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Anon: So why doesn’t anyone mention the fact that Jimin and Hobi’s short films for Wings are connected? Like??


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Prehistoric Native Americans farmed macaws in 'feather factories'

To ancient peoples of the American Southwest, a macaw’s brilliant feathers weren’t just adornments. They were status symbols and spiritual emblems — so precious, in fact, that macaws were kept in captivity and deliberately plucked of their plumage, new evidence suggests.

Macaw skeletons from three prehistoric pueblos in New Mexico bear signs of feather harvesting, according to analysis presented on 31 March at a meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in Vancouver, Canada. But the skeletons also hint that the macaws’ handlers went to great lengths to care for their demanding charges. “People were doing their utmost to keep them alive,” says Randee Fladeboe, an archaeologist at the University of Florida in Gainesville who analysed the macaw bones.

Archaeologists studying the ancient Native Americans called the Puebloans and nearby groups have found macaw bones and feathers dating from ad 300 to ad 1450 at sites ranging from Utah in the American Southwest to Chihuahua in Mexico. Read more.

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The overlap between “Ughhh I hate those science nerds being so annoying anal about dinosaurs having feathers, LET PEOPLE DO WHAT THEY WANTTT” and people who get genuinly mad at dragons being drawn with hair or feathers has an interestingly large overlap for two positions that contradict eachother completely.

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Eagle Feathers and their meaning to the Lakota Warriors
Each time the warrior earned a feather, he would either wear it (but he only wore a couple into battle) or put it on a pole used for special occasions. Once he had collected enough feathers, they were then made into a headdress. Because each feather had a special meaning, binding them together in a headdress made that Indian headdress even more special. Only the men, closest friends of the warrior, were involved in making the headdress. The Indian chiefs also “earned” each of their feathers. The most prized of all feathers to receive for an Indian headdress was the Golden Eagle feather. Because the Indians saw the eagle as a messenger of God, this feather could only be earned through hardship, loyalty, and strength

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Breaking news from the US! Melania has overthrown Trump in a coup d’état. Slovenian soldiers are everywhere. Americans are very confused, there are eggs and feathers everywhere. Some people have been pecked. The US military will bomb Bratislava in retaliation.

Exclusive real life footage from the White House: