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I wanted to do another Warcraft ‘fashion’ piece, and with all this hot weather I just have to do a troll lady. Blizzard I’m just saying: Give me more tropical troll wear.

mistress92  asked:

Hey again! Hope I'm not bugging you by asking another question. But how would the ut, uf, us, and sf Grillby react to finding out their fem!s/o was once a well known Carnival dancer in Brazil until she moved to the city near Ebott? Like the dancers that take center stage on the massive floats complete with the elaborate feathered headdresses, jeweled bikini style costumes, and high heels. She doesn't go to the Carnival anymore but she has a couple costumes she can put on to show them~ ;P

UT Grillby: He likes it, but he is a sligthly reserved kind of guy, so he won’t ask you to wear it for him. He will tell you how impressed he is that you were doing such a hard job once. Dancing looks and sounds exhausting, and remembering all the rigth steps and movements, you have to have a very good memory. If you decide to put the clothes on evene withouth him asking you to, he will burn sligthly brigther, not able to tear his eyes from you.

UF Grillby: He want’s to see you in the outfit, and he wants you to dance for him. And he is pretty straigthforward about it. If you agree, he wil watch you at first, and then join you, dancing around your, getting a good look at you in those fancy clothes from every angle.

US Grillby: He loves elaborated clothes and costume, and he defenitly loves wearing them himself. He want’s to put one on himself, probably not the bikin one, he doesn’t like to show to much skin (or fire) personaly, but definitly the headdresses. If you are alone, he may even want put on the bikini…

SF Grillby: He also loves fancy clothes, but he rather would see you in some, instead of wearing them himself. He is easily flustered, so he flares brigthly after you just mention that you were a carnival dancer. He instantly imagines you in the outfits he has seen on some Photographbooks he has found at the dump. He probably will use your high heels on day, if they are very flashy, he likes beeing tall and fancy at the same time.

The Misadventures of Riley - Ch 3

TITLE: The Misadventures of Riley
AUTHOR: theothercourse
GENRE: Fluff/Comedy/Romance
FIC SUMMARY:  Tom’s sister, Emma, has unknowingly befriended one of her brother’s fangirls, Riley. Riley does her best to maintain her composure in the presence of the Hiddlestons, but fails… in the best ways. Will Riley be able to fess up and get her man?
RATING: Mature (for swearing - and other things in the future)
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: A great big thank you to the anon that jump started this story again. I’m deeply sorry for the wait on finding my way to tell the story. i think I have a handle on it now. Please let me know if you’re still interested in reading it.

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The Misadventures of Riley - Chapter 3

“Rhubarb!” I exclaimed from my position on the floor surrounded by Emma’s ‘80s hairband CD collection. My heartbeat galloped in my chest at the greeting from the devastatingly handsome man at the doorway.

Step back. Explanation.

Emma’s flat was small, as most flats in London were on an actress’s salary. A two bedroom flat with a sizable living room and an extra space towards the back by the bathroom. It was an odd room, too big to be a closet, too small to be a bedroom with a doorway without a door. My friend made it her music room, with one wall devoted completely to house her CDs and an almost futon on the other wall. The room, the walls painted dark purple, had probably seen its fair share of bong parties for previous owners. I could almost make out a shadow of a lava lamp in the corner beside Emma’s impressive stereo and speaker set-up.

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