feather effect


The following are tulips infected with a virus. The virus infects the bulb and causes the tulip to break its lock on a single color, resulting in intricate bars, stripes, streaks, featherings or flame-like effects of different colors on the petals. 

Charms & Talismans (II)

For Luck

  • Butterfly charms - They are considered to be omens of luck. The gentle fluttering of a butterfly is good fortune. It is a symbol of freedom and perfection in nature. Just as a butterfly is not born, but is metamorphosised into a perfectly symmetrical creature, one’s ill fate can be transformed into good fortune. Butterflies have been associated with wandering, free souls in many different cultures.
  • Acorn - It is said to be an emblem of luck, and is believed to give the gift of youth to the wearer.
  • Astrological talismans - These type of talismans are usually very effective when prescribed according to the specifics of one’s horoscope. It corresponds to a favourably or unfavourably placed planet in the horoscope of the concerned person, and can be acquired to either strengthen or reduce that planet’s effects
  • Feathers - An ancient charm for luck and represents the journey of the soul to the other realm.
  • Keys - Three keys worn together symbolise the unlocking to the doors of health, wealth, and love.
  • Lucky coins - Bring luck to the bearer.

For Protection

  • Corno (horn) - An Italian amulet of ancient origin. It is a gently twisted horn-shaped amulet worn to bring protection against the evil eye, specifically against being cuckolded.
  • Cord charms - Intended to decay, they are put around a child’s wrist or neck, and by the time they wear off, the child is said to be old enough to withstand the “eye”.
  • Rabbit foot - The left hind foot of a rabbit is considered lucky, and the bearer has to rub it to activate the luck. In some sources, it is also said to be good for protection magic, in addition to bringing good fortune.
  • Mano Cornuto - “mano” meaning “hand” and “cornuto” meaning “horn”, the charm represents a hand gesture in which the index and little fingers are extended while the middle and ring fingers are curled into the palm. The reference is to the horned head of an animal. It is used for magical protection against the evil eye. 
  • Abracadabra - Created in biblical times for the benefit and well-being of all humankind by the elite holy men known to history as the Magiits proven ability to compel negative situations to diminish and vanish is legendary.

Crystals & Stones (Various)

For travelling:

  • Carbuncle and chalcedony - Protects sailors from drowning.
  • Quartz - Protects from extreme weather.
  • Banded agate - Protects from surging waves of the ocean.
  • Jet - Provides major protection to the wearer for travelling by river or sea.
  • Amethyst - Can be used as a general protection for travellers.

For courage

  • Aquamarine - Banishes fear.
  • Bloodstone - Provides courage.
  • Carnelian - Provides courage, as well as protection.
  • Agate - Dispels fear.
  • Black tourmaline - A very protective stone which is also excellent for dispelling fears.
  • Blue quartz - Releases fear.

For health:

  • Amazonite - For general health.
  • Green aventurine - Beneficial for blood and circulatory system.
  • Emerald - A very good general healer.
  • Fuschite - Helps mental and physical problems.
Hey kids

I’m gonna talk about me for a little bit. I’ve been sitting on this for a while but I’m having a really bad day and the newest nonnie to grace my inbox has pushed me over the edge.

So let’s have a little education here about a condition that breaks me and makes me stronger every single day of my life. I have ulcerative colitis. Whilst the disease itself is a daily struggle let me tell you its side effects make it feel like like a feather bed. This side effects have resulted in me being medically classified as disabled. Clearly people who are not close to me to do not know this and some feel a need to send me abuse because of it. 

So let’s start this from the bottom. I really wish I was pretending. Try eating a single piece of sweet corn on the wrong day and spending the next three days in a hospital bed having your stomach pumped and get back to me. 

I’m not the disability police I don’t know if being unable to bear children is a disability or not. What I do know is because of my dear friend ulcerative colitis, my body will literally eat any nutrients needed to have a healthy child and then start on the fetus itself so thanks for that. 

Lastly, the charmer that managed to tip me over the edge. I don’t know whose blog you saw this on and at this stage I don’t  particularly care. No getting ulcers is not a disability. But do you know what is? Having ulcers so bad they burst and bleed and give you blood poisoning. The crippling arthritis that literally renders me unable to move for days at end. The osteoporosis caused by the medication I take to keep me alive that is literally slowly breaking the bones in my knees and elbows. 

I’m living with a disease I saw kill my father. I do not remember the last day I woke up without any pain. I’m never going to recover from my condition, there is no cure. All I can say at least I’m not a fucking dick that thinks it’s acceptable to belittle someone else’s suffering.

Do You Feel It?

