feast of saint patrick

March 17, 2016


Could someone please explain to me why I have seen such an overabundance of every shade of green imaginable today? I know that from a natural standpoint green is the most common color in the visible color spectrum for humans, yes, but… it began to feel as if no other color existed today except for the green hues.

From a historical context, today is the death day of Saint Patrick, and thus a day of feast for many cultures, and along with that it is a day to celebrate the Irish culture by honoring the one that brought much of it to Ireland. My only inference is that this must somehow be related to the amount of clovers I have been offered today.

There seems to be quite the stir in terms of luck today as well, which I can also only assume must be related to the global holiday of the celebration of Saint Patrick. Well, that and the particularly larger crowds in the local bars and restaurant areas, people dining out and feasting to their hearts’ content, unaware of the danger that could face them should my luck run out. Frankly, it is a miracle I have not begun to deteriorate at this point, and for that I can only be grateful to luck.

Sam and Dean are not particularly fond of the holiday with the exception for the amount of alcohol and happy hours that run throughout the day. Dean is not too fond of leprechauns, and also the feeling of luck that can be attributed to the day is also the brewing ground for potential cursed objects to rise and take the lives of innocents that were feeling particularly lucky.

This was the case in the past in where a four leaf clover that had been cursed to turn the owner into the slave of the giver, thus rendering a town nearly senseless as the item turned from person to person, the original owner becoming all the more powerful every time one of his victims passed the item to another. It was a confusing hierarchy, which led us to not figuring out who the initial person was for quite some time. We were only able to figure it out once Dean had been given the cursed clover, thus making him subject to the original giver, a harvest goddess that had a vendetta against her people.

Dean went through a fair amount of trials during his tour as an indentured servant to the goddess, being forced to throw us off of her trail by evading key questions and becoming completely mute and motionless, a statue in danger.  All he could move were his green eyes, and after accidentally toppling him over on more than one occasion (one into a grassy field that had recently been visited by a wild animal I’m afraid), he was able to manually guide us to the harvest goddess’s dwelling, a cabin filled to the brim with exotic flowers and green orchards. It was there that Sam and I could dispose of her and free all of those that she had imprisoned, and it was also there that Dean said a few choice words concerning our hauling him around from place to place.

I suppose in sticking with the original question of green, Dean’s eyes were a particularly annoyed shade of the color. Actually, they were quite a few shades of a rather furious green, one that, along with the vast amount of the color all around us in the barn, made the entire scenario rather amusing. Naturally that made Dean angrier.



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