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Sometimes hope is a thing with feathers
And sometimes hope is a thing with a snow covered snoot

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Dude, requests are back up, awesome! How about DAI companions + Krem de la creme reacting to the inquisitor being one of the last avian folk?(Like, they have big ass wings, so they always wear an even bigger cloak to hide them, and during battle somehow, they end up losing the cloak? They can legit fly with them)

Cassandra: She stares and stares before angrily demanding to know why they hid this from her. They sheepishly explain their situation, and she calms down, but it doesn’t change the fact they hid it. When she eventually gets over it, she sometimes just sits and watches them fly around (which they do for fun; they’re actually sort of relieved to be revealed for this reason). It makes her nervous, at first, worrying they’ll suddenly drop, but she’s awed by how agile and graceful they are in the sky. Once or twice, they have to pick her up and drop her somewhere else, and it makes her nervous every time they pick her up, and she hates how helpless she feels suspended in the air. If Romanced: Sometimes he takes her flying for no reason other than a good time. She likes it significantly more than non-romanced flying. Eventually, they’ll land, and have a quiet, serene place to sit together while she listens to him recite poetry.

Blackwall: He stares. That’s all he can do as he gawks with a slack jaw for a long time. He has no words– trying for speech just results in helpless sputtering. The man stands aside as the others fuss and try to make sense of the situation, and speaks last. He gets over it, though, once he hears the story, and doesn’t mind at all. “They’re like a pair of griffon wings,” he admires, “powerful and fast.” If the Herald can lift him up, it makes him supremely uncomfortable the first time they take him into the sky, but he finds that he thinks it’s fun. If Romanced: He regularly compliments her on how beautiful her wings are, and he tries to help itch and clean the spots she can’t reach easily. He brings her flowers that grow all the way up on a mountainside, and she gently teases him and says she could just fly him up there. “No, my lady,” he refuses, “it’s not the same if all the work’s taken out of it. You shouldn’t waste your time helping me get you flowers; let me do the work.”

Iron Bull: After getting past the initial shock, he’s utterly green with envy. It looks like SO MUCH FUN, taking off like a dragon to the skies. The Herald tries to pick him up (to no avail, he’s too heavy) to give him the experience of flying, so he takes it upon himself to make them stronger and faster, so they can. Push-ups with wings, laps around Skyhold, timing their speed of flight, you name it. “Just wait. You’ll go back to your people and fly circles around them! When you can finally lift me up, you can air-drop me on the enemies for an attack from above! It’s gonna be great!” If romanced: Hot. He’s 100% into this. He snickers if any feathers get ruffled or fall off after sex. “Did I ruffle your feathers, Kadan?” he teases, and he just laughs as they slap him with a wing. He ties one of the feathers that fall off to the dragontooth necklace, as long as they don’t mind.

Sera: She’s freaked out and utterly shocked. She has no idea how to react, so she just stares for a long time, sputtering helplessly. She feels bad later at how upset they seemed at her facial expression. “Aw, shite… well, your feathery ass is welcome here, alright?” she reassures. She likes tossing things at them when they’re flying to see if they can catch it, and it becomes a sort of game/exercise routine. She also talks them into using their wings to prank others. She screams the first time they pick her up and take her into the sky, but soon she realizes she likes it, so long as she trusts the Herald. Sometimes she’ll ask to be taken with them, because she thinks it’s exhilarating– and a few times, shoots arrows at people from above while the Herald carries her. “Death from above! Arrows from the sky! I even have a source of feathers for fletching at any moment! Hah!” A few times, if she needs them, she’ll just pluck a feather clean off if there’s none lying around, and sticks her tongue out as the Herald protests. “What? You still got a lot of ‘em. Your wings are huge!” Also jokingly refers to wings/feathers sticking out as “wingboners.” If Romanced: She likes tickling her wings and playing with her feathers, and sleeping under a wing when they’re in bed together. “They’re soft. And fuzzy. And cute.” she gushes. She also learns how to preen the feathers, and takes to doing so regularly out of affection, at least in the areas her girlfriend can’t reach with ease. She typically finishes it off by taking a feather or two that falls off to keep for herself.

