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Witchcraft Asks #1-105

Here is the list of the 105 witchcraft questions I just finished answering. I answered one each day but feel free to answer them all at once or however you want to do it. Tag your it!

1. Are you solitary or in a coven?
2. Do you consider yourself Wiccan, Pagan, witch, or other?
3. What is your zodiac sign?
4. Do you have a Patron God/dess?
5. Do you work with a Pantheon?
6. Do you use tarot, palmistry, or 
any other kind of divination?
7. What are some of your favorite herbs to use in your practice? (if any)
8. How would you define your craft?
9. Do you curse? If not, do you accept others who do?
10. How long have you been practicing?
11. Do you currently or have you ever had any familiars?
12. Do you believe in Karma or
13. Do you have a magical name?
14. Are you “out of the broom closet”?
15. What was the last spell you performed?
16. Would you consider yourself knowledgeable?
17. Do you write your own spells?
18. Do you have a book of shadows?
If so, how is it written and/or set up?
19. Do you worship nature?
20. What is your favorite gemstone?
21. Do you use feathers, claws, fur, pelt, skeletons/bones, or any other animal body part for magical work?
22. Do you have an altar?
23. What is your preferred element?
24. Do you consider yourself an Alchemist?
25. Are you any other type of magical practitioner besides a witch?
26. What got you interested in witchcraft?
27. Have you ever performed a spell or ritual with the company of anyone who was not a witch?
28. Have you ever used ouija?
29. Do you consider yourself a psychic?
30. Do you have a spirit guide? If so, what is it?
31. What is something you wish someone had told you when you first started?
32. Do you celebrate the Sabbats? If so which one is your favorite?
33. Would you ever teach witchcraft to your children?
34. Do you meditate?
35. What is your favorite season?
36. What is your favorite type of magick to preform?
37. How do you incorporate your spirituality into your daily life?
38. What is your favorite witchy movie?
39. What is your favorite witchy book, both fiction and non-fiction. Why?
40. What is the first spell you ever preformed? Successful or not.
41. What’s the craziest witchcraft-related thing that’s happened to you?
42. What is your favourite type of candle to use?
43. What is your favorite witchy tool?
44. Do you or have you ever made your own witchy tools?
45. Have you ever worked with any magical creatures such as the fea or spirits?
46. Do you practice color magic?
47. Do you or have you ever had a witchy teacher or mentor of any kind?
48. What is your preferred way of shopping for witchcraft supplies?
49. Do you believe in predestination or fate?
50. What do you do to reconnect when you are feeling out of touch with your practice?
51. Have you ever had any supernatural experiences?
52. What is your biggest witchy pet peeve?
53. Do you like incense? If so what’s your favorite scent?
54. Do you keep a dream journal of any kind?
55. What has been your biggest witchcraft disaster?
56. What has been your biggest witchcraft success?
57. What in your practice do you do that you may feel silly or embarrassed about?
58. Do you believe that you can be an atheist, Christian, Muslim or some other faith and still be a witch too?
59. Do you ever feel insecure, unsure or even scared of spell work?
60. Do you ever hold yourself to a standard in your witchcraft that you feel you may never obtain?
61. What is something witch related that you want right now?
62. What is your rune of choice?
63. What is your tarot card of choice?
64. Do you use essential oils? If so what is your favorite?
65. Have you ever taken any kind of witchcraft or pagan courses?
66. Do you wear pagan jewelry in public?
67. Have you ever been discriminated against because of your faith or being a witch?
68. Do you read or subscribe to any pagan magazines?
69. Do you think it’s important to know the history of paganism and witchcraft?
70. What are your favorite things about being a witch?
71. What are your least favorite things about being a witch?
72. Do you listen to any pagan music? If so who is your favorite singer/band?
73. Do you celebrate the Esbbats? If so, how?
74. Do you ever work skyclad?
75. Do you think witchcraft has improved your life? If so, how?
76. Where do you draw inspiration from for your practice?
77. Do you believe in ‘fantasy’ creatures? (Unicorns, fairies, elves, gnomes, ghosts, etc)
78. What’s your favorite sigil/symbol?
79. Do you use blood magick in your practice? Why or why not?
80. Could you ever be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t support your practice?
81. In what area or subject would you most like your craft to grow?
82. What’s your favorite candle scent? Do you use it in your practice?
83. Do you have a pre-ritual ritual? (I.e. Something you do before rituals to prepare yourself for them). If so what is it?
84. What real life witch most inspires your practice?
85. What is your favorite method of communicating with deity?
86. How do you like to organize all your witchy items and ingredients?
87. Do you have any witches in your family that you know of?
88. How have you created your path? What is unique about it?
89. Do you feel you have any natural gifts or affinities (premonitions, hearing spirits, etc.) that led you toward the craft? If so what are they?
90. Do you believe you can initiate yourself or do you have to be initiated by another witch or coven?
91. When you first started out in your path what was the first thing or things you bought?
92. What is the most spiritual or magickal place you’ve been?
93. What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone who is searching for their matron and patron deities?
94. What techniques do you use to 'get in the zone’ for meditation?
95. Did visualization come easily to you or did you have to practice at it?
96. Do you prefer day or night? Why?
97. What do you think is the best time and place to do spell work?
98. How did you feel when you cast your first circle? Did you stumble or did it go smoothly?
99. Do you believe witchcraft gets easier with time and practice?
100. Do you believe in many gods or one God with many faces?
101. Do you eat meat, eggs and dairy?
102. What is your favorite color and why?
103. What is the one question you get asked most by non-practitioners or non-pagans? How do you usually respond?
104. Which of your five senses would you say is your strongest?
105. What is a pagan or witchcraft rule that you preach but don’t practice?

anonymous asked:

I don't understand "vulture culture" and I won't pretend that I do. But anyone who feels no empathy when beheading a poor animal's corpse should be seeking mental help. Normalizing this kind of behaviour only serves to promote more harm to animals.

Hello again lol.

You definitely don’t have to understand it! And you don’t have to like it! That’s totally fine! Many many people don’t feel comfortable around the subject.

However, there is nothing “mentally” wrong with people who work with animal remains. Butchers, veterinarians, biologists, taxidermists, and medical professionals have all at one point worked with the remains of animals. Saying that all of these people are “mentally wrong” would just be silly. 

As for promoting harm, I’m not really sure what you mean…

 Glorifying and normalizing ownership of animal remains such as fur, bone, and feather could potentially create more demand for those products. However, if you care enough about animals you can source your products responsibly, Making sure that you buy from sustainable sources. 

I do apologies if my blog offended you, I try my best to tag things appropriately so that people who dont like the subject wont have to see it.

Ash (part1)

The campus has always had places of in-between; between our world and theirs, between magic and mundane, Fae and human, and there are those of the Fae that treasure these places of in-between greatly. Their little… projects.

I9 was one such project, all the students were sure. The building had been on campus for as long as anyone could remember, it refused to show up on any map, and had withstood every try at getting it removed. It didn’t really ‘fit’ with the rest of the campus, although somehow, sometimes, it seemed to fit far too well. Sitting just beyond the dense tree line of the forest, I9 was a small, old, cottage with thatched roof, and a happily running stream the only thing between it and the trees.

