feat. jonghyun

When You're Sick

PROMPT: “I’ll take the couch.”

You frowned, hiding your amusement as you watch your boyfriend try to juggle cleaning up and cooking at the same time. How it came to this was a mystery but everything started on a Thursday of that week.

It was very cloudy, a perfect time for a date. You smiled too many times that day as you enjoy the time you were given the chance to spend with Seongwoo. Wearing a bunny ears headband, he strides towards you as he placed cat ears on your head, careful not to mess your hair up.

“Amusement park is incomplete without animal ears.” Seongwoo commented. He then folded his ears before looking at you with a serious expression. “Fast talk you you like bunny ears or my ears better?”

“Your ears of couse.” you laugh. “Now let me see them!”

Seongwoo chuckled and popped his left ear, followed by the other, causing you to laugh. He laughed with you, placing an arm on your shoulder as the two of you continued on your amusement park date.

The horror house was a must for you so you enter, half-dragging Seongwoo inside.

“Don’t shout too much, just stand behind me.” Seongwoo stated but people from a 50-mile radius could tell he was bluffing. As you entered, he walked confidently, trying not to shout at the jumpscares. However, as you reached the end, he was caught off guard and screamed his head off, pushing you to the exit.

Next was the roller coaster, followed by the vikings and the ferris wheel. Inside the ferries wheel, you lean on Seongwoo’s shoulder as he planted a kiss on your forehead, the two of you enjoying the comfortable silence.

Which was broken by a violent sneeze.

All these attractions being high up in the sky, you found yourself with a rather bad cold that caused you to cough and sneeze like there’s no tomorrow. Your eyes started getting teary, your nose running.

“Way to break the mood.” Seongwoo muttered but neverthless offering his handkerchief. You roll your eyes and take it, using it to cover the sneezes that followed.

“Sorry,” you mutter the moment you were walking back to the car. Your voice was also hoarse from all the shouting so you turn to Seongwoo only to find him at a cotton candy stand.

You walk up to him, tapping his shoulder to get attention but before you could say anything, he hands you a bottle of water, ruffling your hair afterwards. “Lets go home so you could rest.”

The two of you reach your house and Seongwoo wasted no time, tucking you in before rushing off to cook while you sleep.

Exhausted, you wake up from your nap, feeling the cold intensifying. You started feeling light headed as you walked to the living room and finds your boyfriend in a full-on Cinderella mode. He was wearing your pink apron matched with a bandana wrapped around his head.

You watch him vaccum for a few minutes, shocked when he ran to the kitchen to turn of the stew. When he came back, he sees you leaning on the door way, weakly smirking.

“Well this is a rare sight.” you smile, walking towards him, sitting on the sofa.

Seongwoo smiled back and sat next to you. “You mean, your superstar boyfriend wearing an apron?”

“I meant, my dork boyfriend finally cleaning.” you laugh, standing up the moment he sat down. “You cleaned so well though, Minhyun would be proud.”

“Enough chit chat missy, get that cute ass on the dining room and we’ll eat.” Seongwoo exclaimed, running to the kitchen to serve the food.

The rest of the day was spent with Seongwoo doting over you and you subtly avoiding physical contact with him. It was inevitable at night though, when you were lying on the bed and saw.Seongwoo in his sleep wear.

“Wait,” you squeal, getting out of bed when he laid down. “I don’t want to sleep with you.”

Seongwoo raised a brow. “Ah, hearing that after a year of sleeping together sure hurts.”

“Thats not what I meant.” you sigh, grabbing a pillow. “You sleep here, I’ll sleep outside.”

“Why?” he asked, still confused.

You turn back to him. “Because you’ll get sick too if you sleep beside me. I’ll be outside, goodnight.”

Seongwoo chuckled and stood on his feet, running after you before sweeping you off of your feet. He kisses your cheek before returning you gently on the bed. “You stay here, I’ll take the couch.”

“But you’re tired too and—” you started but Seongwoo swiftly pecks your lips, causing you to stop talking. “He-hey…”

He chuckles, grabbing a pillow before heading outside. “‘Love you too!”


yoo hee yeol’s sketchbook (airing) ♡ 170514
interview → lonely (feat. snsd’s taeyeon)

“Produce 101” Naruto Cast | Akatsuki

Itachi: Kim Jonghyun;

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Kisame: Kang Dongho;

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Deidara: Choi Mingi;

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Konan:  Kang Daniel;

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Hidan: Kim Jaehwan (his voice tone is the same);

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Kakuzu: Ha Sungwoon;

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Zetsu: Yoon Jisung;

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Obito: Ong Seongwoo;

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Nagato: Hwang Minhyun (feat Uchiha Jonghyun); 

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Orochimaru: Moonbok;

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Lonely (feat. TAEYEON)
Lonely (feat. TAEYEON)

English Lyrics

I’m sorry, it’s my fault
Thank you, it’s all thanks to you
These were words you said out of habit
Even though I knew you were struggling too
You probably think I’m a fool

If I say that things are hard with a crying face
Will it really get better?
If I cry and say it hurts, who will have a harder time?
Everyone will be fine

Maybe we trapped each other
Inside our own misunderstandings
No, you don’t understand me
Whenever I see your worried eyes

Baby I’m so Lonely so Lonely
I feel like I’m alone
When I see you so tired
I worry that I’m baggage to you
That I’m too much

Baby I’m so Lonely so Lonely
I feel like I’m alone
I don’t want to make it obvious to you
I’m used to just holding it in
Understand me

We’re together but we’re not walking together
Loneliness and misery, the difference is only one memory
But why do you keep trying to write it as something else?

Baby I’m so Lonely so Lonely
I feel like I’m alone
I don’t want to make it obvious to you
I’m used to just holding it in
Understand me

Leave me alone

Baby I’m so Lonely so Lonely
I feel like I’m alone

Baby I’m so Lonely so Lonely
I feel like I’m alone
Still, I don’t wanna hide it from you
But I’m used to just holding it in
Understand me


JONGHYUN 종현_Lonely (Feat. 태연) Music Video