A/N: I absolutely LOVE the “seeing wings = soulmates!” troupe. However, the fics I’ve come across for Gabriel always seem to have him getting super excited super quickly. I feel like it would be a more emotional moment that takes a moment to adjust to. I wanted to see him vulnerable and flustered. Here’s my take on the idea of wings and soulmates. 
Pairing: Gabriel/Reader 
Warnings: fluffy fluff 
Synopsis: “Angles have this…thing. About angels. And angel wings.”
Gabriel. The name was familiar, obviously. Besides perhaps Lucifer, he was the most well known Angel, even if I hadn’t been raised Christian. I’d learned about the Archangel Gabriel in the same breath I’d learned about Jesus, seeing how he announced Jesus’s existence to the Virgin Mary. His name was spoken in a reverence by every religious figure I’d met growing up, he was a biblical fixture in my life. Which is why I was left a bit short for words when Sam and Dean announced his impending arrival with undisguised disdain.
“Gabriel. THE Gabriel. Is coming here? To help us with a hunt?”
Sam gave a disgruntled sigh, “yeah. Hopefully he won’t be here long and we won’t have to deal with him too much.”
I knew the stories about the boys’ run-ins with the angel. As much of a show as they put on, they didn’t seem to hate him as much as they hated some of the other angels. There was a deep-seated distrust and vague annoyance, but their faces didn’t darken at his name like it did with others, which I took to be a good sign.
Honestly, I loved the stories about Gabriel. While misguided, he seemed to have a good heart and sense of humor. I mean, come on, trapped in TV? It’s the single-greatest prank I’d ever heard of. The Mystery Spot mess was perhaps a little overboard, but the point he was tying to make to Sam was with good intention. Surely he’d redeemed himself, at least somewhat, in their eyes when he helped them against Lucifer. It had broken my heart to think he’d almost died, even though I’d never met him. It was several years later that the boys found me hunting a rugaroo solo and had taken me in. I’d been with them for about a year now, so it surprised me that I hadn’t met Gabriel. I was quite looking forward to it, much to the apparent annoyance on the Winchesters’ faces. If they’d expected me to be sulky about this interesting turn of events and expansion into my hunting life, they were sorely disappointed.
“(Y/n) really, he’s not that big of a deal, and if you act like he is, it’s going to go straight to his head and make him even more of an annoying jerk than he already is.”
Dean piped up, “Not to mention he did technically kill me, like, a lot. No matter what funny façade he presents, you can’t afford to forget how dangerous he can be. In fact…maybe it’s best if you aren’t here when he comes. The less he knows about you, the better, if you ask me.”
“Are you kidding me, Dean?” I turned to Sam, who had an expression that was starting to mirror Dean’s. “Sam, you’ve got to be kidding me! I am a grown woman, the two of you are not my keepers!” They may have taken the place of surrogate brothers in my life, but they most certainly did not have any authority over me. “If I want to meet the infamous Archangel Gabriel, I will, and you cannot stop me. Dean, no-” Dean had opened his mouth, about to argue. “I was hunting for YEARS before I met the two of you. I’ve met every monster imaginable and my religion is one of the only things I’ve held on to from my pre-hunting life. I’ve been around Cas a ton and hell, I’ve literally met Mr. Call Me Chuck himself! You say Gabriel has information that could help us, by Chuck, I’m going to be there to meet him with you and there’s nothing you can do about it!” I finished, a little childishly, just short of stomping my foot and sticking out my tongue.
“This one’s firey, I like her. Where’d you find her?”
Startled, the three of us whipped around. Standing in the middle of the library behind us was a (rather attractive) man. He was much shorter than the boys, but a couple inches taller than me. He had golden blonde hair and caramel-colored eyes that seemed to constantly sparkle like he was mid-laugh. His face was upturned in an amused smirk. He noticed me watching him and gave me a wink. “Gabriel, Archangel of the Lord, but I believe you’ve figured that out.” He turned to the boys, “No holy fire? No pre-drawn angel banishing sigils? Boys, I don’t know whether to be disappointed in your lack of preparedness or impressed with your increasing capacity for trusting people. What can I do you for?”
The boys begrudgingly began explaining to Gabriel the details of the case. We suspected the witch we’d been tracking had somehow gotten hold of a Hand of God. With Gabriel’s attention fixed on the boys (or, mostly fixed. Every so often he would glance at me, almost like he was sizing me up. It was both intriguing and intimidating) I took a moment to examine the most incredible feature of my new acquaintance: the six massive golden wings protruding from his shoulder blades. They seemed to fill the entire room. They looked like they were spun with pure gold. Not only did they reflect light, they seemed to radiate light and warmth. There was an edge of one of the wings near me. I resisted the urge to reach out and stroke it. I wanted to know if they were as soft as they looked, but I didn’t want to overstep any weird angel boundaries. I couldn’t help but be a little confused. I’d been around Cas a hundred times. I’d met Hannah and Balthazar. Why had they kept their wings hidden? Gabriel seemed to be proud of his, showing them off like he was. Every so often he would give them a gentle shake, as if he was adjusting them, causing the light to ripple down his feathers. The effect was mesmerizing. If Cas’ wings were half as beautiful, surely he’d want to show them off, too.
“–(y/n)? (Y/n), you there?” I shook my head a little and turned to the three pairs of eyes watching me, waiting for a response. I wasn’t sure whether or not mentioning an angel’s wings was acceptable or appropriate, so I decided to keep my thoughts on their beauty to myself.
“Sorry, I got lost in thought for a minute there. What were you saying?”
Dean replied, “we were saying that we need hard proof before we go charging in, just in case this is the real deal. You ready to tank this bitch tomorrow?”
“Sure,” I replied. “The three of us? Or…all of us?” I tried to ask innocently, glancing at Gabriel. With all my heart I wanted Gabriel to be there, too. However, I had only just met the man. I hadn’t even spoken to him yet. Why I so desperately wanted him to stay I didn’t know and I didn’t want to be…weird. Gabriel was watching me, dear Chuck I hoped he wasn’t reading my mind.
“You, me, and Dean tomorrow,” came Sam’s reply. “We need to cover our bases and find out everything we can about what we’re dealing with tonight. If this truly is a Hand of God, we need to be prepared.”
“I’ll be on standby,” Gabriel added. “Just a quick prayer and I’m there. Now, who’s hungry?”
Gabriel ended up spending the afternoon at the bunker. After he popped in six pizzas (two topped with chocolate sauce and candy. It looked awful but according to him “candy goes good with everything”) Gabriel half-helped the boys research and half-spent his time talking to me. I tried to help research with the boys, but I couldn’t help myself talking to Gabriel. There was this strange pull I was feeling toward the angel. Perhaps it’s because he’s an archangel. Against my normal thorough hunter’s training, my head was only halfway in the researching while he sat across from me talking about his favorite biblical misconceptions and telling me stories about the boys from before I’d met them.
“Here’s a thought,” I said two hours later after closing the book I’d been attempting to read from. “Why don’t we simply…ask Chuck?”
“Well, we don’t exactly have him on speed-dial,” replied Sam.
“Besides,” added Dean, “He split after the whole Amara thing, remember? ‘The world has you’ and all that bullshit. I doubt he’d answer even if we could call him.” I nodded my head, conceding to the reasonable argument. I grabbed another book and pulled it toward me. I could feel eyes on me. I looked up and my eyes met Gabriel’s. He was watching me with an intensity that almost made me uncomfortable. Instead of opening the book, I stood up, breaking eye contact.
“I need some fresh air. I’m going for a walk.”
The boys didn’t look up from the books they were engrossed in. Dean grunted and Sam gave a vague wave of acknowledgment. Determinedly not looking at the angel, I grabbed my jacket and walked across the room and up the stairs to the door. Making sure I had my key, I stepped out into the cool evening air.
I took a deep breath and began walking. I barely paid attention to where I was headed, vaguely west toward the sunset. I had walked a radius around the bunker of a few miles in every direction during the year I’d spent here and my feet took me to one of my favorite spots: a small clearing in a grove of trees on a hillside, perfect for watching the sunset. I sat down and surveyed my surroundings. The air was definitely helping me clear my head. What was wrong with me? It was like Gabriel was clogging my senses, making my head fuzzy and warm. It was a strangely comfortable suffocation, one that was equal parts invited and confusing as hell. I had literally only met him this afternoon! I had never developed feelings for anyone this quickly, especially feelings this strong! It didn’t make any sense!
“You feel it too, don’t you?”
I stood up quickly, turning to the voice behind me. I relaxed immediately once I saw Gabriel. Which was also wrong! I was a hunter! What was I doing relaxing at the sight of a potentially dangerous creature that I barely knew? Gabriel seemed to read the mix of emotions on my face.
“It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you. I…don’t think I even could. I have this…weird pull toward you. Am I crazy? Do you feel it?”
It was almost unnerving seeing him so vulnerable, asking for reassurance. The stories I’d read and learned about for as long as I could remember were of this mythical and intimidating figure of Heaven. The stories the boys had told me were of this powerful and annoyingly pretentious asshole. The man before me was…a man.
He reached his hand up to awkwardly scratch the back of his neck, obviously uncomfortable with my silence. His wings twitched, causing the light from the setting sun to dance with the golden luminescence of his feathers. The movement caught my eye, which he noticed. His hand froze on his neck and his eyes widened. I met his eyes and his eyebrows cinched, mouth slightly agape. He shook one of his wings purposefully. I glanced toward the movement and back to his face, confusion I’m sure was evident on mine. His hand dropped from his neck and he released a long breath he had been holding. He took a step backward as if in shock and asked in a quiet voice, “…you can see them, can’t you?”
Slowly, I nodded. “Gabriel…why can I see your wings, but not Castiel’s? Hannah’s? Balthazar’s? Do they keep theirs hidden?”
Gabriel’s focus on me was intense as he seemed to gather himself. He cleared his throat and took a couple steps toward me. His hands looked like they were attempting to reach out and take my arms, but he was holding himself back. “Um…no. Not technically. There’s this…thing. About angels. And angel wings. Even we can’t see each other’s wings.”
This surprised me, but it only deepened my confusion. Angels couldn’t see each other’s wings? So, why could I?
“I guess that’s not entirely true,” he amended. “In certain…circumstances, we can. It’s simply one of those things. Showing your wings is kinda like showing your privates. It’s an intimate thing. Only reserved for special…partners…” he trailed off. I stepped toward him. We were inches apart. The fuzziness in my head was starting to return, along with a strange clarity.
“Partners?” I pressed.
“Well, more like…mates. Like…soul mates. It sounds cheesy, but only an angel’s soul mate is able to see an angel’s wings. You can’t see Castiel’s because he’s not your soulmate.”
“But I can see yours. So that must mean…”
“Yeah.” He closed the distance between us, allowing his hands to wrap around my back and hold me closer to him for a fiercely passionate kiss. I returned it with fervor. His hands trailed up my arms to cradle my face. My hands found their way to his hips and our bodies pressed against one another. Every cell in my body was on fire. Every ounce of my being was screaming how perfect this felt, how natural and overwhelmingly right. I wanted to kiss him for the rest of my life.
I started to giggle while we kissed. He broke away and rested his forehead against mine. “What, in the name of my father, could be so funny at a moment like this?” He teased.
I grinned at him. “I’m standing on a hill in a field kissing THE literal archangel Gabriel whom happens to somehow be my soulmate. If my mother could see me now…” he chuckled and kissed my nose. His wings, unbeknownst to me, had wrapped around us, forming a sort of cocoon around us both. I started to reach my hand toward the feathers close to me, but stopped. I glanced at Gabriel, who gave an almost imperceptible nod of permission. I continued my reach and stroked the feathers. They felt like clouds woven into a fabric. Their softness was indescribable and the warmth was comforting to the touch. Gabriel let out a hissing gasp the moment I made contact. I pulled my hand away and looked to him immediately, terrified that I had somehow managed to hurt him. He noticed my distress and kissed my forehead.
“It’s okay. I’ve just…never felt anyone touch my wings before. It’s like if you suddenly had nerve endings in your hair. It’s startling, but extremely pleasant.”
Just then, my cellphone began to buzz in my pocket. I pulled it out and glanced at the screen.
“The boys seem to be getting worried…how long have we been out here?” I couldn’t see the sunset behind Gabe’s wings. When he pulled them back, I learned that not only had the sun gone down long ago, but the heat radiating from his wings had effectively blocked off the chill of the night. I was immediately onslaught by cold air and wrapped my arms around myself, shivering at the temperature difference. Gabriel noticed and held me in his arms.
“Hold on tight, sugar,” he whispered in my ear before snapping us into the bunker’s living room. Dean and Sam, who had been sitting on the couch and in an armchair respectively, both jumped up as we materialized in front of them, concern evident in their faces. Concern that quickly turned into confusion and apprehension as they took in the protective and possessive way Gabriel was standing with his arms around me, and the comfortable way I was leaning my back against his front. Dean’s eyebrow slowly raised as he caught my eye.
Grinning sheepishly, I looked at the two of them and said, “boys…you may want to sit down. I believe you both need a break from research and there’s some…things….that need to be talked about.”