Varric: “Holy Mother of Andraste’s ass.” he breathes, taking it all in. He comes around quickly, though, and asks a lot of questions– though few on anatomy, unlike Dorian, and more on who they are, where they come from, and about their people. He’s fascinated, and taking notes. Sometimes when he’s out of writing quills, he wryly asks them if he can take one of theirs– or may just take one if they drop off from time-to-time. He’s not a fan of going into the sky, at all. “You know, I like the idea of getting as far away from the Stone as possible,” he says nervously as he looks down at the world below, “but this is a bit too far. Dwarves don’t fly.”

Cole: He knew, and he doesn’t mind in the least. “I am sorry. The others know, and they want to help. They don’t mind the wings.” He also comments that the others are happy while watching the Herald fly, and the Inquisitor takes to doing small shows on a regular basis for the crowd at Skyhold, which always draws large numbers. Everyone is cheered by the amazing sight of them in the sky, and morale goes up. People start sitting and waiting for hours before the show starts. Cole smiles– they helped.

Dorian: About five million questions start flying from his lips as soon as he’s out of the initial shock. How fast can you fly? How many feathers do you have? What’s the bone structure of your wings? Can you stick one straight out so I can measure how long it is? Where are your people from? Why are you the only one out here? It makes them more than a little uncomfortable, and he feels bad when he realizes how uncomfortable they are. “Oh.” he says, suddenly quiet. “I… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to… if you need to talk, let me know?” He loves watching them soar through the sky, and he takes notes as he watches. He considers them and their wings utterly beautiful, and he feels honored to know them and witness their flight. He does not particularly care for going in the air, though, citing a sudden fear of extreme heights as he clings to the Herald, trying desperately to not look down. If Romanced: He loves preening his lover’s feathers, because it’s hard for them to reach behind and get them clean. He finishes it all with a kiss. He feels so safe under his boyfriend’s wings as they lay together, and he silently smirks as he imagines his father’s reaction to seeing his boyfriend.

Vivienne: She has to work to hide her complete and utter shock, and briefly scolds the Herald for not telling her before. When they’re comfortable, she examines their wings in detail. She figures out a grooming regimen. “Darling, everyone knows what you are now– there’s no point in hiding your wings any longer.” She smiles. “So use them. Preen them. Take the time and effort to make them presentable. You will be imposing, awe-inspiring, beautiful, majestic, and everyone will know it with a single glance.” She introduces them to her tailor, who manages to make them outfits that accommodate the wings– even accentuate them. Vivienne does not like being taken into the sky, but tolerates it if necessary in combat.

Solas: Their people were known to the ancient Elvhen, but their numbers were in slow decline– he’s honestly surprised that there’s any still around at all. He’s sympathetic to them, and surprises them by being the least shocked of any of the party members. He claims that he has seen their people before in the Fade, and suddenly the other party members are coming to him, asking for information. When he shakes them off, he mentions to the Herald that they shouldn’t hide their wings, for they are beautiful and proof of their ancient people. He asks them a lot of questions about the current state of their race, about their society, which befuddles the Herald. He doesn’t seem to mind being lifted into the air, if need be, and may even ask the Herald to carry him to places inaccessible by walking alone. If Romanced: They spend dates just finding places that only winged creatures can reach, and they look over the world together. They slumber and see memories previous unexplored by the remote location, and Solas feels genuine happiness that someone can understand the value of unexplored dreams. “Thank you, ma vhenan. Thank you…”

Cullen: He just sighs. Somehow this doesn’t even shock him. Maybe he’s seen too much. He’s a bit frustrated that they didn’t tell him to begin with, but lets it go readily. He asks if they know any others of their kind who would be interested in joining the Inquisition– flying soldiers would be excellent– and finds himself bewildered as they tell him that the vast majority of their people are shy and mistrustful of land-dwellers. He apologizes, and does not press the matter further. He enjoys watching them fly, and compliments them on their ability, but absolutely hates being taken off the ground and into the sky in any circumstances. If Romanced: He’s somewhat more tolerant of being taken into the sky, but he still doesn’t like it. Sometimes when he’s having bad dreams, he awakens as one of her wings gently folds over him, covering him softly, affectionately, and his heart rate slows. He’s safe, and she loves him, and he feels it. He goes back to sleep in peace, happy with what he has and who he loves.

