include her as well as she cannot leave otherwise. Lucifer himself apologised about that in 1x07 and that is why Maze kept that feather. 

So Maze gives Lucifer his wings back in hopes that they might finally return to Hell. Not because she missed home but because she finally cares too much for the ones she feels she has to leave behind in order to protect. Let’s not forget that Maze in the show declared that she would protect Lucifer from danger even if he didn’t it was coming. Now she is determined to do the same thing for Linda (too late), Chloe and Trixie. 

So Maze needed Lucifer back, no she needed the Devil back but she got an Angel instead… Now that was a twist…

Here is where I end the first part

Now let’s see some other clues…

1) Maze’s daggers are shaped like angel feathers. That was perhaps a clue from the writers since the very beginning. Also, Maze has access to the weird baton… or as I say that weird batton-vibrator… I would totally believe that Maze could have used a vibe to kidnap Lucifer…

That’s a baton by the way, not a vibe…

2) Is it really weird that 2x19 or now the episode 3x01 is called Mr and Mrs Mazinkeen Smith? If we take the reference out of the movie Mr and Mrs Smith we can tell that Maze is still pissed and now has her own agenda. Yes, it is also a Maze centric episode so I would again bet my money on Maze being behind Lucifer’s feathery problem. Still, the pic that has been uploaded for that episode doesn’t show Maze being injured or anything… 

3) Lucifer still carries the injuries from his confrontation with Maze but if you notice how the make-up has been applied then you will realise that the injuries are not just from the sun. Only one of his ears is bloody as well as parts of his chest. It is like he was dragged on the coarse ground or dragged while he landed on the dessert. My best speculation would have been that the Wings got him back to the first place they remembered since his fall. 

Now you see his ear injured and several other bloody spots but the Maze’s bruise and his forehead cut are still there although they have faded a bit. 

Whilst his right side is fine…

(The next two paragraphs have been posted before)

Here I have to remind you again what Linda had said to Lucifer. “When angels fall, they also rise. All you have to do is embrace all that you are.” We also know that season 3 is going to deal with the issue of identity according to Henderson. Is Lucifer a devil or an angel and why? So keep in mind Linda’s words and let’s go back to that forsaken desert.

Now in San Bernardino, there is the Amboy Crater… The Amboy Crater is just a volcano crater but according to the region’s legends, it’s so much more. It’s the spot Lucifer landed when he Fell from heaven.

Scene 6

How did Lucifer end up in the desert and why is he hurt? 

My theory here is again simple. When the wings reattached themselves his body should have been vulnerable for the scars to open and the wings to be set on his flesh and bones. Now if you believe that the wings are a new pair the same logic applies. You cannot have an invulnerable body and suddenly you sport wings, that’s not how the show works. The series loves a good mystery and for God to just give him a pair magically without Lucifer suffering is simply not the way the Writers have done things so far. 

Yet the injuries are not really explained… Yes, you are right. The peeling and the scrapped skin is not explained totally by the sun exposure. They are explained though by a very bad landing. If you see the ending again his left ear is bloody as is his chest and a good part of just one of his whole arm length. That talks of his body being dragged over a coarse ground. Therefore I would say that Lucifer actually flew there…

Again why in the middle of the desert? I’ll go again with the legend and say that the wings either took him as far as possible to a place that resembled Hell (heat etc.) or the writers thought it would be cool if the Wings went to the first familiar place on Earth, the Amboy Crater. The spot where Lucifer landed the first time.

But for how long has Lucifer stayed in the desert? That’ s debatable but I’ll say not for very long. The reason is simple. Lucifer’s injuries which Maze caused in 2x17 are still there at the end of 2x18. (See the pics above)

Have I missed anything?

Any questions?

(By the way, I wanted to write this theory into a one-shot or a 2-3 chapter fic. But A03 is filled with 2x18 ending fics and I’m simply not in the mood right now… Perhaps in a few weeks or a month… )

More Headcanons Yayy!

Told you I had nothing better to do. Honestly I spend way to much time thinking about this show.

Angels’ Wings pt. 1


As the oldest of the archangels, he has a single pair of wings. His wings are large, probably the largest of any angels. They’re white, pure white, what you think of when you think angels, nothing too extraordinary. They have the faintest golden glow at the tips of the feathers. Sleek and powerful.