I’ve made some more progress on this though I’m still trying to work things out like how the wings fold and clothing, etc. The head is p much done tho. (btw this is the male version, i’ll be making a seperate female version at some point as well)

Katsugeki Rant#13 -THE FINALE-

I’ve been waiting to do this since last night. LET’S GET STARTED

-Ooh so Hori was just only added to the flow of history. And here I thought Tetsunosuke was a goner ‘cause Hori replaced him.

-Wait whaaat??? What do you mean it’s been 3 years since you parted with Team 2 Hori?? Or does he mean that he’s been assigned to team 2 for 3 years now??


-Oh what am I supposed to do with you Hori? Not only Kane-san was able to “fix” history, you do realize that because of you a thousand enemies are making their way to Hakodate right?? Way to go Hori, you pulled a Hanamaru Yamatonokami better than the Hanamaru Yamatonokami himself.

-Well at least you finally have your resolve cleared, so welcome back Hori.

-I never knew “Inspirational Speech” and “Knocking Some Sense ” was a sword technique. 

-Wait how is everyone able to catch up with Kane-san, who’s riding a horse?? I mean I can understand that Hizamaru caught up since he’s in-game one of the fastest tachi. But Oodenta, in-game one of the slowest tachis, on the other haaand….

-Damnn Ufotable, back at it again with the unlimited budget.

-RIP Kane-san’s horse.

-Ufotable sure love their glowy circles in the sky huh?

-Yamanbagiri kicking ass with a wounded shoulder.

-The lack of enemy yaris and naginatas is really REALLY disturbing. 


-Mikazuki’s entrance alone killed like 50 enemies.

-The 3 Great Spears of Japan(Only 1 is present), and the 5 Heavenly Swords (only 2 is present).

-Wait whaat?? Jijii and Tsuru-san used to be partners?? So they used to work together before being assigned to different units? I’d like 4 anime seasons, 2 movies and a stage play to explain their past please. Oh and don’t forget to throw in Kogi with it too, thank-you!

-We also need like 2 seasons explaining the origin of Team 1 too, thank-you!

-And yeah, that whole MikaTsuru(or TsuruMika if that’s your preference) scene is going to spark so many fan art, doujin, and fanfiction.

-Ooh Tsuru-san with his feathers special effects. Fancy.

-Anija finally remembers his brother’s name?? Check I guess?? I’m happy yet so confused right now. I mean I’ve always seen Anija’s inability to remember names a running gag in this franchise.

-I’m sure when they’re introduced in Hanamaru there’s gonna be a whole episode dedicated to helping Anija remember his brother’s name.

-Wether Anija genuinely forgets Hiza’s name or is just pretending is still very controversial.

-What’s even more surprising is Hizamaru’s reaction. I was hoping for the man-child to go “OMG ANIJA YOU FINALLY REMEBER!!” and cried tears of joy while still kicking ass. But there’s also a high possibility that Hiza didn’t hear his brother, looking at the situation they were in at the moment.

-Awataguchi family fighting style!!

-Isn’t Yamanbagiri and Hori going to talk to each other like, at all?? YOU GUYS ARE BROTHERS FOR GOODNESS SAKE. AND HERE I THOUGHT BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER.

-Aw Hori don’t cry…

-Mikazuki, being vague doesn’t make you sound old and smart. It’s confusing, be more specific.

-Don’t worry Kane-san, humans randomly die all the time.

-History is all about learning from the past so we don’t make the same mistakes again so we don’t mess up the future. One small change in the past can result in a really really different future. Butterfly effect’n stuff, aruji will fill you up on that once you’re back at Honmaru Kane-san.

-Love how team 1 looks at team 2 and be like “Oh this is just the beginning of your slavery.” Well team 1 is very OP so I totally get that the saniwa must’ve worked their asses out and shaped them into what they are now. 

-But again, there’s like 50 swords in Katsugeki’s Honmaru. Can’t the saniwa arrange new teams instead? Or is that too much work?

-Last rant I said this is not Hori’s kiwame training. I take that back. This 13-episode season IS his kiwame training.

-Things are so intense here while in the game we’re eating dangos and chasing bunnies.

-And finally, I totally underestimated map 1-1. I never knew it was this intense.