Leliana: She’s just envious, if anything; she wouldn’t mind being able to fly. She was wondering what they were hiding, and found several stray feathers (which may or may not be in unusual colors) from time-to-time, and this explains it. She takes it pretty calmly, and asks if they know any others of their kind that might be willing to join as agents, or even airborne couriers. If the Herald ever takes her into the sky, she acts totally calm, but she LOVES it, even though she doesn’t say so.

Josephine: She’s at a loss. She tries to quickly compose herself and awkwardly make sense of the situation, but once the shock wears off, she’s endlessly curious about being able to fly. She watches them zip through the sky with grace and speed and is utterly mesmerized. Like Vivienne, she encourages a strict preening regimen– if they’re going to have wings, they might as well make them presentable. Eventually, the Herald offers to take her flying, and she squeals with a mix of delight and a bit of fright. Her hair blows loosely, and the wind’s on her face, and by the time the Herald brings her back down, she’s dazed and eager for the next time they fly together. If Romanced: They take her flying with them all the time, and it makes for interesting dates. She giggles and squeals (and on one occasion, screams as they do a loop with her in their arms) and has the time of her life. They always end it by landing somewhere picturesque, and they sit together, cuddling and admiring the world around them.

Krem: “Your… your Worship?” he asks, shocked, not sure if he’s seeing correctly, or if Bull’s pulling a prank like that time they all covered themselves with feathers– but no, it’s really them. If they don’t mind, he asks them questions about flying, and remarks that the Chargers would love having one of their kind on the team, if they know anyone looking for work. Sometimes he tosses his stuffed winged nug plushies at them from the ground, and they catch, not unlike the game played with Sera. He really likes flying, and admires the view of the world below.

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So the bird Inquisitor thing is my jam rn, could you do DA:I companions react to an avian Inquisitor who's in the process of molting? Non gif - Romances if possible c: Thank you!

Cassandra: She thinks it’s sort of funny at first, but then less so when their feathers are EVERYWHERE. She asks them if they can somehow manually get them all off to halt their process of leaving feathers all over. She grumbles at the mess, but does feel a little bad for them when she sees them itching. If Romanced: She tries to help get the molting feathers off, or at least itch a little in places he can’t reach. “Maker’s Breath,” she says, “how many feathers do you even have?” “Not enough for you to have to spend forever with me. A pity.” he teases, and she groans but laughs.

Iron Bull: “Man, where were you when we did that job trying to scare the shit out of that noble? We could have used all these feathers.” He just suggests flapping them vigorously to see if that helps get them all off. If Romanced: He suggests some exercise to “REALLY ruffle those loose feathers right off. Repeatedly, if you want.” His bedroom is absolutely COVERED in feathers later, but he doesn’t complain.

Blackwall: He just takes it in stride, laughing as they sneeze and kick up a whirlwind of feathers. “Here,” he offers, handing them a wooden back-scratcher, “made this for you. Maybe it’ll help, eh?” He may take a feather to use as a reference when carving his rocking griffons. If Romanced: She’s embarrassed by the mess when he comes up to her room, but he gets a kick out of it. “It’s not so bad,” he laughs, “at least I can find you for a kiss. It’s a little trail of Inquisitor-ness.”

Sera: She collects some of them for pranks, and has to compete with Leliana’s agents and Josephine’s cleaners for them. It’s all worth it, though, she cackles as she prepares to dump feathers on nobles after getting glue on them and tickling feet and noses. “You ought to drop your feathers more often, and tell me first.” she laughs. If Romanced: She calls first dibs right away, but fewer of them are used for pranks. Instead, she saves them and hides them for herself, though she tucks feathers into places she can see readily to remind her of her girlfriend. She also gets the spots her girlfriend can’t reach.

