feast on beasts


(With my deepest apologies to Shakespeare and Dr. Seuss)

Can I kill my Uncle Claude?
Yes, I can, I can, by God!
I will kill my Uncle Claude!

Should I kill him in the house?
Should I kill him while he’s soused?
I could kill him here or there
I could kill him anywhere
Would I, could I, while he prays?
Kill him! Kill him! Wherefore stay?
I would not, could not, while he prays!

Not in the house, not when he’s soused,
Not with his sister, now his spouse!
Not while he prays, not while he feasts,
O, incestuous, adulterate beast!
I do not like my Uncle Claude,
I do not like that bloody bawd!

Say! In the dark? Here in the dark!
Would I, could I, in the dark?

Should I kill him in his bed?
Should I there strike off his head?
Kill him with his nightcap on?
Kill him when the churchyards yawn?
Should I kill him where he lies?
I will kill him, by and by!
I do not like my Uncle Claude,
I’ll kill him, i’ th’ name of God!

The play! The play! The play’s the thing!
The thing wherein I’ll catch the king!
No more ‘to be or not to be,’
I will kill him, you will see!

Kill him while he wears his crown
Kill him while his guard is down
Kill him with some poisoned wine
Kill him with this sword of mine
O, is the point envenomed, too?
I’m dead–Horatio, adieu!
But tell them, tell them, more or less,
Who it was that made this mess!

I did not like my Uncle Claude,
I killed him in the name of God!
Good friend, report my cause aright–
And now, goodnight goodnight goodnight!

(Translation) Rouge et Noir vol. 3 + Tokuten

(R18!! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Furukawa Makoto

T/N: commissioned!! ok to be honest this cd is such a Ride, like i hate it at first?? but then i like it?? and when the Good Engrish comes i hate it again?? and then there comes the parts in the cd when the plot finally uncovers and im like!! wow i love this cd, everything about this series makes sense now!! like bruh, im so conflicted, should i love it or hate it? the whole cd just makes me feel like:

I mean voice-wise he’s not my type since it’s so…daddy lmao but ngl this is one of the best-crafted smutty cd series, except for the fact that mc is always a rookie… like why. WHY would you send a NEWBIE…for an undercover operation…. against a highly dangerous man, to boot. chief suou what the heckie r u thinking!? lmao.

wait was that a spoiler?? ………

ok just…listen to the cd first then… i’ll…meet y’all at the end of the post.

(also, there are a lot of literature/history/medical/alcohol names references that i might have mistaken so feel free to correct me.)

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You are twenty. You are not dead, although you were dead. The girl who died. And was resurrected. Children. Witches. Magic. Symbols. Remember the illogic of the fantasy. The strange tableau in the closet behind the bathroom: the feast, the beast, and the jelly-bean. Recall, remember: please do not die again.
—  Sylvia Plath, from The Unabridged Journals Of Sylvia Plath  
Tradition (Viserys Targaryen x Sister!Reader) AU

“Viserys, you don’t have to-” Daenerys was cut off by a scoff.

“The ‘crown’ your mutt of a husband bestowed upon me last night did not work so I will leave.”



“Viserys, please-”

“NO MORE!” He pulled a bag and began to put things in it; a short dagger, a coin purse and some other things as he stormed around the room picking up objects, his face twisting in disgust at some of the Dothraki wares.

“Viserys, I’m sorry but you threatened your nephew-”

His chuckle cut her off this time. It was dark; full of malice and unlike the drunken laugh of bitterness he had as he stumbled his way into the tent where the gold was poured over his head. “Dany, you clearly do not understand, do you? I AM A KING! THIS IS TREASON! You and your dog’s spawn is no nephew of mine as you are no sister of mine. I am leaving and when I get the throne you will have no claim. If I have to slay you and your army of filth to ensure you have no claim, so be it.”

“But what about Y/N? What will happen to our- my sister?”

