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fall playlist 2016

it’s finally october, which means the beginning of fall, aka the best time of the year 🍂 i put together a playlist of songs to listen to while the leaves change and the weather cools off ✨🍁🌙

1. all is now harmed - ben howard
2. all too well - taylor swift
3. always - panama
4. angela - the lumineers 
5. antichrist - the 1975
6. atlas - coldplay
7. autumn leaves - ed sheeran
8. better love - hozier
9. big bad world - kodaline
10. bloom - the paper kites
11. bones - ben howard
12. call me in the afternoon - half moon run
13. canyon moon - andrew mcmahon in the wilderness
14. change of heart - the 1975
15. cherry wine (mahogany sessions) - hozier
16. clocks go forward - james bay
17. coming down - halsey
18. conrad - ben howard
19. days go on - greg laswell
20. dive deep - andrew belle
21. down in the valley - the head and the heart
22. the emotion - børns 
23. everlong (acoustic) - foo fighters
24. fade away (acoustic) - rebelution
25. faded (odesza remix) - zhu
26. fire and the flood - vance joy
27. the ghost on the shore - lord huron
28. gold - imagine dragons
29. grand optimist - city and colour
30. habits of my heart - jaymes young
31. half moon - blind pilot
32. haunting - halsey
33. heartbreak warfare - john mayer
34. heartless - the fray
35. hometown - twenty one pilots
36. i found - amber run
37. i know places (taylor swift cover) - vance joy
38. i’ll be good - jaymes young 
39. if you ever want to be in love - james bay
40. jerome - zella day
41. the last time (feat. gary lightbody) - taylor swift 
42. meet me in the woods - lord huron
43. mess is mine - vance joy
44. northern wind - city and colour
45. one day - kodaline
46. peaches - in the valley below
47. rebellion (lies) - arcade fire
48. red - taylor swift
49. red eye - vance joy
50. shadow preachers - zella day
51. silver and gold - city and colour
52. sleeping sickness - city and colour
53. somebody else - the 1975
54. sparks - coldplay
55. stop this train - john mayer
56. the stranger - lord huron
57. sweet disposition - temper trap
58. to zion - trevor hall 
59. trojans - atlas genius
60. trouble (stripped audio) - halsey
61. way down we go - kaleo
62. the wolf - mumford & sons
63. the wolves (act i and ii) - bon iver
64. yellow - coldplay
65. 90210 (feat. g-eazy) - blackbear

Hey, Jealousy (John Wick x Reader)

For the anon who asked:

A fic about john wick getting jealous and ends up slightly being some smut. 😏👌🏼👌🏼

Authors Note: Sorry anon, it’s not full smut but i think it’s good enough :D that’s for this prompt. i had such fun writing it! hope you enjoy!

Rating: M

Song: I Don’t Wanna Live Forever - Taylor Swift feat, Zyan

John Wick x Reader (smut)

Hey Jealously

Originally posted by whiteguykarate

I was furious, fuming, positively leaking smoke from my ears. How dare he, how dare he, take a job like that and put a hit on both of us. To make sure no one came after me he abandoned me in the Continental where Winston was currently babysitting me. Babysitting me!

I was more than capable taking care of myself, being just as capable as John in the field but according to him “, I need to take precautions.” My fucking foot! Then he proceeded to deposit me unconscious in one of the Continental hotel rooms. I had tried to leave but Winston and his band of merry men prevented me from doing so, saying he was keeping me safe as a favour to John.

Now here I was beyond irate, holding his note in my hand with his scratchy handwriting saying he’ll be back later tonight after he takes care of things. I crushed it in my fist and tossed it into the fireplace. I could be there backing him up!

I looked to the clock, two o’clock in the morning. I spied the unopened luggage I packed earlier the day sitting across from me when John tricked me into thinking we were spending some alone time. That was until I found out his plans. I stalked to the case and opened it, looking for the perfect dress to wear to the Continental’s private bar lounge. Since he was going to have fun without me, I’ll just have fun without him. I smirked to myself as I pulled out the perfect dress and proceeded to get ready.

