Someone please hand me a napkin because I’m feasting :D

Lexa is trending worldwide with over 110k tweets

The I00 is at an all time low viewer rating

Blarkes still can’t make it past the 1st round of a poll

Eliza, the lead actress, doesn’t give a single fuck about the show

Clexa is still winning polls a year later

Clexakru is still here and we’re still strong

I watched NBC’s (edit : sorry for the HBO derpHannibal for a while and it was a really interesting serie overall (even if it got silly at times). I’m still very fond of the original movies, but the visuals on this show were gorgeous!

Miniprint made for TCAF.

Available on Etsy  (✿◕◡◕)


This is Fancy Feast– a successful, fat burlesque dancer who’s been killing it on stage for six years

“‘Fat’ is a word that used to be wielded as a weapon against me. It was the thing I was supposed to be terrified of, supposed to spend my whole life trying to avoid or erase at all costs,” she says, “And if I take the thing that people are most terrified of and turn it into something less scary, it implicates the larger structures that keep people afraid to begin with.”