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omg i did that

omfg u have gone to hell and back, friend

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have a high-five from a fellow candidate, also doing IB homework as I speak

IB prayer circle for all of our brave candidates ;A;)7

Omg! I’ve found two amazing anime shows while being sick! Kuroko’s Basketball and K Project/Project K. I just finished watching Kuroko’s Basketball, sadly (it totally ended like there should be another season, but it was obviously the end too. I should read the manga.). Project K is like…. sooooooo amazing! It only has like 15 episodes, but hopefully there is a manga because I am dying from how amazing it is! Hdhjejdns! Also, sorry if anyone has been trying to message my tumblr and give me asks… for some reason my tumblr mail is glitching. XP I’ll have to fix that as soon as possible. Anyway, that’s all. Enjoy my derpy spazzing about amazing animes. Oh! Fearyourtelevision, you should totally watch Project K! Omg!… but you DID say you didn’t wanna start any new animes, so ya…. Derp. Oh well! Well… that is all! Have a great day!!