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All that Glitters is Gold when it comes to Cat and Tess.

In this weeks Ep # TillDeath Cat looked timeless in this black glitzy hourglass dress from “Club Monaco.”

Tess, Cat’s partner in crime looked oh so sexy in this flirty flapper style dress from “Rag & Bone.

Clearly these lovely ladies know how to dress for every occasion.

Xox Cathy


All new episode of Beauty and the Beast Monday at 9/8c on The CW.

When the going gets tough. The tough get going:) Cat looking super sexy in her leather gear for  # HeldHostage Ep 211 Ever so sleek is our  Cat in her “Acne"  fitted sleeve less two tone blue and black silk top.  To finish this look Cat tops it off with her  paper leather indigo and black  cropped Jkt. Always a levis girl at heart.  Cat completes this look with her demi curve boot cut black jeans.  On her feet ” Rachel Comey “ boots. All new episode this Monday at 9/8c on The CW. Xoxo Catherine
To The Dark Side She Goes    We said our goodbyes in last weeks Ep  of Beauty And The Beast to lovely Tori.  After the Ep aired I got a lot of requests from my #Feasties asking about what Tori was wearing in Ep  212 “Recipe For Disaster.”    So here is it is,  The dress Tori wore to JT ’s party. This sexy Black Leather /stretch fitted number is from Danier Leather. As Tori became more Beast like - I started to darken her look.  So I put her in this leather/zip Jacket also from Danier.On her Feet Tori wore these sexy babies from E Live From The Red Carpet Shoes. All new episode Monday at 9/8c on The CW.