Man I can’t believe it’s over! I sound so salty and triggered in this last rant don’t I (lol)? . My expectations weren’t high for this so I really could say that Katsugeki was really well-made. I still don’t like the way they portrayed Kane-san and Hori’s relationship. Also they really need to go more in depth with explaining each character. But it was overall enjoyable, so I’m giving this anime a 3/5!!

There’s also a movie coming up! I hope it’s not just a recap of the series. What’s the movie going to be about? Maybe Team 2′s new mission? Or the history of Team 1?? Or Mikazuki’s and Tsurumaru’s past?? But please move away from the Shinsengumi, Hanamaru and Katsugeki has already given us more than enough.

And since this is the last rant, may I present you: Saniwa Tsukiko’s version of Team 1 and Team 2!!

Basically they’re all OP in my citadel. I really should get the petals off of their faces….oh well haha.

That wraps it all up! Thanks to everyone who took time reading my rants. You’ll still see me with my TKRB event reviews. So..

See y’all later then!! 

cs-aura-fluffer  asked:

44 if you haven't already, please :)

ooh this one was a little tougher, it’s not deckerstar heavy - sorry about that!

44. “Cuddle me.”

Lucifer somehow finds himself on babysitter duty. The Detective is immensely grateful, of course, but Lucifer still stares down at Trixie disgruntled. Dinner was easy, Chloe had laid out a list of things Trixie would eat and Lucifer had cooked one of them, though he added a little bit of flair to it. The spawn had been uncertain in the change, but after trying it, appeared to enjoy it.

Now they were engaged in watching a movie on the couch with blankets and popcorn. Trixie crawls into his lap and he stiffens.

“What are you doing, you insidious creature?” he asks, as she curls up. 

“Cuddle me.” Trixie requests, a tad petulantly. He brings his arms around her woodenly, awkward. Trixie huffs. “That’s not how you do it. Haven’t you ever cuddled with anyone?”

Lucifer doesn’t think his night time escapades count and the Detective would surely think it inappropriate to speak of them to the girl.

“My mother cradled me in her expanse when I was very young.” he recalls. 

Trixie gives him a narrow eyed look. “But that was a long time ago.”

“Ages.” Lucifer agrees.

“Here.” Trixie directs, grabbing his wrist and pulling his arm in tighter. He allows this grievous violation of his personal autonomy and moves along with her guidance. She mimics the motion with his other arm until he’s wrapped around her. She settles back against his chest and he automatically tightens his hold. “There.” she chirrups happily. 

“Comfortable?” he asks dryly, but she merely nods and reaches for her popcorn bowl, settling it in the natural valley of her folded legs. She’s small and warm and he feels oddly protective in this position. It’s a little like when Amenadiel would branch his wings out, covering him when he was very small.

He reaches over for a blanket and, with a little maneuvering, drapes it along his shoulders and down either side, mimicking the cocooning effect of feathers. 

When Chloe comes home, she spots him on the couch. “Where’s Trixie?” she asks, curious. Trixie’s head pops out from under Lucifer’s chin.


Chloe does not laugh at how cute they are. She doesn’t, okay? She just got something caught in her throat is all. Lucifer looks a little affronted and slowly unwinds his limbs from around the child. She scrambles out of Lucifer’s lap and runs over.

Trixie is regaling her with an excited play by play of her evening with Lucifer, while he clicks the tv off and carefully folds the blankets. Chloe sends Trixie off to brush her teeth before bed and takes a moment to study him. He seems somewhat subdued, something wistful in his face.

He may say he’s not one for domestics, but her neatly folded pile of blankets and her happy kid say otherwise. He’s made his way to the door and slung on his suit jacket, clearly ready to make a quick exit.

Chloe reaches out and touches his elbow. “Hey, thanks for watching her tonight. I know it was short notice.”

“Your offspring is singularly tolerable. It was no great sacrifice.” he asserts. 

“Still.” Chloe insists.

“Then you are welcome, Detective.” 

She steps forward and hugs him. His arms come around her much easier and he actually returns some of the pressure, drawing the contact out. When she pulls back he looks thoughtful, but tucks it behind a smile.

“Goodnight, Chloe.” he says.

“Goodnight.” she responds, and closes the door quietly behind him. 

We Have Him Completely Helpless (2/?)

okay guys part two is here! im sorry it like took bricks to post lol ive been in a little emotional slump. aNYWAYS uhhh please this one is also super indulgent but it’s good imo. thank you @bearpaww for being patient with me. part one can be found here so if you haven’t seen it yet go check it out!!

Keith wasn’t sure how much time had passed. He was currently alone in his cell. Lotor spent about half his time in there with him, pressing him for answers, and spraying that damn cologne in his face whenever he didn’t get them. Lotor had interrogated him five different times now and Keith was absolutely miserable. He was a mess of snot and allergic tears, and his entire face itched ferociously. It was hard to focus on anything else. Even when he was alone, the smell of the cologne lingered, making Keith suffer even when he wasn’t being interrogated. Still, he refused to give in. No matter what, Keith refused to give Lotor anything that might help the Galra harm his friends or the universe.

Keith had had probably half an hour to recuperate after the last session before he heard his cell door open again. Lotor was back, along with Ezor and Zethrid. Axca and Narti weren’t with him. After the first time, they took turns in rotations so that every time Lotor returned to Keith’s cell, he was accompanied by a different set of generals.

“Hello, paladin!” Lotor greeted. “You’re looking well.” Behind him, Ezor snorted and smiled, biting her lip. Her eyes scanned Keith, followed the chains around his wrists down his arms and then stopped at his messy face.

Keith glowered at his captors.

“Quit screwing around, Lotor. Just get this over with.” He winced slightly at the sound of his words. The constant sneezing and coughing had completely wrecked his voice. His words sounded like nails on a chalkboard.

Lotor chuckled. “You speaks as if I’m going to listen to you. No paladin, this is long from over. In fact, I’m in the mood to try something new! I’m rather excited.”

“What do you mean, ‘try something new’?” Keith demanded.

“Oh, you know. Something different. It should be fun.”

Lotor moved his hand from behind his back to reveal a large feather held between his thumb and index finger. Keith had seen Ezor bring it into the cell the first time, and was relieved when they ended up not using it. But now he wasn’t so lucky.

“You’re sure this will induce a reaction?” Lotor asked curiously, addressing Ezor.

“Yeah!” Ezor beamed. “It’s not just substances that set it off.” She glanced at Keith, still smiling, before returning to Lotor. “Right, lemon? Soft touches caused a reaction, and a feather is soft. I also wanted to find something that you could put in his nose without damaging any nerves, since those nerves are probably what sets off the reaction in the first place.”

Lotor smiled. “That’s a good observation. Indeed, I do think the nerves in the nasal cavities play a part in it all. Nice work, Ezor. Now, where were we? Oh yes.” Lotor turned back towards Keith. “We were about to have some more fun with our friend here.”

Keith pressed his lips together at that. Lotor strode over to stand in front of Keith, an impish grin on his face. He looked down at Keith.

“I’ll give you one more chance. Tell me, where can I find the rest of your team?”

Keith didn’t say anything, only glared at Lotor. For a moment, Lotor was silent, looking back at Keith expectantly. After a deep breath, his grin returned.

“Very well then. Just remember, paladin, this could have been avoided if you had cooperated. But it’s too late now.”  

Keith’s expression faltered slightly as Lotor raised the feather to his nose. God, this was going to be awful. He knew there was no way he was going to be able to hold back. But he had to be strong. He couldn’t let Lotor break him down. He’d dealt with worse. He’d gotten booted from the Garrison and lived in the desert by himself for months, for god’s sake! He could handle this.