Varric: “Hold on, get those feathers in a bag– I’m going to feather-bomb the Merchant’s Guild the next time they start asking me to respond to their letters.” Alas, he has to compete with several others going for the feathers, so he gives up on the idea and salvages a few to keep as backup quills. “Tell me ahead of time you molt, next time. I swear it’ll be a great prank.”

Cole: His main concern is trying to alleviate the Herald’s itching and irritation, because no one is hurting because of the molting but them– in fact, most of Skyhold finds it mildly amusing, if anything. “Don’t itch. The hurt will be worse.” he warns. “Vivienne can make medicine that helps. Raw, tickling, itching irritation, wind carrying scales of color away, it must be hard…”

Vivienne: She wrinkles her nose at the mess and arranges for a tailor to make them “wingsocks” to contain the feathers– “Before all of Skyhold is covered in feathers.” she says dryly. She also scolds them if they itch at raw spots too much– “it will make the itching worse.” Instead, she offers a cream that’s supposed to help soothe itching.

Dorian: “Ah. Molting season, I see.” he says dryly as some spots on their wings are bare and feathers follow them wherever they go. “Just do be careful up in the library, else I’ll find my nook covered in feathers. Josephine is already fussing over the mess your feathers are making.” He might pick up one or two to use as bookmarks. If Romanced: He takes some time to try to get loose feathers free and clean them up. “Amatus, you’re positively a mess.” he teases. “Fortunately for you, I find it sort of charming.”

Solas: There’s not much they can do about it, so he doesn’t find reason to comment much. His nose does wrinkle in distaste, though, as feathers always land on the floor, on the desk, on the bed in his room in the rotunda whenever they go through it. If Romanced: He finds it sort of amusing, really. He gets at spots she can’t get and steals a feather for himself.

Josephine: She has to ask some poor workers to clean up the feathers– they pile up quickly and make quite a mess. She cringes as nobles and visitors pick up feathers to keep, and even as a few Orlesians offer to scratch at particular itchy spots to relieve them, in exchange for the feathers. The DeLauncets even offer to pay for all of the feathers for some sort of… pillow or bed composed of the feathers. Josephine doesn’t want to ask or know. If Romanced: She’s sympathetic to their struggling, and in her time off, massages any irritated or itchy parts of their wings, in spite of the feathers rapidly dropping off. 

Cullen: “Maker’s breath, what a mess.” he grouses as he tip-toes over a pile of feathers or two. He has the decency to not make a single comment, however. If Romanced: He follows the feather trail right to her to give her a kiss. She giggles and asks if he minds the mess. “Not at all,” he laughs, “the feathers are almost as beautiful as you.”

Leliana: She advises collecting the feathers for use later. She uses them to throw off Venatori in the field, who follow the feathers thinking it leads to the Inquisitor. It works effectively. “Do let me know ahead of time next time you start molting.” she says cheerfully.

Wings: Preen

Request: I am absolutely in love with anything having to do with the reader’s ability to see Gabe’s wings (aka soulmate fics!) Would you maybe consider doing a Winchester!reader fic like that?

A/N: I’ve read a lot of these, so I decided to take a different approach. There will be a part two!

Author: Holly

Warnings: Light swearing

Characters: Y/N, Gabriel, Castiel, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 2,371

Y/N = Your Name

Part One: Preen

            Your twin brother Adam grew up with you in Michigan, and you only saw your father once a year – twice, if you were incredibly lucky. As you grew up, you stayed close out of concern for the increasingly-erratic behavior of your mother. You made plans to meet up again and take time off to stay with her.

            You never saw either of them again, because by the time you had returned to your hometown, your mother and brother had both been eaten alive by ghouls. Sam and Dean pulled you out of the infested house in the nick of time, and since then, you traveled with them. Your hunting, however, left some to be desired – you hadn’t had your entire life to practice.