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In the western coast of a sparkling city
With sights to boast that are more than pretty
Are lives dancing wildly in once vacated streets
Underneath fireworks with ashes at their feet
Many lives are lost with all the blood they lose
With every single smoke and every cup of booze
The revolution of the skies are resting on the shores
Unlocking doors leading to more and more wars
In the southern lands composed of sand
Where the arid heat beats down on strips and strands
The hunter shoots the hunted and calls it his game
And leaves a bloody trail of evidence forging their names
The sunset looms as the cattle is driven away
Preparing for a battle of which no words can convey
Spitting in milk bottles while they recklessly load guns
They ride off into the distance for war has just begun
The northern hemisphere stays quiet and enticed
By the oncoming cold soon to freeze into ice
The roads become slick as cars twist and slide
Gliding and colliding into one another’s strides
The intensity that builds is enough to melt the snow
During times outside where it feels like twenty below
The bewildered faces of many leave an unhappy trace
And are invaded by others who now occupy their space
In the east we feast on beasts disguised in suits
The collars of the blue, the white, and even chartreuse
They grin at the public while committing such charades
Of adultery and greed and money laundering parades
Fog masks the phenomenon of the people in peril
Who stay to themselves as though they aren’t sterile
No one wants to know another neighbor’s routine
Yet they judge as though things are not what they seem  
And above it all watching from celestial skies
Are lens of might glowing from cheshire eyes
Peering down on a landscape and feeling its flow
With a mind so great its more than we can know
Through the kaleidoscope as random as it feels  
These eyes have a purpose no dealer can deal
And all these shapes and colors so amazing to man
Are created by the one who I pray has a plan

Resist (Primal May 2nd)

He hated himself for feeling this way, for thinking about her like that.  Raven was his friend his teammate, she trusted him. But if she knew what kept running though his mind…

How much he wanted those long strong legs of hers wrapped around him, or draped over his shoulders. How much he wanted to grab a fist full of her hair and pull her head back and run his teeth along her throat.  He wondered if she would try to fight him, or beg for him to stop, because beg would be the only thing she could do. Or maybe she would beg for him bite harder, run her fingernails down his back as he feasted on her neck. Beast Boy wasn’t sure which thought excited him more, and it disgusted him.

Raven was a person, she was not meant to be hunted like prey, or mounted like an animal.  Beast Boy knew that, so more and more he would find himself in the shower with the water as cold as he could make it trying to rid himself of these thoughts.  

He stood there his forehead against the ceramic tile, the icy water running down his back trying to think of anything other then what sounds Raven would make as he ravaged her, would she scream for him, moan, say his name as hands dug into that small yet perfectly shaped ass of hers.  He lifted his head up and let it fall back into the tile wall to punish himself.  

“Stop it!” his voice echoed in the bathroom.  He didn’t want to hurt Raven, she was the last person that he wanted to hurt. Yet it was hard to ignore the more base parts of him.  The parts that didn’t understand why it would be wrong just to take her.  They wanted to mate and that’s one of the strongest drives in nature.  

He looked down at himself, he was at full and almost painful attention.  Beast Boy wondered how he was going to ask Cyborg to somehow make the water even colder.  It was either that or he was going to have to go jump in the bay.

“Do you always shower with the water this cold?”

Beast Boys eye’s shot open.  He was sure that his out of control hormones had finally broke his mind and started making him hallucinate.  He really just didn’t hear Ravens voice behind him, it was all in his head. Then a pale thin arm came around him, and delicate fingers turned the knob. The water quickly warmed and steam was soon filling the shower.  

“Much better.” the voice echoed in the shower stall.  

Beast Boy could feel the rush of fresh blood blow his waist. He took in a deep breath and it carried her scent with it, distinctive, and delicious.  He felt like a chain twisted on itself.  Then he felt her hand on his shoulder pulling him back.  Beast Boy wasn’t sure if she was that strong or was he that distracted holding his impulses at bay but he let her pull him out of the stream of water so she could steep into it.

Beast Boy pressed his back against the cold tile wall, his left hand gripping his right wrist behind him not trusting himself.  Raven was right there in front of him, the shower stream wetting her hair, and running down her back.  Her skin was flawless a blank canvas. His mind raced to what it would look like under his, how it would look decorated with bit marks and kisses, how she would look after he claimed her marked her.  What the hell was she doing!? His right hand balled into a fist digging his claws into his palm and closed his eyes tightly, the sound of the water, the pain in his hand, anything to distract him from the thoughts of grabbing the lovely woman in front of him and doing unspeakable things to her.