All eyes turned to me as I entered the lounge. I grinned to myself. Oh, John how you were missing out. I spied an empty two seater table and sat. A song I didn’t know was playing. The waiter arrived not too long after to take my order “, gin.”

My drink arrived with a tall dark gentleman.

“May I help you?” I asked.

“Your drink,” he offered with a southern accent and placed my glass on the table along with his “, may I?”

I gestured to the empty chair and crossed my legs. I flicked my hair over my shoulder and leaned towards the table. The man’s eyes flicked from my face to my cleavage.

“Like what you see?” I questioned, while stirring my drink.

He smiled like a viper “, never seen anything like it.”

I chuckled low and seductive. Oh, yes, this was going to be fun. I took a sip from my drink, feeling the burning sensation slide down my throat and into my stomach.

Someone cleared their throat by our table. I looked up into a pair of lined, glass blue eyes. I felt the temper I had just calmed flare back to life.

“Winston,” I gritted, through clenched teeth.

“Y/n… Reese,” greeted Winston.

My companion raised his glass to the hotel owner in response and took a swing of the drink.

Winston turned his attention to me “, is this wise?”

I could feel my body beginning to heat back up, I ignored Winston and turned my attention to the new song. Intense and rich the music began followed by the male vocalist.

Been sittin’ eyes wide open behind these four walls, hopin’ you’ll call
It’s just a cruel existence like it’s no point hopin’ at all

I looked back to him, a sweet smile plastered on my face “, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about?”

Baby, baby, I feel crazy
Up all night, all night and every day
Give me somethin’, oh, but you say nothin’
What is happenin’ to me?

He gave me a tight-lipped smile “, I just wanted to let you know he’s back and looking for you.”

I glanced at my companion whose eyes were scanning the room and politely not listening to our conversation. I doubted he’d be the kind to have me under house arrest.

“Thank you,” I said dismissively and turned my attention back to my male companion.

Winston moved off. I shimmied my chair closer to Reese, his hazel eyes looked surprised.

I smiled dazzlingly at him “, I wasn’t hearing you properly before.”

I don’t wanna live forever
‘Cause I know I’ll be livin’ in vain

John was in for a rude awakening when he saw me with this stranger. I chuckled to myself. There was only a foot between our chairs. I dropped my hand from the table onto his knee and leaned into him. His cologne scratched my nose and I had to try very hard not to recoil.  

Reese was handsome with gold flecked hazel eyes, chestnut hair to match and a square jaw line coated with the slightest five o’clock shadow. I spotted a fresh blackening bruise being hidden by the collar of his crisp white shirt. I took my free hand and brushed it open and slid a finger caressingly over the bruise.

“Rough night?”

And I don’t wanna fit wherever
I just wanna keep callin’ your name

He chuckled, a lovely bass tone “, aren’t you a seductress,” and leaned towards me.

“Is there another reason you’re sitting at my table then?”

Until you come back home
I just wanna keep callin’ your name


Suddenly my heart fell. John flashed through my mind, that was how we first met. He’d seen me, just I was now, sitting at a table by myself and he’d ask me to dance.

Until you come back home
I just wanna keep callin’ your name

“Um –,” I choked.

Until you come back home

I was cut off by a deep husky voice, threatening death and destruction “, there you are, thank you for keeping her company.”

Reese looked taken aback and sank back a fraction in his seat. I could feel the menace and fury pouring out of the person behind me.

“Your welcome,” Reese replied and took a gulp from his drink.

John’s hand wrapped around my arm, a silent command to leave. Suddenly my eyes stung.

I smiled at Reese, while standing “, thank you for your company.”

He nodded without looking in my direction. I let John lead me from the room, everything was a blur. I entered the hotel’s elevator with John behind me. I couldn’t face him so I kept my back turned to him.

“I took care of things,” he announced.

I nodded and silence followed.

“Don’t you have anything to say to me?” I croaked.

He didn’t respond. Slowly I turned to look at him, letting my emotions spill down my face in black rivulets. He was so blurry, all I could make out was his form.

