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Ceratopsian Month #20 – Styracosaurus albertensis

The last centrosaur for this month is one of the most distinctive and recognizable of all ceratopsians – the elaborate Styracosaurus (“spiked lizard”).

Known from Alberta, Canada, about 75 million years ago, it was part of the Centrosaurini branch of the centrosaur evolutionary tree, closely related to both Centrosaurus and Coronosaurus. Many fossils have been found in several different bonebeds, including some nearly complete skeletons with body lengths of around 5.5m (18′).

There was a lot of variation in the frill ornamentaion between different Styracosaurus individuals. They could have either two or three pairs of very long spikes at least 50cm long (19″), along with various smaller hooks, knobs, or tab-shaped projections.

The long nose horn was also very variable between specimens, with some pointing slightly backwards, some being straight, and others pointing forwards. Juveniles are known to have had small pointed brow horns which became even more reduced in adults.

Tomorrow we’re moving on to the chasmosaurs, so here’s the centrosaur evolutionary tree:

Should I have a hen or rooster as a house pet?

Both sexes:
• snuggle and cuddle a bunch!
• are very devoted to their flock mates
• highly trainable
• will smell bad if they’re not on a good diet, but will smell amazing if they are on a quality diet, like spices and powder
• can wear a diaper
• beg for food
• have soft feet and beautiful feathers
• amazing eyes
• will love you
• will try to protect you

• like to talk, some more than others, the classic “booock boooooooock bock bock bock” and lots of noise after they lay an egg
• might go broody depending on the breed, they can become TOTAL grumps
• may become roosters if they’re old or have a damaged ovary (which means crowing, big comb and wattles, long tail, the whole deal)
• can be spayed and basically become the latter
• Eggs which grant the following:
- yummy food that’s healthy for both you and your hen! Cook up a nice meal that you can both enjoy after her hard work
- a need for lots of calcium in the form of layers mash, oyster shells, crushed egg shells, or vitamins
- a need for at least 4 hours of sunshine each day to process the calcium, vitamin D3 supplements, or artificial sunshine via an avian lightbulb
- health issues related to egg production such as egg binding, egg yolk peritonitis
- life span could be cut short because the more eggs a hen lays the harder it is on her body, if you want a long lived, healthy pet get a breed with minimal production

• crowing!! Crowing can be stopped with a no-crow collar (don’t worry, it’s humane, they can still talk it just softens the noise) every rooster has a unique crow
• make little baby noises even though they’re Big™ and Bad™
• terrible teenager weeks in which they wanna fight and fuck everything, depending on the breed it lasts a few weeks…none of my boys are bad with me
• once adults won’t want to attack you as long as you teach them right
• enjoy and benefit from sunlight but don’t need it as much as hens
• they wanna dance for you! Some people say it’s bad but they’re just trying to show you how awesome they are
• if you give a treat to them they’ll try to give it back to you
• if they find something they like lying around like a shoe or any random object that catches their eye they want to share it with you
• even mature boys might wanna bang your shoes, it’s instinct okay? Like pigeons, we’ve bred them to breed a lot
• can be neutered and basically become big lazy boys who will act like hens

All in all chickens:
• are amazing house pets
• deserve love
• feather puppies
• an actual dinosaur that you can hug today

The above is fossilized dinosaur skin. As far as feathering goes, it shows that not all dinosaurs were covered in feathers. Without an entire dinosaur worth of skin preserved, however, we can’t be sure this one didn’t have feathers somewhere. I believe the consensus is that all theropods had feathers, and that some other dinosaurs did as well.

A messy concept of what my version of Blue would’ve looked like as a fledgeling in my Jurassic Feathers AU. A muddy, messy, bossy child who loves her two dads. 

I screwed up on her face so she looks more like a tyrannosaur chick, but trust me, she’s a Velociraptor. She’s based off Peregrine Falcon chicks and has yet to grow her facial feathers in or refine her motor skills, but be patient with her. She’ll learn.

