The Walking Dead Series Finale: October 23, 2016

Finale Summary: After Negan falls victim to a random heart attack, the group manages to regain control, driving The Saviors and their allies into the woods where they are ravaged by a horde of walkers. When the group finally get to their destination, a cure for the zombie outbreak is created and deployed into the earth’s atmosphere coming into contact with every one who had been infected. The cure reverses the transformation, turning the undead back into the living. Maggie eventually gives birth to a healthy, 7.3 pound baby boy, whom she and Glenn name Shawn Hershel Rhee.

Two years pass. 

Sasha finds out that she is with child, and upon learning that he is to be a father, Abraham proposes having an outdoor picnic to celebrate the good news.

Morgan gives a toast to “new life” and as they dig into the feast, Rick taps his water glass. Everyone places their utensils back down, giving him their utmost attention. Before he speaks, he looks down at his beaming wife. She slowly nods giving him her approval.

He reveals that Michonne is pregnant, and they will be expecting twin girls.

Everyone breaks out in applause, with Carl giving an excited ‘Whoop whoop’. The group resumes their meal.

And they live happily ever after.

A Movable Feast - Chapter 1 - copperbadge, scifigrl47
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: A Movable Feast
Rating: Teen and Up
Summary: The epic road trip of food truck hipster Steve Rogers, chef Tony Stark, and self-propelled trouble magnet DJ Fujikawa.
Notes: This is the latest installment in Sam’s “Foodieverse” AU; you don’t really need to have read the other parts of the story, though it helps. Sam asked Sci if he could write a crossover bringing her original character DJ Stark into the Foodieverse, and if she wanted to help him write it; Sci graciously agreed because Sam is like a golden retriever with a tennis ball until he gets his way.

We’re not quite finished with it yet but we’re getting there, and since it’s an autumn sort of story, we thought we’d start posting it now.  The prologue may seem familiar; Sci posted it to her tumblr a while back.

A sampling of what you’ll find at the above link: 

He was spending the downtime tidying up, oiling his cast iron and going over his inventory, when he heard a scratching noise from outside. He looked through the service hatch, saw nothing, and then looked down.

Standing on the reinforced fruit crate he put out for his shorter customers was a tiny child, with a head full of curly black hair and wide brown eyes behind a slightly crooked pair of glasses, reaching way up to grip the very edge of his service counter.

“Hiya,” Steve said, subtly checking the parking lot for the child’s possible parents. “You’re a little young to be a bike messenger.”

The boy gave him a shy smile.

“What’ll you have?” Steve asked. The boy solemnly offered him three very grubby one dollar bills. “Oh, thank you. You know I’m having a special right now, anything on the menu for three dollars.”

“Sandwich,” the boy said. “Please.”

“Sure. Hey, why don’t you come around so you can see me make it?” Steve said, ducking sideways to open the back door. He set out another fruit crate. “You sit there and watch. Now, white, rye, or gluten-free bread?”

This earned him a moment of contemplation. “Rye.”

“Good choice. Whaddaya want on it?”



A quick, sure nod.

Steve slathered some mustard on a slice of rye and began slicing the cheese. “What’s your name?”


celestialcontrail  asked:

One night stand prompt 6, Gruvia?

6. Character A wakes up to discover that Character B is an excellent cook and making breakfast for them.

;The Way To A Man’s Heart

Gray hadn’t been expecting this. He’d never anticipated that he would come to like her in this way, after just one day, let alone the feast she’d prepared on the table. He stared at the sea of food before him, drowning in the assortment of smells that swallowed him up.

She was still cooking. She wasn’t watching the pan of bacon on the stove, though. She was watching him. Their eyes met once or twice across the room, and Juvia, hair scraped back into a ponytail that enhanced her polished features, smiled at him each time.

Gray felt foolish sitting at this woman’s table, no change of clothes to call his own. He’d heard of the walk of shame, now he was sitting it. His shirt reeked of her perfume, and the regret of his unsightly pursuit. She’d been after him the entire night, wanting to speak with him and to flirt with him in a way he wasn’t entirely unaccustomed to. Women had thrown themselves at him before, and each time he had refused. But there had been something different about her. There was a sadness in her eyes that reflected his own. They’d gotten to talking, then drinking, and finally, much to his dismay – and, at the time, great pleasure – Gray had wandered back to her house, where they’d taken off their clothes, and their shame, for just one night.

At least, it was supposed to be one night. He didn’t anticipate that, in the morning, she would be making him breakfast. The food was just like her – pleasant on the eye and even pleasanter in his mouth. The taste of her kiss was far greater than the taste of her food, but Gray couldn’t deny himself the delight of enjoying her cooking. She was talented.

‘Did you sleep well?’ she asked. ‘Juvia lives alone, so her bed is small.’

He’d noticed she lived alone when they’d entered the house. He’d noticed, too, that there were no photographs on the walls. 

Gray’s eyes lifted to meet hers once again. ‘Aren’t you going to eat?’

Juvia nodded. ‘In a moment.’

‘You know, you didn’t have to make so much food,’ he said. ‘I mean, if anything, I’m the one who should be…’

Juvia silenced him with the wave of a finger. ‘Juvia’s mamma once told her that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,’ she said, reciting the memory with a smile. ‘How is it?’ she asked, smile widening. ‘Did Juvia reach you?’