“I’m not the one who was about to crawl into some stranger’s lap,” he hissed.

“Jealous?!” I bellowed at him “, that’s exactly what would’ve happened if you died you jackass!”

I gasped as I was slammed into the wall, I inhaled deeply, my throat tight.

“Yes!” he roared “, is that what you wanted to hear? That I was jealous that the woman I love and wanted to protect was looking like she was about to run off with some strange man.”

I opened my mouth to counter but he continued.

“And I walked in to see you wearing this dress and him and every other man in the room eye fucking you!”

The tears continued to run, dripping off my chin and onto my exposed cleavage.

“I was so worried about you,” I sobbed “, I needed you to feel the same pain I felt when you left me. I love you so, so much John.”

My heart clenched in my chest. I would give my life for him and him for me but, locking me up in this place had hurt me. I felt like he didn’t trust me or think I was capable enough.

His thumb brushed away my spilt tears “, I am sorry for leaving you but I don’t regret it.”

He kissed my forehead tenderly, then each eye. I looked up at him he was still a little blurry but getting clearer, I cupped his cheek and traced his worried and pained face with my other hand.

“I’m sorry too,” I murmured.

He kissed my nose and I giggled. He smiled, a little light pouring back into his face chasing away the pain. Gently he brought his lips to mine in a tender kiss. His arms wrapped around my waist, lifting me a few inches from the floor. I draped my arms over his neck, one of my hands fisting into his midnight hair.

The kiss deepened, his tongue in my mouth tracing my lower lip, probing and thrusting. He broke from my mouth and traced my jaw line. His lips sucked a path down my neck leaving a line of possessive bruises in its wake. I threw my head back and it banged into the gold elevator wall.

“Ouch,” I moaned.

I banded my legs around his waist and ground on his growing erection. He groaned into my ear at the friction and pushed me into the wall, hiking my dress up and grinding into my core eliciting a hiss of pleasure from me.

My hands freely roamed his back, running over his arms, chest and grasping his ass. Tight and firm. Delicious. My hands went back to his hair, the strands sliding silkily through my fingers. Roughly he grasped the strap of my dress to push it from my shoulder. I felt it snap but I didn’t care. John freed my right breast and sucked a nipple into his mouth. I moaned at the wet velvety contact of his tongue and rolled my hips against his hardened cock. He paused and shuddered against my body.

“Like that big boy?” I whispered into his ear as I sucked my own mark of ownership into his pale neck.

I rutted my hips against him and pulled at his shirt but gave up and attacked his belt, needing him in me.

The elevator bell dinged, I hopped off John and did my best to straighten my clothes. The doors opened to reveal Winston.

Winston entered the elevator with a cocked eyebrow and a knowing smile “, John… y/n, I hope I’m not interrupting something”

“No, not at all,” we replied in unison.

Winston smiled and turned his back to us.

I caught sight of our reflection in the mirrored wall. I did my best to stifle a laugh. John’s hair was sticking out at all angles, ruby lipstick streaked across his lips and rained down his chest along with purple bruises. His tie was about to fall off his neck, his shirt also bore my lips mark, three of the first buttons were on the floor and his shirt tails were hanging out his pants. John’s belt was undone and his large tattooed hands were clasped over the tent in his pants.

I was worse, looking like a truck had run over me – twice. My hair was netted and frizzy. I had raccoon eyes, black tracks ran down my face, my lipstick was smudged half across my face and down my neck. So much for the label saying it was none transferable. The left strap for the low cut, black, spaghetti strapped body con dress was broken. Red and blue marks decorated my neck like an elaborate necklace.

John caught my eyes in the mirror and smiled. I ducked my head feeling a bit of heat creep into my cheeks. His hand found mines and squeezed.

The elevator dinged, opened and Winston stepped out.

He turned, a smirk on his lined features “, it makes no sense wishing you a good night but, I must ask that you please keep the noise level at minimum for the other guests.”

“Of course, Winston, good night,” replied John, still holding my hand.