No one had lived there since… well, no one could quite agree on the last person who had lived there, some remembered it being a girl from an arts major. Others argued it had been a boy from chemistry. Some others put in that maybe it hadn’t been a student at all. Whoever they were, they hadn’t lasted long, hardly a month before being taken.

The Fae were all unusual, unpredictable, unsettling, but the one that took an interest in this place had something most others did not, patience and persistence.

The girl had applied late, to only do one unit a term, and to live on campus. Her high school marks were nothing special, hardly enough to graduate let alone to be considered for somewhere as prestigious as Elsewhere University. The admin staff placed her immediately in the rejected pile, but every morning they would find the application back on their desk. After a week, one member of staff decided to just shred the damn thing, but sure enough, the next day there it was again. After that, they all agreed that the choice had been made for them. When the paperwork came through though, and I9 came out no matter what room anyone typed or even wrote on the forms, that’s when they started to worry. Someone had been chosen again.

Maybe some members of staff (those who knew the history of I9) tried to warn the girl, tried to change fate, but in the end the acceptance letter still went out, and the room number was still unchanged.

Ash was all anxiety, and depression, and layer upon layer of shaky coping mechanisms that she’d built up over the years. She didn’t know anyone at Elsewhere, and didn’t have any friends from anywhere else either. Her parents had moved away to start new lives, and after two painful years of self-doubt and second-guessing, she had finally decided to try for uni. It wasn’t that she wasn’t intelligent, just that she was… different. She never kept friends, always talked to herself or to animals rather than other people, she never seemed to fit in with anyone, and often got on teachers nerves for being too reserved, and so her schooling had suffered. She knew she could do well she just needed time.

Things were strange when Ash got to campus. She wasn’t in one of the communal dorms like she had expected, instead she found her room number carved on the door of an old cottage by the forest edge. She watched the other students for a while, all of them avoiding the path down to the little cottage, all of them taking care not to walk on the little flowers that grew out the front. It took her a good twenty minutes to convince herself to go knock on the door, after all it wouldn’t be the first time someone had tried to mess with the new kid.

She could hear other students whispering as they passed, their eyes boring into her back as she walked to the door. It made her skin crawl and her hairs stand on end, like something was about to attack. She fumbled for her keys and found they were no longer the generic store cut keys she had collected, but one heavy, black, old iron key, it fit the lock though and she took respite within the tiny cottage.

Inside it was small, dark, and smelled of old books and dust. Beyond the entrance was a small sitting room, its walls lined with bookshelves stuffed to the brim with books. A little kitchen with old-fashioned fittings was to the left, a brightly lit study nook to the right, its windows large and filled with overgrown potted herbs and plants. Just past the sitting room was a cosy bedroom with a little bathroom hidden behind one of the wardrobe doors, Ash wondered what else was hidden in here.

The trees outside rustled and birds began to caw as she set down her things and took in her new home. It was strange, and eerie, and her cheeks still burned with the students whispers, but it felt oddly safe within these walls, as if she truly had come home.

Students in class were nicer than she had experienced in high school, though some of them refused to meet her eyes. Others insisted on giving her handfuls of little diner salt packets, which was odd at first. It took some time for her to believe this wasn’t some kind of cruel joke at her expense, but after a while she recognised it as something good. One guy even came up to her and shoved a little hand full of nuts and bolts strung together on a thin chain into her hand and muttered a brief ‘hang in there’ before strolling off.

Well she had heard rumours about people at Elsewhere being superstitious, she just hadn’t quite expected it to be this full on. Some students even had their own small rituals they performed before entering certain classes. Even with all the odd around her though, she still felt that she wasn’t exactly part of it all, she was still an outsider, as she had always been, never quite fitting in anywhere.

The first week passed uneventfully. Though the students in class weren’t cruel, they didn’t sit with her if at all possible, politely making their excuses before moving away if she sat at their table. By the end of the week she felt as alone as she had ever been, something she had grown quite used to.

The weekend came quickly and soon enough second week began. Ash sat at the back of the lecture theatre expecting to again be surrounded by empty seats, but this time a boy sat beside her. He had the most amazing eyes all glitter and angles. He didn’t say a word to her but watched like a hawk when she scratched out a few lines of a small poem before the lecture began. He was… odd, but the company was comfortable.

After that lecture the whispering became worse. She would catch snippets of ‘did you see their eyes?’, ‘definitely one of them’, ‘she didn’t even notice’ as she walked passed. Her cheeks burning with embarrassment, she quickly headed back towards I9. Just outside I9 though she was stopped  by the yowling of an animal in terrible pain. In the bushes was a small white cat tangled in some wires, everyone else was hurrying passed without even a glance its way. The thing was making such an awful noise she had half expected the bite of razorwire as she freed the creature, but it was just plain old wire. She could have sworn though, as the cat scampered off across the stream and into the forest, that as it turned away it suddenly had too many eyes, all glitter and angles, but she couldn’t be sure.

After that, things were… stranger. The shadows around the cottage felt deeper than was possible, wind chimes that had been taken down long before Ash had gotten there chimed happily in the dead still air, and there was a lingering smell of honey and wet fur.

She knew something was wrong when she woke the next morning. The feeling stole over her in cold waves of panic, something was different, something was wrong, something had happened. When she looked in the mirror she saw that the eyes staring back at her were wrong, they seemed to stare much much farther than a reflection should be able, and glinted with the colours of the aurora borealis. She heard the purring of a cat as tears welled in her beautiful, wrong, eyes.

It was late afternoon when she finally left I9 again, and slowly she realised her eyes weren’t the only things that had changed. She could see… things… playing in the trees just passed the stream. Things covered in fur and claws, and feathers, and bone. There was a lady at the other end of the path watching her closely, a small cat curled around her legs. Her eyes drifted past Ash, and Ash turned to see what had caught her gaze. It was a basket filled with… things. There was a bunch of rotten bananas, some plants that looked rather a lot like weeds still with their roots attached covered in dirt, a couple of lengths of string, a frayed bit of cloth, and a handful of stones and little bones. In a voice like dripping blood, and splintering bones the lady spoke to Ash ‘A small gift for my Girl Between. A basket of favours yet made, promises yet to come, use my gift well little one, I’ll know if you waste it’. When Ash blinked the lady was gone, and she was left alone with the basket of things, and a cat that definitely had too many eyes.


New Headcannons

Woooah new text post.

-So anyways I think it’d be very interesting if cats decorated themselves for events/ceremonies especially the leaders. In Wolves Of The Beyond the wolf chieftains weaved prey bones into their fur to create a special “song” when they walked, leaders will do this at Gatherings or ceremonies.

-Leaders will weave bones, plants, and flowers into their fur as well as creating a crown of flowers, etc.

-They could also use different berries to stain their fur and such.

-It was rumored Brokenstar stained his fur with deathberries and kit blood. 

-Battle paint is often used when going to war

 -Medicine cats and leaders will always keep some flowers and bones dressed at all times (though not all their outfit stays on 24/7).

-Deputies will typically have some sort of small accessory on them to dignify them.

-Riverclan cats nearly always use shells and fishbones, as well as willow, lilies, and pond irises. For added sparkle they also use fish scales.

-Thunderclan usually uses mouse, vole, and squirrel bones with brambles, thistles, daisies, and bracken. They often use sparrow, jay, or robin feathers too.