Gray’s heart skipped a beat. She looked as radiant as when they’d first met. More-so, in fact. He hated the way she affected him. He’d never intended to like her. She had been a means to an end. A way of coping with the death of his father, a loss he still couldn’t bring himself to face.

‘You don’t have to be lonely,’ she said. ‘Juvia will cook for you every day from now on, until Gray’s heart is filled with nothing but love.’

He remembered now, remembered telling her about his father. And about his mother before him. The anguish tingled in his bloodstream, but there was a warmth there that overtook it, if only for a moment. It was the same warmth that sparkled in her eyes. The same warmth he’d tasted on her lips and on her skin.

‘Actually, there’s something else I’d like to eat right now,’ he said. 

Juvia’s face heated. ’T-that’s…’

Gray smiled at her. ‘The bacon,’ he said, gesturing to the pan. ‘It smells delicious.’

Juvia fanned her face with one hand and spun back to the stove, where she kept her eyes trained on the bacon sizzling at her fingertips. He watched her back as she worked, watched her shoulders and the stray strands of hair on the nape of her neck.

And later, he thought to himself, I’ll have you for dessert. 

Hallowmas 1894 is Here!

A fierce explosion shakes London. It reverberates through the cobbles like the passing of an underground train. Flakes of ash - or snow? - rain down upon nearby roofs…An unexpected delivery has brought Hallowmas to your feet!

Hallowmas has returned! The Feast of Masks will take place from 24th October until the 7th November. This is the season of unexpected guests and dangerous revelations! To begin, find Hallowmas: An Explosion Shakes London!, available throughout London.

Confessions at the Feast of Masks

Don your mask and collect confessions. Then it’s your choice to trade them to friends, factions, or other prominent people of the Neath. No secret is safe.

Confessions will no longer grant the Spirit of Hallowmas, instead, certain pairings of confessions will allow you to enhance particular companions.

Divulged secrets from particular figures in Fallen London will also allow you to honour them or betray their trust. Just beware, confessions are tricksy, and you may find the second week of Hallowmas brings additional opportunities. And of course, be sure to make any decisions about the confessions you’ve gathered from any characters by 7th November!

We’ve set up a space to trade confessions, or feel free to search out your own with #HallowmasTrade. In order to make a trade with someone else in Fallen London, you will need to be certain they are on your contact list. Add your acquaintance either by visiting their profile page and clicking ‘add contact’ or by typing in their character name during the trade.

At the end of the festival, Mr. Huffam will still be about, looking to interview festival-goers and some of your new companions. While the Spirit of Hallowmas is absent this year, you will still discover a Hallowmas epilogue and special epithet.


The Feast of Masks, when opposites meet at midnight! This is the season of unexpected guests… who carry terrible glimpses of possible futures.

The ability to acquire or change your destiny will be the same as previous years. This can only be done at certain times of the year, so be sure to take advantage of the chance! Begin with Attract a Visitor at Hallowmas.

Exceptionally Scary Stories

Some of Fallen London’s stories are darker than others. For the duration of Hallowmas, three Exceptional Friendship stories will be available for purchase at a discount: The Haunting at the Marsh-House, The Art of Murder, and The Waltz that Moved the World.

To purchase one of these exceptionally scary stories, or to restart one of them, find A Hallowmas Special throughout London, or visit the Fate page.

OK, for those who are wondering if Rayleigh and Shakky are couple or not, feast your eyes on the marked part of the pic! In every last pages of the volumes, Oda shows some fanarts that are sent to him through mail. What’s important is the comment that he states in each of them (most of them are pointless, though). In this case (Fanart of Rayleigh and Shakky), Oda says “the hot couple is exploding with sexiness!!”. No joke.

Happy Feast day 

Saint Anthony Mary Claret
Feast day: October 24
Patronage: Claretians (Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary), Technical and Vocational Educators, Weavers, Textile Merchants, the Diocese of the Canary Islands

Saint Anthony Mary Claret was drawn to the religious life as a child and became a secular priest. He was a missionary, social reformer, Queen Isabella’s chaplain, a writer and publisher, established schools and libraries and was a refugee. In 1850, he was appointed Archbishop of Cuba where he made many social reforms. Because of it, assassins tried to kill him 15 times. He established the Claretians to spread his dream of missionary and reform work. In 1869 The First Vatican Council meet, where he forcefully defended papal infallibility. He died close to his birthplace at a Cistercian monastery.


Sorry I’ve been somewhat inactive for quite some time now.
Various issues have been getting me down/stressed and I’ve found myself playing an alt or away doing other things to keep myself busy or so.

In my pvp news; I barely touched the new frontline mode which is a shame, and concerning feast I played at the start of season but did not remotely commit to it. However, with a little push a few weeks ago I attained gold and fell into rank #66 currently. Though I have no intention to play further ranked in this season. Here’s looking to Season 3 to get things back on track!

I will take some time to answer the massive heap of ask/character memes you guys have sent me, thank you so much for tagging me. I appreciate that you think of me and I’m sorry it takes me a long time to get around to doing them, but I certainly have the intention to do so! So..watch this space haha~

And I suppose I would like to also introduce you guys to my new rp alt, along with share some of his rp inspired room designs, which I’m sure a lot of you will thoroughly enjoy. So, thanks for your patience, there’s things to come, for now here’s a small teaser;