 I’ll upload her siblings and a fixed version of this later.

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Look at the child!  


Got a good deal on a newer van, the main issue being a gigantic smashed up section on one side.

You can hardly see it now.

Ixalan PAX West Panel Summary

The PAX West panel about Ixalan ended not too long ago, and here are some of the key, or just neat, things we learned about the world, its people, and the story that will take place there. I’ve grouped the information by theme.

General World Info

  • The Immortal Sun was referenced as a legendary artifact, possibly metaphorically but also may not be a coincidence since those are literal game terms.
  • The initial pitch for the set was vampire conquistadors, and a lot of brainstorming was done to make that not problematic.
  • Adventure theme explores different space than Zendikar, which was about navigating through three-dimensional space and finding stuff. Ixalan is about going deeper and deeper into the unknown and finding things never seen before.
  • Block had three factions: Vampires, Sun Empire, Pirates. Then monarch got stolen by Conspiracy: Take the Crown. Merfolk were broken out of Pirates and Dinosaurs (which were just an environmental thing) got folded into the Sun Empire.
  • Confirmed: Planeswalkers cannot leave Ixalan. Huatli sparked, got an understanding of the Multiverse, but could not leave.
  • Jace’s mind was wiped by Bolas. We’re entering a stage with the Gatewatch members at their lowest points.

The Sun Empire

  • Orazca used to be the center of the Sun Empire. They don’t wear gold anymore after having left the city ages ago, and no longer no where it is. Looking for it now to return to their ancient homeland.
  • The set’s “exploring lost words” theme led to the inclusion of dinosaurs. They also happened to blend exceptionally well with the Aztec feather motifs that inspired the Sun Empire.
  • No discussion was needed to determine that dinosaurs would have feathers. Everyone said, “Yup!” and it became the thing.
  • Scientific accuracy is never Creative’s goal: all dinosaurs get feathers that are placed and colored to invoke sun imagery. Names were also blends of fantasy and fact to create fake dinosaur species that sound like they could be real.
  • Feathers were actually toned down in some art because too many at card size confused people about whether or not the creature had flying.
  • Three open concentric circles represent the Empire’s conception of the sun as a creator, sustainer, and consumer of life.
  • Huatli is sort of the Joan of Arc of the Empire, one of its mightiest, most intelligent, and bravest warriors.
  • Face paint is worn by mages, while knights wear silver armor with orderly feather motifs.

The Legion of Dusk

  • Negative conquistador tropes were upended by making the vampires far from the dominating force in the area. They are very much equals with, or lesser than, the other factions.
  • Vampire armor and weapons have a two-prong theme as a representation of fangs.
  • The Legion of Dusk seeks eternal life, not unending undeath. They want to “ascend to another plane,” which is very specific wording for Magic. Do they know of the Multiverse or just have a heaven analogue?
  • Vampirism is granted to nobles only through a series of rites and rituals.
  • The queen of their people is named Miralda!
  • Queen’s Bay is a collection of islands governed by a viceroy where the Legion of Dusk has built forts and such. Queen Miralda also keeps an eye on her colonies in Ixalan via spies.
  • There are humans in the Legion of Dusk, but they only serve in menial roles like sailors.

The Brazen Coalition

  • The core of the pirates is fun. They rely on freedom, a sense of exploration, and the vanity of murder and theft. They are the boisterous scallywags you’d expect. There are no “math pirates.”
  • Different crews aren’t necessarily broken up by color. There aren’t “the blue pirates and the red pirates.” Instead, each crew has its own visual motifs and pirate roles. Some crews all have ropework in their outfits, others are about boots and buckles.

The River Heralds

  • Merfolk visually embody the fluidity of Blue via their fins and the groundedness of Green with their rigid jade armor.
  • Color and beauty were important in their styling. Inspired by tropical river fish and poison dart frogs and such.
  • Green Merfolk were a tough sell, even though no one batted an eye at White Vampires.

Thought only the Raptor Squad’s adopted parents were queer? Think again MOTHERFLOOFERS!

