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Angels’ Wings pt. 1


As the oldest of the archangels, he has a single pair of wings. His wings are large, probably the largest of any angels. They’re white, pure white, what you think of when you think angels, nothing too extraordinary. They have the faintest golden glow at the tips of the feathers. Sleek and powerful.


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Before being cast out, he had two sets of long, blinding wings that seem to be made of pure light (Light Bearer). During his fall, two of his wings, the ones on the right side, were horribly damaged. They were burned down too the bone as he used those wings to protect himself as he fell. They’re now black and skeletal on that side, the feathers that do remain are charred to the bones. The ones on the left are slightly singed, but for the most part in tact. They still emit their own light, but it’s no longer pulsing in waves of white and gold, but has taken on a dim red glow (Which appears slightly pink)


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The third of the four brothers, he has three sets of wings. They’re stunning gold, more coppery near the base but get progressively lighter and brighter as they move out, becoming a more molten gold in the center and white gold at the tips. They’re more extravagant than any of the others, more flashy, showy. His wings are still very much whole and well kept because he is more of a messenger then a fighter, which has served him well in keeping them safe. They’re  grand and majestic, giving him a feeling of regaliality and power. 


The youngest of the four, he has four sets of sleek, streamlined wings, reminiscent of the style and shape of wings of the angels to come after him. Practical for a soldier. They’re deep gray in color, like storm clouds and pulse with ice blue electricity.


Wings of a complete and absolute ebony, an unusual color. This plays with the idea that God has a special interest in him, creating him with unique wings unlike any other angel. They’re slightly larger than the average and not quite as sleek. Full and beautiful, but their color and size makes them imposing. They seemed to be constantly shrouded in thick shadows that hangs around them like black fog. When the light hits them just right, they glint electric blue for a moment.

How angels would hug Michael
  • Lucifer doesn’t measure the force of his embrace, not when he is with Michael. He can take it all after all. Michael’s embrace in return is not that strong, it’s gentle. He caresses Lucifer’s feathers and smiles into his golden hair.
  • Gabriel rushes up to Michael and hangs on his neck like dead weight at first. When Michael hugs back he rubs his cheek against Michael’s affectionately. He also would say something teasing into his brother’s ear. Michael would laugh and hold Gabriel closer.
  • Raphael approaches Michael silently, her steps are lighter than feathers in her wings. She puts her head on her brother’s chest and listens to the steady heartbeat. Her hold is stronger than she intends. Michael’s breath in her hair soothes her unspoken fears and his strong arms make her feel safe.
  • Gadreel takes Michael’s hands in his and squeezes them slightly smiling shyly, then pulls Michael closer. He places one hand between Michael shoulder blades while carding his thick soft hair with another.
  • Azazel gives the quickest hug. He puts his hand behind Michael’s neck and head-butts him, ruffles his hair and let’s go.
  • Zachariah’s embrace is firm and sheltering, often unwilling but still sincere. He pats Michael’s back then puts hands on his shoulders before letting go.
  • Naomi trails her hand up Michael’s arm and rests it on his shoulder before leaning closer to peck his cheek and receiving a forehead kiss in return.
  • Anael giggles and gives Michael an Eskimo kiss before Michael scoops her in his arms and swirls around to her boundless joy.
  • Castiel surprises Michael when he opens his arms wide offering a hug. Michael accepts and receives one very awkward but warm hug.
  • Uriel cracks a joke and when Michael doesn’t get it he laughs, puts his arm around Michael’s shoulders and starts explaining.
  • Samandriel enthusiastically throws his arms around Michael and tucks his head under Michael’s chin. Michael sighs happily and carefully hugs Samandriel back.

Speculation 101:
First off Lucifer has to know that Maze kept one of his feathers, I mean how could he not? She wants to go back to Hell and his wings seem like a one way ticket. So after Trixie gets kidnapped I’m guessing that Lucifer is calling in every single one of his favors to get back into Chloe’s good graces. I mean anyone would want their weakness, let alone the only person he can trust, on their side. And once Lucifer realizes even his favors won’t be enough, he turns to his last resort: the feather. Correct me if I’m wrong but, from what I’ve heard from the comic book readers, it is possible for him to regrow his wings from that single feather. So saying he is aware of the feather, Lucifer orders Maze to give it to him. Let’s say she (or perhaps even Amenadiel) has a condition: they give Lucifer his wings and he’ll go back to Hell. But what happens if he isn’t aware of the feather? I feel like it would work out the same way; Lucifer strikes a deal with Maze or Amenadiel to go back to Hell in exchange for the feather.