-Shadowclan overall decorates with the most bones which are usually snake, frog, rat, bat, or lizard. Bat wings, dried frog legs, raven or crow feathers, and lizard or snake scales are often incorporated. Out of all Clans they use flowers the least though leaders and highly honored warriors collect roses.

-In the Clans flowers are not seen as “feminine” Tigerstar’s crown actually included blood red roses and thorns.

-Shadowclan is infamous for coating their claws in deathberry juice or snake venom in battle.

-Windclan uses the most flowers out of the five. They love sweet scented flowers of all kinds, their garb is known to be softer in both texture and color. They often use sheep’s wool as added fluff. Very battle hungry warriors/leaders or tunnelers are honored with rabbit skulls and bones.

-Hawkheart was the only medicine cat known to Windclan to incorporate bones in his dress.

-Windclan tunnelers would wear crystals or pretty rocks during ceremonies. Their crowns nearly never contained flowers or grass but mostly bones, roots, and twigs.

-Skyclan’s crowns were very different and often included Twoleg things such as cloth or glass. They were made mostly of bird and squirrel bones and feathers.

-Leaders’ and medicine dens are heavily decorated with bones, feathers, fur, and flowers.

-In Thunderclan a deer and two badger skulls are hung on the walls. A badger pelt is also used for the leader’s nest. The badger skulls and pelt were dried and cleaned from two badgers killed in the badger attack.

-In Shadowclan many snake and bat skulls line the walls, in the center being a fox skull and pelt said to have been killed by Cedarstar.

-Windclan’s leader’s cave is centerd around a sheep skull (one had been found dead many moons ago) and rabbit skulls. The sheep’s skin is highly prized and was carried by warriors throughout the Great Journey. There are also innumerable heather flowers in the (underground) den.

-Riverclan decorates with clams and shells mostly. They prefer a more plant and moss orientated leader nest than other clans.

-Skyclan’s leader den has many bird skulls but in the center lies a pile of extraordinarily soft feathers.

-Many warriors dens also contain pelts and such to sleep on.

-It is often the medicine cat’s job to clean and dry pelts and bones. Bones improperly cleaned smell terrible and rot.

-During warrior ceremonies or when announcing mates all the clan will dress win their very best.

-Warriors are buried with their garb though often a mate or kit is allowed to keep a lock of fur and add it to their own dress.

-The warrior’s dress and ceremonial outfit is where the kittypet rumor of “they eat bones!” started.

Anyways sorry that was so long! Hope you guys enjoy :3 I was inspires by @aesthetic-warriors to think of more headcannons!


All the details about witches are found on this blog. Please note that what I wrote in the story are my own interpretations of witchcraft and therefore has many inaccuracies. Nevertheless, I hope you still enjoy.

Type of Witch:
Secular - Non-religious / Not connecting with deity(s)

Elemental - Magick that is worked by honoring/acknowledging the 4 or all 5 elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Spirit. Commonly an Elementalist will dedicate different areas of their altars to each element, call upon them during spells and rituals, and use symbols to represent each

Seasonal - Witches who utilize and draw energy from the specific times of year for their magic, sort of how a person might have a strong love or connection to a certain time of year! This can also be spread out into Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer witches

Shownu stands in the middle of his backyard with four stones in hand. He places the stone between him and a snow-covered tree and arranges them in an arch. The first stone is a yellow stone engraved with the word fire and an above it, following it is a blue stone engraved with the word water and an inverted triangle above it, next is a dark blue stone engraved with the word earth and an inverted triangle that has another line inside above it,and last is a gray-white stone with the word air on it and the same triangle but not inverted, above it.

It’s winter season, which means that the water element is the strongest. But he will try to make the other elements keep up with it; that’s his goal for today.

He closes his eyes and breathes in and out deeply. He tries to feel the cold winter air and tries to neutralize it in his mind. He does this for a few seconds before slowly opening his eyes. He sees the stones slowly becoming their respective elements. The tree’s leaves in front of him change colors between orange and green. He brings his arms forward and brings them closer to each other, the stones following his arm’s motion and slowly combining with each other.

He hears something at the back of his mind but he dismisses it, not wanting to break his concentration. He hears it again, he wills himself to listen to it while concentrating on the task in front of him. The earth and air combine first.


He recognizes the voice as Hoseok, his blood bond. A blood bond is something a witch do to have a stronger connection with other witches The blood bond allows the two witches to have a more stable magic stability when performing rituals that require one person. It is also something that witches who are close to each other do, a sign of trust and friendship.


Hoseok calls again.

The combined earth and air attach itself with the water but not quite combining fully yet, the fire does the same.

What is it?

I’m at the fort. They’re hunting witches. You need to come here now.


I’ll explain later.

Shownu heaves a sigh and stops the ritual unceremoniously. The stone elements drop and his whole backyard floods.

Type of Witch:
Hellenic - A form of non-witchcraft practice in which the practitioner follows Greek ideals/culture and honors the Greek pantheon

Storm/Weather - Magick that is worked by combining one’s energy with the energy of the weather, and most commonly rain. Weather witches will do things like collect rain/snow water, absorb the energy of a lightning storm, “whistle up” or manipulate wind, predict the weather, etc.

Sea - A type of magick derived from materials and abstract ideas involving the ocean and oceanic world. Sea/Ocean magick can be worked using seashells and bones, sea weed, beach sand, driftwood, ocean water, etc. and a sea witch might draw their energy from that of the sea! 

“Are we back in the middle ages now?” Shownu says as he arrives. “What is going on.”

Wonho brisk walks to the boat he prepared, Shownu closely following behind.

“A word got out about a necromancer. Now the people are hunting this, some other witches too.”

Necromancy has always been a taboo in the witch’s world. No matter what type of witch one is, dealing with the dead is a dangerous thing. The witches only manage to the common people because they managed to convince them that their craft won’t harm anyone.

They board the boat and Wonho dips his hand in the sea. He murmurs a chant under his breath and the water carries the boat away.

“Why are we running away? If that’s what we’re doing?” Shownu asks.

“Because it seems that we really are back in the middle ages. Hunt or be hunted. We both know that neither of us is willing to take part on that.”

Shownu nods.

“Are you not going to ask where we’re going?”

“Anywhere the sea takes us?”

Wonho smiles. It’s an expression he’d always use when someone asks things like this. Shownu found it weird at first, “Isn’t it ‘anywhere the wind will take us’?” He used to say. Wonho still wasn’t practicing the witchcraft of weather yet and he always replies, “But I’m a sea witch.” But after years of being with Wonho and being blood bonded with him, Shownu got used to it.

“Anywhere the sea takes us,” Wonho replies.

Shownu doesn’t say anything after that and Wonho didn’t add anymore so a comfortable silence surrounds them. The silence lasts for a few moments until the sound of a motor engine breaks it.

They looked at each other, a silent conversation taking place. If they suddenly speed away, it could cause suspicion. The best way is to go as they are and act normal.

The motorboat catches up to them as expected. Wonho notes that some of the passengers are bound by the hands, he assumes that they are captured witched. He makes eye contact with one of them, a boy about his age with black hair and plump lips. The boy breaks the eye contact and turns to who seems to be his friend who has white hair.

“Oi, what you two up to here huh?” The captain calls out to them.

