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Sometimes hope is a thing with feathers
And sometimes hope is a thing with a snow covered snoot


Okay, so it’s not bad at all. The actual bad news is that I’m an ass who keeps spamming WIPs. What else am I good for? (Aside from being in a massive rut I don’t feel like rolling out of HA.)

Getting faster. Still constantly distracted, though.


Oswald’s diverse attire continued [Part 1]


She has so many pin feathers on her head all the time… But my fat sausage fingers aren’t much help.

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People of Venezuela!

May your frightened ears turn to the music of my voice,
Like the face of a flower to the warm kiss of the sun.
This bird, of forged metal feathers,
Has many troubles.
And we, the people of the air,
too, are sick with troubles, for in life —
The whole hillside is not covered in spice.

For we are the righteous,
and the just.
We are the keepers of books!

- Flynn Carsen, Librarian

I know others have discussed the state of Castiel’s wings and how broken they are.  Originally I attributed it to the angels’ falling (despite knowing that he did not fall in the same way), but then I compared his wings to Gadreel’s burnt wings we saw in season 9: 

Castiel’s wings weren’t burnt from falling like Gadreel’s.  Or at least, it definitely doesn’t look that way.  What is left of Gadreel’s wings looks to be in somewhat decent shape, and not many feathers seem to fall off when he spread them.  Castiel’s, however, look severely damaged; they shed so many feathers once he spreads them, the bones look frail and thin, and the feathers themselves look practically dead. 

The state of Castiel’s wings are from something much worse than the expulsion of the angels from heaven.  Being killed several times, being human, stealing other angels’ graces, and ultimately, I think, falling in love with humanity and more specifically the Winchesters (in my opinion - platonic/familial love for Sam, romantic love for Dean).  Helping them so much has cost him everything he knew and was, and I wish that they could see the result and realize exactly how much this one angel has done and sacrificed for them.

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Roger: I know you don’t want to hear this right now, but you’re gonna meet so many Feathers in your life. 
Riggs: He’s right.
Roger: And you know where you meet girls just like her? The best, smartest,
most interesting women in the world?
Riggs: Rio.
Roger: College. College.

» Lethal Weapon 1.13

This art is not mine….the following analysis is though: 

Whoever did this is really good…the wings match the characters.

  1. Anna– short, straight, to the point. She was a leader who was the first angel to rebel for free will.
  2. Michael–big important wing that shows he is important. Follows the traditional shape and color because he sticks to the old ways at all times.
  3. Castiel–quite literally the black sheep of the family, a rebellious angel who overthinks everything–always focused on the details…check out how many feathers he has on his wing compared to most of the others.
  4. Balthazar- Two toned wing for the angel who tries to play both sides–steals the weapons, tricks Raphael and Uriel, gives the weapons to Cas, tries to trick Cas…Balthazar is full of contradictions.
  5. Lucifer– the largest and most powerful of the lot, shining with beauty and magesty, as he was before the fall. Also, “Light Bringer” and his wing is actually shining with light?
  6. Uriel- Short and stubby, lacking finesse or much beauty, Uriel serves as a great attack dog–rough around the edges–and with the shortest length of time as well (he dies first for those of you who don’t remember).
  7. Samandriel–a beautiful but subtle and understated wing, his blends into the background and is easily forgotten. More layers on his than anyone else’s though– a reflection of the different levels of his mind that were penetrated by Crowley’s torture?
  8. Zachariah- It appears to be on the side of light and right at first, but gets darker the longer the feather is…the longer Zach stayed on the show, the darker he became.
  9. Raphael- An archangel like Gabriel, but a darker more sinister gold than his fun-loving brother, Raphael tried to take over all of Heaven and bring about the Apocalypse and get rid of most of the puny humans–much like Lucifer (and like Lucifer’s wing, Raphael has the longest pinion feathers of any of the angels here).
  10. Gabriel- the fun-loving showy angel of the bunch, Gabriel supposedly went into witness protection but even then he made sure everyone remembered him where ever he went as the Trickster, it makes sense for his wing to be large, dramatic, and bright gold in color. 

 (I’m super happy that Metatron isn’t up here.)