“I’m not the one who’s going to have a good night,” Winston said with a wink.

The elevator bell sounded and the doors closed. I looked up at John who was already looking at me, lust coating his features.

Oh yes, this was going to be a very good night.

new playlist
  1. leaving intro // spooky black
  2. bite // troye sivan
  3. high hopes // kodaline
  4. t$rl // the neighbourhood
  5. doubt // twenty one pilots
  6. tio // zayn
  7. #icanteven // the neighbourhood
  8. who are you // fifth harmony
  9. real // years and years
  10. lane boy // twenty one pilots
  11. $ting // the neighbourhood
  12. vulnerable // tinashe (feat. travi$ scott)
  13. god know i tried // lana del rey
  14. take shelter // years and years
  15. make you feel my love // sleeping at last
  16. lua // bright eyes
  17. got it // marian hill
  18. ties // years and years
  19. video games // lana del rey
  20. lonely boy // the black keys
  21. devil’s backbone // the civil wars
  22. she // zayn
  23. i found // amber run
  24. nothing like us // justin bieber
  25. the strumbellas // spirits
  26. i want to love // years and years
  27. faded // sara farell
  28. truth // zayn
  29. where’s my love // syml
  30. you made your bed (so lay in it) // travis garland
  31. youth // troye sivan
  32. you can’t hide/you can’t hide from yourself // zayn 
  33. a year without rain // selena gomez (old but gold)
  34. wrong // zayn (feat. kehlani)
  35. xo // the eden project
  36. will you still love me tomorrow // amy winehouse
  37. wild // troye sivan
  38. the way // kehlani (feat. chance the rapper)
  39. wasted time // vance joy
  40. wait for a minute // tyga (feat. justin bieber)
  41. waiting game // banks
  42. unsteady // x ambassadors
  43. under the same sun // ben howard
  44. u&i // the neighbourhood
  45. try // escondido
  46. trust nobody // cashmere cat (feat. selena gomez)
  47. leave me lonely // ariana grande (feat. macy gray)
  48. too good // troye sivan
  49. thirteen thirtyfive // dillon
  50. f.u. // little mix
  51. power // little mix
  52. stay // rihanna
  53. starboy // the weeknd (feat. daft punk)
  54. sober // childish gambino
  55. shine // years and years
  56. zayn // i don’t wanna live forever (feat. taylor swift)
  57. say my name/cry me a river // the neighbourhood
  58. rear view // zayn
  59. ready for you // years and years 
  60. music to watch boy to // lana del rey
  61. paragraphs // blackbear
  62. ocean eyes // billie eilish
  63. no way // fifth harmony
  64. back to me // marian hill (feat. lauren jauregui)
  65. bad things // machine gun kelly (feat. camila cabello)
  66. mind games // banks
  67. meteorite // years and years
  68. b.e.d // jacquees
  69. beautifully unfinished // ella henderson
  70. all hands on deck // tinashe
  71. empire // ella henderson
  72. trust issues // olivia o'brien
  73. hate u love u // olivia o'brien
  74. root beer float // olivia o'brien (feat. blackbear)
  75. i know places // vance joy
  76. wish that you were here // florence and the machine
  77. uncover // elle hollis
  78. 4u // blackbear (acoustic version)
  79. do something good // zayn
  80. m79 // vampire weekend
  81. weight in gold // gallant 
  82. silvertongue // young the giant
  83. anywhere but here // sinead harnett
  84. treat me like fire // lion babe
  85. all my friends // snakehips 
  86. make you feel // alina baraz & galimatias
  87. can i // alina baraz & galimatias
  88. unfold // alina baraz & galimatias
  89. fallingforyou // the 1975
  90. aloha // møme
  91. planes // remix by akilez
  92. walking target // fitz and the tantrums
  93. worry // jack garratt
  94. push it // twenty88 
  95. maybe // alina baraz & galimatias
  96. hatefuck // cruel youth
  97. fear like you // chet faker
  98. what you need // flume
  99. nbk // niykee heaton
  100. worst behavior // drake