“We were just fishing sir,” Wonho answers.

“I see no caught fishes there,”

“Seems like the tides are not in our favor today. Please don’t let us bother you, sir,” Shownu backs up

The captain looks skeptically at them and calls someone over.

Wonho and Shownu share a look; they have to be prepared.

Wonho draws energy from the sea and transfers it to the sky. He chants inside it his, and one cloud begins to darken. The person that the captain that the captain calls over is a woman. The captain speaks to her briefly and she turns to look at them. Her eyes turn red Wonho recognizes her as a Draconian witch. A witch that works with the nature of dragon, the creature that has the most intelligent and can almost detect and feel anything, including magical energy.

Wonho propagates the energy as fast as he can to spread to the entire sky, he can feel the sea being alive too. The woman’s eyes return to back to normal and she turns to the captain. Before the captain can do anything, Wonho releases the energy from the sky and a lighting stuck the motorboat followed by a full-blown storm. The sea dances with the violent wind above it and both of the boat capsize.

Type of Witch:
Hereditary/Blood - Including oneself in the practice of witchcraft on the grounds of having been born into a family who also practices. Knowledge and practice may also be passed down through generations, and honor old ways of magic

Animal - (A variant of Green) Magick that is strongly tied to the animal kingdom, which includes a deep appreciation for all animals, and most often: usage of animal materials in spellwork. An animal witch will most likely be one who loves animals, a person who animals are immediately “drawn” to, and those who appreciate the natural world. Some animal witches might also use bones, wings, feathers, fur, skin, scales, (etc). from deceased animals in their magick, if they choose to do so.

Flora - Much like a Green or Garden witch, those who work majorily with floral materials and flowers in their practice and in their spellwork! Their grimoire may be heavily associated with flowers rather than herbs, and likewise, one might use flower properties in spell or craft work.

Minhyuk’s magic rarely requires hand movements but being bound makes it hard for him to move, especially underwater. He tries to open his eyes but it was a useless effort.


He calls his blood bond.

Min? Where are you? Are you okay?

I am. I’ll try to call some dolphins to get us out of here. Hang in there.

I can handle myself but sure.

Minhyuk internally smiles, whatever happens to the two of them, they always manage to let this light friendly atmosphere between them.

He doesn’t have any magic energy left because of the struggle to keep himself together underwater in the last few minutes. He gathers whatever amount of energy he can and tries to reach to the dolphins in the nearest vicinity.

He detects a response but judging from the distance, he won’t have enough energy to stay conscious by the time they arrive. He’s starting to feel his breath slowly running out and his consciousness slipping away.

He finally gives in and let himself breathe underwater, expecting water to enter his lungs and suffocate him. He found himself breathing easily, instead. He opens his eyes and sees a bubble of water surrounding him.

“Are you okay?” He hears from behind him.

He turns around and he came face to face with a man with small eyes and a small plump lips looking at him with concern.

“Uh, yeah. Are you the one doing this?” He points to the bubble.

“No. Wonho is,” the man replies.

“Oh uhm, could you help me find my friend? I’m blood bonded with him but I can’t reach him to through telekinesis anymore,”

The man nods and stays silent for a few moments, probably communicating to the aforementioned Wonho.

The dolphins came while he was doing so and Minhyuk motions them over. He snuggles them, happy to have some comfort.

“My friend is already looking for him. You’re an animal witch?”

“And a floral. I’m Minhyuk.”

“Shownu. So I have no idea how to navigate on the sea. Could your dolphins help somehow?”

Minhyuk turns to one of the dolphins and asks if they could help them. The dolphin squeaks and swims away.

“They’re on their way to find them. Tell your friend to follow them. They’ll lead them in an island,”

Shownu nods. The dolphin that remained with the two of them swims away and they follow not far behind

When they get to the island, Hyungwon and Wonho aren’t there yet. Shownu makes a circular motion with his hand, producing a fire which he uses to cut Minhyuk’s binds.

Minhyuk thanks him and he turns to the dolphins to also thank them. Minhyuk runs back to the shore to Shownu and creates a circular shape with his hand. A circular arrangement of poppies appears and he gives this to Shownu.

“Thank you for helping. I’m sure you’re tired. You can use this as a pillow,” Minhyuk offers.

Shownu smiles.

“You need it more. Your magical energy was already running out when I found you and you just used it again. You’re the one that’s tired. Besides, you said that you couldn’t reach your friend so he must be pretty weak right now too. I should stay awake to talk with Wonho,” Shownu says.

Shownu’s tone was so tender and Minhyuk couldn’t bear to say no. So he nods and lays on the sand, with the arrangement of poppies as his pillow, he falls asleep.

Type of Witch:
Traditional - One who practices witchcraft by honoring and using old and ‘traditional’ ways of magick; this type of witch might be one to practice modern methods of magick, but they might also stick to traditional concepts or techniques

Spirit Working - A practice in which the person will perform spellwork in conjunction with or with the help of any manner of spirit. This includes Ouija, (sometimes) demon spirits, spiritual contact, etc.

Sigil - A witchcraft working majorly with sigils, and the intent that can be put into them to activate their power

Kihyun was ecstatic when he heard about the necromancer. He had been dedicating most of his life perfecting the ritual that could call the familiar of his ancestor. The familiar was a powerful familiar and now he was a powerful spirit. Kihyun had a hard time summoning it because of this. The summoning of the familiar is a feat that none of the members his clan had ever done since the time of his great mother. He’ll be the first one to do in a long time if he manages to get to the necromancer.

He’s inside a forest. He clears the ground of leaves then takes out his candle and lights it. He goes around and lets the wax drops so it forms a circle. He goes inside the circle and makes two small circles in the center. He blows out the candle and stands between the two small circles.

“Veni foras! Spiritus Patris ordinatores et stratores laguncularum”

The leaves swirl upward and disperse to reveal three figures in white.

“A member of the Tragaudo clan,” one figure said.

“He is a young one,” another said.

“How may we be of service young Tragaudo?” the last one asks.

“I’m looking for a witch who practices necromancy.”

The three figures turn to look at each other, at least that’s what Kihyun thinks since he can’t really see their eyes.

“A practitioner of necromancy?” The second figure said

“We will be honored to find him for you,” they said in unison.

The three of them suddenly disappeared but Kihyun didn’t panic. He knows how spirits work and the Tragaudo clan has been an affiliate of spirits for a long time. Their sudden disappearance doesn’t mean anything bad.

As he expected the spirits come back after a minute.

“The necromancer is in the south of this country,” the first one said

“He is by the lake of the fairy,” adds the other.

“In a place cursed by many,” concludes the last.

“Thank you,” he says to them.

The figures bow to him and they disappear.

Katarameni is where the necromancer is. The place was cursed because of the witches that were burned back in the time when the witches and the people were still at war. Nobody ever goes there anymore, not the witches because of their ancestor’s horrible experience, nor the people because of the memory of their monstrous nature.

“This witch is smart,” Kihyun remarks.

Kihyun takes out his candle again and draws another circle, a small one this time. He crouches down to draw three triangles inside of it. He blows out his candle and takes out his pen. He draws the same symbol in his palm and hovers it to the one he drew on the ground.

“Viator. Venit ad me.”

A black bull appears in front of him. He bows to it and it bows back.