Lotor started by tracing the rims of Keith’s nostrils with the tip of the feather. Keith immediately whimpered, the sensation sending a spasmodic tickle through his nose. The sudden reaction made Lotor narrow his eyes in fascination and Ezor giggle. Zethrid stepped closer to Lotor to have a better look.

“Hah! It’s working!” Ezor said with glee.

“His nose is moving,” Zethrid said, eyeing Keith’s twitching nostrils. She leaned forward to look carefully at him. His cheeks heated up in embarrassment. He hated being stared at like this, like he was some kind of experiment.

“It’s an intriguing development.” Lotor agreed. “But what would happen if I did this?” As he spoke, Lotor stuck the feather in so that the tip of it barely brushed against the inside of Keith’s nose.

Keith’s eyes widened as his nostrils twitched and flared. He glanced at the feather, which was long and thin and fluffy. It was dark blue with red markings spread throughout the bristles. Keith had never seen any bird with a feather like it. It must have been from some kind of weird space bird. He couldn’t dwell on it for long though, because Lotor had now stuck the feather even further up his nose.

“Ah!” he yelped. “No, no, n-hhh- please, Loto-hehhh!- stop!”

But Lotor did no such thing. He slowly twirled the feather in Keith’s nose, fascinated smirk never fading.

Keith could feel every bristle of the feather brush against the inside of his sensitive nose. His eyes were watering and his nose was running. He wriggled his nose desperately, a futile attempt to get rid of the intense tickle that was now spreading into his sinuses.

“You ladies might want to step back a bit. Things might get a bit messy.” Lotor warned. Zethrid backed up a few steps, but stayed close enough to where she could see everything. Ezor stayed where she was, seeming not to care about the potential mess. Keith’s breath hitched erratically as Lotor continued to push the feather further up his nose. He twirled it again, going faster this time.

“Oh god!” Keith gasped. “Plea-aah! Please st-hehhhh!” Keith was unable to finish his sentence. His nose gave a final twitch, nostrils flaring, before his body succumbed to the ticklish assault.

“H’eshiew! ‘EescH! Heh’tSHIEW!”

“Fascinating!” Ezor exclaimed.

“Yes,” Lotor said. “This feather is very effective in inducing the reaction.”

Zethrid chuckled. “He looks so pathetic! I think I’m starting to like this form of torture.”

“I think I am too. Torturing him like this is very entertaining.” Lotor hummed happily. He glanced back at his two generals, eyes shining with mirth. “Would you like to try, Zethrid?”

Zethrid grinned. “Yeah, I’ll give it a go,” she said. Lotor handed her the feather.

“Aww, I wanna try!” Ezor said.

“Patience, Ezor. You’ll have your turn,” Lotor assured.

Oh great, Keith thought, suppressing a groan. It was bad enough having Lotor torture him, now he had to deal with the other generals too? Zethrid strode over to Keith and smirked down at him. She was tall, easily towering over him. But that didn’t stop Keith from glowering up at her. She laughed.

“Oh, stop trying to act so tough. You’re not fooling anyone, you know.” Zethrid smirked at him, narrowing her eyes.

Before Keith could even think of a response, Zethrid stuck the feather up his nose without any warning, twirling it the same way Lotor had, but faster. The reaction was instantaneous. Keith barely had time to choke in a breath before he was overcome by a fit of powerful, ticklish sneezes. Zethrid had jumped back a step, surprised at how quickly Keith had reacted. But then she grinned wickedly and leaned forward, shoving the feather up his nose again.

“Hah!” she laughed. “I see why you enjoy this so much, sir! This is fun!”

Keith drew in another desperate, gasping breath before launching into another tiring fit.

“Heh’kshh! E’cksht! ‘Kssht! Hah-kshoo! Hih-tschuu! Heshiew!

By the time the fit was over, Keith was panting. He was beginning to have trouble breathing, every breath a strain on his throat. And he couldn’t get any air in through his nose at all. He drew in a shaky breath and looked up at Zethrid. He could feel that his scowl had fallen and he couldn’t force it back up. He was just too tired. Zethrid didn’t give him any time to recover. Once again, she stuck the feather up his nose, sticking it in the other nostril this time. Somehow, the tickle was even worse than the last one. His breath hitched uncontrollably as he gasped out a plea.

“No, n- hhh- ah, ahhh! Plea-hhh-se! I- I- I’m going t-hehh!- to snee-ah! Heh’tschiew! N’tish! Et’schh! Hih’schiew! T’schuu! ‘Eschiew! ‘Knshht”

Zethrid yanked her hand away quickly. She looked down at her hand, which was covered in snot. She wiped it on her pants, nose crinkled in disgust.

“Ugh! Gross! I think I’m done for now.”

Keith was too tired to feel embarrassed about that at the moment. He just closed his eyes and focused on trying to get some oxygen in.

“Yay! My turn!” Ezor cried with glee.

“You might want to clean this first,” Zethrid said, holding the feather up, which was also covered in snot.

“You know, I do find that aspect of the reaction to be quite annoying,” Lotor said. “It was fine when he was just getting it on himself, but now it’s gotten so bad that it’s getting on us too. Not an ideal situation. It’s best that we clean him up a bit before we continue.”

This time, Keith did blush, humiliation gnawing at him. Great, so now they were going to wipe his nose for him like he was a toddler? He hated this. He was trying to be strong, but at this point, he didn’t have a shred of dignity left. He just wanted it all to stop.

“I’ll go get a cloth,” Zethrid said. She looked over at Keith, then at the fluid covering his face and armor.

“You sure can make a mess, milquetoast,” Ezor said to Keith. “How can such a small person produce so much fluid?”

“That’s actually an excellent question,” Lotor said. “How do humans produce so much of that stuff? And what is its purpose? I suppose that it’s an immune response that can trap bacteria or other pathogens, but the excessive amount seems unnecessary.”

“Tell me about it,” Keith croaked. “Do Galra really not get runny noses?”

“Oh? Attempting a conversation, are we? It only took several hours to get it out of you,” Lotor said. He thought about whether he should actually talk to his prisoner or give him the cold shoulder. But after a moment, he decided to indulge the paladin.

“No, we don’t. We also don’t exhibit these expulsions that you do. Our immune response is superior to humans. It gets the job done without making a mess.”

Keith sighed and looked at Lotor sourly. Then, “It’s called sneezing.”

“What’s that now?”

“The expulsions,” Keith said, rolling his eyes and then glaring at the ground. “They’re called sneezes. I’m sneezing. The word for it is ‘sneezing’.”

“‘Sneezing’,” Lotor repeated with a slight chuckle. “I see. I quite like that. ‘Sneezing’.”

Keith pressed his lips together.

“Well, whatever the term for it is, we don’t do it. You humans are so underdeveloped, even your bodies are inferior. You however… your genes aren’t entirely primitive. But whoever your Galra relative was, they chose the wrong species to procreate with.”

“How did you know about that?!” Keith hissed, as much as he could with his stuffy voice.

“I took a blood sample when I first captured you.” Lotor replied casually. “I thought you were a plain human. Imagine my surprise when you turned out to be part Galra! Of course, I couldn’t just let you suffer the normal forms of torture. I had to see what phenotypical variants the unprecedented mixture of genes caused. And then you performed this… sneezing… and I was fascinated. I had to see more, had to understand it.”

