feather charm bracelet


That ostrich dress! in Top Hat (1935).

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers made cinema history with their most successful film partnership, Top Hat. However, it wasn’t Astaire’s headgear that got people talking; it was Rogers’ ostrich feather dress worn in the Oscar-nominated song ‘Cheek to Cheek’.

The fact remains that this is quite possibly the most memorable, beautiful and romantic musical number ever captured on film, and Rogers’ dress contributes to this greatly. She was angelic!

It is said that Astaire objected to the feathers because the feathers flew in his face and even his mouth. But Ginger fought for the dress because she thought it the most beautiful dress she ever had.

It all worked out, and note that after filming, Astaire gave Ginger a gold feather charm for her bracelet!

Impa (Hyrule Warriors) Inspired Outfit

I’ve received A LOT of requests for outfits inspired by Hyrule Warriors, so I decided to do an Impa look because I absolutely love her in-game outfit. I wanted to draw inspiration from the various prints and colors on her outfit by mixing and matching bohemian style pieces. I started with a blue checkered shirt since that’s the primary color of her outfit and mixed it with a big, chunky scarf in a contrasting print. I also chose accessories, like the feather charm and eye bracelets, to reflect the smaller details on her armor. Lastly, I chose geometric earrings that are a similar shape to her eye tattoo/makeup. 

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