“Take me to Katarameni,”

The bull huffs, signaling its affirmation. Kihyun rides the bull and it disappears.

Type of Witch:
Celtic - Magickal practice that is based on the Celtic culture, including its’ mythology, deities, old ways, and (occasionally) language/symbols. May also describe those who only worship Celtic gods

Astronomy/Space - Those who practice magick and correlate their beliefs in conjunction with the planets and stars! These witches may focus their magic with the properties of each planet, regularly read a horoscope or study astrology, and have a love of the stars and the night.

Dream - Mindful and internal magickal practice mainly based on interpreting dreams and/or engaging in lucid dreaming. Those who intensify as this may “de-code” symbols and messages in the dream world similar to how one would use a divination technique.

There is somebody walking around a rundown town that has several burned down houses.  He enters one house and looks around it. He spots something by the corner and goes to pick it up; it’s an arm bone. He exits the house and goes somewhere. The scene fades and he is by a lake, he puts the hand bone and several other bones in a bag and dips it the lake. He suddenly turns around and somebody appears from behind the trees.

Hyungwon wakes up, disoriented. He gets up slowly and looks around him. He’s in a beach. He sees Minhyuk and someone with a gray-blue hair playing around the waters.

“You’re awake, how are you feeling?” He hears from beside him.

He sees a broad tan man which he recognizes from the boat the capsizes theirs.

“You’re a powerful witch,” he says.

The man looks at him in confusion.

“You manage to control the sea, the whole sea. And even stirred up a storm. That requires a lot of magical energy.”

The man chuckles, “Oh, that wasn’t me. It was Wonho,” he points to the man with gray-blue hair. “I just stabilized the water after that. He’s the one that brought you here too.”

“I see.”

He looks at the two by the shore and Minhyuk sees him, he waves a hand at him.


Minhyuk starts running full speed towards him, almost tripping halfway. Minhyuk lunges himself at Hyungwon and they both fall back to the sand.


He starts peppering him with kisses and Hyungwon lightly pushes him away, aware of the eyes looking at them.


Minhyuk sits up and Hyungwon follows.

“Well, I’m just glad you’re okay now. Meet our new friends. Shownu,” he points to the tan man and they nod at each other. “And Wonho,” he points to the gray-blue hair man.

Hyungwon looks at him.

“I heard from Shownu that you brought me here. Thank you,” he says to him.

Wonho smiles at him and they look at each other for a few moments.

“We were both young when I first saw you~” Minhyuk suddenly starts singing.

The two of them broke eye contact. Hyungwon hits Minhyuk lightly and Hyungwon thinks he sees Wonho blush.

“So what’s our plan now? They’re gonna be looking for us.” Shownu asks.

“Let’s go to Katarameni,” Hyungwon says.

All eyes look at him.

“The necromancer’s there. And somebody already found him,”

“How did you know?” Wonho asks.

“The universe showed me,”


“Wonnie’s an astronomy and a dream witch,” Minhyuk supplies. “And sometimes the universe shows him some things through his dreams.”

The two of them nods in understanding.

“But why should we go there?”

“Everybody’s looking for the necromancer. Either to use him for something or kill him. Necromancy is a long forgotten witchcraft. For him to be able to master it means he’s a very skillful witch and must be very powerful. It would be us against the world but at least we have power,” Hyungwon explains.

“That’s actually true,” Shownu says. “But how do we get there?”

“It’s three days by the sea and ten by land. But both options are too risky. We might get caught,” Wonho looks at Shownu, “Can you make us fly?”

“I can’t, we’re too many,”

“Don’t worry, we’ll travel through space,” Hyungwon says.

Hyungwon closes his eyes and looks at the sky. Minhyuk takes Wonho and Shownu’s hand.

“We’re gonna be stars,” he says.

Before the two of them can say anything, stars begin falling and hits the four of them.

Type of Witch:
Eclectic - An individual’s practice that has bits and pieces pulled from different magickal and/or spiritual practices, respectfully

“Poison Path” - Working with plants, herbs, other items that may be poisonous, deadly, cause hallucinogenic effects, or affect the mind or body in some way

Desert - Using and utilizing the desert environment. Lots of work with hardier plants such as Cacti or Tumbleweeds. Use of the moon, desert earth, fire, rare water (especially rainwater), wind, local plants and herbs, as well as animals/creatures of the desert such as snakes, spiders, scorpions, and so on.

Jooheon sits in the throne room beside his father, listening to a group of witches and locals ask the King for assistance in finding the necromancer.

“That witch can be very dangerous Your Highness. Necromancy deals with the dead. He may raise an army against us.”

The King seems to think this over and Jooheon rolls his eyes.

“Then he already would’ve done so correct? He’s just probably minding his own business, practicing what he likes. No need to persecute him,” Jooheon says.

“With all due respect my prince, witchcraft isn’t just about doing what you like. Some people have an ill intention for practicing this. Like that necromancer.”

“How would you know this? From the looks of this, it seems like you’re the one that has ill intentions,” the witch’s eyes widen and opens his mouth to speak but Jooheon speaks. “Father. This will cause a lot of damage. The assistance they’re asking for is obviously your army. This can cause a lot of casualties.”

The King looks at Jooheon and back at the locals.

“I will think this over,” the King finally says.

“But Your Highness”

“You are dismissed.”

No one in the group says anything more. The bow to the King and Jooheon and they begrudgingly exit the throne room.

Jooheon gets up from his throne to also exit the room but his father stops him.


He turns to his father.

“Both of you have a point. But those people have been practicing witchcraft for a long time and came from families of witches. You’re new to witchcraft. They know more than you. The necromancer might be dangerous.”

“You’re right. But they don’t know anything about ruling and leadership. If you want to rule a kingdom with corpses. Go ahead.”

Jooheon doesn’t let his father say anything after that. Immediately exiting the room and going straight to his room.

Jooheon opens his windows and looks down to see the group of locals and witches leave the palace gates. He gets a crystal from his altar and places it on his window pane.

“What does the wind hear?”

A strong wind enters his room, making the crystal fall inside. He picks it up and takes it to his window again. He lifts it up to make it reflect the sun. He sees some images: witches having a talking amongst themselves, another group of witch performing a ritual, and someone singing to his father.

“Oh no,”

He hears footsteps from outside and someone knocks at his door. He grabs what he can and puts it in a cloth. He opens the door to find his father and the one singing to him earlier.

“Jooheon. This beautiful woman has the most beautiful voice. I would like you to hear it too.”

The woman smiles at him and he smiles back.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to say no to your manipulation,” Jooheon says.

He dashes out of his room, storming pass them. He hears his father says a command to this soldier to go after them. He takes a crystal and whispers a chant to it. He throws it to the guards and a sandstorm blows them away. He keeps running and a group of witch corners him. He takes another crystal and chants to it again. A smoke appears and the witches fall down one by one. He manages to get out of the palace and he keeps on running. He enters an abandoned building. He takes another crystal and places it on the ground.

“Who does the wind know?”

A strong wind blows again. He picks up the crystal and goes outside to make it reflect the sun.

He sees a shooting star headed south.

“An astronomy witch,”

He tries to think.

What’s in the south?

His brain racks for an answer for a few moments until he finally got it.