Lotor raised his eyebrows pointedly at Keith when the paladin continued glaring at him.

“Oh, don’t look at me like that. It’s not my fault that your primitive genes are more dominant than your Galra genes. I’m just testing you to see how it all works.”

“I’m not some experiment that you can just toy with, y’know,” Keith snapped.

“And yet, here you are, chained up and completely under my control,” Lotor sang. “The fact that this is torture for you makes it even more fun.”

“Do you even need to be doing these stupid tests on me if you have my blood?”

“Well,” Lotor said, “your blood doesn’t tell us everything. We certainly didn’t find out about this ‘sneezing’ from your blood. So yes, this is all completely necessary.”

At that moment, Zethrid returned with a large purple cloth. She didn’t say anything as she headed towards Keith.

“Wait, stop!” Keith said. Zethrid ignored him, grabbing at the back of his head so she could wipe his face.

“Please, just hold on!”

“What is it?” Zethrid demanded, sounding annoyed.

“Please, can you just… let me do it myself? I won’t cause any trouble. I just want to do it myself.”

“Why? What’s the difference? To me this seems like an excuse to try and escape.” Lotor said, eyeing Keith suspiciously.

“It’s not an excuse!” Keith said brusquely. “I just don’t want someone else wiping my nose for me like I’m some little kid. It’s embarrassing!”

“But you’ve already embarrassed yourself quite a lot namby-pamby. So what does it matter?” Ezor said with a giggle. Keith glared at her while Zethrid laughed at her remark.

“And why should we be doing any favors for you anyway?” Zethrid asked, her grin disappearing as she glared down at Keith.

Lotor considered Keith for a moment before turning to his generals.

“Now now, ladies. Let’s be reasonable. While it’s true that he is our prisoner, I don’t see the harm in letting him have this one thing.” Lotor turned to address Keith.

“But be warned, paladin. If you try to escape or cause any kind of trouble, your punishment will be exponentially worse than what you have already experienced.”

As much as Keith hated to admit it, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to fight them anyway. Not in the state he was in. Right now, he just wanted to blow his nose. He almost cried from relief when Lotor took out some keys and began unlocking the shackles that bound his hands.

“Hmm…” Lotor considered him for a moment. “Just your hands. Your feet can stay shackled.”

“Whatever.” Keith said. Zethrid tossed the cloth at him before moving to stand by the cell door. Of course, Keith knew he wasn’t going to get any privacy. But he supposed beggars can’t be choosers. So he buried his face in the cloth, hiding himself from the Galra as much as he could, before blowing his nose hard. Ezor immediately burst into laughter.

“Did you just honk?!” she cackled.. “Hah! You sound just like a Poulmywth!” Zethrid joined in on the laughter and even Lotor chuckled a little bit.

Keith swallowed his embarrassment and focused on getting himself cleaned up. It took him a while, but he finally managed to clear his nose and wipe off most of his face and armor. I can breathe! he thought, relief flooding through him, but the feeling didn’t last long. Lotor grabbed the cloth from him with two fingers and tossed it in the corner of Keith’s cell. Then he quickly rebound Keith’s hands. Keith wanted to try and escape so badly, but he knew that he wouldn’t get far. In fact, he knew he wouldn’t get anywhere. There were three skilled fighters standing three feet away and he had no weapons with him. His bayard was somewhere, but he didn’t know where. There was no way he could make it past all of them. And there were still the others to account for. Not to mention his feet were still shackled. He was completely trapped, at least for now. Though he hoped that an opportunity to escape would happen eventually.

“Okay! Now it’s my turn!” Ezor said excitedly. She grabbed the feather from Zethrid, who had cleaned it off when she had gone looking for a rag.  

“Oh, clodpole, you and I are going to have lots of fun!”

She skipped up to Keith. She too was taller than he was, but she wasn’t nearly as massive as Zethrid. She was thin and nimble. Much smaller.

She looked down at Keith and held the feather up in front of his face so that he could look at it. She watched his dark eyes focus on it, and only after they had moved back to meet her own did she continue. The tip of the feather just barely grazed his left nostril, but that small touch was enough to send a prickling feeling through his nose. He gave a small gasp, twitching his nose in an attempt to get away from the tickly feather. Of course it was to no avail. Ezor began tracing the rims of his nostrils. The small bristles rubbed delicately against the skin there. Keith gave another small gasp in response. Ezor pulled the feather away for a second, seeming to consider something, before returning the feather to his nose, this time tracing the tip of it along the bridge. The tickle grew ever so slightly. Then she slowly swept the feather up and down his septum. Keith whined in apprehension and discomfort as the light tip gently caressed his sensitive nose. He pulled his head away from Ezor, but she simply grabbed his bangs and yanked it back forward. He grunted.

“Easy, Ezor,” Lotor said. “Be gentle with our guest.”

“Then tell this Silly Gorback to stay still,” she sang. She shook her index finger in Keith’s face, “tsk tsk tsk,”ing as she did.

Keith almost prefered Zethrid’s method. She just went right in for the attack, unlike Ezor, who enjoyed toying with him. At least Keith knew what he was getting with Zethrid.

“Now, let’s try that again,” Ezor said to him.

She resumed playing with the feather, letting it dance around the chapped skin of his nose. Her smile seemed to broaden with every hitching breath that he took, although at no point did she do enough for it to form a full sneeze. She seemed to enjoy forbidding Keith from sneezing, as she never let it build up to anything more than an immense tickle that made his eyes water and his nose twitch like crazy.

“P-please ahh, h-hah, ju-just let me sne-hehh- sneeze. Please.

Ezor only bit her lip and continued teasing.

“Perhaps,” Lotor said after a couple minutes of this. Keith’s cheeks were covered in tears, and he had been moaning and begging for what had felt like hours to him. “If you answer some of our questions.”

Keith squeezed his eyes shut, letting fresh tears spill out. He sniffled desperately, thinking. God, this was terrible. His nose needed relief, and it was getting hard to concentrate on anything other than the severe urge to sneeze. But he couldn’t. He had nothing to stop the itch. If he answered… But he couldn’t do that either. He was stronger than that.

“No,” he whimpered. “I w-won’t.”

“Your loss, paladin,” Lotor said, shrugging. Smirk on his face, he watched as Ezor continued gently swiping the feather around his nostrils and up and down his pointed nose. Keith sniffled sharply, attempting to induce the sneeze himself, but it didn’t work. The feather’s touch irritated the nerves in his nose, but Ezor wasn’t applying enough pressure to induce a sneeze. He was completely at her mercy, and he had a feeling that she wasn’t going to let him sneeze anytime soon. She continued to stroke the feather around his sensitive nostrils, occasionally moving it to rub at the tip of his nose. Keith’s breath hitched without his control. He sniffled again, desperate to get rid of the terrible feeling.

“Stop it, please,” Keith moaned. “I-hehh! I-I-I nee-ahh!- need to snee-hhhh!- sneeze!”

“Will you answer our questions?” Lotor inquired.

