People will do some fucked up things because of their insecurities.

I’m not even surprised anymore.

People need to hug their kids so they don’t grow into these insecure, approval seeking leeches just bleeding everyone and everything dry trying to fill up holes in themselves with imaginary praise. There’s enough of them in the world. Tell your babies that they’re special so they don’t need the rest of the world to.


It’s the second day of 2015 and I’m still not making any new resolutions. I’m going to stick with the same one I’ve had for the last two years with a slight change:

This year, like the last, I will love all of life because I can. Even when it’s hard and it hurts (that’s the added part, loving it despite the hard and the hurt) because you won’t come through it alive. So again I’ll devour the good parts, be mindful through the bad and do my damnedest to love it all until the next one.