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Dynamite, Dust Storms, and the Devil Herself: [listen

When she was a child, she carried a road map in her hand the way other girls carried handkerchiefs. And when she was a woman, she raised Hell the way they raised children.
(A Southern Gothic / Rock writing mix)
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the vault hunter collection  [All the songs that were featured in every game from the Borderlands series. Also great to listen to while shooting skags and scoring loot.]


1. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked - Cage the Elephant | 2. No Heaven - DJ Champion | 3. Short Change Hero- The Heavy | 4. How You Like Me Now - The Heavy | 5. Black Dragon - The Vines | 6. What Makes A Good Man? - The Heavy | 7. Busy Earnin’ - Jungle | 8. Kiss The Sky - Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra feat. Nino Mochella | 9. Pieces Of The People We Love - The Rapture | 10. To The Top - Twin Shadow | 11. Retrograde - James Blake | 12. My Silver Lining - First Aid Kit |

pilawforhire  asked:

[♪ - 8-10 song playlist]


  1. The Orion Experience - Cult of Dionysus
  2. An Honest Man - Fantastic Negrito 
  3. Dead man’s bones - Werewolf heart
  4. The Submarines - 1940
  5. Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra feat. Nino Mochella - Kiss The Sky
  6. Tegan and Sara - Walking With A Ghost
  7. Raleigh Ritchie - Bloodsport
  8. Amanda Palmer - The Killing Type
  9. Jamie N Commons - Not Gonna Break Me
  10. The Kills - Siberian Nights


I was tagged by @yu-xi. You brought this onto the world, this is all your fault.

RULES: List 10 songs you’re currently vibing to, then tag 10 mutuals

1. Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark   (Never not “vibing” to this)

2. Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra feat. Nino Mochella – Kiss the Sky

3. Childish Gambino - Redbone

4. Sweet - Fox on the Run (I blame the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer)

5. Ipče Ahmedovski - Hej živote umoran sam (bonus Sanjam ženu s mališanom) (Started listening to this ironically, then for real. Intoxication required.)

6. The Five Stars - Atom Bomb Baby  (Didn’t play Fallout 4 yet, but I certainly heard this song)

7. Johnny Cash - Ghost Riders in the Sky (If I have to pick just one Johnny Cash song)

8. Medieval Music -  'Hardcore’ Party Mix  (Way more than just one song)

9. Zedd - Stay the Night ft. Hayley Williams

10. Kishida Kyoudan and The Akeboshi Rockets - Strike the Blood  

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