Whether it’s a messy up do or a formal hair-twist, that one power tool are bobby pins, to keep the hair intact.

Here are some hairstyles you could flaunt once you have the hair twirls and brands secure. A DIY to keep those pins handy at all times is putting a pack together in a tic-tac box.

Styling and customizing bobby pins is really easy:

  1. use nail polish to colour them up to contrast or match your tomorrow’s outfit. 
  2. spare materials, sequin, feathers, bows, beads, buttons, and pearls are a great way to glam ‘em pins!

Picture courtesy: Etsy.com

Okay but guys seriously… Am I the only one to think that if Adrien/chat did something to piss her off, she would find a feather coat or something (coat stuffed with feathers? Feather hair accessories? BOTH??) and Adrien can’t come within a five foot radius of her without devolving into a sneezing fit.

ALSO She tries the same shit on Chat (because even though Adrinette is a thing there hasn’t been a reveal) SO SHE WEARS THE SAME COAT AND CHATS LIKE



I just thought of something adorable.

Our favorite defense-prosecutor duos having matching/exchange special gifts for each other.

Athena gives Simon a light-blue ribbon like the one she wears to put in his hair.
Simon gives Athena some feathered hair accessory/earring to Athena (feathers from/like Taka’s).

Apollo gives Klavier a silver bracelet with a golden charm thingie that has similar markings as Apollo’s bracelet.
Klavier gives Apollo a necklace with a small charm that resembles Klavier’s except with a J.

And then Miles and Phoenix would be giant old-school, dorks who wear matching/from a single pair of custom-made cufflinks or rings.

And then when either one of them gets nervous, upset, sad, etc. they go and absentmindedly rub at their thing/gift. Or even kissing it when they’re lonely and their significant other is nowhere nearby/not available.

these are some fancy little hair dudes that i love to make and wear. It’s my favorite way to add a little drama to the outfit without making my feet any more uncomfortable. I make the clips super sturdy but if they get bent up a little a quick one with a hair straightener will fix it right up. I also paint and decorate boxes to keep them safe and pack for travel.