Vrisrezi Playlist

crushcrushcrush - Paramore

If you wanna play it like a game

Well come on, come on let’s play

Cause I’d rather waste my life pretending

Than have to forget you for one whole minute

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever - ZAYN feat. Taylor Swift

I don’t wanna live forever

‘Cause I know I’ll be living in vain

And I don’t wanna fit wherever

I just wanna keep calling your name

Until you come back home

Partners in Crime - Set it Off

You’ll never takes us alive

We swore that death will do us part

They’ll call our crimes a work of art

E.V.O.L - Marina and the Diamonds

I look at you, you look at me

Milk and roses, squeaky clean

Well, you’re the best I’ve ever seen

And I’m your dying beauty queen

Good Grief - Bastille

Every minute and every hour

I miss you, I miss you, I miss you more!

Every stumble and each misfire

I miss you, I miss you, I miss you more!

Flaws - Bastille

You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve

And I have always buried them deep beneath the ground

Dig them up; let’s finish what we’ve started

Dig them up, so nothing’s left unturned

Casual Affair - Panic! At the Disco

Stay for as long as you have time

So the mess that we’ll become

Leaves something to talk about

Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand

So, if you’re lonely

You know I’m here waiting for you

I’m just a crosshair

I’m just a shot away from you

art by: jununy


TRACKLIST [Listen Here]

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (feat. Zayn) | Taylor Swift / My Heart With You | The Rescues / Heart’s a Mess | Gotye / Colours PT. II | Halsey / Borders | The Half Earth / Style | Taylor Swift / One Last Night | Vaults / Lust for Life (feat. The Weeknd) | Lana Del Rey / American Daydream | Electric Guest / Love Me Like You Do | Ellie Goulding / Wildest Dreams | Taylor Swift / Black/White | The Ravonettes / Requiem For Blue Jeans | Bastille / Out of the Woods | Taylor Swift / Playground Love | Air / Bel Air | Lana Del Rey / Half Light | Banners / Can’t Help Falling In Love | Elvis Presley / Crazy In Love (Cover) | Sofia Karlberg / Listen to Your Heart (feat. Edmee) | DHT / Angels | The xx / My Heart Will Go On | Celine Dion / Photograph | Ed Sheeran / Ho Hey | The Lumineers / White Flag | Dido / No Light, No Light | Florence & the Machine / Lightning Strike | Snow Patrol / What Hurts the Most (Cover) | Cascada / Young and Beautiful | Lana Del Rey / Losing Your Memory | Ryan Star / What If | Safety Suit / It’s All Coming Back to Me Now | Celine Dion / Sound of Your Heart | Shawn Hook


lost stars: a rebelcaptain playlist

angel with a shotgun - the cab // big ideas - the boxer rebellion // place for us - mikky ekko // falling for you - the 1975 // fall together - the temper trap // let love bleed red - sleeping with sirens // saving grace - the maine // let’s hurt tonight - onerepublic // lost stars - adam levine // safe and sound - taylor swift feat. the civil wars // heart like yours - willamette stone // run - snow patrol // i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie // to build a home - the cinematic orchestra // wait - M83 // i love you too much - diego luna // your father would be proud - michael giacchino

Yellow - Lauren’s songs to Camila

A lot of people have requested a list of the songs Lauren sang to Camila in Yellow, so here you go babes. Thanks for always being so kind.

1. Gracious - Ben Howard (Chapter 9)

2. The Fire - Ben Howard (Chapter 11)

3. Same as You - The Fray (Chapter 12)

4. Anna Sun - Walk the Moon (Chapter 13)

5. You and Me - Lifehouse (Chapter 13) 

6. The Only Exception - Paramore (Chapter 15)

7. Boats and Birds - Gregory and the Hawk (Chapter 16)

8. Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars (Chapter 17)

9. Til’ Kingdom Come - Coldplay (Chapter 24)

10. Yellow - Coldplay (Chapter 26)

11. Into the Wild - Lewis Watson (Epilogue)