Blue is my Graygender baby. Also, you get to see her as a almost-not-fledgeling and in a hoodie. What a fashionable little murderer. <3 

For @a-dinosaur-a-day‘s Pride Month! Thanks a bunch for educating and inspiring me. And also for indirectly helping me figure out I’m Graygender. Suprise!

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I was going through your Dino Dad tag and THANK YOU for giving the raptors feathers


Like, even though we can’t completely prove that dinosaurs all had feathers, and we have found some that do, I just like the idea of giant fat killer pigeons.


My redesigns for the Raptor Squad:Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo. NOW they look like real Velociraptors! This was heavily inspired by @lexiconmegatherium and their gorgeous artwork. (x) (x) (x

I drew these a few months ago, and my hand is still hurting from all the details. I drew Delta first (her colors are based off of a Saker Falcon), and then the rest of the designs followed after. Each girl represents a different Velociraptor color morph: Blue is “slate morph”, Charlie is “sand morph” Delta is “wild type” and the one who closest resembles what wild Velociraptors might look like, and Echo is “flame morph”, although Owen, Barry, and the paddock crew have collectively dubbed it “Pinterest Board in October”. 

If the girls were wild Velociraptors and not genetically modified, they would not have their display feathers-Striped Kingfisher DNA and the DNA of several other bird species was inserted into their genome to create their unique markings-both to make them more visually interesting to park visitors if they were ever exhibited, and to make them easier to tell apart from a distance.

Colin Trevorrow can suck it.



So Nicholas Kole challenged people to come up with a genderflipped version of Beauty and the Beast, where the lady-Beast was actually beastly, and not just a pretty girl with tusks and horns - so I took him up on it during today’s lunchtime scribbles.

A lot of the others who have taken up the challenge have gone with mammal-based beasts - so I decided to go in another direction, namely birds! With some extra horns and tusks, sure, but she’s mostly bird-based.

Also, lady-Beast isn’t pink because she’s a girl. She’s pink because she’s a Bearded Vulture:

A species that ought to shut up all those silly people who whine about how feathered dinosaurs wouldn’t look cool. Look at it. It eats bones.

Meet my new Troodon OC! Their name in Teebs and they’ll be appearing in my Jurassic World AU.  Like all of Jurassic World’s animals, (since they stopped using amphibian DNA, at least), Teebs’s biological sex is female, but since they’re a dinosaur, they don’t give a synapsid’s butt about gender. Call them whatever you like!

(For any of you MTMTE fans out there who may come across the post, yes, they were named after Trailbreaker’s fan?nickname. I dunno whether his nickname is canon or not. I just thought it was cute. Also, Teebs’s human caretaker is a massive transformers nerd.) 

Because the more, the merrier, more dinosaurs should be cropping up soon. 

The concept of Teebs was heavily inspired by @iguanodont‘s Soap and several depictions of Troodontids with facial disks floating around Tumblr. (If you’re the one that came up with that paleomeme, please contact me so I can give you proper credit!)

@theasgardiantimelord this was the character who the Raptor Squad would pick a fight with who I told you about. Big Boy. 

A new fossil suggests 'all dinosaurs' may have had feathers

You’ve never seen a dinosaur, naturally, but you probably have a pretty good idea of what they look like. We’ve seen the same look over and over, across dozens of movies, books and museums: There’s…

Funny that this would break embargo mere minutes after my response to a question about dinofuzz. Definitely strengthens the idea that dinosaurs (and maybe the common ancestor of pterosaurs and dinosaurs) were primitively fuzzy.

Something quick and ridiculous I did for @a-dinosaur-a-day‘s Kulinday event. 

The sign reads: “A Spoiled Rotten Kulindadromeus lives here.” Little do they know there are two more hiding in a trenchcoat. The handwriting at the bottom reads: DINOSAURS ARE FEATHERED. DEAL WITH IT.  Hey, if all my relatives and I were misrepresented constantly, I’d be grumpy too.

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