He takes a bunch of crystals and musters all his energy.

“The wind will take me.”

An extremely strong wind rushes past him. The wind comes back to him and engulfs him. The wind goes up, taking Jooheon with it. Jooheon tries to concentrate more, hoping that his energy will last until he reaches Katarameni.

Type of Witch:
Solitary - Practicing by ones’ self; not included in a group

Sanguine - Meaning “blood” or “blood red color” in Latin, a type of magick that deals with blood or other life giving fluid; life blood can also be represented through things such as water, or nutrients. A term for those who work with blood and life-oriented magick!

Death/Necromancy - A practice that may combine Bone, Animal, Spirit work, occasionally also Blood. Using spirits to empower one self, hoarding bones, using graveyards, graves, the spirits of them, as well as the dirt (or even plants) that are found in them. May also honor the dead and/or gods who work with the dead. 

Changkyun feels the wind getting stronger. He carefully gets his knife and lightly cuts his thumb. He dips his thumb in the river and lets his blood flow while he says a chant. The wind does not get calmer and he decides to perform the ritual later. The thought frustrates him because he would have to walk around the town again to find new bones. He keeps chanting until blood no longer flows from his thumb. He hears a rustle from behind him and he turns around. He makes careful hand movements to make the river move at his will.

“Who’s there?”

A man about Changkyun’s height appears from behind the trees. He is wearing a loose black shirt and pants. He has a fair skin contrast to Chankyun and an ebony black hair to compliment it.

The man smiles at him.

“Who are you?” Chankyun asks, not letting his guard down.

“My name’s Yoo Kihyun. A member of the Tragaudo clan and I need your help.”

This surprises Changkyun but he maintains his guard.

“What help?”

“I want to summon our clan’s spirit familiar. But my skill as a spirit working isn’t enough to summon such powerful spirit. I would need a necromancer to do it.”

Chankyun narrows his eyes in suspicion, Kihyun seems to be telling the truth.

He is about to answer when the wind got stronger. He lifts his hands and the river follows. He sees Kihyun takes out a pen in his bag and scribbles something in his palm. A smoking armored figured appeared behind Kihyun.

The wind stops and both of them gets ready to attack. A whirlwind is coming towards them Changkyun puts his arms forward the river’s water go for the whirlwind. The water surrounds the water and drags it to the river. The whirlwind stops, revealing a person. The person lands on the lake and Changkyun quickly goes to him.

When he is close enough, he recognizes the person. Kihyun’s gasp from behind him indicates that he does too.

“Prince Jooheon?” Kihyun says.

Jooheon gets up, face contorting to irritation.

“I’m very sorry, my prince,” Changkyun says. He wanted to at least lessen his punishment by apologizing now that he’s been caught.

“It’s okay. I know you know you’re being hunted,” Changkyun eyes widen. “Listen. The whole country is after you. Some witch literally bewitched my father and now his probably preparing like he prepares for war.”

If Chankyun’s eyes can get any wider, they probably would.

“Why are you here?”

“I’m here to help? I don’t know, I just came here on impulse. I didn’t want them coming after you.”

“A prince indeed,” Kihyun comments. “Does they know he’s here?”

Changkyun looks at Kihyun then back at Jooheon.

“Probably not. Before I left, a coven and some locals asked for my father’s army. They were probably going to search every nook and crook of this country. Who are you by the way? Why are you with the necromancer?” He asks Kihyun.

“I’m no one. I came to him to ask help, turns out he’s the one who needs it. Funny how the universe work,” Kihyun says. “But I still want your help. But not now, which brings us to the question, what are you going to do now?”

Changkyun looks back and forth at the two of them and thinks. He knew that he couldn’t stay here for long but he hoped that he could just until he could finish the ritual. He didn’t expect to be leaving the place so soon. What’s more is that he has a witch that needs his help and a prince kind enough to warn him, both apparently willing to help them. He has never been in this kind of situation before so he didn’t know what to do.

Something suddenly explodes from above them. He looks up and sees glitters falling. Among the glitters are four figures dangerously plummeting down. When they are nearing the ground, however, the fall swiftly like a feather. When they land, one of them, a tall thin man, collapses. A man with gray-blue hair quickly goes over to him to watch him.

Now he got four more witches whom he doesn’t know the intentions of.

“Is he okay?” Kihyun asks.

“Yeah. He just used up too many energy to get us here,” a white-haired, answers.

“Who are you, people?” Changkyun asks.

“Hello, great necromancer whom the whole country is after, greetings to you Prince Jooheon, what are you doing here? And good afternoon to you concern man.”

“What?” Kihyun inserts.

“We are here to join the party of the people who will rule the world once this chase is over,” the white-haired man concludes his introduction.

“What he means is,” a broad tan man says, “we are here to side with the necromancer.”

Changkyun is just beyond confused this point. Years ago, he was banished by his coven for attempting to study necromancy. A week ago, the whole country wants to hunt him down. He had been alone for a long time. But now, six people are willing to help him. He didn’t know what to do or feel.

“Min,” the tall man who collapsed whispers, eyes still closed

The white-haired man rushes to him.

“What is it?”

“They’re coming.”

They hear horses coming from a distance.

“Search the place!” A female voice commands.

“We need to get out of here. Now,” Jooheon says.

“The place is surrounded and none of us is capable of fast traveling now. Where would we go?” The gray-blue haired man says.

“Hold on to me,” Changkyun says. “We’re going to the underworld.”

curious-spirit  asked:

Would you mind sharing some of your UPG in regards to Freyja? I'm curious how she appears other people who work with her.

I am going to start by how I “see the Gods” because it rather impacts my relationship with them and my UPG as a whole. Additionally, take what I say with a grain of salt; as UPG stands for: Unverified Personal Gnosis. 

I really manifest a blend of their archetypes with then how I perceive their influence momentarily. In actuality- it is very hard for me to think that the Gods have actual physical forms. In regards to any deity or spiritual essence, I feel that our manifestations of them are an integrate of what has been recorded of them; by those who helped constructed their interpreted meanings and now [us] who reconstruct the above in various versions. It’s broad yet holds a lot of depth, and that is what makes personal gnosis so debatable and very intriguing to say the least.

Also I have so many interactions with her over the years that I hope a general overview is okay instead of specific events. Though I will try implement them as examples. I also am not going to compare my UPG to any form of CG at this time.


She typically always has the same physical aspects when I work with her. Very golden, long blonde hair, a really muscular build, grey eyes and just roughly over 5′8, so quite tall compared to the average height of woman today. 

Though depending on what I will be doing with her do her physiological aspects change such as: the way she motions her arms, saunters, her clothing and even moreso her voice. Her voice changes a lot. It goes from this sweet and gentle- mature tone to a gruff and slightly raspy harp. I subject most of these changes to be either if we are working on ascetics, horsing/possession, seiðr, spæ-craft, hydging or just building up a goddess-to-devotee relationship. This either  through blóts or just other sporadic devotional acts. 

Something I take note of is she constantly wears Valshamr. This in comparison to some of her other articles such as the Brísingamen or grátandi tárar [gilded crying tears]. By ‘wear’ I literally mean that I ‘see’ feathers embedded in her shoulders and back, ranging in size and an array of gilded brown colours. Sometimes the clothing she wears will let them poke out or seam more like an actual cloak than part of her morphology. 