Originally posted by castiel-for-king

Before being cast out, he had two sets of long, blinding wings that seem to be made of pure light (Light Bearer). During his fall, two of his wings, the ones on the right side, were horribly damaged. They were burned down too the bone as he used those wings to protect himself as he fell. They’re now black and skeletal on that side, the feathers that do remain are charred to the bones. The ones on the left are slightly singed, but for the most part in tact. They still emit their own light, but it’s no longer pulsing in waves of white and gold, but has taken on a dim red glow (Which appears slightly pink)


Originally posted by mooseleys

The third of the four brothers, he has three sets of wings. They’re stunning gold, more coppery near the base but get progressively lighter and brighter as they move out, becoming a more molten gold in the center and white gold at the tips. They’re more extravagant than any of the others, more flashy, showy. His wings are still very much whole and well kept because he is more of a messenger then a fighter, which has served him well in keeping them safe. They’re  grand and majestic, giving him a feeling of regaliality and power. 


The youngest of the four, he has four sets of sleek, streamlined wings, reminiscent of the style and shape of wings of the angels to come after him. Practical for a soldier. They’re deep gray in color, like storm clouds and pulse with ice blue electricity.


Wings of a complete and absolute ebony, an unusual color. This plays with the idea that God has a special interest in him, creating him with unique wings unlike any other angel. They’re slightly larger than the average and not quite as sleek. Full and beautiful, but their color and size makes them imposing. They seemed to be constantly shrouded in thick shadows that hangs around them like black fog. When the light hits them just right, they glint electric blue for a moment.

My Lovely Angel

gif is not mine

Title: My Lovely Angel

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 866

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by an anon! I hope you all enjoy! I love you all so much!

Lucifer met you not by destiny, but by chance.  He wasn’t supposed to meet you, but he was fortunate enough to have met you.  He liked that you never tried to change him from the moment you met him.  You didn’t judge him for who, or what, he was.  That’s what attracted him to you in the first place.  The more he ran into you, the more he started to have feelings for you.

It was when he saw you for the tenth time that he made his feelings for you known.  He was glad to know that you felt the same way.  With you being an angel, he felt unsure about you, but then he would find himself anticipating your next meeting.  After a while, he learned to ignore those feelings of doubt.

“[Y/N],” Lucifer called from the bushes behind the playground.  “I was hoping you’d get a vacation soon.  Aren’t you tired of that painfully white ‘oasis’ yet?”

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Thoughts about "Lucifer" (TV series)

In season 1 we saw Maze healing Amenadiel with a feather from Lucifer’s wings so I wonder if Lucifer, now that he (probably) got his wings back, has some sort of healing powers… I didn’t read the comics so I can’t confirm nor deny this supposition. 🙁 Does anyone have any theories about this? 😊

Of Wings and Payback

Originally posted by castiel-for-king

Imagine: feeling Lucifer’s wings/feathers and them being really soft.

Warning: Fluff, Suggestive themes, slight Wing!kink


“Remind me again why you’re here?” You questioned lightly, not really complaining as nimble fingers traced patterns in the palm of your hand. You had long since realized that the archangel you were leaning against was quite the cuddle. No, really, not a day went by without Lucifer pulling you close and into some kind of embrace, much to the Winchester’s consternation.

That said, the devil didn’t quite understand the concept of personal space, or rather, he completely ignored it in favor of annoying your brains out. Still, ever since the incident with the demons, you had let him, knowing that he didn’t mean any harm and unfortunately-fortunately, the seed of trust that had been planted lingered and blossomed into something else entirely.

“Because you want me here?” The archangel answered cheekily and you let a slight laugh bubble up from your throat. Lacing your fingers with his, you tilted your head to the side, looking up at his chin from your half-laying position on the couch, head supported by his shoulder.

“Well, I’m not protesting, at least.” You told him with a smile, appreciating the normal temperature of his skin. You weren’t completely ready to admit to wanting him yet, but you knew it was inevitable. The archangel had nestled himself into your heart and mind and made himself a permanent spot. It was infuriating and you often found yourself raging at him privately in your room, careful not to let him hear you through an accidental prayer.

Noticing the softly shining feathers draping behind Lucifer, you wondered quietly how he could be comfortable sitting like that. Really, walking in general would be a challenge, considering the size of those things. Studying the feathers, you took in the disorganized mess they were in, sure, they glowed like a lightshow, but they seemed almost neglected. It looked really… Itchy.

“Isn’t that uncomfortable?” You asked dubiously, glancing at the angel only to find him studying your face intently, a certain light in his eyes that you knew to be careful of. The wings rustled and flared at your question and while it was impossible for him to open them fully inside the library, they still made an impressive sight.