            The desire to keep you alive was what made them relax their anti-archangel rules in a special exception for Gabriel. The archangel would ride with you on long trips in the Impala on occasion, and he would pop in for at least a quick minute once you’d found a hotel. You’d text and he’d send you photographs of the most beautiful places in the world that you wished you had the money and the safety to go see.

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Love Birds

Group: BTS


Requested: Anonymous said:  Hi! Could you please do the shifter au with jin? Anything with angst and then fluff would be fine (hope this is okay) also, I love your writing, keep up the good work!


Genre: angst, fluff, shifter au

Length: 1.2k

A/N: if you would like  apart two or another member don’t (also I have animals for all of them so don’t worry about that)

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As you waited outside your boyfriend’s apartment; hands clenching the paper bag full of his favorite snacks you couldn’t wait to see him for the first time in almost a month. You had been swamped in studying for tests and balancing your job but you had finally completed everything and you couldn’t wait for his arms to wrap around you as you would finally be able to see him again.

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The Prickly Porcupine and the Pretty Angel

So this is a prickly porcupine

And this is Hajime

Prickly porcupine Hajime

Using his prickly spines to defend himself from lightning

Btw this is my angel 

Smiling like the pretty angel he is

Thinking of

his love


(look at how many feathers you made the angel shed you prickly porcupine)

So because my angel is confident in his beauty, he asked his bae out on a date

And confessed his undying love 

But purple prickly porcupine pricked him with savage spines af

Because he’s tsundere

Really tsundere

Eating sweet things like a certain someone 

While the pretty angel fondly watches him (even not touching his own ice cream)

[Who cares about society when an angel is paying attention to you?]

While prickly porcupine keeps his prickly spikes up 

[Yeah it’s frustrating how you’re ignoring the angel in front of you]

So prickly that he hurt an angel 

Who doesn’t even know how to glare

But eventually he warms up because how could you not to the pretty angel

Who doesn’t even care about his prickly spines and rests his pretty white feathers against them while happy the purple prickly porcupine is letting him close

It’s such an important and monumental moment that the prickly porcupine’s best friend broadcasts it to all their fans because yes it’s a precious thing af

But because the prickly porcupine is stubborn af he gets the pretty angel worried

When the pretty angel loves him so much he fanboys on stage to all their fans

Overwhelmed by his love for purple prickly porcupine Hajime (yes he’s on stage)

But because he has an angel by his side (and doing the special effects for his song) the prickly porcupine finally acknowledges the pretty angel’s love 

And lowers his prickly spines at long last

And sings to the pretty angel 

While finally smiling for his angel 

While the pretty angel supports him with all of his pure heart


Until this sneaky

pretending to be the prickly porcupine’s fan 

charming little devil 

preys on the innocent pretty angel 

because he’s always dreamed of going to heaven with an angel

but didn’t think he’d meet one while tricking a human 

who turns out to be the prettiest angel 

who accidentally charms

the charming devil

who was bored

and saw the pretty angel

on TV

And the devil unintentionally brings his 

in angry denial 

jealous beast along

But that’s another story for now 

Feathers, Part 4

Hello again, lovelies!! I bring you part four of Feathers. As always, many, many thanks to @charminglyantiquated for creating @elsewhereuniversity and letting everyone play. :D Part 1 Part 2 Part 3   Oh! I’ve also started cross posting this to AO3. you can find it here.



Slowly, slowly, he steps aside. You wave your group though the doors, nod as he makes the ‘I’m watching you’ gesture (you’d expect nothing less), and step through.

Part 4:

You spend four days in the library. Well. You spend four days-worth of hours in the library, only seven or so of which really pass. The books you sought were deep, deep in the library indeed.

It’s Not-Jenna who finds the treatise, though you think she might not have done it on purpose. She was trailing her hands along the spines of the books you’d all already looked at, and knocked the last in the row off the table. She’d bent to retrieve it, and found herself at eye level with the tome.

(It really is a good thing you’re so deep- the squawk she’d let out would have been enough to have you evicted, had a librarian heard it.)