From my perception, no matter how she presents herself to me, she always has a very dominate-poised and eccentric stature. Usually is adorned in lavish woven patterns or crafted jewelry. 


She is very much as a large constitute of people describe her; which is the embodiment of beauty and strength- but even more how these two elements can be so perfectly align. Her strength physically comes deep emotionally. Her beauty is the personification of what woman can bring to each realm that their counterparts cannot. It’s immensely hard to describe- and quite haunting.

I don’t want to compare her mannerisms nor her personality to a character in cinema or like a celebrity. If anything we mold ourselves from these embodiments found and felt in nature to the Gods.  

Again, depending on what she and I are working on or how I pay reverence to her within my path do I really see her array of displayed traits. Above all, she is driven and determined with a temperament to be often equitable, yet attentive. This is really where her multi-faceted sides of being the sensual, maternal and comical aspects resides versus the warrior or even agurer/seeress.

I am willing to definitely say that Freyja’s relationship to me is dual of a guide in  seiðr along with being a strong feminine essence who presides within/over me. Thus, her manifested character draws along this core foundation between her and I. 


  • Feral & domestic cats as a constant re-occurrence when working with her are not atypical coincidences.
  • As Freyja, she really likes offerings of gold, citrine, feldspar and amber jewelry, pork anything, runes- along with yew bundles, fir resin and juniper. (either as a votive or burned as an incense.)
  • As Valfreyja, she adores predatory bird feathers, cat fur, claws, bones, teeth, seaxes/weaponry, menstrual and/or venial blood.
  • As Mardöll, she likes sea shells, ocean water, flower pressings, spears, nets, red or purple pigments/paints, fish bones.
  • As Vanadís, she likes pork rinds/bones, bonfires, runes, planting, harvesting, gardening, mead, honey, cleansing the home. 
  • Freyja really digs music outside of black metal and Scandinavian folk.
  • I often will have the sudden urge to make art, cook or do random tasks for her/with her. 
  • Her sense of humor is rather crude but dry. 
  • She is not a crazy cat lady, a sexual femme-bot or a brute woman. She is just the embodiment of something misunderstood and taken for granted. 
To run with the Fox: A night traveling ritual, Pt.1

In my personal path, the Spirits of the Forests are some of my biggest allies, best friends, and wisest of teachers.  The connection I have with them is immeasurable and I can not be more thankful for the wisdom they have imparted upon me, and continue to do so.  I share with you my traveling ritual to connect with them, to see as the creatures of the night do, to gain the wisdom of ancient stones, to know the earth as if you were a worm in the roots of the World Tree, to run with the Fox in the dark of night.


Ancestral Altar or Spirit Altar

Animal Ally or Fetch, and accompanying fetish’s, incense, and oils

Blood Cord*


Gathering bag dedicated to this ritual only

Plenty of offerings: coins, seeds, nuts, herbs, flowers, bread crumbs, bottle of water, tea, coffee, meat, etc. 

1 large Turkey feather

1 red candle, 1 black candle, 1 white candle

Step 1: Temet Nosce: Know Thyself.

A fundamental principle in the craft.  Shed your ego and be true.  Working with spirits can be dangerous, and Like attracts Like. Be honest, pure and full of light and the spirits will gift you with their wisdom.  Be of lies,deceit, and darkness, and the spirits will muddy your soul even more.  Also, know who you are on the other side too. Do you know what you look like to the spirits? Do you know your other name? If you don’t, how are you to introduce yourself, especially if you’re frightening to them?!

Step 2: Connect with the Forest. 

Take a walk, Listen to the words whispered by the leaves in the wind, feel the earth beneath your bare feet, breathe in the fresh air and let it cleanse and energize your soul.  Do not take anything from the forest at this time, this is a time for appreciation, offerings at the entrance are always appreciated. Do this often!  For weeks and months, not days.  The more, the better…just like any other practice.  You will develop a relationship with the forest and the stronger you build the relationship, the more powerful the magic will become.

Step 3: At Twilight we gather.

Twilight, like a bowl of water on your altar, a bridge over a river, or a door to a temple, is a threshold for Spirit activity.  It is a time when the Spirits awake and become abuzz with activity.. just like the moths and beetles that come out at this time. Animals of twilight like bats, skunks, rabbits, deer, and foxes, all have a deep connection to the other world and the dead. To give reverence and acknowledgement to these creatures as messengers of the Other World, will surely help you in your future travels. Encountering these animals on your journey this night may be signs to pay attention to.

A few hours before twilight on the eve of a dark moon, take your gathering bag and wand to the forest.  Bring offerings to leave at the entrance and say your blessings, prayers, and thank you’s.  (Silently)Tell the forest that you are thankful for the relationship you’ve built.  Tell the forest that you are there to ask a favor.  Tell the trees you are there to take from them only what you need. Tell the rocks and plants you are asking their assistance to better your relationship with the spirits of the night forest.  Let the forest know your intentions. Let the forest know you’re its friend and guardian.  Give an offering of water to the Earth and begin your gathering.

With your wand in hand(dominant), take a walk through the forest with the intention of finding what they want you to find.  Walk slowly, breathe in the twilight air, and keep a clear mind.  Twilight in the forest is a magical time and you will notice a lot of spiritual activity happening all around you.  The air is different.  The lighting is odd.  The energy is almost palpable.  You can feel it flowing through you as if you were a window screen. Let your wand guide you throughout this walk.  The forest will show you what to take. Gather leaves, mosses, seeds, fruits, and flowers.  A leaf that fell in front of you was given by the Oak for strength and bravery.  Moss growing on the rock you decided to take a break on is a gift for you to see in the shadows. A flower growing in the middle of your path lends its own special magic to you.  Take small amounts of anything you take, magic isn’t about quantity. Feathers, fur, or bones are special gifts and special thanks needs to be given back, be sure to have extra offerings.  Be appreciative of what you collect and say thank you every time, after all…they’re gifts from the forest spirits to help you.

By the time your walk is finished, it will most likely be very dark out.  Another change in the atmosphere.  Scary. Quiet.  Alive, but you cant see it, you only feel it.  Nighttime in the forest can be dangerous, especially if you live in an area with night predators, so obviously be cautious and be prepared..you should already know these woods.  It can also be dangerous by way of tricksters, thieves, and other mischievous spirits that come out at night. Again, Know Thyself and the forest will watch over you, be untrue and they’ll come for you. If you’re comfortable in the night forest, you may sit and meditate before you leave, there’s a chance you might meet something if you haven’t already.  Once again, say thank you for everything you’ve taken and leave more offerings and water at the exit.

Continued in Part 2: To Become the Fox

   <3 The Black Fox

Blood Cord* - Like other magic cords, I use a Blood Cord in my Craft to represent the River of Blood, or us living animals. Handmade Cord of wool, dyed red, the length of your arm span from finger tip to finger tip. More on how to use a Blood Cord later.

anonymous asked:

I've heard that reptilinks are pretty dubious as a sole food source, but are they a decent supplement for variety? My lil guy eats f/t mice and he's a great eater, but always worry a bit if theres just even a little nutrition that he's missing out on eating only one thing his entire life.

