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Masterlist of 2015 MBC Gayo Daejaejun

Last masterlist for this years’ performances. Thought I might as well link the previous ones here so SBS Gayo Daejun Masterlist + KBS Gayo Daechukjae Masterlist if people were looking for it. Performances should be ordered by appearance. Please message me if any links are broken or if I’ve missed any so I can update them ASAP.


Hyun Jin-young, 2PM, & GOT7 - You are in My Unclear Memory

Lovelyz - Marry You + Ah-Choo

Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake

GFriend - Me Gustas Tu

Baek Ji Young - Like Being Shot by a Bullet + That Woman (feat. Jonghyun)

MONSTA X - Intro + Hero

BTOB - It’s Okay

GOT7 - If You Do

MAMAMOO - Single Ladies + Um Oh Ah Yeh

Zion.T - Yanghwa Bridge

EXID - Up & Down

VIXX - Love Equation

Eunkwang, Changseob, Hong Jin Young, & Jiyoon - In The Bus

CNBLUE - Everyday with You


OH MY GIRL - Cupid

SONAMOO - Round N Round

UP10TION - So Dangerous + Catch Me

BTS - I Need U + Run

Apink - Remember

B1A4 - Sweet Girl

4Minute - Crazy

Wonder Girls - So Hot + I Feel You

Shin Seung Hun - I Believe + Your Smile in My Memory + Like the First Feeling

Zion.T - Sponsor

B.A.P - My Childhood Dream + Love Is

J.Y.P - I’m So Sexy

Ailee - Mind Your Own Buisness

AOA - Heart Attack

EXID - Hot Pink

B1A4 - Lies

Red Velvet  - I Love You

UP10TION - Candy

Apink - Eternal Love

BTS - Perfect Man

Dynamic Duo & Crush - Oasis + Ring My Bell


CNBLUE - Cinderella (feat. Jessi)

Hong Jin Young - Cheer Up + Love Battery

Tae Jin Ah - Companion + JinJinJaRa + What’s Wrong with My Age (feat. Hong Jin Young)

J.Y.P - Who’s Your Mama? (feat. Yubin) + Uptown Funk + Don’t Leave Me

Shin Seung Hun - Hello, Hello, Hello

B.A.P - Warrior + Young, Wild & Free

EXO - Call Me Baby


2PM - My House + Hands Up

EXO - Love Me Right

SHINee - View

Girls’ Generation - Genie + Lion Heart

Ending - Infinite Love


[STREAM] Jonghyun feat Zion.T ’  Deja Boo’ @ Picnic LIVE 150215 (1080HD) - 

Credit: nekonekohero

blue night radio - 150827

(on “hold on (feat. key)” by axodus.) jonghyun: we’ll listen to “hold on” which key featured in.
don spike: oh, it appeared again!
jonghyun: that’s right. we heard it last week and we will hear it again (right now). this song has been three times (on the show) this month already! there is no other song i’ve put on as often as i have this song. it’s because it’s a good song. (source: cosmicsticks)