As it is, it took Not-Jenna finding it, and Cat-Eyes to navigate the spell work keeping it on the shelf. You ended up having to pluck it out while Thirteen used a rolled up magazine to beat back the grasping tendrils that kept reaching for it until Not-Jenna and Cat-Eyes could find a different book of the same size to give to them.

You were all quite glad to retreat to the library’s cafe, after that.

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New Headcannons

Woooah new text post.

-So anyways I think it’d be very interesting if cats decorated themselves for events/ceremonies especially the leaders. In Wolves Of The Beyond the wolf chieftains weaved prey bones into their fur to create a special “song” when they walked, leaders will do this at Gatherings or ceremonies.
-Leaders will weave bones, plants, and flowers into their fur as well as creating a crown of flowers, etc.
-They could also use different berries to stain their fur and such.
-It was rumored Brokenstar stained his fur with deathberries and kit blood.
-Battle paint is often used when going to war.
-Medicine cats and leaders will always keep some flowers and bones dressed at all times (though not all their outfit stays on 24/7).
-Deputies will typically have some sort of small accessory on them to dignify them.
-Riverclan cats nearly always use shells and fishbones, as well as willow, lilies, and pond irises. For added sparkle they also use fish scales.
-Thunderclan usually uses mouse, vole, and squirrel bones with brambles, thistles, daisies, and bracken. They often use sparrow, jay, or robin feathers too.
-Shadowclan overall decorates with the most bones which are usually snake, frog, rat, bat, or lizard. Bat wings, dried frog legs, raven or crow feathers, and lizard or snake scales are often incorporated. Out of all Clans they use flowers the least though leaders and highly honored warriors collect roses.
-In the Clans flowers are not seen as “feminine” Tigerstar’s crown actually included blood red roses and thorns.
-Shadowclan is infamous for coating their claws in deathberry juice or snake venom in battle.
-Windclan uses the most flowers out of the five. They love sweet scented flowers of all kinds, their garb is known to be softer in both texture and color. They often use sheep’s wool as added fluff. Very battle hungry warriors/leaders or tunnelers are honored with rabbit skulls and bones.
-Hawkheart was the only medicine cat known to Windclan to incorporate bones in his dress.
-Windclan tunnelers would wear crystals or pretty rocks during ceremonies. Their crowns nearly never contained flowers or grass but mostly bones, roots, and twigs.
-Skyclan’s crowns were very different and often included Twoleg things such as cloth or glass. They were made mostly of bird and squirrel bones and feathers.
-Leaders’ and medicine dens are heavily decorated with bones, feathers, fur, and flowers.
-In Thunderclan a deer and two badger skulls are hung on the walls. A badger pelt is also used for the leader’s nest. The badger skulls and pelt were dried and cleaned from two badgers killed in the badger attack.
-In Shadowclan many snake and bat skulls line the walls, in the center being a fox skull and pelt said to have been killed by Cedarstar.
-Windclan’s leader’s cave is centerd around a sheep skull (one had been found dead many moons ago) and rabbit skulls. The sheep’s skin is highly prized and was carried by warriors throughout the Great Journey. There are also innumerable heather flowers in the (underground) den.
-Riverclan decorates with clams and shells mostly. They prefer a more plant and moss orientated leader nest than other clans.
-Skyclan’s leader den has many bird skulls but in the center lies a pile of extraordinarily soft feathers.
-Many warriors dens also contain pelts and such to sleep on.
-It is often the medicine cat’s job to clean and dry pelts and bones. Bones improperly cleaned smell terrible and rot.
-During warrior ceremonies or when announcing mates all the clan will dress win their very best.
-Warriors are buried with their garb though often a mate or kit is allowed to keep a lock of fur and add it to their own dress.
-The warrior’s dress and ceremonial outfit is where the kittypet rumor of “they eat bones!” started.

Anyways sorry that was so long! Home you guys enjoy :3 I was inspires by @aesthetic-warriors to think of more headcannons!

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Hi Alice!!! I just read your Edmund and Caspian friendship hc and loved it! And I was just wondering if you have some hc's about Edmund's infamous suitors? We always see Susan with her suitors but not so much as Ed with his :) Thanks ❤️

Hehe, thank you!!! And yesssss, oh my gosh, can you imagine? 