It was dubious back when the only options were venison (high in fat), but a lot of the current mixes are just fine if you’d wish to use them as a single prey source. They are simply ground up whole prey (bones/fur/feathers included) minus the intestine.

Personally I can’t wait to order more and try some of the newer mixes in addition to the fr0g/qu.ail. Supposedly they might be easier for white lips to digest because the fur is all pre-ground up, so I’ll be using them mostly for that. (White lips typically do not digest fur and spit it back up as a fur cast.)

Also variety is a good thing! I regularly rotate between b.irds, gui.nea pi.gs, r@ts, and mi.ce.

Also edit: There are some great new podcast eps about Reptilinks on Morelia Python Radio. I highly recommend giving this a listen for anyone with the time!


Quick doodle featuring some of Dean’s headbands. 

The first one is from the original drawing where I imagined Dean to be a dangerous (maybe even malicious) hunter type who decorates himself with parts of the things he killed. The headband is made of fur, feathers, leather, bones, but also flowers (which you don’t see because it’s on the other side of the head.)

Second is what I usually draw and the other two are fancier examples.

in the willow-meads of tasarinan, i walked in the spring (bellarke one-shot)

a canon-verse twist on the “accidentally took a love potion/aphrodisiac and then ran into crush“ prompt requested by a couple of anons, set some unspecified number of years after s2. names of plants and places are stolen from tolkien and elder scrolls, but the fundamental error in trying to give a cutesy prompt some semblance of angst is mine, all mine.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I love snakes, and I also love rodents. Are there any types of snake that can do without eating rodents and eat other food instead, like eggs or fish etc.? If not, I just won't get a snake 'cause I wouldn't forcefully change its diet.

Hi there!

Yours is a common conundrum that until recently did not have an easy answer. While many snakes such as garters and egg-eating snakes can survive on diets that do not include rodents, these snakes are less common in the pet trade and can be tricky to care for or difficult to handle. Similarly, their food can be hard to obtain unless you plan well ahead of time and have a reliable source.

Fortunately, there is now a product called Reptilinks that consists of whole prey ground up in a sausage casing that you can offer as an alternative to rodents. They have several blends that are perfect for different species of snake and they’re at a similar price point to equivalently-sized prey animals. 
Most common species of snake will take to Reptilinks without a fuss, though ball pythons can be tricky to convert. 

The best part is that Reptilinks include everything: Fur, feathers, bone, organs, etc. so they’re nutritionally just as good as a rodent. In some cases they’re even better because they allow you to offer prey that is closer to the snake’s natural diet. In the wild, I very seriously doubt that any snakes eat nothing but corn-fed domesticated rodents. Reptilinks give me the freedom to choose different blends, too, so that I can tailor my snakes’ nutrition over the course of a year without having to switch prey size or worry about my snakes getting stuck on a prey type and rejecting anything else.

I hope that this helps you to make an informed decision on whether or not a snake is the right pet for you, and I admire your resolve to let a snake be a snake even if it were to mean you wouldn’t have one of your own. :)

Happily, you don’t have to choose between loving your rodent pets and loving your reptile pets!


I’ve been meaning to post pics of this whole table for a billion years. Sorry for the delay!

This is my curiosity table! It’s an old printing press drawer that someone made into a little coffee table. My mom bought it for my dad back in the 1970s and he used to keep a lot of his Civil War relics in it.

A few years ago he gave it to me and I stuffed it full of all sorts of little curiosities. It houses bones, skulls, teeth, fossils, shells, feathers, claws, fur samples, insects, and more!


My Curiosity Collection Grab Bag from shadyufo!

It’s so awesome! I love all of these cute little samples! I didn’t take some of them out of the bag, as it was a little windy and I didn’t want them to blow away lol.

It is very easy to see how much effort was put into these Grab Bags. They are amazing!

Thank you so much Emily! I love them!

hunterx700  asked:

I saw your post about Mizar refusing to eat his food longways, and I noticed you fed him a reptilink. I was just wondering if I could ask you about them? I'm curious about how you like them? do you feed them occasionally as a snack, or as a total replacement for mice/rats?


I really like Reptilinks and so do most of my snakes. Prepare for a novel on why.
I know that in the past there was at least one company that made an attempt to offer an alternative product to replace whole feeder animals, but it was made with low grade ground beef and filler and was designed for very large snakes with very squeamish owners and was not an appropriate prey replacement. That failure tainted the image of the “snake sausage” for a long time.

Prey animals like mice, rats, rabbits, and chickens have been the industry standard for a long time, but how good are they really? Most snakes have a varied diet of mammals, amphibians, fish, birds, other reptiles, invertebrates, etc. and their prey also have varied diets in turn. Honestly I doubt very much that there are any wild species of snake that feed exclusively on mice, let alone mice that eat mostly soy and corn-based diets the way commercial mice do. 
I’m not exactly wild about my pets not having variety, and I’m also not wild about factory-farmed mice eating who-knows-what and living who-knows-how, so I tried for a long time to find ways to supplement a single-prey diet. I raised my own colonies and gave them the best lives I could offer and the highest quality food I could find and even made my own rodent diets from scratch. It was time consuming and expensive, but I felt that I was doing my best I could for my pets. My snakes were healthy and my personal ethics were satisfied.
After a move and a promotion at work, I just didn’t have the time to maintain enough mice to feed all of my snakes and also maintain the snakes. I was forced to once again purchase feeders that were raised who-knows-how.

Reptilinks, in contrast to the attempts made by other companies, are designed for all snake sizes and species and marketed towards owners who want MORE for their animals instead of just wanting to pay less or who are merely avoiding having to see a dead animal. They use whole prey, locally sourced and raised for human food, and include bone, fur, feather, entrails, and organs (with the exception of I think the rabbit links, which do not include guts). They’re conveniently sized and priced similarly to equivalent prey, with the added benefit of being more nutrient dense so you can offer smaller prey with the same nutritive value. There are multiple formulations to allow you to select an appropriate prey type with the correct protein and fat ratio to meet the needs of your pet and they also cater to species that usually favor non-mammal prey by offering blends made with various fowl, frogs, and even insects. Just be aware of the fat/protein ratio and the size of the link you’re offering because it is easier to overfeed with Reptilinks.

Not all of my snakes will take Reptilinks, but pretty much all of my hognoses prefer the megablend (Guinea fowl, pheasant, chicken, quail, rabbit, and frog) links to mice and my ratsnakes LOVE the rabbit and rabbit/quail blends, though I have to be careful not to overfeed the latter because quail is quite rich. I usually alternate prey items for snakes who are amicable to it, offering a mouse or rat one week and a reptilink the next so that my snakes get even more variety in their diet, as they would in the wild. I also use the richer reptilinks like quail to help my breeding girls get back into condition after egg laying and I have used links as the next offered meal after a rodent regurge because they’re easier to digest. I have never had a snake regurgitate a Reptilink.

There has been at least one breeder who split a clutch of baby snakes and fed half exclusively mice and the other half exclusively Reptilinks and it seems that the snakes grew at pretty much the same rate. I don’t know that I’d say the links are inherently better than rodent prey, but they certainly are not worse and they do offer greater variation for more well-rounded nutrition, and their devotion to husbandry and customer service are really stellar.
I’m happy to support a small business, my personal ethics are satisfied, and my snakes are happy and healthy.

Everybody wins!