feasting pixels

2012 friends episode

Phoebe finds a callout post about Joey and questions whether she can be friends with someone so problematic. Chandler wants to be Dave in Rachel’s feastings pixels page but she already promised her new boyfriend that he could be Dave. Ross calls Monica a SJW.

Pixel Base Pack 1
So I was searching for Feasting-style pixel bases (or whatever they call them) and haven’t seen any of those (but the God Tier ones)
I decided to make the bases myself and share them :>
Hope you find this useful
P.S. im currently working on a sprite template (or sheet call it whatever you want) and another pack including 10 more of these derpsss c: sooo yeah have fun

just so you know if we were friends in 2012-13 and didnt give me THIS pixel on your feastings pixel friends page

i want nothing to do with you goodbye. dont even care if it was another terezi if it wasnt THIS dragon smock thing i DONT need ur energy in my life anymore

anonymous asked:

ministrife: fefetasprite and roxy lalonde holding hands if u can,, thanks !! 💖💖

did a couple of versions w quadrant symbols

and here’s the fefeta sprite cause i haven’t seen one before now!!! base was the aradiasprite feastings pixel. anybody can use it you don’t have to credit just don’t be all “yes i made this base fefeta” or else ill be very, very, VERy sad.

- mod john

I made another pixel thing instead of actually working on art yey \o/ I wanted to make Sonic blink too but I can’t be bothered to mess around with the frames and timing so I just kept it simple.

Because of marathoning FMA Brotherhood lately I really wanted to draw Knuckles sparkling while flexing his muscles like Armstrong does. That’s my excuse for this (´▽`)ゞ