feather effect

#Cosplayer @luxlocosplay as #Mesmer from #GuildWars! #cosplay

@Regrann_App from @luxlocosplay - Just recently finished detangling the feather skirt of my Mesmer, from the last time I wore it….. In June…. 🙊 definitely a task hard not to put off. Fishing line (to hang the feathers) gave me the effect I craved but at a cost I knew I couldn’t avoid 😹 📷: Xenogenesis Photography #regrann #fb #tb https://www.instagram.com/p/BLPAlb3jAcv/

Here’s an update pic of the 4 budgie chicks. Taken today! :) The only way I can get them all into a group photo like this is by holding them. Otherwise they scatter in all directions to hide in the blankets. lol

Chick #1 (back middle) 26 days old. Identical to mother (Teaberry), grandfather (Milo) and a half-sister (who was originally named Cecil) from another nest who is 2 months older. Possibly male. No name ideas yet.

Chick #2 (yellow on left) 25 days old. Feathers have a gradient effect that turns from soft yellow into white. Possibly male. Name idea: Butter.

Chick #3 (front left) 20 days old. Pretty white and dark grey wings with pale yellow speckles. All sorts of teal, blues and greens. Possibly female. Name idea: I’ve been calling her Ostrich because she runs and stops to stick her neck straight up. It probably won’t stay. lol Who knows.

Chick #4 (white chick) 17 days old. Albino white with pink eyes. Quiet and shy little bird. Possibly female (male albinos are rare). Name idea: Popcorn.