“You want me don’t you?” Ravens voice was measured as always. She asked that question as if she just asked for the milk at breakfast.  

Beast Boy didn’t trust himself to speak, or trust himself to move.  

She turned away from the water to face him. “It’s Alright” she said softly.  He felt her rest her palms on his chest.  He couldn’t help it his eyes eased open, he could see her, hear her, feel her.  There was nothing between him and her but steam.  

“No Raven, it really isn’t” he choked out.

She brought her right hand up to his face, fingertips traced from the tip of his ear down to the base of his jaw.  "You want me don’t you?“ She asked again.  

“Yes” he let out like a held breath.

“But you have not taken me, do you know why?”

“It’s not right”  he said squeezing his eyes shut again. Trying to push away the thought that everything that his body wanted was right there in front of him, toned slightly flushed from the hot water and completely unprotected.

“Yes, Garfield it’s not right.” Her left hand still against his chest. She could feel his heart hammering away at his ribs.  "And you are a good man, so you resisted and you have been resisting for a very long time.”

“Rae I”

“Shhh”  She came even closer and craned her head in her lips inches away from his ear.

“You care for me, I know you do. It’s how I know you would never really hurt me.  It’s the reason why you have held out for this long. ”  

“Rea, I don’t want it to be like this”

“Garfield, ” god his name never sounded so good to him. “If you want dinner, flowers, and holding hands I want that too, but right now you are so” she measured the word carefully before breathing it into his ear “inflamed, that you can barely see straight.”  Her breath in his ear ate away at his dwindling will power. “I can feel you, I have been feeling you for weeks. We can figure the rest out in time”

Raven backed away slightly “look at me” her voice had an authority it didn’t have before forcing his eyes to open. “Now you can either come to my room and I will give you what you need,” She kissed him gently “Or I will come to yours and I will take what I want”  She spat out for a moment her eyes flashing red. Before she kissed him again biting his lower lip.   Then in a swirl of black she was gone the last thing Beast Boy saw was her smirk.  

Okay some of you might be a little bit confused. I actually wrote two different stories for this prompt. The one called Resist explored Beast Boy’s more primal side in terms of his attraction to Raven.  The thing is that many writers have done this. In fact take a look at @xaphrin ‘s collection on FF.net. Primeval and To claim and possess are incredible examples.  But primal can mean more than just sexuality so I wrote Protect. I wrote one to see if I could do it, I wrote the other to try to add something different. Enjoy.

the-scrappy-stinger  asked:

20. Specify: an AU of your choice! I choose "Ancient Civilization" AU!

Megatron had to admit it: Iacon was beautiful.  

He stood in the main courtyard of the citadel and admired the view. The walls of the citadel had been painted with bright, proud colors which boasted the wealth brought in to her ports by foreign ships. Frescos danced on the inner rooms, showing scenes of bots dancing, servants bringing forth large feasts, and fantastic beasts hunting their vicious prey. Outside the citadel, the surrounding town glittered with the best paint each occupant could afford. Even the market place, filled with beggars and cheaters of all sorts, had a sense of luxury and decadence.

To the North was the Sea, where Megatron himself claimed a citadel and a home. All other sides were surrounded by tall mountains, unclimbable to all except determined pilgrims and cyber-goats. The only path through the range was a wide river that the town had grown over long ago.

Iacon was beautiful, even while it burned. From the courtyard, Megatron could still see the glows of several large fires as they burned through the wood and clay. He turned away from the burning landscape to look at the people behind him.

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Brown honey drops drip on her tongue
To heal such heated hunger
The lemon twist squirted
The salted meat and bitter brew
Easing the gnawing beast
Feasting on her lack of food
The tiny face drawn in hunger
Looked lovingly like an angel to me
Red lips bleeding from the needing
A harsh blush brushing her skin
Phlegm rattling
Like a death toll
As the bell cracks but still tolls
Fantasies of chicken legs and buttered rolls
Rack her fevered brain
Today will be the same
Dreaming of something delicious

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