  • Edmund’s first suitor appeared when he was only twelve 
  • He had a bit of a growth spurt, and puberty was starting to hit
  • And he caught the eye of this princess who was 11 
  • There was only a year difference, but she had a hopeless crush on him
  • She would follow him around EVERYWHERE 
  • During important meetings, she would attend despite not having the need to just to stare at Edmund 
  • Edmund didn’t actually know what was up until he told Peter how this girl was creeping him out, and Peter just laughed 
  • He told Edmund exactly what was happening, and Edmund had never turned so red from embarrassment 
  • Thankfully, Peter was more in the spotlight and his next suitor didn’t appear until he was sixteen 
  • She was a lady from another smaller province and she had a very…peculiar way of complimenting him 
  • “Oh, Edmund…your brown eyes remind me of the twigs in my garden.” 
  • “My lord, your skin is as white as paper…it makes you so beautiful and fragile.” 
  • “King Edmund, your ears are quite outstanding aren’t they!” 
  • He was never quite sure if she was insulting him or complimenting him
  • Edmund tried to squash her advances by pushing one of his knights onto her 
  • Turns out his knight was far more interested and actually ended up courting the girl 
  • His next notable suitor came when he was eighteen
  • He had just come of age in Narnia, and a ball was held in his honor 
  • He got the usual attention from young ladies, but at that point he had learned how to politely decline 
  • Or sick Lucy and Susan on them–both were effective 
  • One widow in her forties seemed to wave them off and give him some peace at the ball 
  • She was really sweet to him, and Edmund pitied her since she had just lost her husband and never had the chance to have children 
  • She extended her visit at Cair, and she and Edmund actually got along well 
  • He thought of her as a mother figure…but she–er–had some other intentions 
  • It wasn’t until Susan gently broke the news to Edmund 
  • He was sooo horrified, and slightly disgusted
  • After some help from Peter, the lady finally left Edmund alone 
  • After the initial shock died down, his siblings had a good laugh about it…and he couldn’t help joining along 
  • When he was in his early twenties, he had one suitor that nearly caused a fire
  • She was not very nice at all, but she appeared to be in front of Edmund 
  • She flirted with him horribly…honestly, she was very bad
  • Edmund tried so many things…gently letting her down, bluntly letting her down
  • He tried to get Susan, Lucy, and even Peter to discourage her 
  • He got so desperate, he asked one of his good lady friends to act as his suitor for a short while 
  • Not even that pushed her off 
  • In the end, he went to her father and told him what had happened 
  • His suitor came storming in a horrifically ugly dress with so many feathers and claimed that she would start a war based on unrequited love
  • Of course, the others in the room chuckled at her expense
  • Her hand motions grew more animated, and she didn’t see the lit candle that caught fire on the feather from her sleeve 
  • She started running around wildly, and would’ve caught the room on fire if Edmund didn’t throw a glass of water on her singed sleeve
  • She was SOOO angry, but everyone in the room started laughing at the ridiculous situation 
  • Her father apologized to Edmund for her behavior, but she never visited Cair again
  • None of the Pevensies could say they minded 

Sorry ya’ll. My brain came up with some strange things just now. Haha…but I hope it made you laugh a little. 

Can we have a long post with Edmund’s suitor stories? Cuz honestly they would be hilarious.


A/N: Another series….surprise….

Summary: Castiel has been ordered to kill an Nephilim, but can he bring himself to do it?

Warnings: death

Characters: Castiel x Child!reader

Word count: 1.6k

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Castiel glanced into the window of the aged wooden house he had been to several times in the past year, the living room being lightened up from the flashing television in front of the two humans sitting on the couch, enjoying a Friday night movie by themselves.

Unfurling his cramped wings, he shook off the sleet that had been collected in his feathers from the journey here. He began to move his feet but instantly froze as he felt something rub against the bottom of his leg. Looking down at his shoes, he saw the tiny Himalayan kitten that he had rescued a few months back. Castiel crouched down the slightest and pet the animal, listening to the joyful purrs vibrating through the small cat. 

