Mini Pumpkin Cake

(Inspired by the cake seen in the fourth extra episode (Surprise Halloween!) of Hetalia: The World Twinkle.)

A baked spiced pumpkin cheesecake over a layer of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting spread in-between. The entire cake was then covered in a thin layer of cream cheese frosting before it was coated in a neon orange colored white chocolate mirror glaze.

Spiced yogurt cake was crumbled and mixed with cream cheese frosting, shaped into the form of a pumpkin, dipped into the same mirror glaze, then placed on top of the miniature cake. Diluted food coloring gel was used to paint on the extra little details. (A single elongated dark green sprinkle was used for the pumpkin stem.)


Oma Friedes Ostpreußische zitronenspeise von 1910

Granny Friedes’ East Prussian lemon custard dessert from 1910

(Das rezept entstammt dem Heimatblatt des Kreises Heiligenbeil, Sommer 2015, S. 82. )
(This recipe comes from “Heimatblatt des Kreises Heiligenbeil”, Summer 2015, p. 82. )

A lemon dessert that’s light, airy, and has a balanced combination of sweetness and sourness.

Whipped egg yolks, sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest, water, gelatin, and whipped egg whites were added into a double boiler at different stages during the cooking process. The finished mixture was poured into glass cups, chilled, then served garnished with dried cornflower petals.


(Russian) Котлета по-киевски / Kotleta po-Kievski / Cutlet Kiev-style

(Ukrainian) Котлета по-київськи / Kotleta po-Kyivsky / Cutlet Kyiv-style

Chicken Kiev

Pounded chicken breast carefully wrapped around flavored butter (a blend of cold butter, garlic, herbs, and spices), then breaded and baked. Served with a side of peas and fried matchstick potatoes.


Sweet Cherry Pie

Fresh cherries were first pitted then cooked in a pot along with sugar, water, tapioca, and lemon juice. The filling was poured into an unbaked sour cream pie shell, covered with a lattice top, and baked. After removing from the oven a sugar glaze was applied to the center and the edges of the crust.

Beverage:  The Tea Table’s ’Crime of Passion’ green tea made into an unsweetened iced tea with pitted cherries stirred in and a single whole cherry served on top.


Devil’s Food Cake

Originating from the United States of America this dark, airy, moist, and sinfully sweet chocolate layer cake has a devilishly decadent rich chocolate frosting in-between the layers and covering the entire cake.

(Ghirardelli® unsweetened cocoa powder was used for the cake and Ghirardelli® semi-sweet chocolate chips were used to make the chocolate frosting.)


Macarons caramel au beurre salé / Macarons with salted butter caramel

Light and airy with a delicate, crisp outer shell and a slightly chewy interior. These little French macarons were made using the French meringue method (as opposed to the Italian meringue method) and filled with salted butter caramel.

Alfajores de Medina Sidonia / Alfajores of Medina Sidonia

Toasted hazelnuts, almonds, and white sesame seeds were finely chopped and mixed with ground spices (cinnamon, cloves, aniseeds, and coriander seeds) along with dried breadcrumbs.

Warm sugar syrup and honey was then poured into the bowl of dry ingredients and stirred until the mixture stuck together when pressed. After that the finished mixture was rolled into little logs and allowed to chill in the refrigerator to firm up before the spiced-nut logs were brushed with sugar syrup and dusted with powdered sugar.

Königsberger Marzipan

A rose water flavored marzipan made from scratch. The soft pliable dough was rolled out, shaped, brushed with an egg white wash, and then broiled until lightly browned on top.

(I melted down a bar of Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts, strained out the hazelnuts, then piped the chocolate into the center of a few of these marzipan confections.)

Beverage:  The Tea Table’s ’Triple Threat Temptation’ tea sweetened with clover honey and creamer.

! BONUS MARZIPAN (filled with orange marmalade) !


冰皮月餅 【黑芝麻和白芝麻】  / Bing pi yue bing (hei zhima he bai zhima)

Snow Skin Mooncake (black sesame seeds and white sesame seeds)

a.k.a. Ice Skin Mooncake, Snowy Mooncake

A homemade, no-bake, snow skin mooncake filled with sesame seed paste and a coconut white chocolate truffle in the center.

To form the base of the truffle the ganache was chilled for a few hours, gently rolled in shredded coconut, then dipped in Ghirardelli’s eggnog flavored white chocolate. The gooey ganache itself is made from Ghirardelli white chocolate, coconut milk, vanilla extract, and coconut oil.

Beverage:  China Cha Dao’s ’2011 Douji - Hong Da Dou’ raw pu-erh. Unsweetened.

(July 4th, 2015) Red, White, and Blue Raspberry Cake

Blue raspberry cake mix along with egg whites, milk, and vegetable oil were used to make the blue layer.

Pureed raspberries, raspberry gelatin, and a box of white cake mix along with egg whites, milk, and vegetable oil were used to make the red layer.

To create the vertical stripes the red raspberry cake was baked in a large sheet pan, cut into three long sections, then pre-rolled. After the cake had been allowed to cool down, it was unrolled, covered in a layer of frosting, and all three sections were carefully rolled together into one large cake.

Homemade whipped cream and cream cheese frosting was used in-between the red vertical layers and in-between the red and blue layers. The exterior of the cake was covered in whipped white frosting, then topped with little red, white, and blue star-shaped sprinkles.

Crumpet and cream scones

On the left side of the plate is a single homemade crumpet that’s been toasted and served with a pat of whipped butter. Next to the crumpet is a pair of homemade cream scones that have been split and spread with strawberry jam and a dollop of ’mock clotted cream’.

[The combination of hot tea and warm scones served along with clotted cream and jam (traditionally strawberry) is known as cream tea and originated from England. The method of how the cream tea is prepared and presented depends on the region.]

Beverage:  Upton Tea’s ’No.1 Tippy Orthodox GFOP Darjeeling’ tea sweetened with sugar and a splash of milk.

Орешки, Пряники, Медяники, Хворост, Печенье снежки
Oreshki, Pryaniki, Medianyky, Khvorost, Pechene snezhki

(From left to right)


  • Walnut shaped cookies filled with a mixture of chopped walnuts and caramelized condensed milk.


  • Russian ginger bread decorated with powdered sugar.


  • Ukrainian honey cookies decorated with a single almond slice in the center and white and blue colored sugar crystals.

(a.k.a. Russian twig cookies)

  • Fried, crispy cookies sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Pechene snezhki
(a.k.a. Snowball cookies, Russian tea cakes, Mexican wedding cookies, butterballs, and countless other names.)

  • A mix of toasted ground walnuts and pecans were used to make these cookies. Generously covered in powdered sugar.

Beverage: Ovation Teas’ ’Русские Поцелуи / Russkie Potselui’ tea sweetened with sunflower honey.