“Sometimes, you humans seem to enjoy crowded places, it has a tendency to make it harder for us angels to fit.” The slithering purr made you shiver, suddenly all too aware of the fingers twisted in your hair. His face was inches form your own, hovering just above it, eyes locked with yours. Your cheeks flared with heat and your breathing hitched.

Without noticing, you had curled your body, leaning closer to the chill of Lucifer, One of his thighs between your legs, hands clutching at his shirt. The anticipation was coiling in your abdomen and goddamit, you could feel the angel’s breath caressing your cheeks.

Then, just as you thought he was about to lean in and actually kiss you, the bastard tilted your head to the side and pressed a lingering kiss to the corner of your mouth. Breathing heavily, you blinked in surprise and sat back on his knee, gathering your bearings.

Not that it helped the embarrassment and slight humiliation flooding you though and you had to keep yourself from keening in disappointment swearing revenge against the devil beneath you. Catching sight of the hypnotizing movements of glowing feathers, you didn’t mind Lucifer, who had wrapped both arms around your waist, pulling you closer into his lap.

Straddling the devil faintly made a pang of embarrassment shoot through you but you forced your mind off the matter. You wouldn’t be able to get off him anyway, not when he was jailing you with his arms. Leaning forward on your knees, you pressed your chest to Lucifer’s, arms reaching up and over his shoulders to reach for the feathers. Raising yourself up a bit you cared little for Lucifer’s choked groan. Instead, you ran your fingers through the impossibly soft feathers decorating his wings.

You would’ve never guessed it from the look of them but the softness of the feathers made you think of a fluffy cloud. The rich amount of the quills treading through your fingers gave you shivers and your eyes drooped in enjoyment.

The archangel’s keen snapped you out of your trance long enough to take in your position. Pressed against each-other like this made for quite an intimate scene and you were tempted to pull away. But the intriguing reaction of your angel made you pause and think better of it. Raking your nails down the wing-bone, you reveled in the reactions such a simple action drew from Lucifer.

You were acutely aware of the hands squeezing your ass, pressing you further into the angel. The panting breaths echoing around the room were anything but subtle and after a few more caresses, you retreated, nails digging into the angel’s nape as you forced his head to tilt back.

Dark blue eyes stared up at you with an abandon you never knew Lucifer was capable of and the reverent look in them made you faintly uncomfortable. Still, you crashed your lips together in a frenzy of tongue and teeth, nipping at his lower lip as you drew back just as quickly.

Sliding off his lap, you pressed a single innocent kiss to his cheek before sauntering away from him. Enjoying the burn of his gaze that followed you until you turned the corner.

Heh, payback is a bitch indeed.


My Mate (Bonus Chapter 1)

Title: My Mate

 Summary: Did you know angels need mates?  Yea, like angelic married…mates.  And sometimes, this heat-like phase takes over where they have to mate, like their biological clock starts ticking.  Well, that is what has happened, and that is how Lucifer wound up in the bunker, his grace fading as he calls out for a mate.  Luckily, the Winchesters are friends with a hunter who is willing to help out.  

 Warnings: Implied sexual content.  Sexual Language.  Language.

My Mate Master Post

Originally posted by rawrmcfly91

Bonus Chapter 1—requested by @clairese1980 

Riley walked down the halls of hell with a smile on her face.  She fiddled with the little feather that was laid across her chest, connected to the silver chain.  She loved this gift, it was perfect.  Every time she touched it, she felt like Lucifer was there with her.  It gave off a cooling feeling, a loving feeling, so whenever she was just relaxing, her fingers would drift over it.  

“Your majesty.” A demon said as he stood up tall.

Riley rolled her eyes at the phrase.  “Seriously, how many more times do I have to tell you all to stop calling me that?”

“My apologizes, my queen.”  

She let out a groan of irritation and decided to drop it.  She just pushed past the demon and into the room, seeing Lucifer sitting there, looking utterly bored as a demon talked with him.  She smiled and gave him a little wave as she stepped to the side.  Of course, Lucifer would drop whatever he was doing to see her, his beautiful mate and wife, but there were times where he needed to stay focus.  

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wings-and-ties  asked:

"You are angry with me." Came Castiel's quiet voice. He stood before his brother, suddenly appearing with the echoing beat of feathered wings.

Lucifer regarded his brother for only a moment, his expression eerily placid as his icy blue eyes focused intently upon the younger. 

Angry?” His cold voice was just above a whisper, incredulous and chilling. “Not quite the adjective I would choose. Care to try again?”