He had nearly forgotten the reason he had flew all this way. Quickly standing up straighter, he disregarded the small animal that continued to follow him up the stairs. Raising a hand to the doorknob, he allowed some of his grace to get the better of him and threw the whole object off its hinges.

Both humans bolted upright, the man giving the woman a confused yet worried look. The woman on the other hand, instantly glared at Castiel with hatred. “Upstairs, now.” She ordered.

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warning signs are fuel to the flames but I kept talking about gravity

I dreamed of you 

but you were smoke

and I was coughing. I gave

up on oxygen. 


I still wander through outer space,

but it is mine – I took that from

your constellation. The lines that held 

you together

got mixed up and

fell to the ground like firewood.


Your words were many falling 

feathers and I was so full of thoughts of

weightlessness that

I did not see the bird that

died in the same breath that ended your sentence.


Do you remember when I pointed to the trees 

that were still black from the wildfire 

seven summers back

and you looked away

and said nothing about how tragic

it was to burn – 


It was on the headdress - the kokoshniki, the kikas, povyoniki, the crowns and the diadems - that the most thought was bestowed. The headdress was of greatest importance because by tradition a married woman had to hide her hair from strangers´ eyes. The long plaits of a Russian woman were her pride; the greatest treasure of a Russian maiden was a single, long plait intertwined with ribbons down her back. So important was the Russian plait that it figures over and over again in song and tale; an old wedding song begins “The young man with the black curls sits at the table and asks: Fair Russian plait, it is true that you are really mine at last?” Married women wore a closed cap and maidens a flowered scarf kerchief or a hoop or diadem leaving the top of her head open. The change of hairdo and headdress at a Russian wedding was accompanied by special ritual and lamentations. The single plait was carefully rebraided by the bride´s female relatives and close friends into two braids.

Kokoshniki varied from region to region in a whole variety of picturesque and poetic shapes. They were peaked like diadems or round and high like crowns; sometimes they were crescent-shaped. Each town had its own style and by her kokoshnik one could tell exactly where a maiden came from. The kokoshniki of the north were heavily embroidered with gold and silver threads and river pearls, with a mother-of-pearl network which fell low over the brow. In the central regions, the kokoshniki were high, in Nizhny Novgorod, round, in the form of a crescent. Sometimes long veil of muslin or gauze were attached to them. The headdresses were made of silk in bright colours, in red and rapsberry-coloured velvet, in cloth of gold that was ornamented with pearls, decorative glass, mirrors and foil. In the south, they were peaked with a pearl net descending over the forehead. In Ryazan and Tambov strange-looking kokoshniki with little horns were called “magpies” and had long tails of goose down or many coloured feathers. In the Ukraine, maidens wore crowns of flowers with bright, flowing ribbons. Beautiful and rich, gracefully framing the face and emphasizing soft eyes, these headdresses were in a very real way the crowning glory of Russian women.

Suzanne Massie: Land of the Firebird

I know others have discussed the state of Castiel’s wings and how broken they are.  Originally I attributed it to the angels’ falling (despite knowing that he did not fall in the same way), but then I compared his wings to Gadreel’s burnt wings we saw in season 9: 

Castiel’s wings weren’t burnt from falling like Gadreel’s.  Or at least, it definitely doesn’t look that way.  What is left of Gadreel’s wings looks to be in somewhat decent shape, and not many feathers seem to fall off when he spread them.  Castiel’s, however, look severely damaged; they shed so many feathers once he spreads them, the bones look frail and thin, and the feathers themselves look practically dead. 

The state of Castiel’s wings are from something much worse than the expulsion of the angels from heaven.  Being killed several times, being human, stealing other angels’ graces, and ultimately, I think, falling in love with humanity and more specifically the Winchesters (in my opinion - platonic/familial love for Sam, romantic love for Dean).  Helping them so much has cost him everything he knew and was, and I wish that they could see the result and realize exactly how much this one angel has done and sacrificed for them.

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