feasting pixels

2012 friends episode

Phoebe finds a callout post about Joey and questions whether she can be friends with someone so problematic. Chandler wants to be Dave in Rachel’s feastings pixels page but she already promised her new boyfriend that he could be Dave. Ross calls Monica a SJW.


Feastings style pixels because when it comes to small il’ pixels Feastings style is the only stile I know how to make! I pixeled some friends today, (Yes today except for Crystal who i did like a month ago). Posted as a text post so Tumblr doesn’t mess with the size!

Here we have @circuitsandsouls‘ Alice, @ablackbilly‘s Ciar, @crystaldragonprincess‘s Crystal, @soulofironblood‘s Eydis, @the-forsaken-shadow‘s Kyo, @the-selfishsoul‘s Omen, @the-junk-sela‘s Sela, @thesmilingtragedy‘s… umm anyway, and lastly @i-always-watch‘s Watcher!! Probably just gonna be just the first batch of many, since these were fun to do!))


((Fixed up the Omen pixel a bit ahaha))

Pixels! (Again)


((Second batch of pixels! We have @shattered-oath‘s Brutus, @lord-invex‘s Invex, @fusedfloras‘ Joe and John, @ask-thatonebunnykid‘s Kip, @sinner-sweetie‘s Mina, @mages-of-the-past‘s Red Mage, @spiderwaifuisbestwaifu‘s Red, and @cakepcps Rory!))


((Many of the bases I made that I used are modifications of @feastings pixels on tumblr. Even those that were made from scratch were heavily inspired by their style so make sure to check them out!))

Hey Guys

I can make feastings style pixel art. If ya give me enough references (like a characters looks, Title, clothing, stuff like that) I will happily create a ministrife sprite for any OC you want. If you want, I can do Grimdark and Trickster versions of them, do separate outfits. Anything.
So yeah, feel free to ask for that. Though please don’t request more than 4 outfits or characters at a time. If you ask for more I’ll just do the first four. :)
So, ask away!


Here are some from some older upd8s, and here are a bunch of sprites from the newer ones!

Hopefully we won’t be getting any more cat sprites.

Credits to Feastings, of course.


Ok! So today only you can request a feastings style pixel of you in your God Tier. Just submit a selfie or portrait or drawing or something of yourself and tell me your God Tier. Then I’ll make a feasting style pixel of you in your God Tier and I’ll post them all once they’re done.