Keith kept his mouth shut, cursing himself for begging. He knew that no matter how much he begged, Lotor wasn’t going to have mercy on him until he answered his questions, and that wasn’t going to happen if Keith had anything to say about it. So he was forced to deal with this. But he was finding it much harder to do so as time passed, and he couldn’t help but beg them to stop. The intense tickle caused more fresh tears to drip down his cheeks. He sniffled pitifully, wishing more than anything that he could escape from here. Keith wasn’t really paying attention to what Ezor was doing anymore, so he was completely unprepared when she began to slowly stick the feather in his nose, the tip touching just inside. The tickle flared, pulsing inside of his sinuses, but it was still not enough to make him sneeze. The feeling teased him, had him barely on the brink of sneezing. He didn’t know how much longer he could take this. He really needed to sneeze, but Ezor wasn’t letting him, and it was driving him crazy. Ezor delicately traced the tip of the feather along the inside of his nostrils, and the sensation spread throughout his nose, growing as she stuck it farther and farther in. The tickle was completely overwhelming at this point. He was going to sneeze, that was just a fact. He took large, hitching breaths, the itch reaching it’s peak. Then suddenly, Ezor yanked the feather out of his nose, leaving him stuck hitching uncontrollably, the need to sneeze rapidly decreasing.

“Hehh! Hhhhh! HAHH! Ohhhh..!” Keith groaned, sniffling miserably. He still felt a slight itch in his nose, and it had began to run again. His head was tilted back, nose crinkled and nostrils flaring. His eyebrows were pulled tightly together and his lips were pulled back in a snarl. Ezor giggled.

“You really do make the funniest expressions! It’s even better when the reaction is delayed.” She turned towards Lotor. “Don’t you agree, sir?”

“I do,” Lotor said. “The fact that this ‘sneezing’ can be delayed is really interesting to me. It gives us more insight into how the whole process works.”

Ezor turned back to Keith, the playful smile on her face holding a hint of malice.

“Let’s keep going, shall we?” she said, and once again began to tease Keith’s nose. The itchy sensation returned as soon as the feather touched him.

Please just- hiihhh! Just le- let me sneeze!” Keith begged.

“Not happening,” Ezor sang. Once again, Ezor stuck the feather delicately in his nose, causing the tickle to grow even more. The bristles of the feather softly teased the sensitive nerves. Ezor stuck the feather up farther, wanting to put him just on the brink of sneezing before pulling it away. She was about to pull the feather out again when Keith whimpered and gave a sharp gasp. The feather’s tip had brushed against his nose’s most sensitive spot, causing the itch to bloom into an overwhelming sting. Keith drew in another sharp gasp. Oh god! I’m going to sneeze! Ezor yanked the feather out quickly, trying to prevent the reaction, but it was too late. Keith hitched a final desperate breath before he was overcome by a powerful sneezing fit.

“Ahh… T’shiew! Ehsch! ‘Ngshht! Heh’axshew! Heh’tschiew! ‘Eschiew! Heh’kshh! E’cksht! ESHIEW! HIH-T’SHEW! EH’TSHUU! HEH’SCHH! HEH’ESCHH!”

“Oh wow! I didn’t mean to do that!” Ezor exclaimed with a giggle. “I must have touched a sensitive spot!” She looked Keith up and down.

“Aaand he’s making a mess again,” Zethrid said. “That stuff is practically never ending. Should we clean him up?”

“No, we’re done here. Leave him like that for now.” Lotor smirked at Keith. “Consider it his punishment for not answering our questions. We can let him clean himself up later.”

He turned to Keith, raising one eyebrow. “Maybe reconsider your refusal to answer my questions, paladin. I’ll be back to ask them again.”

With that, Lotor and his generals left the cell, leaving Keith alone with his itchy, stuffy nose and no company besides his own thoughts.

Feathers- Magical Uses

This is a post specifically for my dear friend thegaywiccan who asked about the uses of feathers in magic. 

Feathers have had symbolic meaning in folklore, cultures and magic for a very long time. there are many different types of feathers and a whole bunch of different meanings and associations attached to them based off of their color and what bird they have come from. for example Native Americans believed that symbolically feathers represented the spiritual ascension to a different plane, wearing feathers as a sign of their ability to communicate with spirit and their wisdom. in other cultures, it is believed that a black feather landing on your doorstep is an ill omen that signifies that death of someone close or bad luck. you can find over 100 different interpretations on them. 

Feathers are magically ruled by the element of air, which is the realm of thought and  intellect, which is the first step toward creation.  this makes feathers good helpers in communication. But each feather can also hold other specific correspondences, relating to factors such as the bird it came from, its color, the place and how it was discovered.

Bird feathers are symbols of the wind, the divine,  Flight, the mind and new opportunities, travel,  speed or swiftness, wisdom, communication, spirituality and spiritual powers. also finding a feather can be a sign  the connection to Gods or Goddesses. Finding bird feathers can be seen as a reflection of reaching new levels of consciousness or Change. It is always good magic to collect feathers. (i personally have tons of feathers that i have collected, however some  feathers are illegal to own, so make sure you know what you are picking up) 

Colors are also consider to be an important component in the use of feathers or effective of feathers in magic, I have personally found that Naturally colored feathers are far more powerful than chemically dyed or altered ones. some examples of colors and their meanings are how white feathers  are commonly associated with peace, purity, the moon, spirituality  and good luck. where as green feathers can symbolize harmony, unity, prosperity,  good health, nature, plants and animals, fertility and so forth. 

in magic feathers can be used in spells and rituals to promote change, or are used as catalysts. Sometimes particular feathers which have meaning to their owner are added to wands, bags, sachets,  witches ladders, necklaces and many other ritual tools to help gain power, draw good luck or keep away negativity. 

however the knowledge of what kind of feather is best used for its intent can only be discovered much like many magic things by trial and error. A single feathers usefulness in magic is primarily decided by the energy, intent and associations put into the feather by its user.  In addition  to this energy, the feathers will hold onto its specific associated natural abilities.

Overall feathers have a wide range of uses, meanings and correspondences associated with them.  

-photo by HoneyCoyote (no i did not keep the feather) -



anonymous asked:

Can angels have vitiligo?? (Also I really really love this it's amazing!!!! Aaaaaaa)

Yes! Angels can have vitilitgo
Alana actually has it on her lips! Its very small but its there.

Angels can also have melanism and albinism along with heterochromia as long as the heterochromia isn’t crazy.

The vitiligo has the chance of effecting the feather coloring on them so instead of just plain white they can end up with grey patches here and there.



Paper Colour
A crisp, clean white is the standard for most fountain pen paper, but soft, cream coloured paper is also available as an option that’s easier on the eyes. The brightness of white paper may vary across different manufacturers. For inks to show their true colour, a bright white paper is the best choice. If white and cream don’t speak to you, Midori makes a range of colourful notebooks with matching coloured paper that is fountain-pen-friendly!

The dreaded effect of feathering occurs when the ink spreads through a paper’s fibres, resulting in an unattractive, web-like mess. The low-quality paper is more prone to feathering while the higher quality paper is specifically designed to resist the spreading of ink along its fibres. Aside from the paper itself, nib size and the nature of the ink also play a role in the degree of feathering.

Bleed-Through and Show-Through
Bleed-through occurs when a paper is too thin or too absorbent, or when a fountain pen is particularly inky and wet. The fibre on fountain pen paper is specifically woven to prevent bleed-through, but you may still see traces of what you’ve written on the other side of the paper, known as show-through. The show-through level depends on the opacity of the paper, mostly affected by its thickness. A thicker paper will naturally have less show-through.

