feather raptor


It took over 60 hours but the bird… it’s finally done! This is without doubt the most extensive and best piece of work I’ve ever done, and damnit I’m proud!

Many many thanks to the people who sat through the many streams of me zoomed in to like 500% drawing feathers for hours, you guys helped a lot

Keep an eye on my etsy for the prints of this pretty boi coming soon (A3 and A1 for sure, who knows what other sizes, how exciting >_>)


American Museum of Natural History, Part 15: The Birds are Dinosaurs Exhibit, part 12: INCREASE THE FEATHERS

Okay not going to lie the “small, feathered fossil things” section started to blur together after a while and my memory isn’t always the best. I know the first photo is Anchiornis, then a Lithornithid, then Messelornis, then Xiaotingia, but beyond that for the fossils I am at a loss and I apologize. @albertonykus?