Title: Demon Queen Natalie Part 1 (Part 2)
Word Count: 1,909
Rating: T
Pairing: Natan (Satan and Me)
Summary: Natalie has lived her life and died a peaceful death. Now it’s time for her to uphold her end of the blood contract and serve Lucifer. -and he’s been waiting.
Warnings: Blood, torture and death mention. They’re in hell, after all.

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My Mate (Part 32)--Finale

Title: My Mate

 Summary: Did you know angels need mates?  Yea, like angelic married…mates.  And sometimes, this heat-like phase takes over where they have to mate, like their biological clock starts ticking.  Well, that is what has happened, and that is how Lucifer wound up in the bunker, his grace fading as he calls out for a mate.  Luckily, the Winchesters are friends with a hunter who is willing to help out.  

 Warnings: none?  Jokes with a sexual undertone.  

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My Mate Master Post

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Chapter 32 

“You look beautiful, Riley.”  Chuck said as he poked his head into her room.  She turned and gave him a smile as she tried to flatted out the front of her dress some more.  It was a simple thing, a white lace dress that ended just above her knees.  She didn’t want the big gown or anything, and when she saw this in the store, she knew it was perfect.  

“Thank you, Chuck.”  She said softly as he handed her the bouquet of wildflowers from her garden in hell.  

“I was able to do it.”  He said softly.  “Whenever you are ready to give it to him.”  Riley’s face brightened as she wrapped Chuck up in a tight hug.

“Thank you.  I’ll go right now…”  

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I promise to keep you safe.

Gabriel promising Lucifer he will keep you safe when Lucifer falls from heaven.

“I will never lie to you.” he says walking towards you slowly. “I will never trick you.” his fingers trace against your skin as you close your eyes. “But you will say yes to me.” he says as his lips brush against the skin of your neck.
“Why me?”
“Because it had to be you, Y/n. It always had to be you. You were made for me and only me.” he says tilting your chin up to face his. “Open your eyes little one, let me see those pretty little eyes of yours.” he says.
Opening your eyes you stare into his eyes as he leans in and gently kisses your lips.
“Lucifer, what about your brothers.” you say looking up at him.
“Shhhh little one, I won’t let them touch you.” he says as his wings wrap around you.
“Luci, I’m scared..” you say as the sound of multiple wings surround you.
“So Y/n, you’ve chosen the life with the fallen disgrace?” a voice calls from the group standing in front of you.
“Michael. Leave her out of this, you know this fight is between you and me.” Lucifer says as he turns towards the group of angels.
“Oh but brother. She’s with you so that means she’s part of this fight just as much as you are.” Michael says glaring at you as you pull your wings tightly around you.
“Y/n, listen to me. You’re going to be safe and I will find you again.” Lucifer says turning towards you, you stare at him.
“Lucifer.. No don’t do this. I want to stay with you. Please don’t do..” you say as he snaps his fingers and you’re no longer standing behind Lucifer but in front of Gabriel.
“Y/n? What are you doing here?” he says as he grabs you as you fall to the ground.
“Gabriel he’s.. He’s going to fall.. Michael he’s going to.. I’m next…” you say as tears fall from your eyes.
“Shhhhh, we can run away. I promised Lucifer I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you. And I will keep that promise.” he says as his arms wrap around you as you both disappear in a flurry of feathers.

If I Lose Myself 

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Synopsis: If Lucifer’s fall from Heaven was a tragedy, then falling for Chloe was a goddamn sin.

Rating: G

Notes: So this prompt has been bouncing around in my head for a few days now and I want to give a big thank you to my beta! I pestered her for like three days to edit this; go follow her on tumblr at go-away-dan! Also if any of you found the Spiderman easter egg: good job! This title comes from the One Republic song by the same name. I thought a song about going down in a plane crash was fitting for this, no? And a big hooray for the cast and crew of Lucifer for getting renewed; I’m super excited for season two! Lastly, I’m surrendering this for Luciferbl00dymorningstar’s fic of the week because why not? You guys should too, it gives the rest of us something to do over hiatus!

“ Chloe!”

Lucifer barely registered the scream that ripped from his throat as he watched her fall off the edge of the building. His mind went blank with fear, replaying the scene over and over again like a broken record. She’d fallen so gracefully and so painfully slow. He’d seen the way time had froze as her eyes widened the moment her fingertips left the cement.

A pang of agony raced through Lucifer when he realized it was exactly like his fall. He remembered traces of flashing eyes and desperate screams. Now Chloe was the one falling.

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