Dry Time
Given a certain ink formulation, the dry time varies by a paper’s absorbency—the greater the absorbency, the shorter the dry time. However, a paper’s absorbency is inversely correlated with its smoothness; in other words, a paper that is more absorbent will tend to also be rougher to write on. In practice, you will have to choose a balance between a short dry time and writing smoothness.

Sheet Style
Like regular paper, fountain pen paper comes in a range of sheet styles, from lined to blank to the grid. A popular option is Rhodia’s dot grid ruling where light gray dots are arranged in a grid pattern, providing a nice guideline for writing without being intrusive. For those who prefer blank sheets, some manufacturers will include a template that you can layer behind the paper to help you keep your writing straight.

To fully take advantage of a fountain pen’s smooth flowing ink, an equally smooth paper is a must. Usually, the coating on the paper affects its smoothness level. A fully coated paper is slippery, making it difficult for the ink to absorb and dry. However, an uncoated paper is often toothy, which is difficult for fountain pen nibs to glide across. It is recommended a half coated paper for a smooth writing experience and reasonable dry time.

You don’t have to break the bank to get a good paper to pair with your fountain pens. Generally, paper made especially for fountain pen use will be more expensive, but below some are for fountain pens, however, some are not but work just as well.


Tomoe River Paper
The exquisite Tomoe River Paper proves that a paper is a both thin and high quality. These ultra-thin pages are velvety smooth and highly resistant to bleed-through. There is a high amount of show-through however, which renders the back side of the paper unusable. This paper is perfect for those who need something lightweight, but still high quality. The paper comes in loose leaf sheets as well as a notebook.

Maruman Mnemosyne Notebook
In Greek mythology, Mnemosyne was the mother of the nine muses, and it’s easy to see why her namesake paper is an inspiration in itself. The paper found in these notebooks is extremely high quality, boasting a silky-smooth surface, relatively fast drying time, and minimal show-through. With an impressive array of sizes, sheet styles, and binding types to choose from, it’s easy to find a notebook or notepad that will help you channel the spirit of Mnemosyne.

Midori Colour Paper Notebook
Colour lovers will enjoy all the scrumptious colours of these notebooks! Midori didn’t skimp on their caliber—the paper has a satiny feel that fountain pens can effortlessly glide over. However, the paper has a significant amount of show-through, which is bothersome for those who want to use the back side. Nonetheless, coloured notebooks suitable for fountain pens are few and far between, and this is a great, affordable choice if you want a coloured notebook!

Midori MD Notebook
This small and simple notebook features Midori Diary paper, which is designed to give the user a pleasant writing experience. With a fairly short drying time and soft, smooth paper, this is a nice, inexpensive notebook for everyday use. However, the show-through level is significant, which may be inconvenient if you want to use the back side of the paper.

Rhodia DotPad Notepad
Fountain pen users love the dot grid pattern that is featured on this paper! This sheet style is subtle enough to not interfere with your writing but clear enough to provide a nice guideline. The low level of show-through is quite impressive, so we wouldn’t have a problem writing on the backside of this paper. Incredibly smooth, this paper is a joy to write on.

Rhodia R Premium Notepad
One of the smoothest papers I have had the pleasure of writing on, this premium paper is so smooth. It has the least amount of show-through out of all the featured papers. Fountain pen ink also dried reasonably quickly, considering the smoothness of this paper. For those who want a luxurious writing experience, I absolutely recommend trying this paper.

Kokuyo Campus High-Grade MIO Notebook
The high-quality MIO paper is extremely smooth but provides some grip to keep your fountain pen nib from slipping and sliding everywhere. Ink dried fairly quickly on this paper and only showed through the back a slight amount. The paper is lightweight, making it perfect for carrying around at school or at the office.

Apica Premium C.D. Notebook
Fountain pens glide gracefully over the rich, silky paper of this sophisticated notebook. There is very little show-through on this paper. However, you do have to wait a bit longer for ink to dry. We love that the notebook contains a hefty 96 pages in both the A6 and B5 sizes, giving you plenty of space to write all your thoughts, notes, and observations.

Clairefontaine Triomphe Notepad
The meaning of “je ne sais quoi,” or that certain something, becomes clear when we use Clairefontaine’s renowned paper in the Triomphe notepad. With barely any show-through and a silky texture, this extra-white paper is a joy to write on, making it a favorite among fountain pen users. A guide sheet is included that you can place under your blank page to help you write in straight lines.

Clairefontaine Collection 1951 Notebook
Clairefontaine is also famous for its classic composition notebooks. With the notebook’s touch of French sophistication, you never feel the drudgery of grade school when you use it. While not quite as smooth as the paper in the Triomphe notepad, it is an affordable choice for those who need a solid, reliable notebook for school or work. There is some show-through, but you can get away with writing on the back side depending on your tolerance for show-through.

Tsubame Fools University Notebook
This charming notebook contains smooth, high-quality paper that is not too slippery but has a bit of grip to give you full control over your fountain pen. It has some show-through and dry time, but not enough to get in the way of using the back side of the paper. There is also a cream version of this notebook for those who want an alternative to white paper.

Life Vermilion Notebook
Easy on the eyes, the creamy paper of the Life Vermilion notebook makes it a great everyday notebook. The minimal amount of show-through means that you can easily use the back side of the paper. Be careful when you turn the pages, though, because there is a moderate amount of drying time for the ink. You can choose from different sizes and sheet styles based on your needs.

Pilot Letter Pad for Fountain Pens
Made specifically for fountain pen use, this letter pad allows the fountain pen nib to glide effortlessly over it. The unique, wide rule of the paper gives you ample space to pen thoughtful notes and letters, and the soft white color is pleasant to look at. It’s not as practical for everyday use, but for special occasions, letters, or archiving your inks, it’s perfect.

Beholder, Eyeball

The smallest and weakest members of the beholder family, eyeballs are nonetheless tenacious and ill-tempered predators. Only eight inches wide, eyeballs are no larger than a human head, with four stubby eyestalks set in a row above its large central eye and a mouth full of small, needle-like teeth.

Eyeballs have been created by several different mages, beholder cults, and other aberrations who independently came up with the idea of creating miniature mutant beholders for use as servants. Evil wizards who wish to cultivate a reputation for danger often select eyeballs as familiars.

Eyeballs that have escaped into the wild become pack hunters, working together to take down larger creatures than themselves with their daze and frost rays. Most true beholders hate eyeballs as much as they hate all beholder-kin, but eyeballs can nonetheless be found near their lairs as scavengers.

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Here’s an update pic of the 4 budgie chicks. Taken today! :) The only way I can get them all into a group photo like this is by holding them. Otherwise they scatter in all directions to hide in the blankets. lol

Chick #1 (back middle) 26 days old. Identical to mother (Teaberry), grandfather (Milo) and a half-sister (who was originally named Cecil) from another nest who is 2 months older. Possibly male. No name ideas yet.

Chick #2 (yellow on left) 25 days old. Feathers have a gradient effect that turns from soft yellow into white. Possibly male. Name idea: Butter.

Chick #3 (front left) 20 days old. Pretty white and dark grey wings with pale yellow speckles. All sorts of teal, blues and greens. Possibly female. Name idea: I’ve been calling her Ostrich because she runs and stops to stick her neck straight up. It probably won’t stay. lol Who knows.

Chick #4 (white chick) 17 days old. Albino white with pink eyes. Quiet and shy little bird. Possibly female (male albinos are rare). Name idea: Popcorn.